Let’s make your everyday makeup routine easier. We have created a photo gallery featuring more natural makeup looks that are ideal for a day at school or work. Plus, don’t miss our expert advice that will make your mornings happier.

Simple Everyday Makeup

















The power of makeup is huge, and even natural makeup can really enhance your beauty. Just find several flattering techniques, pick your favorite products, and practice a lot!

Nice Everyday Makeup

















In the mornings, when you lack time, apply simple makeup. Start with foundation. Dab 4 dots and place them with your fingers on your forehead, chin, and cheeks.

Pretty Everyday Makeup

















Then blend foundation with a brush. Now let us hide those dark circles. Makeup artists advise to add some moisturizer to the brush and only then add the concealer. Dab it under the eyes.

Cute Everyday Makeup

















The concealer should be applied with your fingers as they are warm and let the product blend better for a more natural finish. Next, proceed with applying the blush in a flattering shade.

Сharming Everyday Makeup

















Depending on your skin type, pick either powder or cream blush. Mind that if your skin is oily, all products should be marked as ‘long-lasting,’ and if it’s dry, keeping moisture is a must.

Stylish Everyday Makeup

















There is a simple trick how to find the ideal place for applying the blush – just smile and the cheekbones will become visible. Always blend the color not to look like a doll.

Everyday Makeup Ideas










Do not overload your face with makeup. Say no to eyelashes with three layers of mascara, vivid lipstick, and extra thick eyeliner. Choose cosmetics in the shades that are close to your natural tone of skin.






Blue lipstick trend has officially arrived. It stems from a couple of years ago, when models were wearing this lip look on the runaways. Not a long time ago some celebrities started wearing this trend for red carpets. Find out how to make it work.

Amazing Makeup Looks With Blue Lipstick

















Purple lipstick is one of the richest shades in this color family. It works for any skin tone – medium, olive, warm, light, dark. You will definitely do you with purple lips.

Beautiful Blue Lipstick Shades

























Liquid lipstick has revolutionized the world of beauty. It is extremely saturated with color. Take a look at one when you are choosing the blue shade for your lips.

Pretty Makeup Ideas With Blue Lipstick

















With light or olive skin tones, you will need to compliment your eyes with nude eye shadow. To complete the look, go for a thin eye liner that will define your eyes.

Blue Lipstick Shades For Any Occasion

























If you have medium or dark skin tone, it would be great to complete your makeup with some bronze eye shadow. Don’t forget about you mascara for more definition.

Trending Makeup Ideas With Blue Lipstick

















Blue lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter and can help to tone down sallowness.

Stunning Makeup Ideas With Blue Lipstick

























These fun shades will accentuate your lips. However, the shade can easily look costume-ish — after all, no one wants to look like a Smurf. So, pick the shade carefully.

Fantastic Blue Lipstick Makeup

























If you’re affraid to choose hot new shade and that’s making the rounds, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what shade of skin you rock, you can do you in blue.


Sexy eyes makeup doesn’t necessarily presuppose that it has to be bold and fierce. There are tons of simple ways to make your eye makeup sexy and your look seductive. In order to create this kind of look, you don’t need red lips, let your eyes do the talking.

Fantastic Sexy Eyes


















The best ideas of sexy makeup for brown eyes are in warm tones. Try contrasting colors on the outer and inner edge of your lid. Brown plus yellow looks great.

Sexy Eyes for Every Woman


















The most flattering type of eyeshadow for blue eyes is also warm toned, but cold toned eyeshadow looks magnificent, too. Try different shades of violet, gold, and pink.

Sexy Eyes For Every Occasion


















Bronze or pinky smoky eyes are a perfect example of a simple sexy eye look. Liner is optional. A tiniest bit of contouring, full brows, neutral lips, and a look is complete.

Incredible Sexy Eyes Makeup Looks


















A cut crease look is totally hip right now in the beauty world. Everyone wears it. And it is a nice way to create sexy eye makeup when you plan a night out.

Sexy Eyes Makeup DIY


















Another way to create a seductive look is colorful liner. Step aside from your regular black liner and try something creative like blue, white, or even shimmering liner.

