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Smokey eye makeup that is so trendy today originated hundreds of years ago, how interesting! Let’s discuss the history of this trend in detail.

At the time of Pharaohs, black eye makeup done with kohl was believed to protect men and women from various eye infections that were so common in the dry and dusty deserts.

Then this dark eye makeup trend spread to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa where, by the way, people put on kohl to get protection from curses till the present day.

Newest Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas

In the Middle Ages, dark eye makeup went out because powdered wigs and pale complexion came in. And then this trend could be relegated to the dustbin of history but, luckily for us modern fashionistas, it was saved by performers in the theatre. Performers used vivid makeup to be seen from afar. Then such makeup was imported into motion pictures.









In the beginning of the 20s century, a young guy Max Factor improved the quality of beauty products and invented our beloved word – “makeup.”

At the peak of the popularity of silent movies, women began to copy the beauty trends they observed on the screen. At that same time, scientists discovered the Tutankhamun’s tomb, which led to the emergence of Egyptian-mania.

Thus, in the 1960-s, dark eye makeup experienced a huge comeback.

Stunning Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas









Brigitte Bardot became the first icon of the smokey back then. And due to Mary Quant’s lipsticks and eyeshadow collections, women had a possibility to copy their favorite smokey look.

And the smokey look as we know it now appeared in the 1990-s and stayed in ever since.

As you can see, the history behind the smokey look is quite exciting. And we got so inspired that we created the whole photo gallery with the trendiest smoky eye looks of today. Let’s explore them!

Cute Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas









First of all, you need to know how to get rid of dark circles as they can ruin the whole magic of your makeup. A bit of concealer will help to erase the unnecessary dark circles under your eyes.

Pretty Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas









Even natural makeup requires using the correct products. Luckily, for the perfect smokey, there are not so many tools required. A large blending brush, a smaller one, and a flat brush. That’s it!

Elegant Smokey Eye Makeup









These days not only classic smokey is trendy. You can always add a modern twist by using some brighter eyeshadow. For example, purple smokey will perfectly represent the summer mood.

Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup Looks









If you have the urge to intensify your smokey look, then this hack is totally for you. Use the eye pencil as a base. Smudge the black pencil over the lid, add the eyeshadow and blend.

Amazing Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas









We all have different eye shapes. That is why consider the smokey makeup that flatters your shape. Replicating something alien to your shape may lead to a bad result.

Gorgeous Smokey Eye Makeup Looks









Remember that there are no limits when it comes to the makeup. Of course, there are basic shades that are considered to be classic, but who sets the limits? Don’t be afraid of experimenting!

Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas









You may be surprised when we tell you that trying to achieve the flawless look is a bad idea. But that is true. No matter how weird it sounds, but perfection lies in the slight imperfection.

Stunning Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas








You shouldn’t forget that the waterline matters. Do not restrict yourself with only black or white waterline. Depending on the makeup shades, you can go for any suitable color.

Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas








When working on your smokey look, bear in mind not to rush. Sounds silly, but it is really important since a rush move can force you to re-do the whole thing. Keep calm and work slowly.


French makeup – what is it? Despite the fact that famous makeup companies are French, that does not mean that French women like to put on tons of makeup every day. The thing is that women in France think that there is nothing better than a little enhancement of their natural beauty. What are their secrets? That is what we are going to talk about today. A good tip is never a waste, right?

Healthy Skin Looks









When it comes to your natural beauty, your skin is the first thing you should take the best care of. That is why moisturizing and face masks for your skin type should not be neglected. Also, you need to make sure that you cleanse your skin every evening, no exceptions! Besides, an overnight mask once a week is what helps French ladies keep their beauty glowing.

Makeup Primer Icons









Makeup primer is that magic base that helps your makeup look smoother and stay on longer. Just massage it slightly into your skin before putting the rest of the makeup on and the perfect look is a step closer. Depending on what type of look you are trying to get, a soft pearly one or perfect velvety matte one, choose your perfect primer and enjoy the French-like beautiful look.

Light Concealing and Foundation









The real Frenchwoman never goes over the edge when it comes to foundation. In case you can’t see your real face under those tons of makeup, either start over or forget about natural look. It is time to forget about heavy contouring and start using powder foundation, since it is easier to achieve a desired look with it.

A Touch of Blush









Just a touch of blush is what French ladies opt for. Remember – what is too much is unacceptable for French perception of beauty. Just a hint will do to add your face that natural glow. It is always better to choose tones that go well with your face tone, and do not forget about blending!

Parisian Eyeliner Styles









Despite the popular eyeliner styles, French women like to do it their way. They use eyeliner only to make their lashes look fuller, only a thin line of liner is required, not more nor less.

Natural Makeup Looks with Black Mascara









All the eye shapes need mascara. Even French ladies wouldn’t dare rejecting this. There may be no liner added but you can’t leave your house without putting mascara on, as simple as that!

Elegant Makeup Ideas with Red Lips









No way you can be considered a French beauty icon, if you do not know how to wear your red lipstick. The rule is to keep it simple, do not let anything else steal the attention from those red lips of yours! Matte red lips go perfectly well with simple makeup and neutral clothing.


Smokey eye tutorial is the most required thing when it comes to the world of beauty. Why is that, what is so special about it? The thing is that when it just originated, it was a mere mixture of two shades, mostly neutral and dark ones, the sole purpose of which was to intensify the drama in your look. Whereas these days there is no shade that can’t be involved into smokey makeup. We can’t say it is a bad thing, since these days looking like no one else is really important. We are here to help you achieve that uniqueness you have been seeking for!

Step by Step Smokey Eye Makeup for Hazel or Green Eyes

























Creating smokey eye for hazel or green eyes is a lot of fun. The thing is that there are so many vivid shades to play around with that it is difficult to choose at once. But we make sure that you won’t get lost in the world of eyeshadow and pick the perfect hues here!

How to Do a Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes

























Playing around with blue eyes may be tricky sometimes, since they are already very deep and beautiful. But in order to help you enhance them, there are few tips we would like to share. When choosing the shades, take into consideration where you are headed.

How to Do Smokey Eye for Girls with Brown Eyes

























It has been said many times already that there is barely anything you can’t pull off with charming brown eyes. But we have decided to make the task even more difficult – we choose to add glitter to your smokey look. Once you follow our steps, you will look as stunning, we promise you that!


Have you ever wondered how to do makeup so that it is flawless? To tell you the truth, there is nothing complex about that. All you need is the right products at hand. Finding the ideal products may take a while but the result will be totally worth it.

Easy Makeup Contouring Tutorials


















We gathered a few makeup tips to make your life easier. First and foremost, always clean your face before putting on makeup. Washing your face is your key to success!

Lips Makeup Ideas Step by Step


















There are countless suggestions on how to apply makeup but whichever you choose you need to bear in mind that moisturizing matters. The better care you take of your skin, the less makeup you will require.

Eye Makeup Tutorials


















If you want to add more expression to your face, just put on eyeshadow. Of course, in order to choose the right tones, you will need to do a little research. But don’t be lazy!

How to Contour Your Nose Like a Pro


















To finish your stunning look, do not forget about the lipstick. It will always add the necessary emphasis to your face. Do not forget that different occasions require different dress codes!

Eyebrow Makeup Tips


















Fill in your eyebrows with light feathery strokes, making sure to accentuate and elongate your eyebrows as much as possible.



Only the trendiest makeup ideas are featured in our photo gallery to give you an idea about new tendencies in the beauty department. And the great news is that ladies with any skin tone, facial features, and hair shade can find really flattering looks here. Plus, these makeup looks are ideal for various kinds of occasions. You’ll be totally amazed at these new makeup tendencies.

Fresh Day to Night Makeup Looks



















One of the most important makeup tips for winter is to apply a moisturizer on a daily basis. It will prevent your skin from becoming dry. Also, make sure that the moisturizer you pick does not contain oil.

Most Popular Day to Night Makeup Ideas



















Whether you opt for bright or natural makeup, you will apply mascara in any case. As for the winter weather, it will be smart to pick mascara and eyeliner that are water-proof. Thus, you will not be afraid of looking funny if it snows.

Glamorous Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas



















As for the lip makeup, it also has some rules for the winter season. We all faced the problem of flaky and cracked winter lips. It is advisable to pick a tinted balm for lips that has SPF.

Cute Makeup Ideas with Eyeliner



















Or, in case the lips are fine, apply moisturizing lipstick. Also, makeup artists advise to stay away from long-wearing or matte lipstick formulas because they tend to be drying.

Easy Romantic Makeup Ideas



















These makeup looks can enhance your beauty in a subtle way and make your image more romantic.

Charming Night Makeup Ideas



















What is the best makeup for a night out? The one that involves some glittery eyeshadow! Either go all-glittery or add just a pop.



