10 Best Ideas for Dark Brown Hair Color

Dark brown hair color adds a mystery to the overall look. One can find different shades of the color that can help every woman look the way she wants. Besides, various hair coloring techniques can add a zest to the overall image.

1. Dark Brown Hair Color with Red Locks

If you aren’t afraid of experimenting with your hair, you can dye some of your hair locks in a bright red color. You can either dye all your hair ends with this color or just some chosen parts. Red color always looks bold and will surely attract the attention.

2. Gorgeous Dark Brown Hair Color

If you have long hair and are more in favor of a classical style, go with pure dark brown color. It looks very elegant, mysterious and feminine.

3. Solid Dark Brown Colored Bob

Make your bob haircut look more attractive by having your hair dyed in a solid dark brown color. It looks stylish and classy. You could add some waves if you strive for a more casual look.

4. Natural Chocolate Brown Hair

Natural colors are very trendy these days. So, if you have natural dark brown hair color, you can simply enjoy your natural look. You can wear your hair straight or slightly wave it depending on the effect you are trying to reach.

5. Rich Hue of Dark Brown Hair Color

Dark brown color comes with various hues, and so you can dye your hair with either deeply saturated dark brown or use slightly lighter version of it. It all depends on your personal preferences and the effect you are trying to reach./p>

6. Dark Chocolate Hair Color

Dark chocolate hair color looks very attractive as it’s associated with the chocolate, – and who doesn’t like it? This color would look good no matter whether you have long or short hair, straight or wavy.

7. Glory Dark Brown Hair with Copper Hue

The combination of dark brown hair with the copper hue is astonishing! Darker and lighter shades melt into a perfect unity while creating a marvelous and shiny look. With such hair color you will surely get tons of compliments.

8. Warm Dark Brown Hair

If you are not sure about getting your hair look very dark, you can always find an alternative. Go with the warm hue of dark brown color and enjoy your new look!

9. Textured Brunette Hair

Make your brunette hair look more interesting by adding some layers to your haircut. The layers will add more volume and help create more casual and messy look.

10. Dark Brown Hair with Honey Highlights

Are you looking for some warmth during cold autumn weather? Add some honey highlights to your dark brown hair, and you’ll radiate that warmth yourself. Everyone around you will feel that warmth and happiness coming out of your personality.



Wear a Crown Braid to Appear Elegant

Ladies, a crown braid hairstyle is exactly what you need to master before your next date. This hairstyle has a romantic vibe, which makes it ideal for a night out with your significant other. Your bae will love how you look! And here you can look through the most beautiful ways of styling this braid. Our ideas will help you feel next-level gorgeous.

The High Crown Braid Hairstyle

Such hairstyles can be created with different types of braids. Stylists point out that these hairstyles can be recreated even with regular braids. So, even an amateur can pull it off.

Romantic Crown Braid Hairstyle for a Date

But the basic look involves more intricate French braids, of course. And as for the hair length, it requires shoulder length to longer hair. So, let’s discuss what to start with.

Half Crown Braid for Long and Medium Hair

First you need to decide whether you want this hairstyle to be sleek or messy. If you opt for a messy look, no extra steps are required. If you wish it to be sleek, begin with straightening your hair.

Try This Office-Ready Hairstyles to Look Like Business Lady

Spritz your hair with heat protectant and make it straight with the help of a curling iron. Next, apply styling mousse for better manageability and hold. Now comb the hair to one of the sides.

Crown Braids You Can Do in 10 Minutes

Divide it into two strands and make sure that they are equal. Hold each strand separately in your hands. Now you can begin French braiding. At the end, arrange your braid around the head in a form of a crown and secure with hairspray.



Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair to Go for Mega Impact

Ladies, get ready to see these fabulous wedding hairstyles for long hair! We all know that the time before the Big Day flies with the speed of sound. The moment you accept the proposal, it seems that you will easily manage everything. But you have life aside from all those preparations, and it turns out that one person cannot be in two places at the same time. Here is a tip: start with the most important things, like a dress, shoes, and hairstyle.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

There are certain tricks that can help you to choose the ideal wedding hair style. First of all, make sure you find the time for hair trials. Yes, in plural. Sometimes one trial is not enough.