Chic Sexy Eyes


















There is a great makeup trend in the beauty world nowadays. That is to underline you bottom lash line with a contrasting and bold color even if your makeup is neutral.

Glam Sexy Makeup Ideas


















Here we got some cute ways, how to express how sexy you are.


Ombre lips have become trendy not so long ago and not all ladies have already tried this makeup. So, we think that it is time for you to get familiar with such look. Once you choose gradient for your lips, it will become one of your favorite makeup options.

Amazing Ombre Lip Looks



















A gradient look can be achieved with liquid lipstick or with any other lipstick. Besides lipstick, you will also need a lipliner in a darker shade than the lipstick.

Perfect Ombre Lip Styles



















Also, pick one color pop lipstick, and let the second lipstick be in a lighter shade. Usually a darker shade applied closer to the lipline, and lighter lipstick closer to the middle.

Ombre Lips Makeup Step By Step



















Apply the lipliner, and be very careful in the corners. Try to blend the lipliner into the lipstick. To achieve it, draw very short, kind of feathery strokes. Start outside and move in.

Cute Ombre Lips To Inspire You



















The effect will be pretty and very subtle. This look is really winning as it adds volume to your lips. Also, this lip makeup won’t take you much time – five minutes or less.

Trendy Ombre Lips Makeup



















This is the simple version of ombre: apply lipstick with light highlight. It is much easier to maintain, and it looks awesome.

Fancy Lip Ombre Ideas



















We interpreted ombre ideas with some of our favorite colors of the season: deep berries, reds and oranges, vibrant purples and light sparkly blues.

Beautiful Ombre Lips Ideas


















You can mix with more than two colors once you are comfortable with the basic concept. Here are some examples of beautifully done gradients.


Enhancing Asian eyes with makeup, is it really that difficult? Well, it’s true that such eyes are monolid and they do not have a distinct crease.

We would tell you more, many babes just prefer to not wear eye makeup because it is more likely to spoil the look rather than help complete it. And we really hope that this post will help you learn that Asian eye makeup can be super flattering. You just need to know several tricks to succeed. Let’s go!

Natural Looks For Asian Eyes










Each of the best Asian makeup techniques would suggest that you contour a crease. Yes, this is your key to success, well, one of them. Contouring can be done on your eyelids, as well. Like you contour your face, you can make your eyelid crease appear more defined, playing with light and shadow.










With the help of a brush, apply the contouring color along your socket for it to look like an eyelid crease. Then dust some highlighter to the middle of the lid to get a 3D effect. Voila! Now let’s discover more tricks.

Smokey Eye Makeup For Asian Eyes

Does Asian smokey eye makeup seem like something impossible to you? We are all used to hearing that Asian babes cannot rock smokey eye, but it is so not true in reality. To prove our point, catch one of Asian makeup tutorials that will teach you how to pull off smokey eye makeup.

  • Apply eye primer. This step is especially significant to babes who have oily eyelids. Eye primer helps makeup become more long-lasting and intensify the colors of eyeshadow, making your eyes pop. Smokey eye is about playing with depth and shadows, and the primer will facilitate the process.
  • Next, smokey eye for downturned eyes requires applying a base color. It can be a matte hue that is one shade lighter or exactly matches your complexion. The base can help other shades pop more and blend with each other more easily.

  • Apply a hue along your outer crease. This will be a transitioning hue. It should be a bit darker, comparing to the base hue. And it should be applied along the crease or along the eye socket in case the crease cannot be detected. Go for the V-shape when putting it on, with the point peaking towards your outer eye corner. And if we are talking about smokey eye makeup for Asian hooded eyes, ensure that this transitioning hue can be seen above a hood. How to achieve that with ease? When putting on makeup, relax the eyebrows, look straight. And leave matte eyeshadow shades for your outer eye corner and above a hood.