Makeup tips are so helpful. As women, we want to look beautiful every day, more for ourselves than anyone else. However, it’s only natural to want to look super-sexy for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Every girl wants to look her best on Valentine’s Day whether she has a romantic evening planned with her honey or a fun night out with the girls. We want to look our best from hair to makeup to clothing and accessories.

Normally, unless it’s a special occasion, many women prefer natural makeup to simply enhance their features. But on special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, we want to go all out. The following article will give you helpful makeup tips so you can achieve that super sexy look on Valentine’s Day and turn heads wherever you go.

1. Exfoliate









You should exfoliate your skin at least once a week with a facial peel that contains salicylic, glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids. Or you can easily make a face mask at home with a few basic, natural ingredients. Thus, your skin will look more radiant and healthier after just a few applications.

2. Moisturize









It is essential to moisturize every day to keep your skin looking soft and supple. A great way to hydrate your skin is to drink plenty of water. However, you need a quality moisturizing product, as well. There are so many quality moisturizers available these days and you can even opt for a scented lotion like the ones you can find at Bath & Body works or Victoria’s Secret. Make sure to smell awesome for that special someone! And what’s better than a lotion that not only soothes your skin, but smells sweet and sexy, as well?

3. Primer









Even if face primer is not a part of your daily facial routine, it is a must for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Primer work to even out and smooth your skin tone prior to applying foundation and/or concealer. It also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores. You will notice how smoothly your foundation will glide over your skin once you have applied qualitative primer.

4. Foundation









Every woman wants a flawless complexion and foundation is one of the best ways to achieve this look. You should choose a foundation that is only slightly lighter than your natural skin color. And use a large soft brush to apply the bronzer to your face and lightly dust it on. Nobody wants their face to look caked with thick foundation, especially on a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s’ Day!

If you want a sultrier look, you can lightly spritz a moisturizing spray over your face once your makeup is fully applied. You can even carry a mini spray in your purse to reapply during the evening to maintain your super sexy look!

5. Blush









Even if you don’t normally wear blusher, never underestimate the power of rosy cheeks. Cream formulas are most effective if you want a more natural look as they go sheer and are easiest to blend. To find the shade of blush that best suits your natural skin tone, pinch your cheeks ever so gently and match the blush to that color.

6. Eyelashes









You might not be a fan of curling your lashes, but it does make your lashes look extra sexy. It’s easier than you think and can be perfected with some practice. Using a quality eyelash curler, gently pinch your lashes at the roots and slightly slide along the length, squeezing with a pulse-like motion. Then apply your favorite mascara by wiggling the wand back and forth at the roots of your lashes. Then pull the wand straight up along the length. If you want to elongate and separate your lashes, you should apply three coats. But don’t forget to comb the mascara through while it’s still wet with a clean brush. And for a super sexy look for Valentine’s Day, you can opt for colorful or sparkly mascara.

7. Eyeshadow and Eyeliner









You might want to stray from your everyday natural eye makeup colors and opt for a super sultry look on Valentine’s Day. Don’t be afraid to try bold and daring new colors. There are plenty of sparkly and glittery eye shadows available in both liquid and powder form for a fun and playful look. You can also practice a more dramatic look to define your eyes with darker eyeliner. There are many easy tutorials available online for makeup tips such as how to apply eyeliner as well as some dramatic looks for Valentine’s Day.

This includes sparkly lip glosses and eyeshadow as well as our best under eye concealer.

8. Lips









You should as well as your skin. You can use lip balm that contains alpha hydroxy acid. Also, remember to moisturize using creamy lip balm that contains ingredients such as shea butter and ceramides. Do not opt for heavy waxy formulas, especially those that are flavored as they can actually make your lips even drier.

Of course, you will want to go bold when it comes to lipstick. One rule of thumb, however, is to not go for a shade that will make your look washed out. Try to find a shade that compliments your skin tone. Deep mattes are always sexy. And don’t underestimate the power of a good matching lip liner to make your lips look even fuller!

9. Cleavage









Don’t forget to moisturize the skin on your cleavage, as well. We tend to neglect this area, especially during the colder months. But it’s important to keep all your skin hydrated to prevent dry spots and flaking. If you are wearing an outfit that shows off your cleavage on Valentine’s Day, apply some radiance powder with a big, fluffy brush to make your skin glow!

10. Fragrance


For Valentine’s Day, you might want to avoid your everyday perfume and opt for something a bit sexier. Apply lightly to your pulse points as these give off natural heat that releases the scent. These include your inner elbows, wrists, hollow of your neck and behind your ears and knees. Do not over-apply or your perfume will be overbearing and off-putting!

There you have it, 10 makeup tips for Valentine’s Day as well as any other special occasion. Have fun getting ready for that night. Embrace your inner goddess and go all out sexy for your sweetie!


People consider hazel eyes to be a weird shade of green eyes or another version of brown eyes. While in fact, everything is quite different. Hazel shades are the combination of many colors and it matters greatly which hues you pick to make a particular shade stand out. That is something we are going to talk about today. Are you ready to learn something new about that outstanding eyeshade of yours?

Top Ideas Of The Smokey Makeup For Hazel Eyes

























When it comes to makeup for hazel eyes, you start to understand that there are so many options to choose from that it is pretty easy to get lost. Yet, you should know that copper shades can bring out the green in your eyes, while pink hues best bring amber shades in your eyes.

Festive Ideas For Hazel Eyes Makeup

























Festive hazel eyes makeup is of course about the sparkles, there is no surprise here, but there is something to confess. The thing is that sparkles have not looked as good on any eyes as they do on hazel-shaded ones. See for yourself!

Step By Step Hazel Eyes Makeup Tutorial

























What about hazel eyes makeup tutorial, you may wonder? We couldn’t leave that area undiscovered, for sure. Just pick a shade for today and we will make sure that you will succeed following these easy steps!

Newest Makeup Ideas For Hazel Eyes








Adding glitter or bright colors to your eyes is a definite way to make them stand out. Sparkly eyeshadows would do just that.


Hooded eyes are characterized by featuring an extra layer of skin drooping over the crease. As a result, the lid appears much smaller. The eyes often look drowsy. It might sound terrible, and you might wonder at some point: are hooded eyes attractive?

Even though such eyes do not have typical shape, with some tips on proper makeup, you can make them look super attractive. To prove this, you might have a look at celebrities with hooded eyes, among whom are Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst to name the few.

And if you ask yourself: do I have hooded eyes, simply take a closer look at the crease in your eyelid and try to notice if it’s visible or hidden. If it’s hidden under the brow bone or lid’s upper part, then you have hooded eye shape. And if you already know that you have such eye shape, you might have noticed how difficult it might be to make the eyes pop.

Makeup artists admit that this is the hardest eye shape to work with because the smallest mistake of applying shadow can totally ruin the overall look. So, if you are wondering how to enhance hooded eyes, you might want to check some of the makeup ideas that can help your eyes look beautiful anytime and anywhere.

Cat Eye Makeup Looks For Hooded Eye Shape







Cat eye makeup is perfect for hooded eyes, and here is why: blending the shadow a bit outwards makes your eyes appear longer and lifts them up. Also, since there is not enough space on the upper lid, try to put an accent on the lower lid by using hooded eyes eyeliner. And in case you wonder how to enhance hooded eyes, you can get experimental and elongate the line below the eyes even more.

Sexy Cat Eye Makeup Looks For Hooded Eyes







You may even add some bold colors like purple to neutral toned cat eye. So, if someone is asking: are hooded eyes pretty, show up with the cat makeup, and everyone would admit that such eyes are gorgeous.

Party Smokey Makeup for Hooded Eyes







Smokey eye makeup always looks attractive and mysterious but it requires some time and efforts. Smokey eye makeup for hooded eyes might take even more time, but it’s definitely worth doing it because, as a result of it, you would look unspeakably gorgeous.

Night Smokey Makeup Ideas for Hooded Eyes







The trick is to apply the shadow above the lid. In such case, you’ll manage to create a crease where there isn’t a natural one. You could also use medium-toned eyeshadow for hooded brown eyes to make them pop up. Finish the look with volumizing mascara, and you are ready to impress everyone around.

Natural Hooded Eyes Makeup Ideas







Makeup, in general, can help any woman look mysterious and different all the time. It’s like art, but the pallet is the face, on which you can create any image you want depending on how you feel. Makeup can also help hide some ‘problematic’ zones. So, if you have hooded eyes and are wondering how to fix hooded eyes with makeup, you can simply follow some small tricks and create perfect makeup for hooded eyes.

Soft Makeup Ideas for Hooded Eyes







For example, you should know that shimmery shadow is perfect for such eye shape as it creates the illusion of light where there is typically darkness. With the help of the thin liner, you can create a very nice and refreshing look, which is especially good for daytime as it looks very natural. Apply some mascara to the upper lash line, and you’ll achieve that natural-looking yet beautiful effect.

