Why do we love blue flowers and what they can give us? Blue is the color of the sky, the color of tranquility, of something heavenly beautiful. Light blue is the color often associated with calmness and peace. And while a saying “feeling blue” can be related to sadness, melancholy or mourning, – the famous and loved by many people blues style in music got its inspiration from all those feeling, and blues music no doubt has its own charm and beauty.

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The blue color is not only the color of the sky, it’s also the color that can be found in a lot of flowers that can adorn your garden, used for home decoration or in various bouquets. Here are the most gorgeous blue flowers in the world.

1. Blue Hydrangea

This flower with large flowerheads looks absolutely stunning! These flowers are blooming from early spring to late autumn. The flowers are best cultivated in porous and moist soil. They prefer full sun, but they will bloom in partial shade as well. It’s better to plant these flowers in spring or autumn. Water them regularly; if the soil in your garden is sandy, you might use some fertilizers. With some proper care, you’ll enjoy admiring these beautiful flowers every day.

These blue flowers will also look great in every home bringing some light and calmness into the interior.

And if you are going for a birthday party and your friend’s or relative’s favorite color is blue, why not make them happy with the beautiful bouquet made from blue hydrangea?

2. Perennial Geranium

This magnificent flower can bloom from June to first frosts giving you a chance to watch this beauty again and again. It needs to be planted on the full sun areas in moist and well-drained soil. Apart from that, these plants are very tough and adaptable meaning you will not have to spend too much time on caring about them, and so with minimum care you can have a beautifully decorated garden.

3. Delphinium

This flower comes in all shades of blue, from the lightest to the darkest ones. It’s very nicely shaped and can create fun and carefree atmosphere. But you should know that these flowers like mild weather. It’s better to plant them in humus-rich organic soil.

These flowers also look perfect in bouquets, either in combination with other flowers or on their own.

4. Brunnera

The flower starts blooming with heart-shaped leaves in spring. Even though it might look rather simple at first sight, the flower has its own beauty creating very peaceful and even jolly mood, so don’t get tricked by first impressions. Besides, these flowers can be easily paired with some other plants and aren’t difficult at all to take care of.

5. Grape Hyacinth

This plant blooms in spring producing clusters of blue flowers that can remind that of the grape. This flower is associated with rebirth and symbolizes trust. It can become great accomplishment to your garden and will make you smile every time you look at this beauty.

You can decorate your home with these flowers to feel more joyful or make them into a perfect bouquet.

6. Clematis

Clematis is perfect for creating some ornaments in your garden. It’s a perfect symbol of courage and faithfulness. With some good treatment, clematis can bloom throughout the growing season. It prefers the sun but it’s better to keep the roots in slight shadow, so it can be planted at the base of another plant.

7. Bluestar

This amazing flower starts blooming in late spring. Its beautiful clusters of blue flowers give the sense of peace and calmness that you can enjoy by having the flowers in your garden. This flower is self-seeding so you can have lots of them without any extra efforts. And if you want to avoid their spreading, don’t forget to remove them before they mature.

8. Lead Plant


This is the kind of the flower that spreads easily on the ground. It continues blooming even in late autumn adorning the garden with heavenly beauty. Besides, this flower can still bloom in shade, probably, not as fast as in the sun, but you’ll still be able to appreciate its beauty.

9. Bellflower

As the name itself suggests, these flowers have the shape of the bell and look astounding. They come in all varieties and in different shades of blue. The flowers look as if they ‘came’ from some fairy-tale and create the mood of mystery and sheer astonishment.

They are perfect for home decoration or for making bouquets. Indeed, who wouldn’t like to admire such beauty at home?

10. Salvia

These flowers usually attract hummingbirds, and what can be more mesmerizing that having these flowers and birds in your garden? Besides, they are heat and drought resistant, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the changing weather condition and how the flowers might react to it.

And these flowers can bring life to the walls of the house, they will bring radiance and create positive mood all around.

11. Balloon Flower

These balloon-shaped flowers create the atmosphere of lightness and easiness. Bring them to your garden, and you’ll soon forget about any problems you might have. They do need full sun and well-drained soil, so choose the appropriate place for planting them.

12. Aster

Asters are commonly known to be almost the last flowers to bloom, – so if you are a great lover of flowers, consider them having in the garden, as you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty at the time when most flowers aren’t blooming. Besides, they are perfect for home decoration and will bring happiness to your house.