Updos Hairstyles For Long Hair

Wedding updos, down-dos, half ups – there are so many options to consider. Therefore, even if you made an appointment with your hair stylist for one trial, it should last for a long time.

Wedding Hairstyles Completed With Flowers

And here is why: experts advise to try at least 3 different hair styles. If you have some hair accessories, like a headpiece, bring them with you. Or, at least show some photos to your hair stylist.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair With Veils

This appointment should be made half a year beforehand in order to have enough time to replace the hair stylist if necessary. And the hair trial should take place about 1 month before your wedding ceremony.

Chic Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Again, it is important because you may need more trials to decide on your hairstyle. Also, be ready to have a long conversation with your hair stylist. You should explain everything, starting from the theme of the wedding, and ending with the style of the gown.

Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

Also, keep in mind that there are certain things that you should not do when considering your hairstyle for this occasion. Firstly, do not disregard the neckline. This part of the gown is key.

Strikingly Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

For example, if you gown is strapless and you choose an updo without any loose tresses, the overall image might seem too bare. Also, don’t go over the top with tendrils. Only several not long thin tendrils are allowed.

Gorgeous Low Ponytails For An Amazing Look

Ponytails are a good variation of wedding hairstyles for long hair. Decorated with accessories they look incredibly romantic.



A rose gold color is what we all start seeing everywhere we go. Its popularity started growing in past few years and it doesn`t seem to stop. However, it was not always like this as, first, a rose-gold color was introduced only to jewelry by mixing solid gold with other metals. As soon as this combination appeared on the market it started spreading to other items. Clothes, shoes, makeup palettes, nail polishes, even phones can now be found in such a color after it has become so trendy. And as for us, there`s nothing strange about it getting so popular as it suits everyone and looks great with nearly everything. Want to look stylish without putting much effort? Then make rose-gold present in your life.

Rose Gold Rings Designs










Have you noticed how fast rose gold jewelry has become a trend and then quickly become a new classic? Such a beautiful color appeared in jewelry stores and made people`s hearts melt immediately. As this color origins from a mixture of yellow gold with other metals, we believe that it is necessary to have at least one piece of rose-gold jewelry. Why don`t you start with a rose-gold ring? Such rings will become a great alternative for those who want to bring something colorful to their daily lives. They will look good on every skin tone and will match other metals really well.

Rose Gold Makeup Ideas










There are so many ways to rock it in makeup. You can use it for eyes as the main color, to create a cut crease, to add some color to your smoky eye or just to make your eyes pop by smoking your lower lash line with it. Not ready to experiment with your eyes? Then choose some rose-gold highlighter to amaze people as soon as the sun starts putting its rays on your face or add some definition to your lips with adding metallic rose-gold topper to your favorite lipstick. Rose-gold is a great choice for anyone as it flatters any skin color. It will be great for your daily routine as well as nights out, you need to try and make sure by yourself.

Rose Gold Hair Shades










It can look intense too, but it can also be as subtle as possible. Everything depends on what you and your hairdresser will find for you. Peachy or washed out rose-gold will be great for those who are fed up with their blonde hair and want a bit of change but not too much. You can also add some highlights and dye only a few strokes of your hair. Ombre with rose-gold is definitely an option for girls who don`t want to ruin their natural hair color but want to try something new. Choose the way you want your hair to become rose-gold and enjoy it as much as possible.

Rose Gold Shades For The Perfect Manicure










Rose-gold color nail paint is what girls choose this year more and more. Of course, as it looks so well on the tips of your fingers. A combination of baby pink with rose-gold is a bomb! And the best about it is that rose-gold can be in as many variations as possible. From glitter and foil to polishing. Any design your heart desires can be chosen. In our opinion, rose-gold is a must to try at least once no matter what time of the year as it will suit any occasion and season.

