The wreath of flowers?  The headband? There is no question of zapping hair accessories on the special-day. The trend is for antique-inspired head jewelry, which is placed on loose hair or stung in a bun.

  • The big comeback of the comb

Accessory forgotten a year ago, the comb is doing its comeback on our heads. For the bride, there are models of all sizes. From the ideal medium comb to retain a few blocks to the one, XXL, which adorns a romantic bun, the supply is plethoric. Creator of leather accessories, the comb is not only decorative: the large metal spikes gilded with fine gold retain a hairstyle for long hours. Here you may also use hair straigteners to straighten your hair first and then may try such accessories. Always make it sure to check the buyers trend of the market before buying any such product online. Anyhow, let’s get back to the main topic hair accessories for wreath.

Another option is to decorate your hairstyle like a vestal. A lot of makeup artist offers a headband decorated with Swarovski crystals and enamel, Rosantica a jewel of hair that clings like a bar. As number of people designed a collection of accessories specifically for brides, including clips adorned with feather crafts, which dress a mane detached way Pocahontas.

  • Yes to the modern veil!

Like the comb, the veil had fallen out of fashion, stuck with old wedding traditions. Today, he is reinventing himself, sometimes as an integral part of the dress. Stitched on a bun, twisted around the outfit, it is the initially classic detail that twists a look. The veil, ideal solution for short hair, is also becoming an accessory for brides. So many reasons to say “yes”!

Must Know Wedding Hairstyles You Must Consider

Here are 3 inspirations that you can reproduce without difficulty.

  • The messy mane

When one has long and thick hair, nothing beats a hairstyle that leaves them free. Instead of the traditional bridal bun, they are allowed to swing between the shoulder blades. Use a sea salt spray, dry the hair upside down, twist a few wicks and work them if necessary to the plates. Attach a few strands to the back of the head (without pulling them too much) and add a piece of XXL hair.

  • The braid

Feminine hairstyle and gypsy par excellence, the accessorized spike-style braid will seduce bohemian brides. The longer it is, the more romantic the effect will be; it can be an opportunity to opt for ephemeral extensions: they will bring the XXL effect ideal for this hairstyle. Begin by simply braiding the wicks that frame the face of one side of the head, and once arrived under the ear, continue in braid ears. Tie the tip with a ribbon or a leather cord, and possibly add an accessory (flowers, jewel, crown …).

  • The wreath of flowers

If you like romantic hairstyles, you’ll love this one, ultra simple to reproduce. Loop the lengths with an iron and position the wreath on the head. Separate your hair in two, tie the bottom part so that they do not mix and wick the upper part in the ribbon or elastic of the crown.

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