L’Oreal Paris is one of the leading beauty-care all over the world which expertise in the field of cosmetics, hair-care and skin-care. Their hair-care range is quite famous due to its high-end results, unique formula for hair-care and availability.

Check out the top 8 Loreal Conditioners

1. Total Repair Five Conditioner:

This loreal conditioner fights five most dreaded hair problems- dullness, roughness, dryness, breakage and split ends. It is formulated with the unique ‘ceramide cement’ which repairs and builds up the damaged hair. With regular use along with the total repair-five shampoo, it gives the perfect result to treat your dry and damaged hair. The conditioner is completely white, has a thick consistency with a pleasant fruity smell.

2. Nutri-Gloss Mirror Shine Conditioner:

The conditioner combines two unique active ingredients – one is the protein, which is required for the building hair follicles and pearl protein, which provides the shine and gloss to the hair. The nutri-gloss technology offers a dual action- provides the hair with right nourishment without weighing the hair down and act as a shine concentrate on the hair. It also makes your hair smooth as cashmere and revives it completely. The conditioner adds volume and bounce to the hair.

3. Smooth Intense Polishing Conditioner:

Taming rough and dry hair is extremely difficult for every woman and the condition worsens during the rainy season, when the hair refuses to tame down. The conditioner tames rough and dry hair instantly, giving your hair a polished and smooth look. It claims to smooth and tame the frizz for 72 hours. The advanced formula contains oleo-keratin and arginnie- complex, which penetrates the hair strand from root to the tip for smoother, shinier and healthier hair. It has a crème formula with a pleasant smell.

4. Fall-Repair 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner:

Have you been facing hair-fall issues for a long time. And are you in a constant search for a miracle product to reduce hair-fall? Worry no more, as you have fall-repair 3X anti-hair fall conditioner. It nourishes the hair form the root and re-structures the hair fall for stronger hair. The conditioner contains arginnie which is an essential amino-acid for the reconstruction and growth of the hair strands. It also increases the micro-circulation so as to nourish the scalp.  It has a thick consistency and a very subtle fragrance.

5. Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner:

This fabulous conditioner effectively manages wavy and fizzy hair. Using the shampoo and the conditioner of the same range twice a week gives best results and it absolutely suits all hair types. It smoothes and detangles the hair quite effectively. Since it detangles the hair well, you would not suffer from hair-fall due to tangles. It also reduces the fizz for at least 2 days. The conditioner has a mild fragrance and a thick consistency.

6. Absolute Repair Conditioner:

This conditioner is from the L’Oreal’s professional range which you would often find in various salons. The conditioner contains Neo-Fibrine- an advanced technology which is a unique blend of Bio-Mimetic Ceramide, natural wax, shin-perfecting agent and a UV filter for hair. Neo-Fibrine helps in fixing the damaged hair by restoring and repairing the hair from within, thus giving you smoother and softer hair. The UV filter protects the hair form the harmful and damaging rays of the sun and pollution.

7. Vive Pro Hydra Gloss Moisturizing Conditioner:

This conditioner is perfectly suited for dry and damaged hair due to its extensive hydrating formula. It penetrates deep into the hair strands, from root to tip thus providing long-lasting moisturization. The conditioner works well to provide a glossy and shiny effect to the hair strands for at least 42 hours after shampoo. It does not weigh down the hair and adds bounce and body to the hair.

8. Colour-Protecting Conditioner:

Coloring your hair can be fun, but it can often take a toll on your hair. It can make your hair dry, brittle and lifeless due to excessive use of dyes and chemicals. You need a good colour-protecting conditioner to provide the extra moisturization to your hair. The colour-protecting formula contains UV light-reflecting system which nourishes the hair and protects the hair fiber from extreme climatic conditions and pollution. The conditioner also helps the colour to stay longer due to its colour-protecting formula.

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