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Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

No wedding feels truly complete without wedding decorations. However simple they may be, your decorations can turn a special event into the magical, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you’ve always dreamed of. Now, wedding decorations don’t come easy, they requires a lot of thought and deliberate preparation. So before you go out there and scout your wedding decorations, equip yourself with some basic décor knowledge.

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

Wedding Decoration Ideas 2020

What Bridal Gown Trends are Brides Looking for in 2019

The Most Popular Bridal Gown Trends in 2019– 2020

This season the trend is dramatic – voluminous skirts, massive accessories and large jewelry. Looking for top trends of wedding fashion in 2019, we can conclude that to create a new trend, designers combined the trends of the past and present. It turned out something in between, a kind of middle ground to which the designers added new original solutions. So, what’s popular in the wedding gown style in 2019?

Volume and Bows – New Trends in Bridal Dresses

Lush ball gowns with layered skirts are getting back to fashion. Multilayered skirts with both flat and designed in the most bizarre forms are in trend now. Fashionistas admire these wedding dresses because they do not hesitate to break stereotypes. If you are among such girls, then your choice is one of such original dresses! Today’s fashionable bows will remain in trend for the next season. These bows will take a sculptural form and will be inserted into the most unexpected points of the dress: for example, on low backs or along with necklines.

Pearls, more Pearls!

The trend for pearls has spilled over from jewelry to wedding dresses. The pearl beads with which the dress is embroidered from give additional shine add texture. The shine is not blinding, but rather natural, emphasizing the shining eyes of the bride-to-be.

Wedding Dresses with Open Back


Brides-to-be, who choose a chic wedding dress with an open back, perfectly know the psychology of a modern man and have a fine appreciation of the incomprehensible desire of men to protect and preserve their lady’s heart. After all, it is this thoughtful zest that will allow you to demonstrate the royal posture and gentle grace of sincere femininity.

If you choose one of the wedding dresses with open back gather and raise your hair in a high hairstyle, otherwise they will simply hide the whole highlight of the dress.

A beautiful, slender back is in itself an adornment of a young bride. But why not give her extra charm? Long strands of pearls or elegant chainlets that go down to the shoulder-blades, necklaces with satin ribbons instead of clasps, the ends of which will friskily lie on the back, will make the bride’s image delicate and sensual. The trendy wedding dress will make fall in love with all the guests at the wedding ceremony. The idea of ​​the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld is interesting: he offers to decorate the back with pearl stickers – an elegant trick that will surely not leave the bride without attention.

New Color Schemes

Colored wedding dresses are apart of modern wedding fashion! Bridal trends in 2019 include different shades of blue (from saturated to delicate translucent) and metallic (silver, gold, champagne, pink gold). The combination of white lace with a blue base deserves special attention.

Wedding Jackets

Wedding jackets are not such a novelty when it comes to costumes in which this piece of clothing is the top of the outfit. But the designers went further – now they offer a wedding jacket as an accessory to the dress. And not only a jacket – along translucent wedding dress shield will not only bring a touch of originality but will become an alternative to the train, floating behind the bride.


Top inspirational teen bedroom ideas for girls can be found here. They will definitely come in handy when you decide to design your kid’s bedroom.

When choosing the perfect bedroom design, keep in mind that it should have a thoughtful layout. Teenagers are quite demanding when it comes to any changes in their room. But as a general rule, include in your teen’s room the following things: much storage space, a comfy sleeping bed, a study place with enough light, and a stylish touch.

Now let’s explore some bedroom ideas for your girl. And you can find tips on how to make your redecoration more affordable on the last page.

Boho Teenage Girl Bedroom Idea

Nowadays teenagers are well aware of the current trends and design-conscious. Your teen will appreciate if you let her feel that her room is her mini apartment where she can spend time with comfort. And expressing her personality is important for her too.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

If your teen girl’s room is not big, go for bunk beds. This type of a bed is not that big and thus space-saving. Here you can see that when folded, this bed occupies little space.

Cozy And Simple Teen Bedroom Idea

It’s one of the coziest teen bedroom ideas we have ever seen. Do you know that makes it so cozy? The involvement of soft fabrics and even fur plus pastel colors.

How To Add A Bright Color To Your Teen Bedroom

If you want your teen’s room to be unique, let her add wall decals to her taste. A high energy place is something that many teens like. And bright accents on walls can help achieve that effect.

Decorating Small Bedrooms For a Teenager

Here you can see one of the smartest teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms. Look close to it: every décor element does a good space-saving job. And light colors make the room visually bigger.

Cool Teen Bedroom Idea In Pastel Colors

For your girl, her teen bedroom is more than a space to sleep in. It’s the time when she starts exploring her independence. So, she will use this room to hang out, lounge with her friends, and study. The stylish design shown here will work great for all these purposes.

Modern Teen Bedroom With Throw Pillows

If you want to add some accents to the room design, you can always incorporate throw pillows in it. Whenever needed, pillows can be easily replaced. It won’t take much time or money.