  • A darker hue should be applied to the outer eye corner. Many babes think that it’s the scariest part in the Asian eyes makeup application. But don’t worry as the overall look will be winning. This hue should be applied along the transitioning V line

  • Apply one more dark hue for the intensity build up. Choose a shade darker than the one from step 4. And keeping to the classic blacks and greys is not a must. You can easily rock blues, greens, purples, etc. Just think about the desirable eye shape. Would you like it to be longer? Then pull the hue outwards. Would you like it to appear rounder? Pull it a bit upwards, then round up its shape slightly.

  • Put a lighter hue on the highlighted areas. This shade can be glittery and shimmery – awesome! Pick a lighter hue from the same palette and apply it from your inner eye corner and towards the centre. Blend the hues out properly to form a gradient. In case your eyes are hooded, intensify the color under the hood.

  • Apply these dark hues from the palette to the lower lash-line, too. This will make the makeup appear more complete.
  • Put on eyeliner along the lash-line. This step is optional.
  • Apply mascara to the lashes. This step is optional too but it will definitely enhance your eye makeup. See, how beautiful!

Asian Eyes Makeup With Eyeliner










It is the myth that Asian eye makeup monolid cannot be done with eyeliner. Actually, any beauty guru would tell you that eyeliner can open those small eyes.










There is a trick how to make it work: besides using darker eyeliner like blue or black, use some contrasting pearl or white eyeliner in the waterline below. As a result, you will open the lower part of your eye and make it appear bigger, more vivid, which is exactly what you need.



















Considering that Asian eyes often lack the crease, you have so much space between the brow and socket to work with. It means that you can apply eyeshadow very high up to your brow bone for a super dramatic and glammed up look. This will make your eyes visually deeper and bigger. The similar effect can be achieved if you apply false eyelashes. You will be the Belle wherever you go!

Night Glam Makeup Looks

Are you going out on the town tonight? Then one of the amazing looks you can see here will definitely work great!










Now you know how to enhance Asian eyes with makeup. We hope that makeup application will bring you only joy and excitement from now on. More interesting info is waiting for you on our blog.


Our makeup tips can make any woman’s dream come true: you will look amazing in photos. Remember all those times when you looked at your photos and hated them because your face seemed oily or shiny, or too unnatural?


We have found 15 tips for you to stop worrying about the way you look in photos. Click NEXT to explore makeup tips.

Black Mascara

Wear natural makeup and highlight your features with black color. People who know all the secrets about looking amazing in photos recommend applying black mascara and black liner. You should apply black color even if you are used to applying brown color. Black can give a better contrast than brown.

Natural Light

Before having a photo shoot, try to apply the makeup in daylight rather than in the evening. Indoor lighting is tricky as it can change the way you look.

Don’t Skip Lipstick

Do not forget to apply the lipstick. Otherwise, your mouth is likely to look unclear in photos. Remember that contrast is the key.

Concealer Is Your New Best Friend

Every woman wonders how to get rid of dark circles. Dark circles are many women’s problem, and they make a person look especially tired in photos. Apply concealer, but blend it out really well to avoid any harshness.

Say “NO” To Shadows

Try to make sure that your makeup is even, that is, there are no shadows on the face. Position the face in front of the camera in a way that won’t create a shadow.

Check Your Teeth

When your makeup is already done, do not forget to look in the glass and check your teeth. Lipstick stains cannot look good on the teeth, and they will spoil your photos.

More Lashes

If you wish to highlight the eyes, you should definitely add some lashes. You can do it even if your lashes are quite long – the camera loves it!

Filling In The Eyebrows

Patchy eyebrows look awful, don’t they? Therefore, filling in the eyebrows is really important. You will definitely look more beautiful this way.


Priming is essential because it helps your skin to look even. Besides, it makes the foundation look natural and quite smooth.


Apply darker shades under the chin and cheekbones, and along the sides of the nose. Depending on the shape of your face, you might want to apply bronzer on the sides of the forehead, as well.

Yellow Tinted Powder

Apply yellow tinted powder to prevent having either shiny or washed out look in photos. Translucent and shimmery powders are good for other occasions, but not for a photo shoot.

