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Top 15 Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Women 2020

Who amongst us wouldn’t like to smell good, feel attractive and have our senses transported to another dimension, all at the same time? A globally renowned fashion and beauty brand, Victoria’s Secret, founded in 1977, sure knows the secret desire of every woman’s heart. Bringing the glamor and high fashion of the VS ‘angels’ to your doorstep, the Victoria’s Secret perfume collection takes its inspiration from all things delectable, from lace and silk to berries and blossoms, to give you the perfect fragrance that speaks to you like no other. Here’s our list of top 15 Victoria’s Secret Perfumes that are most popular all over the world.

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes For Women

1. Bombshell Eau de Parfum

The best seller amongst Victoria’s Secret line of perfumes, Bombshell is a fruity floral scent also known as the ‘LBD of Fragrance’. The perfume contains notes of Purple Passion Fruit, Shangri-La Peony and Vanilla Orchid that combine to give you a fragrance which is the perfect blend of flowers and fruits.


  • Not overpowering
  • Pleasant fruity notes, suitable for people of all ages


  • Does not last long

Bombshell Eau de Parfum Review

Kick-starting this list for today is everybody’s eternal favorite from the Victoria’s Secret Collection—the Bombshell Eau de Parfum. With notes of Purple Passion Fruit, Shangri-La Peony and Vanilla Orchid, Bombshell is a subtle pleasure to the senses which very, very few perfumes have come close to in my humble opinion (Ferragamo’s Incanto Shine being one of them). This pleasant fruity floral scent comes with no limits on what ages may or may not use it and is a hit with young girls and women alike for not being too overpowering. Also, thanks to the fact that it isn’t what one would call a ‘statement perfume’, there are no restrictions on what time of the day, or in what sort of crowd one can use this perfume making it a winner all the way. My only complaint with this perfume is that it doesn’t stay on for as long as one would’ve liked, requiring constant reapplication. But if that doesn’t pose a problem to you, Bombshell is one perfume that should definitely make it to your shopping list this season.

StyleCraze Rating – 5/5

2. Heavenly Eau de Parfum

A warm and ethereal scent that Victoria’s Secret describes as ‘an angel favorite’, Heavenly Eau de Parfum combines notes of White Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla and White Peony that make it an award winning favorite.


  • Strikes a good balance between floral and fruity
  • Lasts long
  • Light, pleasant fragrance


  • Mature fragrance—better suited to grown up women
  • Vanilla tones might be overpowering for some

Heavenly Eau de Parfum Review

For women who’d like a Victoria’s secret bestseller that has no hint of floral or fruity in it, here’s Heavenly to the rescue. A bestseller since its launch, this particular fragrance has undergone a revamp in recent times to make it more appealing to the new generation, though thankfully it’s intrinsic tones have remained the same. The new Heavenly now comes in a bottle that has angel wings on the cap and is embellished with tiny crystals—an ode to their VS angel fashion show? That’s what I’m assuming too. But a nice touch nonetheless. Coming to the fragrance itself, I find that the notes of White Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla and White Peony lend it a striking warm essence that to me speak elegance and sensuality. In fact, the sandalwood and musk, in addition to giving Heavenly a distinctly musky flavor, also lend to it a longevity that Bombshell lacks, thus making it perfect for long term wear. As a woman trying to make a subtle yet defining impression, there could hardly be a better scent than this. Keep in mind though, that this fragrance might be better suited to grown-up women than teenagers.

StyleCraze Rating – 5/5

3. Love Spell Eau de Toilette

From the Secret Garden Collection, Love Spell gives you the feeling of wearing flowers on your face all day, every day. Suitable for people who dislike using perfumes. Available as Eau de Toilette, Mist and Body Lotion only.