13. Morning Glory

This plant is extremely easy to grow from seed and it can also self-seed. They require the full sun, so make sure to find a good spot for them in the garden. They will start flowering only after a few months after you have planted the seeds, so be patient. But these sky blue flowers are definitely worth having in the garden. It’s for a reason that they are loved by generations of gardeners.

14. Hibiscus Flower

Blue hibiscus flowers are not very common, and this is one of the reasons why they look so mysterious and exotic. They have the delicate beauty noticeable by everyone who looks at them. They will turn your garden into a precious pearl enjoyed by all the visitors. Its splendor is just enigmatic and unattainable.

15. Iris

This flower takes its name after the Greek goddess who rode rainbows, so it’s indeed a heavenly plant. This flower is often associated with faith and hope. They mostly flower in early summer giving hope and beauty to the beholder. They need to have enough sun, otherwise, they won’t bloom, so consider it and find the best spot in your garden for such beautiful flowers. You can also decorate your home with them and enjoy their splendor. You can also create splendid bouquets with these flowers and present your significant ones with it to show your love and care.

16. Violet Flower

Violets usually have asymmetrical flowers and heart-shaped leaves. These flowers were cultivated long time ago and have been appreciated throughout the history. These flowers look very joyful and can cheer everybody up. They will look great not only in the garden but inside the house as well. Its petals can be also used for decorating salads or desserts.

17. Gentian

This is indeed a very beautiful and unique flower. It’s highly attractive for butterflies and humming birds and is often associated with loveliness and femininity. The flowers will create a perfect adornment for your garden as well as the house.

18. Forget-me-not

Forget-me-nots are very charming flowers. They bloom from May to October and cheer up its viewers. They can be often found near streams and brooks, which means that they ‘like’ moisture and humidity. They can spread quickly and easily by self-seeding, and so at times you might remove them from unwanted spaces. Such flowers can add to the home decor, and surely everyone will remember their beauty and smell.

19. Bachelor Button Flower – Cornflower

Long time ago bachelors used to wear these flowers to show their love for the beloved, and if the love isn’t mutual, the flower would die soon. These days, the flower has become a symbol of delicacy and hope in love. It’s very easy to grow these flowers, simply plant seeds outdoors in spring and after some time enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the garden, home or make a splendid bouquet for your beloved one.

20. Blue Orchid

Orchids come in all shapes and colors, but there is something special about the blue orchid. These flowers are rare which make them even more precious and admirable. Looking at the blue orchid is like looking at the deep ocean; it can make you feel calm and at peace with oneself. This delicate flower requires proper amount of light and special care, but all your efforts will eventually be rewarded.

21. Columbine

This flower is best known for its delicate petals and splendid pattern. When you plant the flowers, consider that the soil shouldn’t be too dry. Also, take into account that blooms will not appear till their second year, so you should stay patient. The flowers come in various colors such a yellow, red, pink, and, of course, blue, and look stunning.


French makeup – what is it? Despite the fact that famous makeup companies are French, that does not mean that French women like to put on tons of makeup every day. The thing is that women in France think that there is nothing better than a little enhancement of their natural beauty. What are their secrets? That is what we are going to talk about today. A good tip is never a waste, right?

Healthy Skin Looks









When it comes to your natural beauty, your skin is the first thing you should take the best care of. That is why moisturizing and face masks for your skin type should not be neglected. Also, you need to make sure that you cleanse your skin every evening, no exceptions! Besides, an overnight mask once a week is what helps French ladies keep their beauty glowing.

Makeup Primer Icons









Makeup primer is that magic base that helps your makeup look smoother and stay on longer. Just massage it slightly into your skin before putting the rest of the makeup on and the perfect look is a step closer. Depending on what type of look you are trying to get, a soft pearly one or perfect velvety matte one, choose your perfect primer and enjoy the French-like beautiful look.

Light Concealing and Foundation









The real Frenchwoman never goes over the edge when it comes to foundation. In case you can’t see your real face under those tons of makeup, either start over or forget about natural look. It is time to forget about heavy contouring and start using powder foundation, since it is easier to achieve a desired look with it.

A Touch of Blush









Just a touch of blush is what French ladies opt for. Remember – what is too much is unacceptable for French perception of beauty. Just a hint will do to add your face that natural glow. It is always better to choose tones that go well with your face tone, and do not forget about blending!

Parisian Eyeliner Styles









Despite the popular eyeliner styles, French women like to do it their way. They use eyeliner only to make their lashes look fuller, only a thin line of liner is required, not more nor less.

