Pop sensation Britney Spears has transferred her fame into a bottle of sheer rich fragrance. The Britney Spears range of perfumes makes you feel like a superstar.

Here are my favourites from Britney Spears perfumes range:

1. Island Fantasy:

The newest of the perfumes by Britney, Island Fantasy is due to launch this April 2013. It is an extension of her line of sweet fragrances. This perfume has all the goodness of the tropical aromas that give it a fruity and floral feel. The fragrance starts with citruses cocktail, Clementine, mandarin, watermelon and red berries and later transforms into the aromas of violet, jasmine, sugar cane, musk and freesia.

2. Believe:

The Britney Spears Believe perfume was launched in the year 2007 and has a very fruity appeal to it. Believe basically consists of aromas of tangerine and guava. Linden blossom and honeysuckle scents can be traced to its heart notes. The base of this fragrance includes sweet praline, amber and patchouli.

3. Circus Fantasy:

Launched in the year 2009 in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden, Circus Fantasy is a keeper. This perfume has the intoxicating scents of creamy musk and exotic flowers. A combination of orchid, lotus, blue peony, apricot blossom, raspberry, violet candy and vanilla can be felt.

4. Cosmic Radiance:

Launched in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden, Cosmic Radiance is a unique perfume launched in the year 2011. The perfume begins with fresh citrus and deep floral scents in its heart notes along with a creamy amber, sandalwood and vanilla base.

5. Curious Britney:

Curious Britney has a very intriguing essence to it, just as the name suggests. The perfume has a base of white flowers that are serenaded with musk and vanilla nuances. A combination of pears, magnolia and lotus along with vanilla, jasmine, tuberose and precious woods can be felt in this perfume.

6. Fantasy Britney:

Launched in 2005, Fantasy by Britney was the second fragrance by the Britney Range of perfumes. It is also considered to be a love potion in a magical bottle. Fantasy Britney is a blend of white chocolate, jasmine, golden quince, litchi, kiwi, orrris root, wood and musk.

7. Midnight Fantasy:

Midnight Fantasy has been launched especially for the younger generation of audience. It has a very fresh feel to it and is composed of aromas that include black cherry, plum and framboise. Freesia, iris and night orchid along with musk, amber and vanilla fragrances can be felt right at the heart of the Midnight Fantasy.

8. In Control Curious:

A sexy yet sweet combination of fragrances that truly justifies the name of the perfume. A combination of musk and vanilla can be felt in every spray of this perfume. The fragrance is on the note of night orchid, crème brulee, tonka crystals, black vanilla bean on the base of musk and sandalwood.

9. Hidden Fantasy:

A fragrance that is completely on a fruity and gourmand note, Hidden Fantasy was launched in the year 2008. This perfume has a combination of aromas which include grapefruit blossom, clove, verbena, sweet orange, Napolitano cake, sambac jasmine, stargazer lily, amber, vanilla bean, jacaranda wood and sandalwood.

10. Radiance:

This is long lasting and enticing fragrance. Radiance is a blend of fragrances of orange blossom, jasmine, iris, tuberose, berries and musk.

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