  • Suitable for people who dislike wearing strong perfumes
  • Summer friendly
  • Lasts long
  •  Mild fragrance


  • Not available as Eau de Parfum

Love Spell Eau de Toilette Review

Okay, so let me begin with an advisory—Love Spell isn’t a perfume in the traditional sense. With hints of Peach, Cherry Blossom, and White Jasmine, the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell is more a Eau de Toilette than an Eau de Parfum*. This makes Love Spell mild and refreshing, and a perfect pick for someone who finds regular perfumes too overpowering to wear on a daily basis. On the flip side though, the scent here may not last as long as in EDPs as the concentration is not as intense. That said, I found the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell to be a fantastic EDT that keeps you smelling of flowers for a good number of hours before requiring any sort of retouch. Considering the summers in this country, Love Spell, in particular, is a great summery fragrance from VS. I carried it along for a family vacation to the seaside recently, and I must compliment its no fuss bottle that avoids any kids of spillage, and an easy to use spray nozzle that made for great travel-friendly packaging. An additional half star just for that.

StyleCraze Rating – 4.5/5

4. So In Love Eau de Parfum

Back by popular demand, Victoria’s Secret So In Love perfume is a mesmerizing fragrance that imparts a sheer, fresh floral bliss to the wearer, and is a fragrant ode to the timeless allure of love. Winner of the FiFi Award for Fragrance of the Year (Women’s Private Label/Direct Sell), 2006.


  • Floral scent, without being too sweet
  • Back on popular demand
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Not available easily

So In Love Eau de Parfum Review

Seems like Victoria’s Secret can do no wrong when it comes to the fragrance market. Another scent that was brought back purely due to customer demand, Victoria’s Secret ‘So In Love’ is a timeless classic that can be worn by women of any age with ease. With undertones that I particularly love—rose, violet leaves, cognac, jasmine, honey and ylang-ylang- this a floral fragrance that is pleasant without being too sweet. Call it an ode to my name or whatever, but I find that I am very partial to perfumes with an essence of roses and So In Love is no exception. Despite the honey tones that sweeten the deal, the cognac warms it up just the right amount to maintain its beautiful essence of roses. In the years since its launch, So In Love has a found a niche group of loyalists who swear by it for its non-fruity non-chemical fragrance, including yours truly. Wear it on a first date, or a day out with your partner, for setting the perfect mood. You might want to thank me later!

StyleCraze Rating- 4.5/5

5. Endless Love Fragrance Mist

Get ready to captivate everyone around you with the Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Fragrance Mist. Combining aloe vera and chamomile to both condition and calm, this mist has an irresistible fragrance that leaves you wanting for more.


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Recommended for daily use


  • Needs to be spritzed in generous amounts for the fragrance to stick
  • Mist, not perfume.
  • Fragrance is mild and does not last long (depending on personal preference)

Endless Love Fragrance Mist Review

Another fragrance from the Secret Garden collection, Victoria’s Secret Endless Love is a fragrance mist that has undertones of pomegranate, apple blossom, peach and ylang ylang. Unlike the other Secret Garden collection featured on this list, Love Spell (which is a floral scent) Endless Love is a mash of all things fruity and is perfect for anyone wanting to smell clean and wholesome. Keep in mind though that this is a mist and not a perfume (mists have a perfume oil concentration of around 2-3%), and so is a very light fragrance that won’t last too long. In fact, if you want the fragrance to stick, you will absolutely have to spritz yourself with generous amounts of it, leading the bottle to finish that much faster. Another concern that users have had with this mist is that it might just be too sweet—forever a problem when it comes to fruity scents. But that said, if you’re in the market for something just like it, then do get your hands on a bottle of Endless Love, I’m positive you won’t regret it.

StyleCraze Rating- 4/5

6. Love Rocks Body Mist

Wild meets class in this coveted fragrance by Victoria’s Secret that combines notes of Bergamot, Peony, Violet, and Vanilla. Available as Perfume and Body Mist in select stores only.