Natural Makeup Looks with Black Mascara









All the eye shapes need mascara. Even French ladies wouldn’t dare rejecting this. There may be no liner added but you can’t leave your house without putting mascara on, as simple as that!

Elegant Makeup Ideas with Red Lips









No way you can be considered a French beauty icon, if you do not know how to wear your red lipstick. The rule is to keep it simple, do not let anything else steal the attention from those red lips of yours! Matte red lips go perfectly well with simple makeup and neutral clothing.


Smokey eye tutorial is the most required thing when it comes to the world of beauty. Why is that, what is so special about it? The thing is that when it just originated, it was a mere mixture of two shades, mostly neutral and dark ones, the sole purpose of which was to intensify the drama in your look. Whereas these days there is no shade that can’t be involved into smokey makeup. We can’t say it is a bad thing, since these days looking like no one else is really important. We are here to help you achieve that uniqueness you have been seeking for!

Step by Step Smokey Eye Makeup for Hazel or Green Eyes

























Creating smokey eye for hazel or green eyes is a lot of fun. The thing is that there are so many vivid shades to play around with that it is difficult to choose at once. But we make sure that you won’t get lost in the world of eyeshadow and pick the perfect hues here!

How to Do a Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes

























Playing around with blue eyes may be tricky sometimes, since they are already very deep and beautiful. But in order to help you enhance them, there are few tips we would like to share. When choosing the shades, take into consideration where you are headed.

How to Do Smokey Eye for Girls with Brown Eyes

























It has been said many times already that there is barely anything you can’t pull off with charming brown eyes. But we have decided to make the task even more difficult – we choose to add glitter to your smokey look. Once you follow our steps, you will look as stunning, we promise you that!


Have you ever wondered how to do makeup so that it is flawless? To tell you the truth, there is nothing complex about that. All you need is the right products at hand. Finding the ideal products may take a while but the result will be totally worth it.

Easy Makeup Contouring Tutorials


















We gathered a few makeup tips to make your life easier. First and foremost, always clean your face before putting on makeup. Washing your face is your key to success!

Lips Makeup Ideas Step by Step


















There are countless suggestions on how to apply makeup but whichever you choose you need to bear in mind that moisturizing matters. The better care you take of your skin, the less makeup you will require.

Eye Makeup Tutorials


















If you want to add more expression to your face, just put on eyeshadow. Of course, in order to choose the right tones, you will need to do a little research. But don’t be lazy!

How to Contour Your Nose Like a Pro


















To finish your stunning look, do not forget about the lipstick. It will always add the necessary emphasis to your face. Do not forget that different occasions require different dress codes!

Eyebrow Makeup Tips


















Fill in your eyebrows with light feathery strokes, making sure to accentuate and elongate your eyebrows as much as possible.



Only the trendiest makeup ideas are featured in our photo gallery to give you an idea about new tendencies in the beauty department. And the great news is that ladies with any skin tone, facial features, and hair shade can find really flattering looks here. Plus, these makeup looks are ideal for various kinds of occasions. You’ll be totally amazed at these new makeup tendencies.

Fresh Day to Night Makeup Looks



















One of the most important makeup tips for winter is to apply a moisturizer on a daily basis. It will prevent your skin from becoming dry. Also, make sure that the moisturizer you pick does not contain oil.

Most Popular Day to Night Makeup Ideas



















Whether you opt for bright or natural makeup, you will apply mascara in any case. As for the winter weather, it will be smart to pick mascara and eyeliner that are water-proof. Thus, you will not be afraid of looking funny if it snows.

Glamorous Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas



















As for the lip makeup, it also has some rules for the winter season. We all faced the problem of flaky and cracked winter lips. It is advisable to pick a tinted balm for lips that has SPF.

Cute Makeup Ideas with Eyeliner



















Or, in case the lips are fine, apply moisturizing lipstick. Also, makeup artists advise to stay away from long-wearing or matte lipstick formulas because they tend to be drying.

Easy Romantic Makeup Ideas



















These makeup looks can enhance your beauty in a subtle way and make your image more romantic.

Charming Night Makeup Ideas



















What is the best makeup for a night out? The one that involves some glittery eyeshadow! Either go all-glittery or add just a pop.