Easy Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorial







If you are eager to learn how to do your makeup for hooded eyes, you can follow this hooded eyes makeup tutorial and learn some tips on how to do it perfectly and easily.

First of all, you should know that it’s best to apply makeup with your eyes open because it can be hard to find your natural crease with your eyes closed. So, always open up the eyes while doing the makeup even when you are tempted to close them.

Step by Step Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorial







Apply the eyeshadow just above, where you’re marking your crease as opposed to in the natural fold of your eyelid. In such a way, the color will not get lost.

Make sure that you use waterproof mascara. Since the lashes touch the brow bone, typical mascara might smudge, and you should definitely avoid that.

Perfect Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes







If you’re looking to minimize your upper brow bone, stick with matte shades. Such makeup will look great at work or during the daytime.

If you’re more into warmer colors, you should definitely learn how to do smokey eyes for hooded eyes. With some copper hue eyeshadow added, you’ll look irresistible.

You can also create a “cut crease” by applying some eyeshadow, which can fake a higher fold on your eyelid and transform the hooded lid into the makeup masterpiece.

Stunning Eyes Makeup







And here are some more tips on creating perfect makeup for hooded eyes.

1. Never accentuate your natural eye fold. You need a new crease just above the natural one.
2. Use matte eyeshadow as opposed to shimmery underneath your brows to make the brow bone appear smaller.
3. Apply the eyeliner strategically and make it the star of the ‘show.’
4. Learn how to apply mascara properly and take advantage of using waterproof mascara.
5. Experiment with various shades of eyeshadow and never underestimate the proper use of eyeshadow.



Particular eyebrows can instantly help you to have the cared-for look if they’re called up to suit your particular face shape. Let us help you to learn what eyebrow shape is best for your face and how to make them.

Square face with eye makeup will look gorgeous if your arch appear higher: create a peak just above your natural arch and softly blend into the rest of your brow to keep the shape more rounded.

Perfect eyebrows for oval face shape are natural looking — just focus on making them fuller.

First of all, fill in any sparse areas to build a rounder shape, then use a quick setting gel to comb hairs into place, making sure to avoid any angles when styling eyebrows shapes for heart face.

Try to low the arch of the brow in order to make a long face shape shorter.

Curved Eyebrow Shape For Heart Face Shape

This face shape is perfect. You may choose a thin eyebrow pattern with sharp edges. Avoid extremely thin eyebrow patterns, since heart shaped face doesn’t carry this look well. Instead, try to have a medium growth.

Also you may try the trimmed tail pattern on your face. Go for subtle tail ends that do not bulge out much. It creates a nice impact on heart shaped face and looks different than usual.

If you are tired of carrying the same medium, groomed look for long, you still have the option to keep it fuller and rounded. Rounded brow pattern of medium soft angled eyebrow shape focuses on creating an impact with low arch towards the middle.

The Controlled Arch pattern demonstrates the need of heart shaped face to avoid excessive arches and curves. It involves plucking extra hair from the brow line and taming the pattern which lies midway between curved and arched. It is a sure-shot way to create a huge impact, since it increases your style quotient manifolds.

High Arched Eyebrows Shape For Square Face Shape

If you are eager to create the perfect eyebrow natural looking, opt for the soft angled eyebrows with low arch. This eyebrow shape helps in complementing the broad temple of the square face and softens the heavy jaw line.








The straight and clean shape suits perfectly the square face. The broad and heavy jaw line of the square face is perfectly balanced by the eyebrow. The slightly arched eyebrow attained by removing the hair strands in a row helps in maintaining the natural look of the eyebrow.

The S-shaped curved eyebrow helps to soften and accentuate the jaw line. With a straight inner section and a slightly curved outer section, the eyebrow helps to complement the strong facial features of the square face. The peak of the eyebrow arch should be aligned with the widest angle of the jaw. This helps in making the face look little longer and to create the perfect eyebrows.

Choose Soft Arch Eyebrows Shape For Oval Face

The best thing about having an oval face shape is that almost any kind of eyebrow shape is ideal for you. Soft angled eyebrows shape gives a delicate and feminine look. You can choose to get them done in three different arch styles – low, medium and high – or different thickness – ranging from ultra thin to thick – depending on your overall look.







The high eyebrows shapes for oval faces can help to open up the face. Using the natural height of the arch as a reference, create a line from your bottom inner and outer to the top of the arch in small strokes. You can create straight shape by creating a horizontal line across the brow with a slight downward curve to give a natural look.

High And Soft Arched Eyebrows Shapes For Round Face

In this section we’ll highlight the best eyebrow shapes for round face.

Beauties with the round face shape, need such eyebrow shapes that will make the face look thinner. Hard, soft, medium arched eyebrow shapes are suitable for round faces.








A high or arch eyebrow shape elongate the face shape to the maximum. In order to get hard angles keep your brow line straight till the peak and then bend low towards the edges. This eyebrow shape will highlight your eyes, make the face look thinner and also it fit for round face with small eyes.A soft angles eyebrow shape also look good on beauties which have the round face. This kind of brow shape has soft curves and peaks. The arches can even be high or low. Medium arches on a round face look stunning and increase the aesthetics of your face. To create the medium arch draw small strokes from outer to the top brow of the arch. Also medium arches eyebrows fit for round face with big nose.

Straight Brows Shape For Long Face Shape

A long face is gorgeous, and it’s really common. So our goal is to pick the prefect eyebrow shape for long face to make it look shorter. Apply straight horizontal lines that stop the eye moving up and down the face. A flat shape accomplishes this. Its horizontal shape makes the face look shorter.







“A brow with an elongated tail helps to balance out the features of a long-shaped face,” eyebrow-gurus suggest. “A straight brow would go great too because it makes the face look shorter. It’s all about the illusion, and its horizontal shape accomplishes this.”

Naturally Thick Shape For Diamond Face

While there are many advantages of having a diamond-shaped face, the extra width still remains the major problem associated with this face shape. You can certainly find correct eyebrow shapes to make it look less wide.








The best way to decrease the appearance of your sharp facial angles is to sharpen the arcs of your eyebrows. Try to arch your eyebrows in such a way to get the softer look.

It is better to grow your eyebrows full and dark, if you want to divert the attention from your wide face. Opting this eyebrow shape for the diamond face makes your face look less wide.

Rounded browser is perfect for diamond-shaped faces. The rounded shape of eyebrows is a high impact way of creating a perfect balance between one’s wide cheeks and forehead.

Perfect Eyebrows Shapes To Inspire You









Since you are blessed with the perfect face shape, try any of these eyebrow shapes from pictures below. Make the best of your good fortune.


Do you know how to apply eyeliner quickly and make it look as if a professional artist worked on it? Despite the fact that it is not a secret that eyeliner is definitely the hardest makeup part to pull off, our tips and tricks will certainly change your makeup game or will help you to save some time in the morning while getting ready.

Eyeliner is a crucial part of any makeup look. Can you imagine a makeup look without a tiniest bit of emphasizing your eyes? Even the slightest stripe of smudged liner may drastically change your look. Loads of celebs adore eyeliners in different variations, starting from Adele with her fierce winged liner up to Kim Kardashian who always adds light brown smudged liner to her natural makeup. Look through what we have prepared.

How to Choose Easiest Eyeliner to Apply








There are various types of eyeliners and all of them have pros and cons. All the makeup artists use gel eye liner. It comes in pots and is used with a brush. Gel liners give you the possibility to make precise lines quickly, but they also dry out super fast and you won’t be able to correct your mistakes.

The best eyeliner types for beginners are liquid or pencil. They will help you to create a thin line perfect for daytime makeup. The ones that came with a felt time remind a marker and are easy to control when you are a beginner. The only drawback is that you have to wait just a bit longer for them to dry out.

How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro

One of the biggest mistakes made while applying eyeliner is a thick line, which makes you look as though you have no eyelashes. Try to make your line as thin as possible. In fact, the more lid space you have, the thicker the line can be. But you should do this with your eye open. Otherwise you will look like a panda with that thick liner covering all your lid space.

One more annoying mistake you still can see on a bunch of women is a black waterline. This is so last century. Moreover, it creates an allusion of smaller eyes. Who would willingly do that? In addition to this it looks like your eyelashes are separated from your eyes, which is super weird. The best decision foe your waterline is a white or beige liner that makes your eyes visually bigger and open up.

A great tip for the lovers of pencil eyeliners. Never leave your line straight and defined. Smudged line is the best for pencil liners. Use a brush or a sponge to blend your eyeliner.

