DKNY offers a good collection of fragrances which appeal to women worldwide. So here below, read  about my favourite DKNY perfumes for women.

1. DKNY Be Delicious:

This is a fruity fragrance from DKNY and has been made around the base floral fragrances. The woody and floral notes create a fresh and sensuous feel when worn. The main essence in Be Delicious consists of grapefruit and apple.

2. DKNY EDP Women’s Perfume:

Another success from the house of DKNY, EDP is a unique classification in the range of floral fragrances for women. Some of its notes include daffodils, birch and oranges which are a favourite among women who like the floral feel in their perfume.

3. DKNY Golden Delicious:

The Golden Delicious variant in DKNY perfumes for women includes fresh Orange, rose, sandalwood and Apple fragrances. They are all very brilliantly merged in this type giving a rich feel of floral and fruity combination. The Golden apple is known to provide an elegant and magical element to the life of the perfume.

4. DKNY Delicious Night:

This is a very famous fragrance from the Delicious series of DKNY. It offers the ever refreshing fragrance of the night blooming orchids, martini, jasmine and iris essence. It is apt for daily use and provides all day freshness.

5. DKNY Pure:

This fragrance from DKNY specializes in the floral notes those coming from petals of rose, jasmine, amber and vanilla. The heart of the fragrance is on a complete floral note. DKNY Pure has a base of Orchid and sandalwood that further enhances the fragrance.

6. DKNY Cashmere:

This classifies well in the daytime choice for perfumes with women. Fragrances such as vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood embrace the essence of Cashmere. The DKNY Cashmere, just as the name suggests has a very soft and silky feel to it.

7. DKNY Donna Karan Gold:

This fragrance from DKNY is characterized by fragrances from two different sources, one of lily and the other of amber. With seductive features of lily and warm touch of amber, it is the most sought after choice in the range of attractive feminine perfumes.

8. DKNY Energizing:

DKNY energizing is an acclaimed set of fragrances for women that consist of a blend of essences of nectar, figs, greens and even grapefruit to form a very refreshing fragrance.

9. DKNY Love:

This is the mixture of water, flowers and fruits which refreshes the user with medley of love and freshness. Perfumes like these are the most famously for their freshness. It has a woody base that evens out the floral fragrance to turn into a beautiful mix of the forest.

10. DKNY Black Cashmere:

This is the most sensuous of the available perfume types that spells the sophistication of the wearer and women dig its notes of spices such as cloves, pepper and saffron.

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