Trendy Martin Thornburg Bridal Dresses

Martin Thornburg – a Mon Cheri Collection is a truly glamorous and unique wedding dress line that captures the personality of every bride on her wedding day. Mon Cheri designer Martin Thornburg develops an assortment of fashionable bridal gowns ranging from traditional ball gowns to modern wedding dresses, and couture bridal fashions to more informal wedding designs. Martin Thornburg – a Mon Cheri Collection offers today’s stylish brides with high quality fabrics, hand-beaded Swarovski crystals, and impeccable fit at an affordable price. Shop our collection of Fall 2018 wedding dresses!































Head-turning and dramatic, Cantata is a sleeveless tulle and organza trumpet gown featuring jeweled straps with dangling draped beading, a beaded metallic threaded lace illusion sweetheart bodice with boning, a dropped waistline, a slightly curved V-back, and an asymmetrically ruffled tulle skirt with horsehair trim, scattered appliqués and a chapel train. Separate sweetheart bodice lining included.































Aida is a grand sleeveless tulle and satin full A-line gown offering thin lace and beaded straps, an illusion beaded sequin lace sweetheart bodice with boning and a dropped scalloped waist, a slightly curved back, and a tulle over satin skirt adorned with scattered lace appliques, a scalloped hem and a chapel train. Separate sweetheart bodice lining included.































Textured to perfection, Tallis is a sleeveless corded lace sheath with thin beaded lace straps, a plunging curved V-neckline with an illusion modesty panel, a beaded natural waist, a curved V-back, a scalloped hem and a chapel train.































Just try to peel your eyes away from Coda, an amazing strapless sweetheart lace over tulle, sequined tulle and organza A-line gown featuring a unique allover beaded and embroidered pattern mimicking floral vines. Coda also offers a boned bodice with a slightly curved back, a natural waist, a horsehair hem and a chapel train. Detachable spaghetti and halter straps are included. Separate back modesty panel included.































Lace wedding dress, strapless embroidered lace with hand-beaded accents and tulle over satin A-line wedding dress, softly curved neckline, bodice features hand-beaded jeweled inverted empire waistband, scalloped hemline extends onto chapel length train, detachable spaghetti and halter straps included.































Strapless lace wedding dress, embroidered lace and tulle over memory taffeta trumpet wedding dress, deep sweetheart neckline features hand-beaded illusion modesty piece, delicately beaded and embroidered lace bodice with dropped waistline, matching beaded lace appliqués spill down gathered tulle skirt to chapel length train, detachable spaghetti and halter straps included































Strapless bridal gown with corded lace appliqué and tulle over luxurious satin, A-line silhouette, sweetheart neckline and curved back bodice trimmed with lace edging, hand-beaded lace bodice features uniquely scalloped lace appliqués and a dropped waistline, matching appliqués cascade down to scalloped hemline and chapel length train, detachable spaghetti and halter straps included.































Lace wedding dresses with cap sleeves, corded lace appliqué and tulle over soft satin slim A-line cage wedding dress with lace cap sleeves, tulle and corded lace appliquéd deep Queen Anne neckline, sweetheart bodice adorned with hand-beaded jeweled motif and corded lace, scalloped lace open keyhole back bodice with double covered buttons, soft satin slim underskirt with sweep train, tulle and matching lace appliquéd cage overskirt with scalloped hem features eyelash trim and chapel train.































Off the shoulder wedding dress with embroidered Venise lace appliqué, tulle and organza over satin trumpet gown with illusion lace cap sleeves, deep sweetheart neckline, illusion lace low back bodice with crystal button closures, dropped waist, scalloped hemline, chapel length train.































Two-piece wedding dress set, strapless embroidered Schiffli lace over satin short sheath features a deep plunging scalloped sweetheart neckline with illusion modesty panel and a scalloped hem, separate detachable split front sheer tulle A-line overskirt with sweep train, detachable spaghetti and halter straps included.































Strapless gazar organza over satin ball gown with sweetheart neckline, bodice encrusted with crystal hand-beading, slight dropped waist, dipped back with crystal buttons that trail down skirt and chapel length train, detachable spaghetti and halter straps included.































Strapless tulle and organza full A-line gown with sweetheart neckline, soft Venise lace appliqués and hand-beaded embroidery adorn bodice and vertically cascade down skirt, V-back, chapel length train, detachable spaghetti and halter straps included.


Makeup tips are so helpful. As women, we want to look beautiful every day, more for ourselves than anyone else. However, it’s only natural to want to look super-sexy for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Every girl wants to look her best on Valentine’s Day whether she has a romantic evening planned with her honey or a fun night out with the girls. We want to look our best from hair to makeup to clothing and accessories.