Rose Gold Dresses Designs










Rose Gold Color For Wedding Inspiration










What you should keep in mind is that rose gold is not only a color for your daily life. You can also associate with one of the biggest events in your life. A rose-gold themed wedding is a must for those who want to choose something different, subtle and at the same time stylish and romantic. Just think how cute and chic it will look for such a huge love party. From tables with sweets, dresses of bridesmaids, details and decor, you can make everything look stunning with such a color choice.

Rose Gold Accessorias










For sure, this beautiful accessorias will stand out among others, being even more special for you than it is already. In a combination with right outfits, rose-gold is something that can`t be missed. So, don`t hesitate and pick it for your useful items as soon as you have such an opportunity.

Rose Gold Makeup Brushes










In recent years rose gold became such a huge thing that nearly every makeup brand has a collection which is dedicated to it. And of course, we are not against it. Such a beautiful color used in such different variations is what we needed for sure. Makeup brushes are all available now in rose-gold to make you feel like a goddess.


A pixie cut might be a great option for a self-confident woman pursuing a career or a woman who is a tomboy by nature. It’s because a pixie has this unique carefree vibe with a hint of bossiness, and the letter quality is not that common in other haircuts.

Surely, you may hesitate whether to get your hair cut short. But even though we agree that wearing short hair can be challenging, once you learn how to manage it you would never wish to grow out your tresses again. And it is not surprising, as a shorter cut has many benefits to offer.

Edgy pixies will grant you a ton of compliments and thus make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Plus, modern pixies come in various shapes and with many elements that change the image drastically and can enhance your facial features. You can change the game by simply adding or removing bangs, layers, or undercuts. Intrigued? Then let’s go pick a cool pixie for you.

Pixie Cut Hair Ideas

It is a common misconception that pixie cuts are difficult to style and can only be styled in one way. As you can see by the pictures of pixie cut styles below, pixies are most certainly versatile and can be styled many ways.

A pixie undercut is a great way to add volume your hair. Ask your stylist for a trendy undercut and some color on the top to add depth and dimension to your pixie. Or ask for a pixie cut with bangs for a sexy and flirty vibe!

Cool Pixie Cuts:

  1. Faux Hawk Pixie Cut
  2. Shaggy Pixie
  3. Side Swept Bangs
  4. Curly Pixie
  5. Wedge Pixie
  6. Punk Pixie
  7. Asymmetrical Pixie
  8. Disconnected Pixie Cut
  9. Feathered Pixie
  10. Tapered Pixie
  11. Undercut
  12. Choppy Pixie
  13. Preppy Pixie
  14. Long Pixie
  15. Razored Pixie










Here are some expert styling tips to help you rock your pixie cut!

  1. Prep your hair with the desired product: texturizing cream, volumizing mousse, shine serum, whatever style you have choose for that day.
  2. Blow dry your hair until it’s almost dry. Use a round brush for a straight look or a diffuser for your curly tresses.
  3. Finish your style. Do you want it spiked? Seductively off to one side? A tousled, bed head look Use this time to style your pixie according to your mood or look for the day.
  4. Set your style: Use a quality finishing spray to hold your pixie in place!










Still, not convinced that you can sport a short and sassy pixie? Take a look at some of the styles above. The best thing about a pixie is that you can experiment with color techniques such as ombres and balayage hues to add texture and depth to your tresses. And think of how much cooler your short pixie cut will feel on those hot and humid summer days!

Pixie Hair Cuts For Beautiful Daily Look

A pixie cut is a sure-fire way to draw attention to your hair. Any woman who has self-confidence can pull off a pixie cut, as they are quickly becoming one the most popular hairstyles for short hair. And as previously stated, you don’t have to stick to just one style with a pixie. If you get the right cut, you can style your pixie differently every day!

Take a gander at some of the pics below for short choppy pixie haircuts. As you can see, you can style your bangs to one side, or let them fall naturally over your face for a carefree look. As well, you can curl your hair or slick it back for a more polished look. And if you wake up with a sassy attitude you can always spike your hair for a bold and rebellious look.