Clear White Eyes

When you are tired, some red lines might appear in the eyes, and eye drops can deal with this problem. Also, applying white eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes will make you look alert and bright in photos.


Mattes do not sparkle at all. Thus, these colors are perfect for a photo shoot; the flash can make your face look oily if you use shimmering colors.

Set It

Finally, your makeup should be set. Make sure that your makeup does not melt off. So, apply a translucent powder at the end.

Shimer, Shine And Check!

Apply loose finishing powder beneath the neck. This area looks sexy when highlighted. When your makeup is done, it is advisable to take several practice shots. Sometimes the makeup looks different in pictures, so you have to check it out. Then find the best angles and go for it!


What is olive skin, how to differentiate this skin tone? This complexion involves a combination of green and brown tinges. Olive complexion ranges from pale to dark.

People with olive skin tones tend to have some brown hues in their skin tone. However, these complexions are neither cool nor warm-toned. Instead, they are neutral-toned.

But how to find flattering makeup for your olive skin tone? That’s what we’re going to discuss today. We will help you to pick the shades of foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick that are true to you. Let’s go!

Make A Choice Of The Appropriate Foundation

















Foundation is supposed to even out the complexion and fade away redness, discoloration, and blemishes. It is also a kind of blank canvas, something to start with when you apply your makeup.

Top Blushes For Olive Skin

















Finding the right blush is quite challenging, disregarding your skin tone. As a general rule, blush is supposed to add some definition to the cheekbones, give the skin some healthy glow

Perfect Eyeshadows Shades For Olive Skin

















In a few words, when it comes to the most flattering eyeshadow shades for olive skin, you can go bright, or you can go neutral. Each choice will be quite complimenting.

Choose Right Lipsticks Shades For Olive Skin

















Well, what can we say, lipstick is pretty important when it comes to your overall look. Pick the wrong shade, and it will instantly sabotage your efforts. Here you can observe the shades that won’t let you down.

Awesome Makeup Ideas For Olive Skin Tone









In the end don’t forget about your eyebrows. When it comes to brows and brow coloring, you should choose a shade that’s one step lighter than your natural coloring.


If there is something that every girl says she cannot live without, it would be her lip balm. And if you are like most girls you have multiple lip balms: one for your purse, one for your nightstand, one in your bathroom, one in your care and so forth. Even though most lip balms only cost a few dollars, this can add up over time. And of course, as women, we tend to misplace at least one of our lip balms on a regular basis.

Not only that, but many of us are allergic to some harsh ingredients that are often used in name brand lip balm or lip scrub. This is why many women are making homemade lip balms out of only a few simple organic ingredients.

There are many advantages to making your own lip balms and face mask. All you need is a few simple ingredients, most of which are probably already in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet.

Chapped and dry lips are more common during the cold months, but a lot of women rely on their lip balm year round. If you look at some ingredients on your store-bought lip balm, you will see that they contain such ingredients as alcohol, mineral oil and artificial flavorings.

However, if you make a DIY lip balm, you can rely on organic and natural ingredients that are more beneficial for your lips.

Most Common Ingredients In Homemade Lip Balm

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is beneficial for skin, hair, nails and lips as it contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties that can help destroy free radicals.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil has many benefits. You can use it directly on your lips or made a homemade lip balm with coconut oil. Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties and is an excellent moisturizer.

Olive oil: Olive oil contains oleic acid with is known for its moisturizing properties.

Beeswax: Beeswax is always a good starting base for a DIY lip balm as it gives it a smoother and firm constancy. As well, it is a natural moisturizer and is also antibacterial. In addition, as it naturally has a light honey scent, it smells nice as well.