If you want a nice smoky effect, gel and pencil liner are a great combo to help you do this. To start with, create a winged eye with your gel liner. For the bottom part use pencil liner for water line and lower lash line. Smudge your lower lash line with a brush. This is what creates a smoky look and makes your lashes look more voluminous. Never settle up with only waterline.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners

The first rule of eyeliner application is good lightning and a good magnifying mirror. It may sound like an obvious stuff but a lot of women neglect it. Having a really close look will definitely help you to nail the liner than doing it in front of a bathroom mirror usually with bad lightning.

One more crucial rule is creating a perfect angle to draw the eyeliner. And this is by putting your mirror lower so that you can look down and not straight. This is a tried and tested stuff that actually works in practice.

One more crucial rule is creating a perfect angle to draw the eyeliner. And this is by putting your mirror lower so that you can look down and not straight. This is a tried and tested stuff that actually works in practice.

Be careful with our next rule. And this is using two hands when applying eyeliner. So basically, you draw your line with one hand while the other one is pulling away your lid. This helps especially well when you have some wrinkles in that area. But don’t get carried away with that. Pulling your eyelid away too hard can distort your eyeliner.

How to Put on Eyeliner for Beginners








A great hack for drawing a winged eye is using pencil liner before the liquid one. Basically, you create a template using a pencil liner. After this, you go over this template with liquid liner. Using this two step approach for winged liner helps you not to mess up. Yes, it takes more time. But if you are a newbie, it will save your life.

Professional makeup artists recommend practicing a lot. And by a lot we literally mean day and night. You have to try twenty four seven if you want to master this art and create the most perfect winged eye liners every day. All the time spent on practicing is definitely worth it once you get good at it.

There is a nice trick makeup artists use and you may use it at home. They take concealer or primer and a small detailed brush to correct mistakes when something is messed up. Forget about makeup remover. It may make things even worse. It contains oils which will ruin your liner. A primer or a concealer ensure that the eyeliner will be sharp and won’t be ruined by water.

How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional







To begin with, prime eyelids with eye shadow primer and then set it with powder. This technique makes your eyelids not oily, which makes eyeliner application slightly easier and makes your liner survive all day.

One more tip for correcting mistakes. Never in your life should you erase all your hard work in case you have a tiny smudge. Here a q-tip with Vaseline or a wet wipe will come in handy and save you from a fail. Once you erased your smudge, cover it with a concealer.

Easy Eyeliner Tips and Tricks








Once you are done with your liner, you may set it with a black eye shadow in case you have some doubts in its longevity. Gel liners do not require this additional step as they can literally survive a zombie apocalypse. But if you use any other type of eyeliner and know that a long day or night is ahead of you, take this additional step.

Watching YouTube tutorials and reading about them online surely helps, but is not the main thing. Start practicing and experimenting. You can figure out what is the best for you only by experimenting. Try out different angles and thickness. Sometimes it turns out that the things you had doubts in work perfectly for you.


Rose gold makeup is worth adding to your collection of the go-to makeup looks because the combination of these colors will never fail you.

This combo will work great for any complexion because, in its essence, it is a combination of cool and warm. And when you pick this combo for your eye makeup, it brightens your pretty eyes, adds radiance and some warmth to your skin.

Are you ready to try this color combo? Explore our gallery featuring the most amazing makeup looks with gold and rose.

Light Shimmer Gold-Rose Makeup Looks









This trend involves bright as well as more natural makeup looks in golds and pinks. Brighter looks are ideal for all kinds of special events, while natural ones are for every day.

Light Shimmer Gold-Rose Makeup Looks









However, first you need to learn how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes before sporting this trend. Pink and red shades make dark circles and other skin flaws more vivid.

Glitter Makeup Ideas









Therefore, your skin must be perfect if you want to try eye makeup that involves such shades. Start with applying some eye cream. It will hydrate the eyes and protect your pores.

Glitter Makeup Ideas









Next, apply concealer, let it set, and cover this layer with compact powder. This step is necessary to prevent the concealer from creasing. Now let’s add some color.

Glamorous Makeup Looks









For example, apply matte eyeshadow in orange brown to your crease. Thus, you can add dimension to the makeup and make your eyes seem to be set deeper.

Glamorous Makeup Looks









Now apply eyeshadow in pinkish plum, starting from the crease and blending the shade overall your eyelid. Finish with a pop of gold in the inner corner and then apply mascara.

Charming Rose Gold Eye Makeup Ideas








We love rose gold shades because they are really romantic, feminine, and look good against most skin tones.

Cute Eye Makeup Looks








For a dreamy makeup look, you can use black liner to accentuate your eyes, fill in the lid, and define the lower lash line.


Choosing a red lip color is much like choosing from dozens of different shades of red flowers. It can seem daunting, but knowing how to compliment colors is the most important aspect of finding the best shade of red, whether you’re dressing up a room- or your complexion.

In order to find your dream red lipstick, you’ve got to know what tone your skin has so as to flatter it best. Here is how to tell which colors look best on you:

  1.  Check the color of your veins on the inside of your wrist. If they are bluish, you’re skin has cooler undertones. If they appear green, you’ve got warm undertones.
  2. Have a look at those peepers. Your eye color is a good way to gauge your skin tone and therefore bring you that much closer to the perfect red lipstick. Blue, gray, or green eyes mean cool undertones while brown, amber, and hazel colors means a warm undertone.
  3. Try the jewelry test: Does silver tend to look better on you? Or does gold compliment your skin best? If silver does, your skin is cooler and if gold is your go-to, then your skin is warm.
  4. How about those lovely locks? Girls with black hair (and especially blue eyes) or brown and blonde hair with ashy, blue, violet, or silver tones have cool skin. Deeper colored hair like strawberry blonde, chestnut, reddish brown and black with gold, red, orange, or yellow undertones have warm skin.

Taking a look in the mirror is one way to find out which shades will suit you best while turning to nature and red flowers reveals the best tones that are out there.

Best Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones

Richness in red is key with dark skin. Any pink undertones in a lip color will read far too harsh on deep skin tones. When shopping for your perfect red, you’ll want to add colors like wine that contain a blue under to mirror the natural coolness to your skin.

Not all types of complexions can pull of this red! Even though there is more red than blue in this deep cherry red, there is no warm tone in sight.

This red violet flower is an ideal red with bluish undertones for dark skin tones. If this flower would look stunning in your hair, then it’s perfect for your lips!
This red lip is lovely not only for its deep, cool undertones but for its style. Matte lipstick is much more subtle and sexy than shiny gloss.

Best Lipstick For Ivory Skin Tone

Blondes, beware of yellow undertones! Choose a red with icier tone, like this nearly pink shade. Add a bit of pop to your light skin by adding a lip gloss on top.

It’s easy to think of Spring when it comes to ivory skin and fresh red. Envision the warmth of a peony flower when shopping for your ideal shade.

When scanning Sephora for your radiant red, go for cherry red and don’t be afraid to try matte if you’re going to be wearing highlighter.

Best Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone

Stay warm when you’re searching for the coolest red. Having a medium skin tone not only means you look great with a bronzed tan, but that you’ve got a variety of colors to choose from. True red, cranberry, as well as brown and orange undertones in lipstick shades will suit the natural warmth of your skin so keep them in mind when you go red.

A red lip with brownish undertones looks great on medium skin and brown hair. If you’ve baby blues on top of that, then your features will truly pop!

Consider the brilliancy of a red aster flower when looking for lip inspiration.
While medium skin tone can wear several different shades, nothing beats the ability to blot on the perfect shade of true red.

Best Lipstick For Fair Skin Tone

When it comes to red flowers, orange undertones are rare and delightful. If you’ve got alabaster skin, then you’re lucky enough to be able to rock this shade with ease. When selecting your lipstick shade, think light instead of deep.

Alabaster babes, matte lipstick is your friend on this one.

In nature, this anthrurium flower is the best source of inspiration on your hunt for that red lip!

This color may have more orange tones than red ones, but it’s a great option for the natural pink and warmth in ivory skin.

Best Lipstick For Olive Skin Tone

For the best pop against olive skin, tap in to your natural warmth. The best red lipstick on lips that this greenish undertone should have oranged tones. Coral is an excellent option for the olive-hued gal.

For red flower inspiration, think of poppy or a light red rose flower.

A red rose shade is the ideal lipstick color if you have an olive skin tone. Of course, it is flattering for all skin tones. But as for the olive complexion, this shade can give it sheer sexiness and some natural blushing effect.

Best Lipstick For Caramel Skin Tone

Caramel skin also comes with some variety when choosing the right red for your perfect pout. Go for a deep cherry or burgundy color when going red. Always remember to embrace your warm undertones!

Avoid blue and go for one with orange undertones to flatter your beautiful caramel skin.

The deep burgundy of the lily flower serves as the ideal inspiration for caramel skinned babes.