Now if you think that styling a pixie cut with thick hair will be a hassle, you couldn’t be more mistaken! A pixie cut can work wonders for thicker tresses as it will help remove some of the weight. In addition, it adds texture to your hair for added volume and bounce!










Adding some soft highlights or balayage tones can also liven up your pixie cut. Highlights or lowlights can give your hair a multi tonal look that will add dimension to your hair. If you feel like you need a change, but don’t want to go over the top, try some soft balayage tones to compliment your natural hair color.

Awesome Colorful Pixie Haircut Ideas

Perhaps the best thing about a pixie cut is that they are perfect for experiment with bright and bold colors. Whether you want to color your entire head of hair hot pink or go for a rainbow ombre, there is no end to the number of creative and unique hair color ideas for pixie cuts.

So if you are running out of ways how to style pixie haircut, look no further. Check out these awesome pixie cuts that are just bursting with color and charisma!

As you can see from the photos below for pixie cut color ideas, pixies look positively striking with bold and bright colors! Whether you got for a curly faux hawk pixie, a slicked back fuchsia pixie or a colorful orange, pink and yellow ombre pixie with shaved sides, you will certainly be able to find the pixie cut and color combo that works for you!










Some of the best hair color for short pixie cut are those that are bursting with bright colors. In the first photo, a bright crimson red makes this trendy curly faux hawk pop with color. The pink and violet balayage hues in the second picture are perfect for those who love pink! If you really want to be the center of attention, try this pastel faux hawk pixie with shaved sides. The pale orange, pink and yellow tones are perfect for a summer haircut!

Have we inspired you to go try one of these edgy pixie cuts? We dare you to embrace your inner punk rock chick and go for a bold new look that just burst with color!

Think you have what it takes to rock one of these short and sassy pixies! We do!



Today a fade haircut owes its popularity to YouTube, movies, chat rooms and various social media platforms. And this haircut is especially popular among African American women. Why so? It’s because this super short cut allows African American women to deal with their unruly, naturally curly locks.

So, oftentimes, wearing a fade cut is not only about being daring, it is about embracing who you are. As if you get your hair cut that short, you won’t have to straighten it with all possible and impossible means.

Let’s explore those sassy and trendy looks with a fade cut we have prepared for you.

Fade Haircut With Pixie Hairstyle



















Very Short Hair Fade Haircut



















Mohawk Fade Haircut Ideas










High Fade Haircut Hairstyles

21 Amazing Styles That You Can Do With Your Long Curly Hair

Long Curly Hair Is A Masterpiece

Long curly hair is something that can make a woman feel like a goddess. Needless to say, long hair has always been attractive, as it is a symbol of women’s beauty and femininity. As for curls, when we look at them we can’t help ourselves and just hallucinate: the natural movement of curly locks is absolutely breathtaking. Girls who have such hair since birth know that they are the luckiest people in the world. If you are one of these girls, don’t even try to straighten your locks! Straightening is the last thing to try. Remember: a special girl needs a special approach. And we prepared something absolutely special for you!

How many curly hairstyles do you know? It’s time to get to know some more! The hair is the richest ornament of a woman, we can’t even imagine how rich curly girls feel. But we are sure that even a girl that owns the beauty of the whole world would like to change something in her look. That’s why we’re here: we will show you how you can take a fresh look at your gorgeous hair. The most flattering hairdos are waiting for you. Let’s see them all!

Long Curly Hairstyles


You may expect something grandiose, but your curly hair is beautiful as it is. It means that you don’t have to get lost in complicated hairstyles to look amazing. Beauty will save the world, that’s right. But let’s be more exact: natural beauty will save the world. We don’t want to say that you should stop wearing makeup, we just want you to flaunt with your awesome curls proudly! Let your hair down and these cuties will do the talking. How do you like these pictures? These girls simply loosened their hair, but it feels like they waved a magic wand to make us fall in love with their hair. Do you want to grab people’s attention like these goddesses? Well, the only thing you need is a desire. You got your long hair, got your curls, got your charm. You are ready to turn heads!

