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What the Way You Walk Reveals About Your Personality 2020

The personality of someone is the holistic image they carry with them based on their actions, body language, how they dress, their attitude towards life, and how they treat other people. Just like the title suggests, the way a person walks can say a lot about their personality. The types of walks reveal the kind of confidence one has, their beliefs, and the enthusiasm they have towards other people. It is rather surprising that something as basic as walking that happens involuntarily reflects our personality. Without further delay, let us look at the styles of walking associated with different personality types.

1. The Executive

The Executive


As executives, these people walk fast and with a focused mind. They hold their heads up high with confidence and tend to be lost in their thoughts. Hence, it is common that these people bump into others without realizing it. They are great problem solvers, goal-oriented and can come off as intense or aloof.

2. The Corrector

The Corrector


Correctors are easy to spot. They walk by taking small steps and avoiding eye contact. They usually walk by themselves with a hunch. They take time to make real connections with people because they tend to be shy. They are introverts who avoid too much social contact simply because they are not a fan of small talk.

3. The Politician

The Politician


Politicians walk with confidence. They own the room they walk into with their chest forward and shoulders back. They walk with vibrant energy and seek appreciation. They get bored easily and hence like to be challenged. They live for new experiences and regularly like to engage with people.

4. The Worrier

The Worrier


As a worrier, they walk cautiously taking small steps. They drag their feet along slowly which can be disturbing for other people around. Worriers never look up from the ground and tend to be thoughtful and fearful. They often lack confidence in themselves and panic that they cannot take on life’s challenges.

5. The Chillers

The Chillers


The most fun type, chillers are easy going and relaxed. They walk with a slow to medium pace and tend to get lost while walking because of getting distracted by others. They are calm and intuitive but are easily influenced by those around them.

6. The Showboat

The Showboat


A showboat walks with confidence and style. They sway their arms with force while walking attracting attention to them. They hold their heads up high, push their shoulders back and focus on themselves even while walking. They can come off as bossy and self-absorbed.

7. The Supporter

The Supporter


A supporter walks with confidence at a medium pace. They make excellent listeners and helpful team players. They are loyal and dependable. They value unity and relations. While walking, they like making eye contact, hand gestures and interacting with people along the way.

8. The Short Strider

The Short Strider


Short-striders are self-centered individuals. These are the people who hold up the line at the billing counter of a supermarket because they are busy being lost in a fantasy where they are the center of the world.  They are only concerned about themselves and tend to think the world revolves around them. They are selfish and forget about the people around them.

9. The Arm Crosser

The Arm Crosser


It is quite simple to identify this person because they walk with their arms crossed. They are individuals who get defensive about everything. They usually live alone or prefer being alone.  Experts say that walking with arms crossed can be dangerous because it makes them look weak and an easy target to attack.

10. The Stomper

The Stomper


These people stomp instead of walking. Their walking style signifies anger and frustration. It could scare off people around them because it seems like they are filled with fury. People who stomp instead of walking have a mind that over thinks and that is probably why they do not realize that they are walking in a way that scares people around them. Sometimes, it is also a way that the body sends a message to the brain signaling a loss of limb sensation.

11. The Multitasker

The Multitasker


It is quite common to see this personality type. When time is of the essence, multitasker walkers carry out different tasks while walking. They can handle multiple situations at once while walking like talking on the phone, crossing the road and also helping people with directions. The multitasker personality is brave, strong and has the skill to be an excellent problem solver.

Who knew that so much can be deciphered from just a walking style? We will now be able to understand our personality by paying attention to our walking style. The next time we see someone walking a certain way, we will be able to recognize the kind of personality they have too. Do you agree? Comment below and let us know.

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