Brown based reds like burgundy with undertones in the plum realm contrast perfectly against medium skin caramel undertones.

Soft Glam Makeup Ideas To Inspire You

















Whether your skin is warm or cool and no matter the shade, there is a red lip out there for you! While there may be hundreds of brands to choose from, as long as you stick to your hue and compliment your undertones, you’ll be as radiant as the red on your lips- or a beautiful red flower.


Do you often apply eyeliner? Then you are probably out of ideas already. After learning how to do eyeliner perfectly, it is time to get creative and try bold looks. Express yourself with your makeup.

We would like you to become familiar with the most popular and most complimenting eyeliner styles. Some of them are appropriate for the daily wear, while others can be sported on special occasions. That means that you will never be bored!

Explore red carpet worthy eyeliner looks and get ready to practice. If you wonder how to apply makeup like a professional, all you need is our article, the best eyeliner that stays on, good lighting and mirror and, of course, the steady hand.

Luxe Eyeliner Style

A luxe eyeliner style is appropriate to wear in the evening. As you can see, these makeup looks are done with the help of liquid eyeliner for the most dramatic effect. Painted both on the upper and lower lids, from the inner to farther than outer corners, the line surrounds each eye completely.

Pin-up Eyeliner Look

‘Opt for a pin-up style only on special occasions’ is among the most popular professional makeup artist tips. The line is painted on the upper lid only, starting thin in the inner corners and thickening towards the center and finally curving upward farther than the outer corners.

Egyptian Eyeliner Style

How to apply eyeliner so that your girlfriends would envy you next time you have a night out on the town? Go for an Egyptian style. The style got such name because women and men in ancient Egypt put on somewhat similar makeup. The lower line is curved upward in the end, but it does not reach the inner corner in the beginning, going a bit downwards starting from the center. It is advisable to use the best waterproof smudge proof eyeliner in black on the upper and lower lids. The inner corners will be in gold.

Basic Eyeliner Style

A basic eyeliner style is ideal for everyday wear. It’s a line painted on a woman’s upper lash line. It begins thin in the inner corner and becomes thicker closer to the middle, ending with a small tip.

Simple Eyeliner Style

A simple style is perfect to wear every single day and it is the easiest way to apply eyeliner. Opt for the best black liquid eyeliner to avoid any smudging during the day. Just paint a very thin line close to the upper lash line, extending at the outer corner and the look is ready.

Classic Eyeliner Style

How to put eyeliner on correctly in a classic manner? You should line only along the upper lash line. The line begins thinner in the inner corners and then becomes thicker gradually without thinning back.

Feline Eyeliner Style

A feline eyeliner style will work great for a romantic evening. Line along the upper lid, thickening the line towards the outer corner and then ending it with a distinct tip. As a result, it will resemble the cat eye style a bit.

Everyday Eyeliner Style

Beginning thin a bit higher than the inner corner, the line thickens towards the outer corner and ends in a defined and long tip. As you can guess from the name of the style, it works best for every day.

Smooth Eyeliner Style

A smooth eye liner style will do for everyday makeup. Line along the upper lash line and extend the line at the outer corner a bit. The width of the line should be approximately the same everywhere.

Dramatic Eyeliner Style

Here is one of important eye makeup beauty tips: sport a dramatic eyeliner style only on special occasions. One of the major characteristics of this style is a super thick line that covers practically the whole upper lid. The tip is very long and extends up towards the brow.

Open Wings Eyeliner


We believe that it’s one of the rarest but not less complimenting eyeliner application techniques. The lower and upper lines are separate and never intercross. The lower line begins from the pupil area and moves outwards. Both lines end in wings.

Bold Style

A bold style is appropriate for special events only. You can sport a thick black line on the upper lid only or spice things up with a white thick line on the lower lid, too. Then the lines will go side by side in the outer corner to end in two long, separate tips.

Colorful And Glitter Eyeliner Styles

























To make your eyes really stand out from the rest of the face, glitter or color eyeliner is a good way. It is easy create trending look if you mix color or glitter with the traditional black eyeliner for the right shape.

Cool Eyeliner Ideas To Inspire You

























These eyeliner ideas take the meaning of the eyeliner to a whole new level. Colorful, sparkly, and crystals – all these designs can be suitable for a formal event or night party.


If you manage to find the best shades of eyeshadow for brown eyes, your makeup will be stunning. But of course, you are lucky if your eyes are brown, as this neutral color easily finds friends. Therefore, practically any shade can make your eyes pop. The key is to pick an interesting combination.

Eye Makeup Tutorials For Brown Eyes

























Silver eyeshadow is ideal and also, as you probably know, it’s a conventional color for smokey eye makeup. This cool shade will create a nice contrast against your warm brown eyes.

Popular Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes

























Any shades of silver are also perfect for cat eye makeup – gunmetal, metallic silver, or platinum will look awesome when combined with black eyeliner and two coats of mascara.

Best Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes

























However, makeup artists warn that silver eyeshadow, when applied below the lower lashes, can enhance the dark circles, if you have any. But this problem can be easily solved with concealer.

Easy Step By Step Eyeshadow Tutorials

























Purple eyeshadow is universally flattering as it works for any eye, skin, or hair color. In one of our previous posts, we have discussed a color wheel and how it helps to combine colors.

Cute Eye Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes

























So, if to look at a color wheel, purple and brown are contrasting colors. This contrast will make your eyes pop, which is the exact effect we were hoping to achieve. Try bluish tinted purples.

Lovely Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

























Although not that easy, but it is possible to rock blue eyeshadow, as well. Wear royal blue over the upper lashes, and the warm and cool contrast will be amazing and make the whites seem brighter.

Glitter Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes

























And orange and yellow eyeshadow will be complimenting for hazel rather than dark brown eyes. However, gold tones cannot be pulled off by every lady as pupils may appear yellow.

Attractive Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

























Girls with brown eyes are lucky because they can choose almost any color of makeup and look great anyway. Pink shadow with a darker shade will really make your eyes sparkle.

Chic Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes

























Green is considered to be the ideal shade of eyeshadow, and it is especially flattering for brown eyes. Choose a tone according to the mood: create smokey eyes using mossy and olive shades or create a light playful haze with eyeshadow.

Newest Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

























In case your eyes are brown, glitter makeup is definitely worth trying as it compliments brown eyes. Various combinations of glitter eyeshadow work great for special occasions.

Most Popular Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

























We know the holidays are over, but these holiday shimmer makeup ideas are great all! If you’re going on out on a date night or perhaps, just attending a formal party, this shimmer eyeshadow will look great on your brown eyes.


The ideal makeup for blue eyes is the one that involves the shades that can enhance their beauty. Therefore, you need to learn the colors to stick to, and your look will be flawless every single time.

Glitter Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

























If you really love a smokey eye look, here’s our tip: opt for more neutral shades and, quite importantly, stay away from black. Also, try not to overshadow your natural eye color.

Smokey Makeup For Blue Eyes

























By following our makeup tips, you will have several most winning color combinations for your eye makeup that is perfect for any occasion. So, what are YOUR colors?

Amazing Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

























Soft whites and pinks and white eyeliner applied to the inner lid as well as some false eyelashes guarantee a simple, yet very pretty look. Or, add a pop of color with purple eyeshadow.

Pretty Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

























Are your eyes blue-green? Apply smokey makeup with gold eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes. Also, never apply too much eyeshadow in blue. Rather, replace it with silver.

Party Makeup For Blue Eyes

























When going to a party, you should choose clothes, a hairstyle, and also wonderful makeup .See our best selection of party makeup ideas to amaze everybody.

Makeup For Blue Eyes For Any Occasion

























Glitter and shimmer eyeshadow colors are becoming more popular, especially when it comes to evening makeup. Such eyeshadow shades are suitable for the holidays: New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthday, or wedding. And, of course, bright makeup is perfect for clubs.

Lovely Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

























Even though blue is a cool-toned, you can observe that it can be complimented with warm eyeshadow shades, as well. Neutral eyeshadow works great for a day at the office and can be spiced up with eyeliner.

Perfect Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

























Blue eyes already speak volumes on its own so putting colors on your lids is really not necessary to accentuate your eyes. But if you like to, of course, there is no problem with that, in fact, we support it!


How to do winged eyeliner? Well, this question is bothering many women. That is why we decided to discuss it today.

First of all, let us clarify one thing: winged eyeliner steps are different for every eye shape. If you wonder why, here is the answer, and it is simple. Every eye shape has its own qualities that should be taken into account. Ideally, eye makeup will enhance the beauty of your eye shape and hide its flaws, if there are any.

And here we would like to share some tricks on how to shape-shift your eye shape so that it appears more lifted, rounded, smaller, or wider with the help of eyeliner. Are you ready to discover the best accentuating techniques

Winged Eyeliner Style For Downturned Eyes








How to do a perfect winged eyeliner if your eyes are downturned? Paint a very thin line, starting from inner and moving towards outer corners. Continue the line out and up towards the crease. The wing stops where your eyebrow ends.