  • Strong but not overpowering
  • Musky scent, suitable for women who like strong, masculine scents
  • Floral scent


  • Due to low unavailability and high demand, price is pushed up

Love Rocks Body Mist Perfume Review

Don’t judge a book by its cover they say, and nowhere have I found that axiom to ring truer than it does with this cute little fragrance. I got my first bottle of Love Rocks courtesy a cousin visiting from Europe and unwrapped it only to find that underneath some very zany, blood-red packaging comes one of the most beautiful, floral scents from the Victoria’s Secret stables. With undertones of Bergamot, Peony, Violet and Vanilla, this is a sweet fragrance without being a complete attack on the senses. In fact, if you’re looking for a floral scent with just a hint of leather and musk in it, I find Love Rocks to be the perfect accompaniment for a casual day out, thanks to its sweet notes that are never too overpowering for the senses to deal with. An edgy, floral scent, this one may not be everyone’s cup of tea but folks, if feel good fragrances are what have you in mind, then Love Rocks is sure to ‘rock’ your world (sorry, not sorry :P).

StyleCraze Rating – 4/5

7. Bombshell New York Eau de Parfum

An ode to the energy of the world’s most famous city, Bombshell New York is a fragrance inspired by the flowers of the night, bottled exclusively for the sexy and glamorous


  • Strong without being overpowering
  • Lasts long
  • Edgier variant of the Bombshell line

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell New York Perfume Review

What’s better than one very good thing? Two very good things, of course! Just like yours truly, VS couldn’t seem to get enough of Bombshell either me thinks and that’s how Bombshell New York happened. Because similar to Bombshell, Bombshell New York too is a fruity floral scent, albeit with an edge. Carrying undertones of Starfruit, Twilight Jasmine and Madagascar Vanilla, I’m pegging this fragrance as a mature variant of Bombshell, better suited to women looking to make a statement. Another way it scores over the original Bombshell is that the shorter staying power of Bombshell seems to have been corrected here making Bombshell New York an absolute winner. Use it a couple of times to know why I’m calling it that, and why you’ll never want to step out of the house again without wearing it. No cons for this little baby here, only tonnes of love.

StyleCraze Rating – 4/5

Buy Now – Bombshell New York Eau de Parfum

8. Wicked Eau de Parfum

An edgy, dark twist on the original Crush fragrance with some absolutely delish notes like Freesia, Black sugar and Tahitian Vanilla, Victoria’s Secret Wicked is a warm perfume meant for the 99% angel.


  • Suitable for wear by everyone
  • Lasts long
  • Great dry down
  • Sweet fragrance neither floral nor fruity


  • The sweetness may be overpowering for some

Victoria’s Secret Wicked Perfume Review

So, I have a real feeling that the noses involved in creating Wicked were on a sugar rush that particular day coz Wicked is hands down one of the sweetest fragrances from the Victoria’s Secret collection. With notes of Freesia, Black Sugar and Tahitian Vanilla, the VS Wicked is a fragrance that can be a real hit or miss with users. Personally, I feel that if you’re looking for something that is neither too floral nor too fruity, you’re going to love Wicked for what it is. A mostly vanilla sweet smell, it is rescued by just the right amount of floral tones that give it a nice warmth. Of all the VS perfumes I have tried in the past, I particularly love the dry down here (the smell that lingers after the initial notes have worn off) for its distinct smell that is never too floral, or fruity, or musky, but a happy blend of all three. Great job by VS at trying to create something different from their regular collection. Do bear in mind though that the strong sweet notes have put off a user occasionally, which is why you’d be well advised to try it for yourself before buying it. I’m going to go with 4 stars for this one.

StyleCraze Rating – 4/5

9. Night Eau de Parfum

Inspired by midnights in Paris, Victoria’s Secret ‘Night’ is a warm, sparkling fragrance that makes for the perfect provocation to both—your senses, and to the ones around you. Combines notes of Black Plum, Velvet Woods and Luscious Apple amongst others,


  • Fruity
  • Subtle fragrance


  • Does not last long

Victoria’s Secret Night Perfume Review

First things first, Victoria’s Secret ‘Night’ looks absolutely gorgeous lying on the vanity. The black, rhinestone studded bottle speaks for itself as the perfect accompaniment to a mature, sensual lady. In fact, that was pretty much my sole reason for buying it. With notes of Black Plum, Velvet Woods and Luscious Apple, Victoria’s Secret Night makes for a distinct signature that makes the wearer instantly recognizable wherever she goes. If you’re someone looking for a subtle fragrance that heralds your presence in a gathering, Night is the perfume for you. On the flip side though, the perfume doesn’t last too long which is a bummer. Also, the name ‘Night’ might just be a misnomer as the perfume doesn’t have any particularly bold or edgy notes to it that speak for the night. Instead, it’s a floral scent that is comparable with a lot of other perfumes from VS. To review it in one sentence, I’d probably say that I like it, but I’m not sure if I’d buy it again. Three and a half stars from me.

