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Top 35 Bridal Mehndi designs for full hands and legs For Women 2020


Mehndi is one of the oldest rituals in our tradition. Every Indian bride will put mehndi in her hands.Traditional mehndi has been the part of rich culture since ages and will always remain an evergreen flavor.The mehndi ceremony has become one of the most awaited and fun filled rituals of the wedding. Which continues for more than one day where people love applying it for full hands front and back. We can pick any of the types and get it applied on your front, back hands and also in legs.Mehndi designs are quite unique and show your culture and heritage. Every design has its own concept.Here are some of the bridal mehndi designs for full hands and legs that every bride will love.

1: Roses and paisley Bridal Mehndi


2: Curves and Dots full hand bridal mehndi


3.Arabic Fusion Bridal Mehndi design


4. Full hand and legs traditional bridal mehndi


5. Peacock and drums bridal mehndi


6. Dulhan and Doolha Mehndi with Glitter


7. Dulhan and Doolha in Black bridal Mehndi


8.Paisley and board flowers Bridal Mehndi


9.Board flowers Bridal Mehndi


10. Leaves, Creepers with checkers Bridal Mehndi design


11. Peacock in the palm


12. Peacock and Checkers back hand bridal mehndi design


13. Peacock and flower Bridal Mehndi Design


14. Checkers and big flowers front and back hand bridal mehndi


15. Board Roses with big Leaves Bridal Mehndi Design


16.Peacock and Dots Bridal feet Mehndi


17. Checkers arabic fusion bridal feet mehndi


18. Paisley and peacock bridal feet Mehndi


19. Bangle Design Bridal Feet Mehndi


20.Drums and flowers bridal Full hand and feet Mehndi


21. Mangoes and flowers Bridal Full hand and legs Mehndi


22. Traditional Bridal Full Hand mehndi


23. Dulhan and Doolha Bridal Mehndi with Lotus Flower


24. Beautiful Peacock and Checkers Bridal Back Hand Mehndi


25. Traditional Full Back hand Bridal Mehndi


26. Cute Simple Bridal Feet Mehndi


27. Hearts and Mangoes Bridal Mehndi


28. Traditional Bridal Bangle Mehndi


29.Simple Paisley Bridal Mehndi Design


30. Arabic with dots Bridal Mehndi Design


31. Pakistani Bridal Mehndi


32. Modern Bridal Mehndi Design


33. Diamond Design Bridal Mehndi


34. Drums and Mangoes Bridal Mehndi Design


35. Full Checkers Bridal Mehndi


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