Normally, unless it’s a special occasion, many women prefer natural makeup to simply enhance their features. But on special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, we want to go all out. The following article will give you helpful makeup tips so you can achieve that super sexy look on Valentine’s Day and turn heads wherever you go.

1. Exfoliate









You should exfoliate your skin at least once a week with a facial peel that contains salicylic, glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids. Or you can easily make a face mask at home with a few basic, natural ingredients. Thus, your skin will look more radiant and healthier after just a few applications.

2. Moisturize









It is essential to moisturize every day to keep your skin looking soft and supple. A great way to hydrate your skin is to drink plenty of water. However, you need a quality moisturizing product, as well. There are so many quality moisturizers available these days and you can even opt for a scented lotion like the ones you can find at Bath & Body works or Victoria’s Secret. Make sure to smell awesome for that special someone! And what’s better than a lotion that not only soothes your skin, but smells sweet and sexy, as well?

3. Primer









Even if face primer is not a part of your daily facial routine, it is a must for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Primer work to even out and smooth your skin tone prior to applying foundation and/or concealer. It also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores. You will notice how smoothly your foundation will glide over your skin once you have applied qualitative primer.

4. Foundation









Every woman wants a flawless complexion and foundation is one of the best ways to achieve this look. You should choose a foundation that is only slightly lighter than your natural skin color. And use a large soft brush to apply the bronzer to your face and lightly dust it on. Nobody wants their face to look caked with thick foundation, especially on a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s’ Day!

If you want a sultrier look, you can lightly spritz a moisturizing spray over your face once your makeup is fully applied. You can even carry a mini spray in your purse to reapply during the evening to maintain your super sexy look!

5. Blush









Even if you don’t normally wear blusher, never underestimate the power of rosy cheeks. Cream formulas are most effective if you want a more natural look as they go sheer and are easiest to blend. To find the shade of blush that best suits your natural skin tone, pinch your cheeks ever so gently and match the blush to that color.

6. Eyelashes









You might not be a fan of curling your lashes, but it does make your lashes look extra sexy. It’s easier than you think and can be perfected with some practice. Using a quality eyelash curler, gently pinch your lashes at the roots and slightly slide along the length, squeezing with a pulse-like motion. Then apply your favorite mascara by wiggling the wand back and forth at the roots of your lashes. Then pull the wand straight up along the length. If you want to elongate and separate your lashes, you should apply three coats. But don’t forget to comb the mascara through while it’s still wet with a clean brush. And for a super sexy look for Valentine’s Day, you can opt for colorful or sparkly mascara.

7. Eyeshadow and Eyeliner









You might want to stray from your everyday natural eye makeup colors and opt for a super sultry look on Valentine’s Day. Don’t be afraid to try bold and daring new colors. There are plenty of sparkly and glittery eye shadows available in both liquid and powder form for a fun and playful look. You can also practice a more dramatic look to define your eyes with darker eyeliner. There are many easy tutorials available online for makeup tips such as how to apply eyeliner as well as some dramatic looks for Valentine’s Day.

This includes sparkly lip glosses and eyeshadow as well as our best under eye concealer.

8. Lips









You should as well as your skin. You can use lip balm that contains alpha hydroxy acid. Also, remember to moisturize using creamy lip balm that contains ingredients such as shea butter and ceramides. Do not opt for heavy waxy formulas, especially those that are flavored as they can actually make your lips even drier.

Of course, you will want to go bold when it comes to lipstick. One rule of thumb, however, is to not go for a shade that will make your look washed out. Try to find a shade that compliments your skin tone. Deep mattes are always sexy. And don’t underestimate the power of a good matching lip liner to make your lips look even fuller!

9. Cleavage









Don’t forget to moisturize the skin on your cleavage, as well. We tend to neglect this area, especially during the colder months. But it’s important to keep all your skin hydrated to prevent dry spots and flaking. If you are wearing an outfit that shows off your cleavage on Valentine’s Day, apply some radiance powder with a big, fluffy brush to make your skin glow!

10. Fragrance


For Valentine’s Day, you might want to avoid your everyday perfume and opt for something a bit sexier. Apply lightly to your pulse points as these give off natural heat that releases the scent. These include your inner elbows, wrists, hollow of your neck and behind your ears and knees. Do not over-apply or your perfume will be overbearing and off-putting!

There you have it, 10 makeup tips for Valentine’s Day as well as any other special occasion. Have fun getting ready for that night. Embrace your inner goddess and go all out sexy for your sweetie!


