The Most Popular Bridal Gown Trends in 2022

This season the trend is dramatic – voluminous skirts, massive accessories and large jewelry. Looking for top trends of wedding fashion in 2022, we can conclude that to create a new trend, designers combined the trends of the past and present. It turned out something in between, a kind of middle ground to which the designers added new original solutions. So, what’s popular in the wedding gown style in 2022?

Volume and Bows – New Trends in Bridal Dresses

Lush ball gowns with layered skirts are getting back to fashion. Multilayered skirts with both flat and designed in the most bizarre forms are in trend now. Fashionistas admire these wedding dresses because they do not hesitate to break stereotypes. If you are among such girls, then your choice is one of such original dresses! Today’s fashionable bows will remain in trend for the next season. These bows will take a sculptural form and will be inserted into the most unexpected points of the dress: for example, on low backs or along with necklines.

Pearls, more Pearls!

The trend for pearls has spilled over from jewelry to wedding dresses. The pearl beads with which the dress is embroidered give additional shine add texture. The shine is not blinding, but rather natural, emphasizing the shining eyes of the bride-to-be.

Wedding Dresses with Open Back


Brides-to-be, who choose a chic wedding dress with an open back, perfectly know the psychology of a modern man and have a fine appreciation of the incomprehensible desire of men to protect and preserve their lady’s heart. After all, it is this thoughtful zest that will allow you to demonstrate the royal posture and gentle grace of sincere femininity.

If you choose one of the wedding dresses with open back gather and raise your hair in a high hairstyle, otherwise they will simply hide the whole highlight of the dress.

A beautiful, slender back is in itself an adornment of a young bride. But why not give her extra charm? Long strands of pearls or elegant chainlets that go down to the shoulder-blades, necklaces with satin ribbons instead of clasps, the ends of which will friskily lie on the back, will make the bride’s image delicate and sensual. The trendy wedding dress will make fall in love with all the guests at the wedding ceremony. The idea of ​​the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld is interesting: he offers to decorate the back with pearl stickers – an elegant trick that will surely not leave the bride without attention.

New Color Schemes

Colored wedding dresses are apart of modern wedding fashion! Bridal trends in 2022 include different shades of blue (from saturated to delicate translucent) and metallic (silver, gold, champagne, pink gold). The combination of white lace with a blue base deserves special attention.

Wedding Jackets

Wedding jackets are not such a novelty when it comes to costumes in which this piece of clothing is the top of the outfit. But the designers went further – now they offer a wedding jacket as an accessory to the dress. And not only a jacket – along translucent wedding dress shield will not only bring a touch of originality but will become an alternative to the train, floating behind the bride.

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