Picking a silver dress for prom might be a good idea and not only because metallic shades are trendy nowadays but also because silver is among classic and ultimately complimenting colors.

That is why silver prom dresses are so popular. Your task is to choose the right silhouette that will suit you perfectly and pair your vivid metallic dress well with other elements of your outfit.

Silver Dress Designs For Prom

















Before you go shopping, you need to know which types of dresses will work great for a special occasion like prom. Cocktail dresses, formal dresses, and party dresses are to go for.

Short Silver Dresses Designs

















We think that these short silver dresses look smoking hot! But how to accessorize your metallic dress? Considering that silver is a cool tone, pick accessories accordingly, that is, cool-toned as well.

Top Silver Cocktail Dresses

















A cocktail dress is considered to be semi-formal, and that means that you can wear it for any event. Today this dress is timeless but do you know that the term was legitimized by Vogue in 1927?

Long Silver Dresses









Long metallic dresses look especially elegant and can turn any babe into the real lady. Add much sophistication to your image by choosing one of floor-length dresses.

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