Cute Colorful Teen Bedroom Idea

Every teenage girl has her dream bedroom design. Of course, tastes differ. But in general, it is a room that will express her creative self. With imaginative and bold elements like these, her room will surely stand out

Easy And Clever Teen Bedroom Idea

When thinking about teen bedroom ideas, do not underestimate the value of clever storage space. She will need space for her books, clothes, makeup, and other personal things.

Cool And Calm Teen Room Design Ideas

When considering the room design for your teen girl, it’s a nice idea to focus on lighter shades. As you know, bright and screaming colors are more aggressive, fit for mental activity, not relaxation.

Cozy Teen Bedroom With A Platform Bed

Buy your teen girl a platform bed, and her room will become cozier instantly. Subdued lighting, as well as warm pinks and peaches, only add on to this effect.

Stylish Teen Girl’s Bedroom Idea

Your teen girl will definitely say thank you if you add some interesting and expressive design element to her bedroom décor. It could be anything, starting with a lamp, and ending with a bin.

Minimalistic Teen Bedroom Idea

When decorating small bedrooms for teenager, it would be wise to go for the minimalism style. A small number of decorative elements will let the room seem not tiny. As opposed to heavy décor.

Cute Vintage Teen Bedroom Idea

Just look at this stunning vintage bedroom idea with the bed used as a focal point. In case your teen girl is fond of vintage things, she will really love this decorating idea.

Cozy Teen Bedroom Idea With Lights

Just look at this teen room idea in pinks and with decorative lights. How cozy and sweet it is. Pink fur complements a pink blanket quite nicely. And even the walls are painted in subtle pink. So girly!

Glam Teen Bedroom Idea

Teen bedroom themes list is really huge, and the glam theme is at the top of the most popular and cool themes. If your girl is really into glam, go for it! Her girlfriends will envy her.

Cute Modern Teen Bedroom For Girls

Think about the wall color and décor of your girl’s room. If the colors are relatively simple, you can add some posters, a mirror, and shelves as seen here. Be creative!

Cheap Ways To Decorate A Teenage Girl Bedroom

Looking for cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl bedroom? Follow our tips.

  1. Start with furnishing. Do you know that you can easily get inexpensive yet quality furniture? Go for the vintage-style furniture. You can find it on flea markets and estate sales. Then you can either leave it as it is or paint it.
  2. Think about the bedding in advance. You will save money if you pick the wall paint to fit the bedding, not vice versa.
  3. Let the wall design pop. It’s cheaper to decorate plain walls with some cute little décor pieces than opt for some exceptional wall décor created by professionals.
  4. Buy a rug. A rug can cover the modest design of your teen’s floor. Thus, you won’t have to splurge on the new wood flooring. Just avoid natural materials as they can shed easily or just be too rough.
  5. Add some DIY elements. For example, create pillow cases, using some old blankets, drapes, or clothes.

Do you like these teen bedroom ideas? We think that they are truly adorable and, what’s also important, functional. More inspo is waiting for you on our blog.



Do you like yellow flowers? We think that everyone does. And there`s nothing strange about it. After a cold, gloomy winter, we dream about more sunlight that will give us energy and refresh us for the whole year ahead. We associate yellow with the Sun and that`s why more and more often we make the choice in favor of such color.

We believe that surrounding ourselves with spring flowers is the key to having the best mood possible. So, don`t hesitate and pick some for yourself. A smile will for sure appear on your face every time you set your attention on them.

Beautiful flowers with a yellow tint in them are necessary for those who crave vitamin D. No, unfortunately, you won`t get it from yellow colored flowers, but at least your soul will be filled with brightness and warmth.

More Narcissuses For A Spring Mood

























Gorgeous Rose – Queen Of Flowers

























There is a great popularity of red roses all around the world. People consider them to be the flowers of love, but why don`t you take yellow colored ones and make them the flowers of happiness? Roses are so beautiful in any form and color, but yellow ones will make you smile wider for sure. A bud of curved fragile petals will look so beautiful in a color that reminds a day full of sunlight, so don`t hesitate and pick these ones for yourself.

Tulip – One Of The Best Spring Flowers








Tulips are considered to be the flowers of spring and we don`t find this fact strange at all. They appear at the beginning of such a beautiful season and give a breath of warmth and color to our exhausted from winter souls. We think that tulips are a great symbol of warmth. Especially yellow ones that bring so much color to our lives. So, don`t forget to treat yourself with some tulip yellow flowers that will give you a great sign of starting a new page of your life filled with new memories and more energy.

Funny Sunflowers For A Nice Day






Among all yellow flowers images and names, a sunflower is definitely standing out. Why? Just the part of the word with “Sun” gives us a true idea what this flower will bring us. The Sun always gives us warmth, happiness, energy, and peace, so add the word “flower” to this word and the result wouldn`t change at all. Such a juicy yellow color will fill your life with joy and love.