Side Part Long Curly Hair

Are you looking for a dramatic and a bit daring look? Or maybe you are about to become a curly queen at the party? How about you to become a curly braid? Yes, your curls can make your special days even more special. Whether you are about to go the party or you will become a happy wife soon, the first things you will think of are your dress and your hairstyle. And now, congratulations! Your hair can help you save some time. There are some easy long curly hairstyles for wedding and prom that modern women will definitely like! You can get yourself a classic side part hairstyle. It’s simple, yet absolutely stunning. For a dramatic party look, you can opt for an ombre, and if you are looking for a delicate wedding or prom look, soft balayage highlights on side part is a must try for you. Once you embellish this easy-to-do hairstyle with some thematic accessories, you will understand that simplicity never fails.


Long Curly Hair With Bangs

Believe it or not, there’s something that can make long curly hair look even more beautiful than it is. So here come everyone’s favorite bangs. Have you ever seen curly bangs? Life is full of surprises, right? These long curly hairstyles with bangs are to die for! The tiny fringe makes voluminous hairstyles look a bit messier, which is pretty. You know that bangs came to this world to frame our faces so that we feel confident with our face shape. And since your curly hairstyle keeps your face open, bangs will come in handy. These pictures show you how you can sport it: it can be curtain bangs on light curly hair or you can adorn your jet black hair with blunt bangs. Maybe it’s time to find out how to style bangs with curly hair? Yes, definitely.

Bun For Long Curly Hairstyles

We can’t leave you without updos! Some women can’t imagine their lives without them, and no wonder. They are cute, elegant, and very comfortable to wear. Those who have curly hair with bangs and layers are in luck: you’ve got everything a truly wonderful updo takes. You can get yourself a high messy bun with some of your locks loosen, create a soft classic updo with a twisted bun and framing locks or do a loose voluminous bun on the crown. Just look at these girls! They know how to take the best out of these hairstyles. As for your bangs: don’t incorporate them in your updo, leave it as it is and enjoy the lively movement of your hairstyle. Layered hairstyles are a good base for a messy updo, so don’t miss these messy ideas.

Top Knot For Long Curly Hairstyles

Here comes the easiest way to adorn your days. When we don’t feel like doing something with our hair, we usually do a simple ponytail or a top knot. But the truth is that simple, familiar hairstyles can look extremely magnificent, just add some curls! Everything that your curls touch turns to gold, so don’t stay away from common daily look ideas. Look at these stunning pics: these hairstyles look so unique, though it’s just a top knot. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for authentic black hairstyles for natural curly hair or you want to find a way to diversify your false curls, these ideas are totally universal.

Long Curly Hair With Ponytail

Ponytails are even more versatile than you think. You can create a fantastic evening hairstyle with a ponytail if you want. Or you can get yourself a beautiful hairdo for a walk with your friends. Just remember that ponytails aren’t meant just to gather your hair to make you feel comfortable with it. A ponytail is another cool way to show off your amazing curls. Look at these hairstyles: each is gorgeous in its own way. You can opt for a classic variant, a neat high curly ponytail or get yourself a side swept half updo. There are so many things to try!

Long Curly Hair With Accessories


If you have black hair, you can be sure that there are no long curly hairstyles black hair can’t complement. Actually, any hair color gets on well with curls, you can see it with your own eyes. But how about making it unbelievably cute and stylish? Hair accessories can be in handy: you can adorn your voluminous curly hair with a headband, flowers or hair jewelry. It’s all up to your imagination! Besides stylishness, hair accessories can secure your hairstyle so that it won’t let you down. Do you like these pics? These girls know how to rock this summer. Now you know that too!

21 Ideas of Classy Hair Waves for Everyday

Beautiful Hair Waves to Amaze Everyone

Hair waves should look natural – it is the rule number one this season. To get this look, do not apply much conditioner when washing the hair. Conditioner can weigh down your hair, and it should be light to be shaped into the cutest waves. Dry your hair with the help of a towel and spritz its ends with a holding non-sticky spray. The roots should not be spritzed. Allow your hair to air dry in case you wish to have a loose and natural look.

