Before taking a shopping trip to test mattresses invest some time in reading some reviews, like these Bear mattress reviews.

Don’t rush the process. On average, people sleep anywhere from 7 to 9 hours each night. Laying on a mattress in the store for just a few minutes won’t give you a sense of what it is really like. Don’t be afraid to lay on the mattress for quite a while to see how it affects your body over time.

Don’t lay in the same position. Even if you sleep in the same position all night, you still have to get into and out of bed. To replicate that experience, try moving around on the mattress at the store. Sit on the edge of the bed, roll over a few times while you are laying down, and see how easy it is to stand up. Your comfort is impacted by how easy it is to move on the mattress. Soft mattresses make it difficult to move while overly-firm mattresses can cause discomfort in your shoulders and hips.

Check the foundation or base. When testing out a mattress, see if they have it set up on slats or a box spring. The foundation of the mattress can affect how it feels.

Shop with your partner. If you and your partner share the same bed, go shopping together so that you can test out mattresses at the same time. Move around to see how much motion is transferred from one side of the bed to the other.

Only shop when you are alert and awake. If you are drowsy, every mattress will feel fantastic.

Ask to be left alone. If the salesperson is standing nearby, ask if you can have a few minutes alone. It is hard to relax fully when a stranger is hanging out close by.

Learn more about the display model. How long has the mattress been out on the floor? If it has been on display for months, that means that many customers have probably already tried it out, which can affect how comfortable it is.

Find out if the store or manufacturer offers a comfort guarantee. The majority of manufacturers don’t allow you to return the mattress based on how it feels. There are, however, a couple of companies that do. If you want more time to test out the mattress, purchasing from one of these companies could be a good idea.


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