How to do winged eyeliner? Well, this question is bothering many women. That is why we decided to discuss it today.

First of all, let us clarify one thing: winged eyeliner steps are different for every eye shape. If you wonder why, here is the answer, and it is simple. Every eye shape has its own qualities that should be taken into account. Ideally, eye makeup will enhance the beauty of your eye shape and hide its flaws, if there are any.

And here we would like to share some tricks on how to shape-shift your eye shape so that it appears more lifted, rounded, smaller, or wider with the help of eyeliner. Are you ready to discover the best accentuating techniques

Winged Eyeliner Style For Downturned Eyes








How to do a perfect winged eyeliner if your eyes are downturned? Paint a very thin line, starting from inner and moving towards outer corners. Continue the line out and up towards the crease. The wing stops where your eyebrow ends.

Winged Eyeliner Style For Round Eye Shape








Let’s see how to do winged eyeliner step by step if your eyes are round. First, take liner and a special angled brush. Next, here is the trick: begin drawing the line from the outer and towards the inner corner. The angle of the line should be downward. Voila!

Eyeliner Style For Monolid Eye Shape








Winged eyeliner styles for eye shape monolid are not difficult to pull off. The key is to apply liquid eyeliner. Start in the center right above the pupil. Paint a thin line close to the eyelashes, moving towards the outer corners. Then work from the inner corners moving towards the center to combine the lines.

Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes








How to do winged eyeliner with liquid liner for hooded eyes? Even though you might think it is difficult, in reality, you can easily pull it off. You should ensure that your lid does not hide the liner. To do that, find the beginning of the hood and place the tip there. Move from the outer towards the inner corner. The strokes should be thin.

Eyeliner Style For Small Eyes








Here are several eyeliner tips for small eyes. First of all, opt for the multiple wings. Paint the line with liquid eyeliner and create a small tip outward. Then draw more lines right above this line, using eyeshadow. Apply some bright color to your waterline, as well, extending the line outwards. Mesmerizing!

Night Winged Eyeliner Makeup Ideas








If you tired of the black eyeliner you can try to add some glitter to eyes makeup look. Choose sparkly shadows or sparkly eyeliner and create glam night winged eyeliners!

Colorful Winged Eyeliner Ideas








Sexy eyes aren’t just dark smoky eyes. Fun and colorful look that’s perfect for a festival, concert, or just a night out on the town.

Now you know how to do winged eyeliner for beginners. Go practice a bit and come back for more useful info.

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