Trying to pick the best hair straightener can be daunting. How to know which ones won’t break won’t damage hair and will work the fastest? I’ve done the work for you, researching the best hair straighteners in the market.

When we talk about hair straightener BaByliss is the one that comes our mind immediately. The brand is serving people with amazing hair care products and one such is hair straightening tools. Today I am going to share “top-10 hair straightener” from BaByliss.

The Best BaByliss Hair Straighteners

1. BaByliss ST96E Hair Straightener:

This one of the babyliss straighteners has 5 temperature settings and green LED that gives you total control over any hair type. It also comprise of a retractable detangling comb, which makes it easy-to-use and you can use it on dry as well as damp hair. It has multiple heat resistant insulating mats, which protects and reduces the hair damage. It has swivel cord which makes it easy to use and it comes with an instruction card so that you can use it easily.

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2. BaByliss BA-2800U Hair Styler:

This hair styler from BaByliss not only gives you poker straight hair, but also offers you waves, magi curls, crimps and many different hairstyles as it comes with different attachments. If you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with different hair styles, then this hair styler is for you. It can heat up to 200 ° C in just 15 seconds. It is a versatile styler and it’s a great idea to invest money in it as it will last long.

3. BaByliss Pro Advanced Pink Straightener:


This hair straightener from BaByliss is based on nano titanium technology, which gives you smooth and silky straight hair. It is made from ceramic plates which reduces the heating damage and gives you pin straight hair quickly. It has 10 heat settings so you can adjust it according to your preference which is amazing.

4. BaByliss Pro Advanced Black Styler:

This pro advanced black styler from BaByliss is based on nano titanium technology and it has ceramic plating, which gives you straight hair quickly without damaging your tresses. It has 10 heat settings so you can adjust the temperature accordingly. If you don’t like spending much time in styling then this hair straightener is for you as it gives you sleek hair in no time. The price is affordable as it is going to last long so it’s worth the investment.

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5. BaByliss BA-2525U Hair Straightener:

This hair straightener has ceramic plates and the plates provide you three times heat protection which reduces the damage. This is a 2-in-1 product, which can be used to straighten your hair and curl your tresses as well. Based on thermo-shine technology, it helps you give silky, shiny and smooth hair in minutes. Here, it can heat up to 220 ° C and you can adjust the heat accordingly.

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6. BaByliss ST70E Hair Straightener:

This straightener is multipurpose as you can flip, straighten or curl with a twist of your wrist. It can heat up to 230° C which ensures that you get your favorite hair style in just one stroke. It has flat and curve plate for straightening and curling respectively. It get’s switched off automatically when it’s overheated and it also comes with a heat-resistant mat that protects your hair from damage.

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7. BaByliss BA-2078U Hair Straightener:


This BaByliss hair straightener has ceramic plates of size 30×60 mm. The size of the plates is huge and thus leading to faster and easier straightening. It can heat up to 230 ° C for a super fast, super smooth finish in seconds, so you can adjust the temperature accordingly. It comes with an instruction booklet so that you can use it easily. It gives you frizz free, silky and salon-like straight hair.

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8. BaByliss BA-2856 Hair Straightener:

This hair straightener has ceramic plating which heats up quickly and reaches 200 ° C within few seconds. If you have short hair and if you want to straight your fringes, then this hair straightener from BaByliss can serve your purpose. It also contains heat mat which protects your hair against damage and gives you poker straight hair. It doesn’t make hair frizzy and gives you salon-like straightening.

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9. BaByliss ST29E/ST229E PRO230 Straightener:

The satin touch coating on the plates of this hair straightener is of 38 x 100 mm, which ensures that you get poker straight hair quickly. It has an indicating light which get’s switched on when the straightener is ready to use. The temperature rises from 100 to 200 ° C and you can control the temperature through the dual voltages. The swivel cord gives you silky, smooth and tangle free straight hair without much damage.

10. BaByliss ST92E LISS&CRIMP Straightener:

This BaByliss ST92E LISS&CRIMP straightener is a convertible straightener cum crimper that assists you to get stunning, straight tresses and eye-catching curls in a single stroke. It also has a heat mat which ensures that your hair doesn’t get damaged due to direct heat. It can heat up within seconds and gives you desired hair style in few strokes.

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Hope you like this article on BaByliss hair straighteners. Have you tried any of these BaByliss hair straightener tools? Do you wish to pick up any of these hair straighteners? Do share your comments below.

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