Winged Eyeliner Style For Round Eye Shape








Let’s see how to do winged eyeliner step by step if your eyes are round. First, take liner and a special angled brush. Next, here is the trick: begin drawing the line from the outer and towards the inner corner. The angle of the line should be downward. Voila!

Eyeliner Style For Monolid Eye Shape








Winged eyeliner styles for eye shape monolid are not difficult to pull off. The key is to apply liquid eyeliner. Start in the center right above the pupil. Paint a thin line close to the eyelashes, moving towards the outer corners. Then work from the inner corners moving towards the center to combine the lines.

Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes








How to do winged eyeliner with liquid liner for hooded eyes? Even though you might think it is difficult, in reality, you can easily pull it off. You should ensure that your lid does not hide the liner. To do that, find the beginning of the hood and place the tip there. Move from the outer towards the inner corner. The strokes should be thin.

Eyeliner Style For Small Eyes








Here are several eyeliner tips for small eyes. First of all, opt for the multiple wings. Paint the line with liquid eyeliner and create a small tip outward. Then draw more lines right above this line, using eyeshadow. Apply some bright color to your waterline, as well, extending the line outwards. Mesmerizing!

Night Winged Eyeliner Makeup Ideas








If you tired of the black eyeliner you can try to add some glitter to eyes makeup look. Choose sparkly shadows or sparkly eyeliner and create glam night winged eyeliners!

Colorful Winged Eyeliner Ideas








Sexy eyes aren’t just dark smoky eyes. Fun and colorful look that’s perfect for a festival, concert, or just a night out on the town.

Now you know how to do winged eyeliner for beginners. Go practice a bit and come back for more useful info.


Matte lipstick can come in handy when you have practically no time but wish to make the way you look rock. Let us imagine one of such moments – we all have been there. You had no time to apply elaborate eye makeup. So, lipstick was the first thing that came to your mind.

The best matte lip gloss or lipstick can do wonders if you wear minimum makeup. It will instantly turn your makeup into modern and fresh. Actually, when it comes to statement makeup, lighter eye makeup in a combination with bold lips will be ideal. And what does it take, just several swipes, right? Well, not exactly.

Matte lipstick will easily turn your image into something stunning, disregarding its price. You can opt for cheap matte lipstick brands found on Amazon or in the drugstore, or choose more well-known matte lipstick brands like NYX matte lipstick or matte lipstick Maybelline. The key is to apply it properly. And to give you an idea on how to do that, we have prepared this blog post. Let’s learn some tips from makeup professionals to change your matte lip game once and for all.

Exfoliate Your Lips








So, how to wear matte lipstick? Rule number One is to exfoliate your lips on a regular basis. Unlike gloss, matte texture is not that forgiving. It shows all imperfections. So, use quality lip exfoliator or just use a new toothbrush and gently rub your lips with it. Though famous makeup artists advise to apply some Vaseline at first and then exfoliate with a very soft toothbrush. Do not forget to rinse your lips and dry them with a napkin so that no film is left.

And in case you don’t trust retailers, you can always prepare lip exfoliator using ingredients that can be found in any kitchen. Simply mix olive oil with a little sugar and then apply this mixture to your pretty pout to get smooth lips without any disturbing dry patches.

Pick The Right Shade








Now let’s discuss the lipstick matte shade that is right for you. Yes, the shade is really essential if you wish your lip makeup to be flawless. Here your choice will depend on your complexion and taste. Don’t go for a hue that is too pale, or you risk at resembling a corpse. And a shade that is too dark can simply wear badly and stain your lips. If you hesitate, just stick to safe options like pinks, corals, and reds.

Use A Lipstick Brush









To achieve the best matte look, makeup artists advise to fill in the lips with the lipstick bullet and then complete the look by filling in all the edges and adding some definition. The lip liner application is optional. You can do it in case you have enough time. Then the liner should be in the same shade. Draw an X on your upper lip to define that cute cupid’s bow.










Even if you don’t have much time, this step is quick. So, it’s better not to skip it. When the lipstick is already on, take your highlighter and dab it to the middle of the bottom lip. As a result, your lips will seem a bit fuller.

However, ensure that the shade of the highlighter complements the lipstick. Go for gold highlighter if the lipstick is nude or red and silvery highlighter if the lipstick is purple or pink. If there is no highlighter at hand, simply apply clear gloss or lip balm on top of matte lipstick, to the middle of your lips.

Add Moisture








Without enough moisture, your lipstick might end up creasing, and we don’t want that. So, before applying lipstick, apply lip balm that is grease-free in order to seal hydration in and keep the matte effect. Keep this balm in your purse to apply it on top of the lipstick whenever needed to avoid dryness during the day.

Popular Matte Lipstick Shades








Now we are sure that every time you apply matte lipstick your pout will appear super kissable. Come back for more pro tips.


The question how to contour is on everyone’s lips these days. There is a ton of YouTube tutorials and more than two million Instagram photos and short video clips on this topic. And no matter how much we talk about it, it remains a mystery. Kardashian clan, especially Kim, who advocated and originated contouring as far back as 2007, may be called ‘queen of contouring’ without any doubts. Together with their professional glam squad they make contouring seem like it’s the easiest thing in this world.

We will introduce you to the world of contouring from A to Z, including all the info about what is contouring in makeup, things needed to contour face, and how to apply contour and highlight. Read and find out that the devil is not as black as he is painted. With our help you will never get goose bumps down your spine while hearing the word ‘contour.

How To Contour Your Face

A lot of women do not believe in the power of contouring and ask: Does contouring make a difference and why do people contour their face? Sure, it does. Let alone nose contour. With a couple of right brush touches you look like you just got a nose job. Contouring your whole face makes you look like a different person. In a good sense, of course. Imagine you have spanx for you face. This is how contour works. It makes your face shaped, and cheek bones appear in that place where there seems to be no hope for them. All the Hollywood stars use it both on red carpets and in daily life. Nina Agdal, a famous super model says: “Contouring is like my favorite things ever because you can get cheek bones even if you don’t have them.” Isn’t it magic outside the Hogwarts or some fairytale? It’s the power of makeup. Never underestimate or question contouring.


Totally green in all the beauty stuff? No problems! Welcome to the course “Contouring 101” in which we will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to contour for beginners to create those sharp as hell Maleficent cheek bones! Today we will take a deep dive into highlighting and contouring for beginners. So, you better take a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable, and follow our tips.

  •  Actually, to achieve a perfect contour, there is no need to buy huge and expensive contouring palettes with loads of shades. In fact, one decent bronzer is all you need for killer cheekbones. There are 2 types of bronzers: powder and liquid. Powder bronzers are right up your street if you want something light for everyday wear. They will give you a slight natural definition and do not require a lot of blending. For those who are more serious about sharp cheek bones, there is a liquid bronzer. This one is perfect for dry skin. Remember that foundation goes underneath the contour.

  • The key to natural-looking contour is the appropriate bronzer color. This is of the same importance as the foundation color. There is a great makeup rule to help you choose a bronzer shade. The appropriate bronzer color should be two or three tones darker than your natural skin color. This will look as natural as possible and will allow you to layer your bronzer up. It will also prevent your contour from looking way too orange or cakey.

  • As for the tools, there are different ones for different bronzers. A makeup sponge or beauty blender goes with liquid bronzer, and angled or flat brushes go with the powder one. You may also use powder bronzer on top of the liquid one to get that finished look, but it requires a tiny bit of practice to master.
  • Once you have everything ready, it is time to contour. Find good natural day light and apply bronzer with sweeping strokes to the places that are usually highlighted by the sun – sides of your nose, forehead, cheek bones, and jaw line. The darkest shade of bronzer should be near your hair line. Then you should gradually blend farther up to your cheeks. The most important rule here: less is more. Never take too much product on your brush. Take less and you will always be able to add. The less bronzer, the more sun kissed you look.

  • Blending is another crucial key to the perfect makeup, especially when it comes to contouring. Blend your contour till your hands fall off or as if your life depended on it. In the end your transition should be seamless and flawless. A little bronzer on the back of the neck is needed when you are sporting an updo.
  • Here are a couple of no-go things every beginner should know. Applying bronzer with circular motions is the first one. It makes your contour patchy. Apply bronzer in sweeping motions instead. Secondly, avoid contour near your eyes. It makes them seem smaller. And who would want that?

Basically, these rules also apply for everyday contouring. But there are a couple of more things you should know if you want to slay your contour on a daily basis.