Other Ingredients You Can Use In A Homemade Lip Balm

  • Almond Oil: to soften lips
  • Apricot Oil: good for sensitive skin
  • Avocado Oil: excellent moisturize
  • Castor Oil: glossy and smooth texture
  • Hemp Seed Oil: conditioning
  • JoJoba Oil: nourishing
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil: nourishes dry lips
  • Sunflower Oil: heals dry lips

Materials Needed To Make DIY Lip Balm

Following is a list of the most common materials you should have on hand for your homemade lip balm:

  • Oils & Beeswax (Vegans may use Candelilla wax)
  • Herbs for infusing:
    • Chamomile
    • Dandelion
    • Goldenseal
    • Lemon Balm
    • Rose Petal
    • Violet Leaves


  • Essential Oils:
    • Almond
    • Clove
    • Lemon
    • Lime
    • Orange
    • Peppermint
    • Tea Tree
    • Vanilla
  • Lip Balm Tubes, Tins & Labels
  • Lip Balm Filling Tray
  • Heating Gun

Now comes the fun part: how to make a lip balm at home! As well, we have included some recipes for some of our favorite homemade lip balms!

How To Make Your Own Lip Balm

Following is a basic formula for making DIY lip balms. You might need to tweak it as per the specific recipe you choose to make:

  • 1 part beeswax
  • 3 parts carrier oil (olive oil, castor or coconut oil are the most common)
  • Optional
    • Solid butter such as Shea or cocoa butter
    • Essential oils (see above)


  1. Gather all of your ingredients.
  2. Combine carrier oils, beeswax or candelilla oil and solid butter (optional) in a heatproof jar or measuring cup.
  3. Place the jar in a saucepan contain a couple of inches of water and heat at a low heat until melted together.
  4. Remove jar from pan and add a few drops of essential oil.
  5. Pour into tins or lip balm tubes.
  6. Allow to cool

Now that you have the basic idea, here are some of our favorite recipes for DIY lip balms.

Cocoa Honey Lip Balm


  •  ½ tbsp Jojoba Oil
  • 1 ½ tbsp Castor Oil
  • 3 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 2 tbsp Shea or Coco Butter
  • 3 tbsp Sweet Almond Oil
  • 4 tbsp Beeswax pastilles
  • ½ tsp cocoa powder
  • ½ tsp honey


  1. Combine all ingredients in a measuring cup(make sure it is heat proof.
  2. Place in saucepan with a few inches of water.
  3. Heat over low to medium low oil blended
  4. Pour into lip balm tins or tubes.
  5. Allow to cool completel

Raspberry Lemon Lip Balm


  • Lip balm tubes or tins
  • Microwave Safe Bowl
  • Spoon
  • 3-4 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 2 tsp Raspberry Gelatin Mix
  • 2 tbsp Coconut Oil


  1. Place coconut oil only in microwave safe bowl and heat for 20 seconds.
  2. Add raspberry gelatin and mix until well blended.
  3. Microwave again for 20 seconds.
  4. Add essential oils and stir.
  5. Pour into tins/tubes
  6. Allow to cool.

Vanilla Coconut Oil Lip Balm


  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp beeswax pastilles
  • 2 tbsp cocoa butter or mango butter (or 1 tbsp of each)
  • 2 tbsp organic and virgin coconut oil


  • Measure equal parts butters and beeswax into a heatproof glass jar.
  • Add coconut oil.
  • Merge in a few inches of water in a saucepan.
  • Heat on medium-low heat until melted.
  • Remove immediately and add vanilla extract
  • Still, to combine and add to lip tins or tubes.
  • Allow to cool. ( or you can refrigerate it to set)

Minty Chocolate Lip Balm Recipe


  • ⅛ cup Coconut Oil
  • 1 tbsp Beeswax Pearls (or grated)
  • ½ tbsp Shea Butter
  • ½ tbsp Cocoa Butter
  • ½ tsp cocoa powder
  • ½ tsp honey
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil
  • ⅛ tsp Vitamin E oil


  1. Place cocoa butter and Shea butter in small pot.
  2. Add coconut oil.
  3. Heat over low heat for approx. 20 minutes. Stir occasions and do not allow mixture to reach more than 175 degrees.
  4. Add beeswax. Allow to melt and combine.
  5. Remove from heat and add honey, vitamin E, essential oil and cocoa powder.
  6. Stir oil smooth and well-blended
  7. Pour into tins/tubes.
  8. Allow to cool and set for at least 3 hours.

