Adding layers to a cut is quite beneficial disregarding the hair length. In general, if your tresses are medium to long and thick, the layers will instantly help you get rid of the unnecessary bulk. And in case your tresses are short and fine, the layers will also work wonders by adding the desired volume to your style. Besides layers, you can really flatter your face if you add bangs to the layered cut.

Why do that? Well, the reasons are numerous but to sum up, if your hair is short, bangs will add edginess to your look. If your hair is medium to shoulder length, then by opting for bangs you will add movement and sexiness to your style. And if your hair is long, bangs can make your face appear longer. And now let’s discover the most flattering and trendy styles with layers.

Layered Haircuts for Short Hair

















Layered haircuts for short hair are very much in fashion nowadays. Layers add more depth, texture, and definition to short hair. This is why you can rock any of these hairstyles no matter what hair type you have. Maintaining one of these gorgeous short hairstyles is as easy as ABC. Just make a side part, add some hair spray, and you are ready to go. Layered haircuts for short hair with bangs will add a touch of edginess and will make you hot as hell! A side part with a side swept fringe that gradually falls into your hair will make your short hair elegant and chic.

Medium Hair Layered Hairstyles

















As for layered haircuts for medium hair, long bobs are still pretty popular. It They will suit both wavy and straight hair type. If you have naturally wavy hair, opt for a choppy and textured look that will do you a favor of enhancing your natural beauty. A popular side part will be a great combo with a long bob. When it comes to layered haircuts for medium hair with bangs, there are a couple of options. Firstly, you may go for straight bangs that are slightly above your eyebrows, or opt for longer and torn bangs. Both of these options look super stylish with medium length hair. Wear it in a messy way.

Layered Haircuts for Shoulder Length Hair

















Layered haircuts for shoulder length hair are probably the cutest and most feminine thing in the world you could possibly do to your hair, especially when they are styled in a messy way. If you are an owner of natural waves, you can achieve a messy shoulder bob look easily. Even if your hair is naturally straight, it won’t be a huge trouble. The best thing about this kind of hairstyles is that they look very effortless and natural as though you are Queen B that ‘woke up like this’. With layered haircuts for shoulder length hair with bangs it is essential to change your hair color at least a tiny bit. It will boost up the texture and volume of your locks. Subtle highlights at the ends of your hair may be just enough.

Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

















Layered haircuts for long hair are all time favorites of many popular celebrities. This hairstyle is Sara Jessica Parker’s signature look. It is common knowledge that long hair is boring and lifeless most of the times. The best thing that will help you avoid this problem is layers, of course. And they have a huge power of changing your image drastically. Shorter layers and also layered haircuts for long hair with bangs have an amazing face-framing effect, which is a life savior if you need to break up a prolonged face and make it more oval. And the number of ways in which you can rock them is literally endless.

Hope that you have fallen in love with these hairstyles and they will serve you as inspiration.


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