  1.  The trick of sucking in your cheeks actually works. It helps you to define where you should apply bronzer.
  2. Always tap off the excess from your brush. Too much product on your brush will make your contour super harsh and definitely not for every day.
  3. A lot of contouring palettes for beginners have light powder in them. It will help you clean the bottom line of your cheek bones and make them sharper.

Easy Contouring For Beginners

Like every other part of makeup, contouring differs depending on the occasion. It is pretty obvious that your everyday makeup should differ from your night out one. But one thing remains – foundation first no matter what, and then you can take your contouring and highlighting brushes and proceed. Here are some more great tips and tricks on how to contour your face that are must know for every girl and woman who wants to slay. We hope that our expanded how to contour tutorial will become your guide in this.

Contouring sticks, cream contour palettes, and other types of non powdery product serve to give you a bold and defined face shape. This is perfect for a dramatic night out or special occasion look that will show up and look great on photos. Powdery makeup will give you a sheer and polished look. This is just what every woman and girl needs for everyday. By the way, applying translucent powder before your powder bronzer helps you to make your contour more blended and seamless.

We will dive deeper into the topic of shades. So, what shades are the most flattering for different skin tones? Light to medium skin toned women should look for a taupe or gray undertone in their bronzer. But no way grayish, otherwise, it will look like mud. And we don’t want that for sure. If your skin tone is medium deep to dark, your perfect bronzer should have a warm undertone.

The thing you should steer clear of in contour makeup is shimmer. Your product has to be completely matte. Shimmer attracts light and brightens up the part of the face where it is applied. As we are trying to hide things, shimmer is exactly what we should avoid because it gives you the effect that is totally opposite. Highlighter should be the only shimmery thing when it comes to contouring.

Speaking of the devil, highlighter and blush will help you balance all out. They should be of the same texture as the contouring product. They give you that natural glow from the inside, make your makeup very natural as though you woke up like this. So, don’t miss this step in any case. Put the highlighter on the top of the cheek bones, underneath your brow bone, into the inner corners of your eyes, onto the Cupid’s bow, and on the bridge of the nose. Do not own a highlighter, a shimmery champagne color from your eye shadow palette will do the job. Want your highlight to be blinding? Use lip balm underneath and your highlight will be seen from the outer space. As for the blush, it is applied to the apples of your cheeks. Smile and you will instantly know where to put it.

Eye makeup is the final step in your contour. It also depends on what you want to achieve. Take some of your bronzer and apply it to your eye crease with a smaller blending brush. This will make your eyes bigger and more defined. There is also a great life hack for those who go for a more extreme version of eye makeup. Do your eye makeup before foundation and contouring. In this way you will be able to clean up all the eye shadow fallout easily and not smudge it all over the face and ruin your hard work of contouring.

How To Contour Oval Face Shape

It is not a secret that contouring depends on the face shape to some extent. Follow our guide to find out how to accentuate your facial features the right way.

An oval face has the following features: it is one and a half times longer than its width, it doesn’t have any distinctive points, and it looks like an egg upside down. So, when it comes to the question of how to contour oval face, follow the next tips.

  • To make your forehead slightly narrower, add a tiny amount of bronzer to its sides.
  • Contour your cheek bones as usual: from the ears up to your cheeks.
  • Another thing to remember for oval face shape contouring is highlighting. Matte highlighter should be applied to the middle of forehead, to the middle of the chin, and under the eyes.
  • Add some shimmering highlighter under the brow bone to make your eyes more defined.

How To Contour Oblong Face Shape

So, how to contour oblong face? This face shape doesn’t have any distinctive points like jaw line, hairline, or chin. And it is longer rather than wider.

In case you have this shape and don’t know how to highlight and contour your face, there are rules you should keep in mind.

  • The first part to contour would be the hairline. Blend some bronzer into your hairline and this will make your hairline lower.
  • Secondly, add some bronzer to your chin. This will create an allusion of a rounder face and bring your oblong face shape closer to the perfect one.
  • The last thing to contour would be cheekbones. Start blending your bronzer from the ears up to your cheeks to give your face
  • As for highlighting, apply bright matte highlighting powder under your eyes in the triangular shape.

How To Contour A Round Face

The length of a round face is almost the same as the width. In addition to this, any parts like jaw line, hairline, or chin are not defined. Sounds like your face shape? Have you been wondering how to contour a round face? Our tips will make it crystal clear to you.

  • So, first things first, start applying bronzer to the sides of the forehead and bring it down to the cheek bones.
  • Then, start blending your bronzer from the ears to cheeks and down to where your chin begins. This technique helps to create an allusion of a longer face which is exactly what we need.
  • Places to highlight a round face: forehead, chin, underneath the eyes in the upside down triangular shape.

How To Contour Square Face Shape

If you are an owner of a square face shape, the length of your face is about the same as the width. In addition to this, your jaw line and hairline widths are more or less even. Well, do you know how to contour square face? Then keep up with us.

  • The first thing to do would be to apply bronzer not along your hairline, bur only to the sides of it. This makes your forehead seem narrower than it actually is.
  • The next step would be jaw line. Try to blend bronzer under it in order to make it also narrow. And, of course, cheek bones as usual.
  • Where would you apply highlighter? This is much easier. Add some matte powder to your forehead, chin, and under the eyes.

How To Contour Rectangle Face Shape

A rectangle face shape length is bigger than width. Also, jaw line and hairline are about the same. Want to find out how to contour rectangle face? These tips will be your holy grail.

  • Firstly, apply some bronzer along the hairline and to the sides of the forehead. This creates an allusion of a low hair line and a narrow forehead. In order to make the jaw line also narrow, blend your bronzer under it.
  • Cheek bones are contoured as usual.
  • Highlighter should be applied to the chin and under the eyes.
  • Add a bit of shimmering or matte highlighter to the brow bone.

How To Contour Diamond Face Shape

As for a diamond face shape, its hairline is narrower than cheeks. The length of your face is bigger than width and you have a pointed chin. Is this totally describing your face? Then read our tips on how to contour diamond face.

Contouring this face shape is probably the easiest of all. The only thing you have to contour is cheek bones. Do not even dare to touch your forehead or jaw line with bronzer.

Defined cheek bones are all you need with a diamond face shape. But you require more highlighting. Matte powder should be applied to the following places: the brow bone, under the eyes in the shape of a triangle, centre of the forehead and centre of your chin. This will make your face appear broader in the parts where it needs it.

How To Contour Heart Face Shape

Heart face shape owners have the following features. Your hairline is narrower than your cheeks and you have a pointed chin. You may also have a widow’s peak. So, how to contour heart face? We will tell you.

Start contouring from the sides of the forehead down to your cheek bones.

  • Then take a bit more bronzer and start defining your cheek bones from the ears to the centre of the cheeks. To make your chin softer, add a bit of bronzer under it.
  • Apply highlighting powder underneath your eyes in the triangular shape, to the centre of your forehead and to the centre of your chin to make these areas broader than they naturally are.

How To Apply Makeup Contour Like A Pro

For those who are more advanced in contouring, we compiled professional contouring makeup tips to take their makeup skills to a new level. So, if you want to have your contour at its finest, read our tips on how to apply makeup contour like a professional makeup artist.

1. As a rule, makeup artists also contour noses. This totally changes the way your face look looks. But how to do it and what are the best contouring makeup products for your nose? Here is the only answer – creams. You will also need a small brush to accomplish this. Take some product on your brush and start drawing painting a thin line on the side of your nose. Do the same with the second side. The closer the lines are to each other – the thinner your nose will look. You should also remember to bring the lines up to where your eyebrows begin in order to make your nose contour seamless and unnoticeable.

2. The best way to apply creams would be a flat synthetic brush and not the fluffy one. This kind of brush is densely packed and this is why it doesn’t take your product away.

3. Makeup gurus also use a couple of great hacks while blending contour. If you choose to blend your cream or liquid contour with a makeup sponge, dampen it with water and squeeze it out nicely so it doesn’t contain any water that can dilute your makeup. Start blending your contour only with tapping motions and not moving. Also, while blending contour, try bringing it up and not down. In this way you will get the most flawless looking contour.

How To Apply Makeup Contour Like A Pro

4. Makeup artist artists are involved in creating special event makeup looks most of their time, so they definitely know how to make your contour look good on in the photos. Using two techniques textures in contouring – liquid and powder – is the key to extreme contour. Powder product products over the liquid ones help to intensify them and set them in place.

5. Makeup gurus also give advice on how to make your contour stand through the most extreme conditions and last up to 16 hours without touch ups. Backing your face with loose translucent powder is the answer to this question. You need to wait about ten minutes, and your contouring product and powder will melt together and stick to your skin for a long time. Take a fluffy brush and wipe the excess powder away. It is the best way to set your contour in place, and it will definitely stand the test of time.