Mimosa Yellow Flowers To Feel Harmony

























If you are looking through yellow flowers bouquet images, you may notice a kind of flower that doesn`t look like any other. Yellow mimosa flowers are definitely special. More and more people choose them to become the part of their holiday decorations or just for the part of their home décor. We know the reason why. Such a bloom full of little flowers gives a delicate appearance to the whole composition around it. Everything seems so beautiful and fragile as if it could be broken easily. No wonder this flower is called a sensible one.

Beautiful Flowers Of Dahlia








In the catalog of yellow flowers images, this amazing flower seems so surreal. You may not believe it really exists at first but then you just start appreciating it as a great miracle. Beautiful flowers of Dahlia are really one of a kind. They can be of different shapes and sizes with different types of petals. So, when you will have them on your table, just look at them and notice how much they look like a painting that has come to life.

Black Eyed Susan: Beauty Is In Simplicity








There are so many types of yellow flowers that we have already told you about. There is a simple Black Eyed Susan flower that is still on the list. With its purity, brightness and color, it reminds of a sunflower so much. However, the petals are longer, thinner and are set wider. Small and beautiful, they will cheer you up at onc

Lovely Ranunculus For The Sweetest Bouquets








In our opinion, yellow ranunculus flowers are really special and will suit your idea to show your loved ones how special they are to you easily. Of an amazing round shape, they look so great with their slightly imperfect wavy petals that form the flower. Yellow colored ones will bring a great mood to the person you give them to, so just pick them up and spread your love with their help.






A rose gold color is what we all start seeing everywhere we go. Its popularity started growing in past few years and it doesn`t seem to stop. However, it was not always like this as, first, a rose-gold color was introduced only to jewelry by mixing solid gold with other metals. As soon as this combination appeared on the market it started spreading to other items. Clothes, shoes, makeup palettes, nail polishes, even phones can now be found in such a color after it has become so trendy. And as for us, there`s nothing strange about it getting so popular as it suits everyone and looks great with nearly everything. Want to look stylish without putting much effort? Then make rose-gold present in your life.

Rose Gold Rings Designs










Have you noticed how fast rose gold jewelry has become a trend and then quickly become a new classic? Such a beautiful color appeared in jewelry stores and made people`s hearts melt immediately. As this color origins from a mixture of yellow gold with other metals, we believe that it is necessary to have at least one piece of rose-gold jewelry. Why don`t you start with a rose-gold ring? Such rings will become a great alternative for those who want to bring something colorful to their daily lives. They will look good on every skin tone and will match other metals really well.

Rose Gold Makeup Ideas










There are so many ways to rock it in makeup. You can use it for eyes as the main color, to create a cut crease, to add some color to your smoky eye or just to make your eyes pop by smoking your lower lash line with it. Not ready to experiment with your eyes? Then choose some rose-gold highlighter to amaze people as soon as the sun starts putting its rays on your face or add some definition to your lips with adding metallic rose-gold topper to your favorite lipstick. Rose-gold is a great choice for anyone as it flatters any skin color. It will be great for your daily routine as well as nights out, you need to try and make sure by yourself.

Rose Gold Hair Shades










It can look intense too, but it can also be as subtle as possible. Everything depends on what you and your hairdresser will find for you. Peachy or washed out rose-gold will be great for those who are fed up with their blonde hair and want a bit of change but not too much. You can also add some highlights and dye only a few strokes of your hair. Ombre with rose-gold is definitely an option for girls who don`t want to ruin their natural hair color but want to try something new. Choose the way you want your hair to become rose-gold and enjoy it as much as possible.

Rose Gold Shades For The Perfect Manicure










Rose-gold color nail paint is what girls choose this year more and more. Of course, as it looks so well on the tips of your fingers. A combination of baby pink with rose-gold is a bomb! And the best about it is that rose-gold can be in as many variations as possible. From glitter and foil to polishing. Any design your heart desires can be chosen. In our opinion, rose-gold is a must to try at least once no matter what time of the year as it will suit any occasion and season.

Rose Gold Dresses Designs










Rose Gold Color For Wedding Inspiration










What you should keep in mind is that rose gold is not only a color for your daily life. You can also associate with one of the biggest events in your life. A rose-gold themed wedding is a must for those who want to choose something different, subtle and at the same time stylish and romantic. Just think how cute and chic it will look for such a huge love party. From tables with sweets, dresses of bridesmaids, details and decor, you can make everything look stunning with such a color choice.

Rose Gold Accessorias










For sure, this beautiful accessorias will stand out among others, being even more special for you than it is already. In a combination with right outfits, rose-gold is something that can`t be missed. So, don`t hesitate and pick it for your useful items as soon as you have such an opportunity.

Rose Gold Makeup Brushes










In recent years rose gold became such a huge thing that nearly every makeup brand has a collection which is dedicated to it. And of course, we are not against it. Such a beautiful color used in such different variations is what we needed for sure. Makeup brushes are all available now in rose-gold to make you feel like a goddess.