Ombre lips have become trendy not so long ago and not all ladies have already tried this makeup. So, we think that it is time for you to get familiar with such look. Once you choose gradient for your lips, it will become one of your favorite makeup options.

Amazing Ombre Lip Looks



















A gradient look can be achieved with liquid lipstick or with any other lipstick. Besides lipstick, you will also need a lipliner in a darker shade than the lipstick.

Perfect Ombre Lip Styles



















Also, pick one color pop lipstick, and let the second lipstick be in a lighter shade. Usually a darker shade applied closer to the lipline, and lighter lipstick closer to the middle.

Ombre Lips Makeup Step By Step



















Apply the lipliner, and be very careful in the corners. Try to blend the lipliner into the lipstick. To achieve it, draw very short, kind of feathery strokes. Start outside and move in.

Cute Ombre Lips To Inspire You



















The effect will be pretty and very subtle. This look is really winning as it adds volume to your lips. Also, this lip makeup won’t take you much time – five minutes or less.

Trendy Ombre Lips Makeup



















This is the simple version of ombre: apply lipstick with light highlight. It is much easier to maintain, and it looks awesome.

Fancy Lip Ombre Ideas



















We interpreted ombre ideas with some of our favorite colors of the season: deep berries, reds and oranges, vibrant purples and light sparkly blues.

Beautiful Ombre Lips Ideas


















You can mix with more than two colors once you are comfortable with the basic concept. Here are some examples of beautifully done gradients.

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