Halloween is downright one of the most exciting times of the year. You not only get to taste the sweetness of candy and have a good day with your friends and family. But, this day you get to wear freakishly awesome costumes, you can dress as one of your favourite TV character or just look frighteningly scary to give others goosebumps.

Halloween is one festival with a whole lot of variety, colours and spookiness. To some it is the most fun time of the year, some Halloween fanatics wait for a whole year to try on something really out of the ordinary so they can cause some real thrill with their haunting costumes. So why not we give you a free pass to level up your freakiness? The black Sclera contact lenses

Black sclera lenses have that ultimate X factor that every Halloween fanatic would like to get their hands on. These black contacts bring that scary vibes and add life to your Halloween costume. It doesn’t matter if you want to look completely diabolical with the Sclera contacts or just a casual look, with these dark beauties you will definitely send some chills down the spine.

Black Sclera contact lenses are no longer out of your budget

You heard that right fellas, sclera contact lenses are no longer out of your reach. It was long ago when you you see these exotic lenses only on TV screens on the eyes of your favourite TV characters.The technology and the demand of such lenses have made them available for people like you and me. Gone are the days where you were required to put aside the budget for these  amazing SFX contact lenses, now you no longer need to spend a fortune for them. The advancement in technology has also allowed more comfortable wear, now when you couple that with affordable price you have a free pass to becoming the character of your dreams this Halloween.

Of course these lenses are still more expensive then other coloured or regular contact lenses as they are bigger in size (dimension of 22mm) where they cover the whole of your eye. And they are made of hydrogel material. This advanced material allows for more air permeability which allows more oxygen to reach the eye. These contacts have the largest opacity but like other contacts they have a clear zone in the middle zone so that your vision is not impaired.

Is it Safe to Wear Black Sclera Lenses?

This a very widely asked question and the answer is yes. They are safe given that you have taken a prescription from the doctor so that you get the right lens to fit your eyes. Secondly, it is crucial that you purchase them from a trustworthy and reputable store and not from stalls on the streets or the shops on flea markets. It is advised that you purchase from your eye care provider or anyone your doctor suggests you. Authentic sclera lenses have to be ISO certified. If you are not careful you are exposing your eyes to big dangers. Low quality contacts, whether sclera or other, can fade dyes in your eyes or cause serious infections.

One other safety precaution is that you must not wear them for too long. That is basically because sclera contact lenses cover your eyes completely which considerably halts the oxygen flow to your eyes. Because of that it gets painful to blink, if the lens is worn for too long. So make sure you are only wearing it for  a reasonable time, take them off immediately if you are feeling any pain or irritation.

Why some sclera lenses are irrationally priced?

Well you have to do some research as prices vary significantly, especially when it is time for Halloween. You should do your homework i.e. seeking out reviews. Find out what others around you have experienced with regards to Sclera contact lenses, this will help you save so much time and money.

We have a tip for you, there are two types of sclera contact lenses, the hand painted and the machine made lenses, we would advise you to prefer machine made sclera lenses as hand painted are very expensive. Hand painted are only required by those who want custom made or designed contact lenses, they pay a lot of money for those. You only need it for Halloween so keep your expenses minimum.

Halloween costume inspiration

There are number of costume inspiration with Sclera contact lenses such as:

  • Alien from outer space
  • The grim reaper
  • The nun from conjuring
  • The wild beast
  • Creature from underworld

There a number of amazing costume inspiration for Sclera contact lenses. You may have already decided what to wear, so just have fun this Halloween.


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