We hope you find these recipes for homemade lip balm to be useful. Remember you can use any of the above ingredients and formula to create your own!

















Life is long, but there are some moments that can stop the time. Think of what you will always remember? Omit the school days, they become less significant by every year, that’s for sure. But what about your great prom night? This is the big event on your way to a new life. Imagine that everything is perfect: your makeup, your dress, your shoes. Isn’t it the moment you will remember forever?

Prom night is your chance to look as bright and wonderful as never before. We know that your memorable night requires a totally memorable look, so we prepared for you some self-checks: if most statement appeal to you, you should get to know which prom look is the best for you!

Hollywood Glam Prom Makeup Ideas

Here is the Hollywood Glam check-list. Go through it, what if it’s the look you are looking for?

  •  Is white gardenia your favorite flower?
  • Checking out the latest cinema hits is the best date for you?
  • The project you would like to bring to life is writing your own play?
  • Lily Collins and Selena Gomez are role models for you?
  • Do you find a sleek gown dress with beadwork details to be the best?

If all of your answers are positive: Hollywood Glam makeup is the style for your prom.
But don’t worry if these questions don’t match with your preference, just check the next self-check!


Face: If you want to shine brightly this night, combine a soft matte mousse with an illuminating highlighter. Your cheekbones are a magnet for peoples eyes, so don’t forget to highlight them! Finish by contouring cheeks with a nude blush and bronzer


Eyes: You know that the classic Hollywood look usually features a black liquid liner, but who said that you can’t experiment with colors? Some shimmer eyeshadow will be a good start for your prom makeup. Adding colors is the best part of your look: opt for a soft-colored teal liner and make a slight wing. A mascara is optional, but if you want to create a truly seductive look, curl your lashes and emphasize them with a coat of black mascara.


Lips: The red lipstick is your only association about Hollywood? Well, you’re mistaken then, as there are no limitations of colors. Even if you don’t want to bring too much of bright colors into your look, its OK because there is a great choice of nude shade lipstick that will make your lips look natural, yet very attractive. And if you are about to rock this night in a colorful way, purple and deep pink shades can be a nice eye-catching detail.

Party Princess Prom Makeup Looks To Inspire You

  • A bright pink gerbera daisy is your favorite flower?
  • The best afterschool date for you took place in a new hotspot juice bar?
  • Do you dream of owning an event planning company?
  • Bella Thorne and Dove Cameron are your style muses?

If most of your answers are yes, you have found the right prom makeup for you: The Party Princess style.

Eyes: Add more emphasis to your eyes: whether it’s a soft matte smokey or a glossy makeup, your aim is to make your eyes sparkle! The winged eyeliner will nicely complement your look: do an eyeliner right to the outer edge of your brow to make your eyes look more dramatic. Let’s move to the mascara: in this case, it’s one of the most important details.


Face: Your face needs a soft accent, so the pink blush for your cheeks and pink highlighter on your cheekbones is the so much needed warm detail. Smile and see how adorably your makeup works for you.


Lips: If your eye makeup features the most bright and shiny colors, it’s better to opt for a shining pink lip gloss: you can’t have too much of brightness. And if you are fond of rather soft smokey, a cherry lipstick is something you need to finish the look.

Amazing Retro Disco Queen Makeup Styles for Your Special Night

  • Is amaryllis dancing queen your favorite flower?
  • Exploring local thrift shops is a perfect idea for a date?
  • Your own girls band is your passion project?
  • Do Kendall Jenner Solange Knowles inspire you?
  • Your dream dress style: a fitting dress with with metallic sequins.

If these things describe you best, your prom style is Retro Disco Queen.

Eyes: Now it’s all about sparkles and colors. A look without a shimmer is a look failed, remember? A shimmery taupe base is the best thing for you to start. Then blend some brown shimmer eyeshadow: start from the inner corner, go to the middle and stop at the creases. Don’t forget to dust a light shimmer along the inner corners to make your eyes look expressive. Line your lashes with any bright colors you like, and remember: both upper and lower lash lines have to form a massive burst of colors!