6. There are also some professional beauty hacks when it comes to backing. Loose translucent powder is applied with a damp sponge. As for the places where it is applied, those are a T-zone, under eyes, and a chin. To put it simply, those are the same places where you applied concealer or a light cream contour.

Contour Makeup Tutorials

7. Makeup artists also apply shimmering highlighter to the top part of cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose and to its tip in order to make the contour razor sharp. A fan brush is the best makeup tool to do this and prevent fallout.

8. You should always keep in mind that contouring is not about your face only. While you are working on your jaw line, go down a little and slim down your neck. Just add some darker powder along the length of your jaw and around your chin and then blend everything gently not to ruin the look.

9. Bear in mind that your complexion matters greatly. That is why you should remember that if you have dark skin, you should in no case use anything with yellow undertones to highlight your face with!

10. The same rule applies to a highlighter. Steer clear from opalescent and peach highlighter shades because they will look chalky and ashy on a darker skin tone.


Let us be honest, nude lipstick in an ideal shade is not that easy to find. It is tricky, and many women agree with this statement. So, why not clear everything here and now?

Professional makeup artists recommend picking a nude lip color that is a softer variant of your lip color. Thus, if you wish to find the nude that is true to you, go for a matchy-matchy effect with your lips. Nature already figured out what was best for you. However, your complexion should be taken into account, as well. And we have some useful advice. So, read on to learn which nude shades will work best for the tone of your skin.

Perfect Nude Lipstick Shades For Deep Warm Complexion









In case you have a deep warm complexion and keep asking yourself, ‘which lipstick color suits me,’ we are more than happy to help you out. Makeup artists recommend going for sheer gloss. If you are an African American, then when it comes to makeup, your aim is to play with shadows and highlights in order to develop definition. This strategy will ensure that your makeup flatters you the most. For instance, a shade of nude that is lighter than the complexion you have will make your face appear brighter, which will have quite a refreshing effect. Just stick to the glossy formula to look more natural.

Nude Lipstick Shades For Warm Tan Complexion









In case your complexion is warm tan, you are just like Rihanna. So, you can watch which shades of lipstick she wears and try them, too. And luckily, it can be done so easily nowadays. You can just follow her on Instagram and see the most complimenting makeup looks for your complexion. But in general, caramel rose that has some silver flecks or rose mauve that has some gold flecks are nude lipstick shades that will appear rather flattering against your warm tan complexion.

Nude Lipstick Shades For Olive Complexion









When it comes to the olive complexion, we can differentiate several tones, and they are light olive, cool olive, and medium olive. Now let us talk about the ideal natural lip color enhancer for each of these complexions.

  • If your complexion is light olive, professional makeup artists advise you to go for lipstick in caramel-beige that is a bit darker, comparing to your complexion. And bear in mind that glossier formulae are more likely to play up that natural warmth of your skin tone.
  • Babes whose complexion is cool olive have much versatility available when choosing natural looking lipstick shades. However, there is one thing you need to ensure: the hue you pick shouldn’t make the lips disappear. So, it’s better to opt for either a lighter or a darker hue of nude, but not the one that matches your skin tone completely.
  • What about babes with a medium olive complexion? You should probably find a shade of nude with pinkish undertones, but it should be lighter, comparing to your complexion. Thus, the lipstick will kind of add some separation between your skin and your lips.

Natural Lipstick Colors For Warm Caramel Skin Tone









When looking for the best natural looking lipstick colors, babes who have a warm caramel complexion would better avoid the shades that appear too intense. Instead, try finding the perfect balance between caramel and beige. And to make your lips stand out, just add some liner and gloss.

Natural Lipstick Shades For Warm Light Complexion









Luckily, it is not that difficult to pick the most flattering natural lip color for fair skin with warm undertones. Just go for a shade of nude that has warmer undertones, as well. Makeup artists reassure that you can rock beige and you can also rock pink without any hesitation. And more pigment is totally acceptable for your complexion, which is great news

Natural Lipstick Colors For Fair Skin Tone







Is your complexion fair? Christina Hendricks has a similar complexion. Well, we can tell you for sure that dusty and soft pink is just right for you. However, never ever opt for an extra beige shade unless it’s Halloween and looking like a corpse is the exact result that you expect. Just stick to sheer formulae and try to avoid extremely opaque flat hues of nude.

Stunning Nude Shades For Perfect Lip Makeup








You can choose for a colour that matches your natural lip – adding just a bit of definition – or have a bit of extra fun with it, going for a nude pink, peach or brown.

Newest Nude Lipstick Shades








We hope that this info is super useful and now you know for sure which shades of nude will work great for your complexion. We have more interesting info on our website, check it out!


Black lipstick is daring and not every woman knows how to pull it off not to resemble some fairy-tale character. Even though we only start getting used to the trend, in reality, it has been around for as long as several thousand years. Women in Ancient Egypt knew how to rock this shade, so it’s more classic than you think. But let’s talk about pulling it off today. And let’s move from the general black lipstick tips to the specific application advice.

First of all, your lips will do the talking. So, stay away from bold colors for your eye makeup for black lipstick. Otherwise, you risk at looking like you’re going to a Halloween party. For example, pair dark lipstick with mascara and maybe some eyeliner plus blush.

The great news is that black lipstick looks pretty good on anyone. If we are talking about jet black lipstick like black lipstick Mac or black lipstick NYX. So, if you wonder how to wear black lipstick on dark skin or medium skin, you definitely have nothing to worry about. However, jet black hues might appear terrifically severe against lighter skin tones. So, you will have to opt for blotting it down in this case.

However, keep in mind that the glossy finish will need more maintenance. Keep the liner or lip gloss in the purse in order to reapply it during the day.

Now when you know the basics, let’s see the pics that will demonstrate you how to wear black lipstick without looking goth.

Lips Makeup Ideas In Black Shades








One more important thing to consider: black lipstick outfits.
Well, it might sound surprising, but actually, a black lipstick girl can sport practically any outfit because this dark lipstick shade is quite versatile. In case you wonder how to wear black lipstick casually, opt for denim and relaxed knitwear. And for the night, pair such lipstick with a classic black dress, for example.

Tips On Wearing Black Lipstick








And here are some tips on wearing black lipstick in public. Remember, precision will help you sport this striking lip color in the most beautiful manner. How to achieve precision?

  1. Exfoliate your lips. Exfoliate the lips gently, using lip scrub or a toothbrush that is soft. Thus, you will succeed in getting rid of flakes or dead skin.
  2. Moisturize your lips. This step is important because even the best black liquid lipstick will only amplify such flaws as chapped or dry lips. So, after exfoliating, apply moisturizer or lip balm. Let the lips absorb the product or the liner might slide.
  3. Line your lips. The line must be precise. Remember that dull pencils make disproportioned and thick lines, so sharpen the pencil before lining. And black eyeliner can easily replace lip liner as, let’s be honest, even a professional Mac lipstick set might not include black lip liner. When applying the liner, it is advisable to follow the natural line of your lips. Or, if you do not wish to use eyeliner, clear lip liner will work, too. The liner helps make the lipstick stay put. Plus, in case you do not put on such lipstick often, why spend money on black lip liner?

Glam Makeup Ideas With Black Lipstick










  • Apply another layer of liner. Use either the pencil or the dark lipstick. If it’s lipstick, apply it using a brush not to step out of the original line. Keep cotton swabs at hand in case of making mistakes. Correct it at once instead of painting over it.
  • Add some glossy finish if you wish. Surely, if you have the best matte black lipstick, you might wish to skip this step. But if you don’t, the glossy effect might come in handy. Just add little lip gloss to the center of the lips. Next, purse the lips and then spread that gloss all over.

Black Matte Lipstick








A matte finish is pretty popular these days, and there are many black lipstick brands that offer matte finishes. And luckily, the prices are quite flexible. Thus, you can find less expensive black matte lipstick Walmart or drugstore black lipstick. And you can find more expensive brands like Mac lipstick matte or NYX lipstick matte. The choice is yours.

Soft Eyes With Bold Lips Makeup Looks









If resembling an elf or goth is not your intention, do not apply much makeup to your eyes. As you can see, these pics show that this daring lip color will appear not so striking when the eye makeup is soft.

Black Lipstick With Festive Accent








In case there is a special occasion ahead, you can go as wild as you can. Do black lips seem to be not enough daring for you? Add gold liner or shimmer effect for a look that will definitely turn heads. You will be the hit!

Amazing Makeup Looks With Black Lipstick









Here you can see glammed up makeup looks with black lips that would be more appropriate for special occasions or nights out because they are quite bright. If you plan on wearing black lipstick to school or work though, this amount of makeup might be excessive.

How To Wear Black Lipstick For Any Occasion









We hope that our tips are helpful and now you can put on coal lipstick without any hesitation. Visit us every time you wish to learn something interesting.