StyleCraze Rating – 3.5/5

10. Scandalous Eau de Parfum

Immerse yourself in the magic of Victoria’s Secret new fruity floral fragrance that takes sexy to a whole new level. With notes of Black Peony, Raspberry Liqueur and Praline, Scandalous is one fragrance that women of all ages would love to wear.


  • Warm, floral dry down
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Fruity floral fragrance


  • Body mist better than the perfume
  • Does not last long

Scandalous Eau de Parfum Review

With the stunningly sensual Jasmine Tookes as the face of this perfume, Scandalous has one thing to say, and it says out loud—if you’re looking to slay, this is the perfume to do it with. A fruity floral scent a la Bombshell, Scandalous has undertones of Black Peony, Raspberry Liqueur and Praline, a distinct combination that makes for a distinct signature too. An essentially fruity-floral fragrance (VS seems to have cornered the market on this segment), it has a beautiful dry down that gave me just the right hit of floral notes. However, I must admit that I didn’t care much to stock up on it because, though it’s a great scent, I find it comparable to a lot of other VS perfumes that I already own and must do away with before I get another. Its effect doesn’t last long either which is why a couple of friends I know seem to prefer the body mist over the perfume as a cheaper alternative. That said, it is suitable for women of all ages, and if you’re on the lookout to shake things up a bit while still sticking to the floral-fruity theme, Scandalous should be your go-to perfume.

StyleCraze Rating – 4/5

11. Crush Eau de Parfum

A zany mix of floral and spice, Victoria’s Secret ‘Crush’ is a young, fresh scent that bottles the feeling of being addicted to someone.


  • Sweetness isn’t too overpowering
  • Citrus base
  • Summer go-to
  • Youthful, fresh scent


  • Seasonal perfume

Victoria’s Secret Crush Perfume Review

Channelling a whole lot of pink and a whole lot of cute in its packaging, Crush is Victoria’s Secret offering for youngsters, and for the young at heart. With notes of Pink Peppercorn, Treasure Peony and Ashok flower, Crush takes you on a frosting filled trip to wonderland right from the first spritz. What I like best about this fragrance is that though sweet and high on its own ‘youthfulness’, at no point is the sweetness too overpowering an attack on the senses. With a warm, citrus base, Crush makes for the perfect summer scent and considering I live in a tropical country, it comes in handy pretty much all year round. But that very seasonality is also a bane as people who live in colder areas might not find it much to their liking. So, do keep that in mind before you go out shopping for this one.

P.S.- I bought this perfume for my niece last Christmas, and I don’t think I could’ve chosen any better. Which is why I now nominate Crush as the perfect gift for female members of your family this festive season too. Do let me know how that fares!

StyleCraze Rating – 4/5

12. Tease Eau de Parfum

Designed as the consummate flirt, Victoria’s Secret Tease is the result of what happens when a seductress meets a coquette—a fragrance that is the ultimate in the art of seduction.


  • Beautifully packaged
  • Not harsh on the skin
  • Warm scent


  • Longevity is terrible
  • Not travel-friendly
  • Not suited to all age groups

Tease Eau de Parfum Review

There isn’t a single thing I dislike about how Tease looks sitting on my vanity, a boudoir inspired fragrance that is an instant throwback to the parlors of France. The fishnet and lace packaging on the bottle coupled with the hot pink atomizer make for some truly attractive packaging that I fell in love with at first glance. Full marks to whoever came up with the design for this little baby. As for the fragrance itself, combining notes of Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear and Blooming Gardenia, I find that coming to Victoria’s Secret collection at least, this fragrance truly is the ultimate ‘tease’. A warm scent that I feel is better carried off by grown women, the major downer with this fragrance is its longevity. At barely an hour or two of staying power, Tease hardly lasts you for even a quarter of a day which is a shame as it has a pleasant dry down that I liked smelling for whatever little time it lasted. If longevity isn’t a concern you have, Tease might just make another great gift this festive season, this time for the ladies of your family.