Hair Waves Ideas

Waves are considered to be quite easy hairstyles for long hair. Even if your hair is naturally straight, you can make it wavy overnight. Just apply some holding cosmetic product of your choice, braid your hair and go to sleep. It will be wavy in the morning.

Hair Waves Ideas

Hair Waves Ideas

Hair Waves Ideas

And if you are not an amateur in braiding, you can try braided updos – the most elegant braided hairstyles. It is an amazing way to spice up your hair routine. Everyone will love this gorgeous look.

Hair Waves Ideas

And do you know that it is possible to create ideal waves with the help of a flat iron? There are different techniques how to achieve it. For example, create a simple braid and secure it with elastic.

Pretty Hair Waves:

Next, take a flat iron and run it over the braid several times. Unbraid and see pretty beachy waves. Just don’t forget to apply a heat protectant before using your flat iron in order to reduce the harm to the minimum.

Hollywood Waves

Or, achieve super-cute waves in the form of “S.” Take one tress and begin with dropping its middle into a straightener in order to get the 1-st bend. Now create a section that has an “S” form.

Cute Curly Hairstyles

Next, clamp this section with a straightener in the place where “S” curves. Repeat this process to the very ends. With this method, your waves will seem carefree, which is ideal for every day.

Sexy Waves for Ladies

Just apply sea salt spray to your wet hair and finger comb your locks while blow-drying. And voila, the sexy, beach waves are ready!


Party Hairstyle Ideas for a Big Night 2018

Party Hairstyle Ideas for a Big Night 2018. Hairstyle Ideas to Rock a Special Occasion See our hairstyle ideas that are just the perfect for a party as they are truly gorgeous. When attending a special occasion, your hairstyle plays a significant role along with your outfit and makeup. Therefore, your task is to make it stand out. And the easiest way to do so is to emphasize the existing advantages of your hair.

Party Hairstyle Ideas for a Big Night 2018

party hairstyle ideas night braided updo blonde glitter

party hairstyle ideas night blonde colored highlights glitter rose roots

party hairstyle ideas night braided half up half down top knot blonde glitter long curls

If you are searching for hairstyles trends, you can`t miss this hair look. You`ll be the Queen of the disco with your glitter hair.

party hairstyle ideas night colored wavy hair half up half down

party hairstyle ideas night braided glow dark inverted bob colorful

party hairstyle ideas night glow dark long layered face shape side bang blue purple

Glowing neon hair is the newest trend of party hairstyles. You can really shine thanks to your hair.

Bright Styles for The Bravest Girls

party hairstyle ideas night braided crown updo long bang rainbow

party hairstyle ideas night bow half up half down blonde rainbow shoulder length

party hairstyle ideas night rainbow color half up half down

Do you like to attract everyone’s attention with your appearance? These bright looks are just for you.

Give Your Hair Freedom:

party hairstyle ideas night brown color long length wavy style

party hairstyle ideas night dark color one side messy look

party hairstyle ideas night golden color messy beach waves

If you do not like bright and evocative looks, you can just wet your hair, allow it to dry and add a little mousse.

Simple and Beautiful Hairstyles for Special Occasion

party hairstyle ideas night candy long wavy flowers

party hairstyle ideas night brunette gold ombre long wavy messy flowers

party hairstyle ideas night blonde gold balayage messy flowers

Don’t hide the beauty of your shiny and thick hair and opt for one of these fabulous hairstyles for long hair. An important event is the perfect opportunity to spend the whole day beautifying.

Let Your Hair Down to Amaze Everyone:

party hairstyle ideas night

party hairstyle ideas night pink purple candy highlights long wavy

party hairstyle ideas night green ombre long thick wavy bow

And to make the beautifying process more fun rather than burdensome, it is better to consider some easy hairstyles. Thus, you can have more time luxuriating in the thought that you will be the most glamorous girl at a party.

Make Your Look More Sophisticated with Beautiful Updo Hairstyles

party hairstyle ideas night chocolate braid low updo

party hairstyle ideas night

party hairstyle ideas night

Updo hairstyles can look super-elegant. And braided elements will add a feminine vibe to the look.

