Cheap prom dresses can be of good quality and brand-name – that is the first thing to remember. Don’t think that cheap prom dresses under 100 look worse than expensive dresses over 1,000 bucks. To prove that point, we have prepared some tips and also found several online stores on Instagram that have interesting offerings. Let’s go!

Tips on Finding a Not Expensive Dress

1. Wait for the off-season offerings

In September-October you are likely to buy a prom dress at its lowest price because it’s not the time when most babes shop for prom outfits. Just keep in mind the following:

  • Pick classic items. Classic dresses are always in when it comes to special occasions. But if you pick something extravagant in the fall, there is a chance that this outfit will go out when the prom season hits.
  • Look for price adjustments. It’s even better than a sale because as soon as it starts, the choice of items becomes scarcer with every hour. But several weeks before a sale, the choice is still wide and you have plenty of time to choose one of affordable formal dresses that is true to you. And several weeks later you can get that price adjustment. How smart it is! A shop assistant will answer all of your questions related to their price adjustment policy in detail.
  • Learn everything about the final sale beforehand. Usually stores do not accept any final sale items of clothes back. So, either be ready to live with the dress you buy, or learn everything about the return policies of the store before the final sale starts.

Tips On Finding Cheap Prom Dresses









2. Do not neglect discount codes

Promo codes seem to be annoying, especially when you enter your e-mail box and see a bunch of them. But look closer at each offering. It is essential when hunting for cheap prom dresses online. Subscribe to various newsletters, be patient and get ready to sort out many e-mails. Maybe one of them contains the real treasure.









3. Cashback deals might come in handy

The cashback system presented via websites like Quidco and TopCashBack can allow you to earn some money while spending. After shopping, you can transfer the remaining cash back to the bank account or save it in a special cashback account.

4. A dress without a loud name can look as beautiful

Even though advertisers might argue with us, a dress that has nothing to do with a popular designer brand can be no less matching and pretty. Believe us, it is not all about the name.









5. Flash sale offerings can save you a ton of money

There are websites that offer a flash sale, when several designer items of clothes are sold at a huge discount. Everybody wins: a person who saves money and the producers that ship items in bulk and save much money on shipping and packaging. Usually, such offerings are short-term and every item is sold out quite quickly.









The websites that offer flash sales lure you into visiting and spending money on a daily basis. But luckily, you can avoid extra expenses if you sign up for their newsletter and set alerts in a way to send you an e-mail only when they offer the brand you love the most.

When looking for cheap formal gowns, Promgirlxo is one of the places to stop by. Subscribe to its newsletter and receive various updates and offers. This online store even has a special category called under $100, which is super convenient, don’t you agree?

Lulus Maxi Prom Dress Designs









Lulus is also a popular Instagram store where you can find many pretty cheap evening gowns under 100. From time to time, the store has interesting offerings like free shipping or $7 shipping, or generous discounts that last for one day. Plus, the store offers free shipping on all orders that are over $150. To facilitate the choice of the dress, all items are sorted in many categories according to the design, color, and price range.

Brilliantly Cheap and Stylish Mini Dresses









Little Mistress offers a huge number of cheap formal dresses for juniors. Actually, they even have a category on the website called One hundred gowns under 25 pounds. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Plus, the web store offers you a 20 percent discount if you join their newsletter subscription list.

Cheap Sexy Prom Dresses









Whether you are looking for long formal dresses under 100 or cheap short prom dresses, you might also wish to visit lovecultureofficial Instagram store. If you register, the store grants you a generous discount – minus 20 percent off the first order. The store has a special category called SALE where you can find many super attractive offerings.

Amazing David’s Bridal Dress Designs









David’s Bridal is an online store where they have flash sale offerings we talked about earlier. Once you enter the website, it detects your country and asks you to choose the preferable currency – this can save you some money on the currency exchange. For those babes looking for cheap prom dresses for sale, the online store has a special category called SALE with many subcategories to save not only your money but also your valuable time.

Beautiful Nude Dress Designs









We are sure that with the help of this article, you will find one of cheap prom dresses that will look special. Good luck!

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