Statement Wedding Hairstyles

Whatever your theme, whatever your dress, your wedding day hairstyle provides a fabulous opportunity to make a statement. You might have a minimal gown and a simple, chic wedding in mind, but wowing your guests with a striking and unique bridal hairstyle is a great way to put a contemporary twist on your elegance.

If you’re looking for unusual bridal hair ideas, check out the selection of 10 statement dos!

Breaking the Rules

Sometimes, a statement hairstyle allows you to break traditional bridal rules. Worn with a black fascinator, and complemented by an amazing feather-laden bouquet, the “Black Swan” look by Harry Jonis absolutely outstanding. The backcombed up-do brings drama and Gothic glamour to a boundary-pushing bridal style.

A Modern Plait

Although a French plait is a traditional wedding choice, you can discuss a modern, statement version with your stylist. Rather than a neat, perfectly-structured plait, a contemporary style is looser and chunkier, lending itself well to pretty vintage fashion. This adaptation of a classic allows you to weave in your signature flower.

Bow to Tradition

Pretty, simple and stunning, this beautiful bow style by Chelsea at Sitting Pretty can complement a traditional bride perfectly whilst adding a touch of the contemporary. The bow is oversized, so it works with any hair colour, and the style looks best with a simple veil clipped underneath.

Boho Beauty

Flowers are certainly not “twee” when it comes to statement hairstyling. Forget the single carnation or girly orchid: this powerful hair statement by The Beauty Collective is huge and show-stopping. With beautiful blooms from Bergdorfs Flowers of Copenhagen, the glorious floral crown perfectly complements the bride’s shiny curls.

Sheer Elegance

This statement look is all about elegance. The intricate loops and beautifully-secured style come together to create the perfect combination of tastefulness, fashion and unmistakably professional hair styling. For this look, a column dress featuring the same stones used in the hair would look stunning.

Top of the Class

This bold and beautiful style is perfect for a bride with strong features: high cheekbones will really stand out and if you have striking eyes they will absolutely shine. It’s also a great way to bring some edge to a very feminine dress — and looks delightful with a 1920s or 40s-inspired wedding dress.

Perfect Plaits

Messed-up hairstyles work for some contemporary brides, but others want to make a statement by having absolutely perfect hair. These asymmetric plaits are so beautifully constructed they will be the talking point of the day. Let them steal the show by wearing a simple wedding dress and echo the flowers in your bouquet for added impact.

Mermaid Magic

With diamanté flowers, to add a touch of sparkle, this “mermaid” style is something completely different from the norm. Perfect with a bandeau-style wedding dress it is a great choice for a fairytale theme. It also helps to draw attention to the back of your gown.

Double-trend Styling

This clever and contemporary bridal hair style gives you the benefit of two hot trends in one beautiful look. The oversized bun is one of the biggest 21st century bridal hair trends — and the oversized fabric flower accentuates the statement. The hair stylist has then cleverly worked another trend into the mix, weaving a pretty plait through the bun for added interest and volume.

Fairytale Locks

This is a beautiful, very carefully constructed style — although the end result looks effortless and natural. If you have long hair and want to show off that length, without wearing your hair down, this “two-in-one” idea is perfect. Capturing the shape of a chignon, and the magic of Rapunzel, it is the perfect hairstyle to go with an opulent ball gown. You will look like a real princess.

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