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Discover Trendy Nail Colors and Designs

Get ready to explore nail colors and designs that are trendy this season. Following trends has never been easier! We did all the hard work and created a photo gallery featuring fresh nail designs to save your time and effort and inspire you. This gallery will be especially helpful if you are short of ideas but your next visit to your manicurist is really soon. And do not worry, here you can find nail designs not only for long but also for shorter nails. We thought about it all!

Nude Nail Colors with a Half Moon Design

























These designs are a proof that office appropriate nail designs can be stylish and fun. Trendy half moon designs for the new season feature a nude base and a bright color or even glitter. You may also combine it with a French tip or leave your half moon translucent and add a grey or beige nail color.

From Light to Dark Colors Ombre Design

























Nude nail colors are still in this year because they are timeless. But there is such a huge range of nudes. The ones that will be the most fashionable this year are peachy and soft pink. It is definitely boring to opt for a total nude nail look. So, why not combine it with the color of the year by Pantone, which is lavender? You may also combine two nude nail colors in ombre, where the darker one is at the top. It looks super stylish and unusual.

Red Nail Colors for a Trendy Look

























No doubts that red is in the list of trendy colors. It is an eternal symbol of elegance, style, and sexiness. This season a slightly darker shade of red that reminds a blood color is in fashion, and it works for all hail nail shapes. Red is good on both long almond shape nails and on short square ones.

Metallic Nail Colors

























Metallic nail colors rule the nail fashion this season. Metallic and shimmery finishes are not that difficult to pull off and they look super fun. We are used to metallic and shimmering accents on our nails which that add some glamour, but a total metallic nail look is something unusual and creative. Be sure that with this kind of nail color you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Chocolate Nail Colors








Another color palette that is a trend for nails this season is brown. When we say brown, we mean a chocolate one. Look for darker browns with a warm undertone. This color looks very chic. As for browns, you should also pay attention to those that are more on the side of grey or taupe. They look very classy on a short square nail shape.

French Manicure with Unusual Nail Colors








Good old French manicure is back with a little twist! By adding some changes to your classic French mani, you will give it a new lease of life. So, how do we adapt this design to the new season? First things first, we take a nude color as a base. For the tip, take one of the trendy colors for this season. It can be metallic gold, chocolate brown, blood red or something from this color palette. And voila! You have a nail design that is both trendy and classic.

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