Almost everyone has the experience of buying gold jewelry. Do you know what to pay attention to when buying gold jewelry? Is it to focus on purity, style, or brand, price? Here we will talk about how to buy gold jewelry and some tips for you.

The purity of gold jewelry, that is, the amount of gold. Nowadays, the most common gold purity is pure gold and 999 gold. The national standard stipulates that as long as the gold jewelry sold in the shop, its gold name must be marked. The pure gold is the name of the gold jewelry with a total gold content of 990 or more. There is no concept of inlaid metal or thousands of pure gold. Selling thousands of pure gold to you is to add more than 30 yuan to the price of pure gold, and sell it at a higher price. Buying gold jewelry with 990-999 gold content is enough, there is no need to spend more money to pursue 9999.

Of course, the kind of so-called alluvial gold and gold plating alloys should not be considered, especially the 399 yuan product on the TV shopping channel, which is 200 grams of six-piece crafts with gold on the surface, please don’t even think about it. The gold content is basically negligible, frankly speaking, it’s a lie. The gold content of fixed price hard gold jewelry is between 992-995, higher than the pure gold 990 standards. Hard gold is pure gold, there is no problem with the gold content.

Pay attention to the price of gold jewelry. The price is based on the international gold price, which increases between 15% and 27% per gram, plus the cost of work. The number of major jewelry brands in Hong Kong is usually around 27%. According to the current price of gold, it is about 355 yuan per gram. The price of domestic jewelry brands is between 330-350 yuan per gram.

Promotions: The normal jewelry brand gold pet memorial jewelry can be discounted to about 30 yuan per gram. If the discount is 50 yuan, don’t consider it, just buy it directly. This kind of promotion is generally concentrated on Valentine’s Day, Qixi Festival, National Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, store celebrations or holidays like that. Usually, the strength of the concessions is not large, minus 10-30 yuan per gram.

Fixed price hard gold: When it comes to fixed-price gold jewelry, a lot of friends think the price is too high, so they reject hard gold and think it is not cost-effective. In fact, a fixed price gold jewelry can also be discounted, generally can have a discount of about 10%.

Pay attention to the style of gold jewelry. The style is related to the use. For example, if you are married, you can choose gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. following the general trend. At this time, the style is not very important. The weight is the most important. The heavier the bracelet, the better. The solid bracelet of 30 grams or more is perfect.

Buy jewelry as gifts: gifts are either heavy or big, this time 3D hard gold is a good choice, two to three grams of pendants, cheap necklaces, lucky beads, etc. are good choices. There is no problem to choose this for self wearing. The total price will not be too high, and the jewelry is also relatively large.

Jewelry brand in the case of gold jewelry, unless the brand is unique and patented style. Other styles are available from all the major jewelry brands. It is not necessary to identify only one brand, especially if the price of the major brands is very expensive. Of course, if the big jewelry brand and the small brand’s price are the same, the big brand gold jewelry is preferred, because after all, the big brand has more gold styles and better craftsmanship. Speaking out, there is still quite face-saving. For example, the ancient gold bracelets that popular during the New Year, some brands called inheritance bracelets, and there are patents. If their prices are the same as ordinary brands, it is good to choose the inheritance one.

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