Face: A retro disco queen never goes to the party without her face contoured and glowing. If you want to make it easy, get yourself a sculpt & highlight product. The darker shade goes to the hollows of your cheekbones and along your jawline. And the highlighting shade must be blended along the high points of your face. Blend everything well, so that you won’t see any harsh lines. And that’s it!

Lips: Don’t be shy to be noticed, it’s your time to go bright! The best thing about this makeup is that whatever lipstick you choose, it will look unbelievable. No limitations, again. But there is only one rule: the brighter the better.

Don’t get desperate if this idea is not for you, we still have something that will impress you.

Bohemian Beauty – Ideas To Shine

  • Is daisy your favorite flower?
  • You think that a picnic at the park is a good idea for your date?
  • Your passion project is to run a music festival?
  • Do Vanessa Hudgens and Dakota Johnson inspire you?
  • A flowy maxi dress is all you need for an ideal look?

Well, seems like Bohemian Beauty makeup is the best for you. Still not matched with a style? Go on reading!

Eyes: Those who are into gold makeup patterns, it’s time for you to shine! Put on gold or rose gold eyeshadow over the eyelid and add a darker accent to your crease. To enhance the beauty of colors layer on a black mascara on your lashes.

Face: Use your favorite BB cream to make your skin look glowing. For a better effect, apply some pale pink brush and finish everything with the highlighter. It’s very simple and cute at the same time, just give it a try.

Lips: Your lips deserve naturalness. Pick a lip shade that is slightly darker than your natural lip color to impress everyone with a really warm makeup look.

Classic Chic Makeup Looks For Prom Night

  • Your favorite flower is the red rose, right?
  • Don’t you think that getting mani and pedis with your best friend is even better than dates?
  • Your passion project is to increase the confidence in girl teens?
  • Elle Fanning and Emma Roberts are your role models?
  • Your dream dress style is feminine and sophisticated?

If so, your style is Classic Chic.

But if it’s not to your taste, get prepared for the next self-check!

Eyes: Find the sweetest, the warmest tones in your palette and make a soft smokey. To enrich your eye makeup, add some chocolate shade all over the eyelids. You can also sweep a bit under your lower lashes. Make your eyebrow be noticed with a cream highlighter. The last step to a classic chic makeup is to add a liquid black liner. Make sure that your brows are defined enough, as your brows is the most stand-out part of your makeup.

Face: If you seek a buildable coverage, it’s time to try out a liquid foundation. Use your sponge and tap the foundation just where you need it. Then, the highlighter again: the tops of your cheekbones should glow. Finish your evening look with a bronzer and get ready to catch lots of glances.

Lips: Here come the nude colors. This look needs something neutral, so we recommend you to go for a nude lipstick.

Edgy Elegance Makeup Ideas For Prom Night

  • The black dahlia is your favorite flower?
  • Going out to listen a new underground band is a perfect date for you?
  • Online gallery for modern artists is your passion project?
  • Lorde and Taylor Momsen are your muses?
  • You feel that the all black look best reveal your personality?

If you feel that you are positive with these answers, congratulations! Edgy Elegance is your prom style.

Eyes: Reveal your elegance in a natural way: apply some nude eyeshadow all over the lid and add some shimmer. There is always a place for black liner, don’t forget about it. If it seems to you that you need some more volume, mascara will be there for you.

Face: Let your skin glow this night! Apply highlighter without foundation to make your face look silky.

Lips: Saturation is your key to a flawless look. If you have a “darker than dark” lipstick, this is exactly what you need. For a more precise look, lining your lips with a matching color will give you the desired effect.

Charming Makeup Ideas For Prom Celebration















Prom makeup is an important component of your ravishing look when it comes to the occasion, we all know that. Yet, it tends to be closer to the end in the list of your priorities. Worry not! No matter if you decide it to be classy or extraordinary, we always have something in store for you. What is more, if there is anyone who knows everything about prom and the freshest trends – that would be us!

Prom Eye Makeup Ideas












Well, each option has its pros and cons. Hiring a professional makeup artist might be a bit costly, that is true. However, who says that buying all those long-lasting beauty products is cheap?