StyleCraze Rating – 4/5

13. Very Sexy Eau de Parfum

Seduction in a bottle, Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy has been a crowd favorite right since its launch in the early 2000s. A ‘spicy’ scent, it combines notes of Vanilla Orchid, Sun-drenched Clementine and Midnight Blackberry.


  • Spicy fragrance
  • Arousing (as reported by users)


  • Not for regular wear
  •  Strong scent, to be used with a light hand

Very Sexy Eau de Parfum Review

Honest to heaven, I’d like to tip my hat to whoever at Victoria’s Secret came up with this fragrance. A strong, spicy scent that has undertones of Vanilla Orchid, Sun-drenched Clementine and Midnight Blackberry, Very Sexy hasn’t been taken off the shelves since its launch in the 2000s. Imagine! But smell it once, and it isn’t too hard to understand why, as Very Sexy has a delectable peppery fragrance that exudes a strong come-hither scent which is difficult to resist, and (reportedly) is a crowd favorite with boyfriends and husbands alike. Be careful to use it with a light hand though as it is a strong perfume. Not suitable for regular wear either.

StyleCraze Rating – 4/5

14. Lace Orange Flower Fragrance Mist

From the Parfums Intimes collection, Victoria’s Secret Lace Orange Flower takes its inspiration from the luxurious materials used to craft their lingerie line—Cashmere, Silk, Satin, and in this case, Lace.


  • Orange blossom, woody undertones
  • Travel friendly
  • Subtle fragrance


  • Expensive owing to discontinuation by Victoria’s Secret

Lace Orange Flower Fragrance Mist Review

Despite being a fragrance mist, and despite being discontinued at the moment, never before would you have come across a scent that has been favorited by thousands of women actively hoping that Victoria’s Secret would start its production again. Currently available only on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, Victoria’s Secret Lace Orange Flower combines notes of African Orange Flower, Chinese Osmanthus, Grapefruit and Water to give you a refreshing floral scent that is hard to stay away from. The smell of orange blossoms particularly is divine, and the one time I tried it, I found that I kept wanting to sniff at my wrist (I was trying on a sample). Absolute, absolute love; don’t think twice if you want to get it. In fact, my suggestion to you would be to wear this sweet smelling, light scent for a day out with your girls, or a picnic with your family, and watch yourself light up as the compliments start to pour in!

StyleCraze Rating – 3.5/5

15. Be My Wish Fragrance Mist

Be everyone’s favorite fantasy with this beguiling fragrance of plum and raspberry that speaks seduction and allure wherever you go.


  • Stays on longer than other fragrance mists
  • Fruity, clean scent


  • Not easily available

Be My Wish Fragrance Mist Review

Launched as a limited edition fragrance for the 2011 holiday season, Be My Wish is still a favorite with many users of Victoria’s Secret fragrances. With notes of velvety plum and raspberry, it is a fruity, sweet scent that is perfect for everyday wear. Suitable for women of all ages, Be My Wish has a crisp, refreshing feeling to it that is aromatherapy at its best. Another huge plus in its favor is that despite being a fragrance mist, its effect lasts relatively long (foregoing the need for a constant spritz), which is more than what I can say for a lot of VS’s perfumes themselves (and hence its inclusion in this list). The only drawback I could find with Be My Wish is that thanks to it being a limited edition offering, it is hard to find and thus, expensive, despite being a fragrance mist. But considering the clamor around it, it is quite possible that Victoria’s Secret might just restock it again. Keep your eyes peeled just in case they do.

StyleCraze Rating- 3.5/5

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