Try These Braids and Look Like a Princess:

Try These Braids and Look Like a Princess

Try These Braids and Look Like a Princess

These looks can work for ladies who have long, thick locks. Make a braid a little loose, and you will get more volume.

Ponytail Hairstyles – Best Choice for a Party

party hairstyle ideas night dark brown high wavy ponytail

party hairstyle ideas night blonde balayage high wavy ponytail

Gorgeous Ideas of Dutch Braid Hairstyles 2018

Gorgeous Ideas of Dutch Braid Hairstyles 2018. A Dutch braid has much in common with French braids with the only difference – it is reversed.

That is why Dutch braided hairstyles are also called reverse braids or inside-out braids.

Dutch braids are among the most sophisticated long hairstyles. But the technique is not very complicated and is similar to French braiding. Just this time the braid strands will not be brought over and then into the middle, they will be brought underneath.

Now let’s discover amazing looks with Dutch braids we have picked for your inspiration.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles 2018:

Dutch Braid Long blonde side style wavy:

Dutch braid brown blonde highlights braided ponytail

Dutch braid long blonde highlights messy wavy half up

Before you start braiding, your tresses must be neatly brushed to get rid of any tangles or knots. By the way, Dutch braids can be done on either damp or dry tresses.

Dutch braid long messy brown double braids

dutch braid long messy wavy brown blonde highlights double hairstyle

dutch braid brown blonde balayage double braids

What can be better than a Dutch braid? Right, a set of two! These double braids are reminiscent of school girl braids but with the added boho makeover.

dutch braid brown braided updo crown hairstyle

dutch braid brown blonde highlights braided updo crown style

dutch braid platinum blonde braided updo crown style

We think that these Dutch crown braids are super adorable. Such hairstyles will work great for babes who wish to spice up their everyday look. One can easily become your favorite!

dutch braid long messy wavy blonde half up style

dutch braid long messy wavy blonde half up double hairstyle

dutch braid brown blonde highlights messy wavy half up hairstyle

When talking about Dutch braids, we cannot but mention half up hairstyles that involve braided elements. They ooze some carefree, bohemian vibes. We love them!

dutch braid messy double buns brown blonde ombre

dutch braid brown blonde messy braided updo

dutch braid brown hair high double braided bun hairstyle

Braided buns look super cool and also up-to- date. And such hairstyles will work for any occasions. You can create one to attend the gym and go meet with your friends afterwards.

dutch braid long wavy messy brown blonde mohawk braided ponytail

dutch braid long sleek straight white blonde low braided ponytail

dutch braid brown braided ponytail

Ponytails are among very convenient hairstyles. And when a ponytail is enhanced with braided elements, it becomes appropriate for informal as well as formal events.

dutch braid messy braided updo bun light brown hairstyle

dutch braid brown fishtail crown braided updo

dutch braid dark brown blonde ombre messy double braided bun hairstyle

Dutch fishtail braids are a bit more time-consuming, comparing to other types of braids. But do not worry as these braids are super easy to master.

dutch braid double messy ponytails brown blonde balayage

dutch braid messy long thick hair brown highlights double style

These magnificent braids are here to remind you that everything perfect always come in pairs. Look at these pics: one is prettier than the other. We can’t find the words to describe how beautiful dutch braids look, maybe you can? Though there’s nothing complicated, blonde balayage with double braids looks like something unbelievable. The more shades your hair color has the better your braids will look. These soft rose gold braids look so unrealistically attractive. Would you give them a try?

dutch braid long fauxhawk messy brown blonde

dutch braid messy long wavy brown blonde balayage ponytail

dutch braid sleek red long side styling

There are so many ideas for dutch braids that you will realize how happy your long hair makes you feel. Based on your facial features, choose the most flattering one. Of course, your braided hairstyle should be appropriate for the occasion. Whether it’s a formal or daily look, you can opt for a braided ponytail, it can be more versatile than you think. How do you like these ideas? Maybe one of them is for you?