Stunning Eyes Makeup Ideas For Party











And as you can notice, our makeup ideas are to any lady’s taste. So, now your only task is to see through all these gorgeous looks, choose the one you truly love, and then try to recreate it.

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We hope that now you know how you would like to look this day. Never forget that you are special, always add something new to your style, don’t be afraid of experiments and your prom night will be just unforgettable.

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Prom makeup is one of the first major challenges of the beauty world that is waiting for you soon. But don’t worry, as we are here to help you. See our makeup ideas for such a significant event as prom to go as smoothly as possible.

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There is a huge number of variations of homecoming makeup. Some ladies opt for bright colors, some are crazy about glitter, while others prefer the looks that are sweet and simple.



What is lip gloss? It is a product used in cosmetology to add a bit of color and some shine to a person’s lips. Sometimes its form is liquid; sometimes it is solid but simple-to-apply.

And the greatest news is that no gloss requires any prep work, comparing to lipstick, which makes it very convenient to reapply it during a day. So, are you lured into going for gloss once again? Then let’s discuss how to pick the ideal gloss for you.

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But how lip gloss and lipstick are different?

  • Texture. There are various textures that lipstick comes in: heavy, thick, and creamy, natural, textured, glossy, matte, shiny, and silk. But as for gloss, it is lightweight, liquid, and moist. Gloss grants the lips sheer and shine, while lipstick gives them a rich and intense look.
  • Wear. Lipstick tends to last longer, comparing to gloss. Gloss wears off quickly due to its slippery texture.
  • Coverage. Lipstick can be covered more widely over your lips, comparing to gloss



























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Now let’s see how to pick the right lip gloss for you.

Tip 1. Start with figuring out whether you will wear it on top of lipstick or instead of one. Transparent gloss will appear fine on top of lipstick, while colored gloss will look just great on its own. Colored gloss will guarantee color as well as shine. Such gloss is either sheer or full color. The sheer gloss is half-transparent, while the full color gloss is almost like liquid lipstick when it comes to the extent of pigmentation. Transparent or half-transparent gloss will work great in case you wear vivid eyeshadow. So, as you can see, your overall makeup is also to consider.

Tip 2. Retail assistants are taught to help customers choose the best colors that can flatter their face. So, when picking colored gloss, ask the shop assistant which gloss shades will work for you.




























Tip 3. Here are the most common lip gloss flavors: spearmint, peppermint, grape, strawberry, and cherry. If the flavor of the gloss is important to you, be sure to pick the one that is to your taste. And keep in mind that even the best colored lip gloss might smell like soap even though the label says wild berry. So, don’t keep your hopes up and don’t splurge on flavored gloss. Pick the best inexpensive lip gloss with flavor instead.

Tip 4. Which is the best container for your lifestyle? There are many forms of lip gloss, for example, squeeze tubes, plastic tubes designed with a soft brush, glass tubes designed with a special roll, hard sticks with a so-called rub-on feature, and small pots. Just try them all to find out which ones work best for you.

Tip 4. Different occasions require different types of lip gloss. Pick transparent lip gloss for work or school, especially if there is a strict dress code to follow. And liquid lustre lip gloss or colored gloss are great options for nights out and dates. Long lasting gloss with SPF is your best bet for outdoor activities.

As you can see, there are many factors to bear in mind.

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One more important thing: always read the label before buying the gloss. Not all producers are our friends. Some of them put their profits before the customers’ health. So, not to get into trouble, check what you buy.

  • There are ingredients that are likely to cause allergies, especially if you are prone to them. If you are, avoid buying products that contain preservatives, dyes, beeswax, and flavorings.

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Lip gloss has may perks.

  • It can easily add much shine.
  • It can be used alone or it can be paired with lipstick.
  • If you are a teen girl, gloss is a great product to start wearing lip makeup.
  • It is flirty and fun.




























Stay away from non-vegan/vegetarian ingredients and parabens if you find them unacceptable.

We hope these tips are super useful and they will help you buy the right gloss every time you go to the store. Come back for more expert advice.