People consider hazel eyes to be a weird shade of green eyes or another version of brown eyes. While in fact, everything is quite different. Hazel shades are the combination of many colors and it matters greatly which hues you pick to make a particular shade stand out. That is something we are going to talk about today. Are you ready to learn something new about that outstanding eyeshade of yours?

Top Ideas Of The Smokey Makeup For Hazel Eyes

























When it comes to makeup for hazel eyes, you start to understand that there are so many options to choose from that it is pretty easy to get lost. Yet, you should know that copper shades can bring out the green in your eyes, while pink hues best bring amber shades in your eyes.

Festive Ideas For Hazel Eyes Makeup

























Festive hazel eyes makeup is of course about the sparkles, there is no surprise here, but there is something to confess. The thing is that sparkles have not looked as good on any eyes as they do on hazel-shaded ones. See for yourself!

Step By Step Hazel Eyes Makeup Tutorial

























What about hazel eyes makeup tutorial, you may wonder? We couldn’t leave that area undiscovered, for sure. Just pick a shade for today and we will make sure that you will succeed following these easy steps!

Newest Makeup Ideas For Hazel Eyes








Adding glitter or bright colors to your eyes is a definite way to make them stand out. Sparkly eyeshadows would do just that.


Hooded eyes are characterized by featuring an extra layer of skin drooping over the crease. As a result, the lid appears much smaller. The eyes often look drowsy. It might sound terrible, and you might wonder at some point: are hooded eyes attractive?

Even though such eyes do not have typical shape, with some tips on proper makeup, you can make them look super attractive. To prove this, you might have a look at celebrities with hooded eyes, among whom are Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst to name the few.

And if you ask yourself: do I have hooded eyes, simply take a closer look at the crease in your eyelid and try to notice if it’s visible or hidden. If it’s hidden under the brow bone or lid’s upper part, then you have hooded eye shape. And if you already know that you have such eye shape, you might have noticed how difficult it might be to make the eyes pop.

Makeup artists admit that this is the hardest eye shape to work with because the smallest mistake of applying shadow can totally ruin the overall look. So, if you are wondering how to enhance hooded eyes, you might want to check some of the makeup ideas that can help your eyes look beautiful anytime and anywhere.

Cat Eye Makeup Looks For Hooded Eye Shape







Cat eye makeup is perfect for hooded eyes, and here is why: blending the shadow a bit outwards makes your eyes appear longer and lifts them up. Also, since there is not enough space on the upper lid, try to put an accent on the lower lid by using hooded eyes eyeliner. And in case you wonder how to enhance hooded eyes, you can get experimental and elongate the line below the eyes even more.

Sexy Cat Eye Makeup Looks For Hooded Eyes







You may even add some bold colors like purple to neutral toned cat eye. So, if someone is asking: are hooded eyes pretty, show up with the cat makeup, and everyone would admit that such eyes are gorgeous.

Party Smokey Makeup for Hooded Eyes







Smokey eye makeup always looks attractive and mysterious but it requires some time and efforts. Smokey eye makeup for hooded eyes might take even more time, but it’s definitely worth doing it because, as a result of it, you would look unspeakably gorgeous.

Night Smokey Makeup Ideas for Hooded Eyes







The trick is to apply the shadow above the lid. In such case, you’ll manage to create a crease where there isn’t a natural one. You could also use medium-toned eyeshadow for hooded brown eyes to make them pop up. Finish the look with volumizing mascara, and you are ready to impress everyone around.

Natural Hooded Eyes Makeup Ideas







Makeup, in general, can help any woman look mysterious and different all the time. It’s like art, but the pallet is the face, on which you can create any image you want depending on how you feel. Makeup can also help hide some ‘problematic’ zones. So, if you have hooded eyes and are wondering how to fix hooded eyes with makeup, you can simply follow some small tricks and create perfect makeup for hooded eyes.

Soft Makeup Ideas for Hooded Eyes







For example, you should know that shimmery shadow is perfect for such eye shape as it creates the illusion of light where there is typically darkness. With the help of the thin liner, you can create a very nice and refreshing look, which is especially good for daytime as it looks very natural. Apply some mascara to the upper lash line, and you’ll achieve that natural-looking yet beautiful effect.

Easy Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorial







If you are eager to learn how to do your makeup for hooded eyes, you can follow this hooded eyes makeup tutorial and learn some tips on how to do it perfectly and easily.

First of all, you should know that it’s best to apply makeup with your eyes open because it can be hard to find your natural crease with your eyes closed. So, always open up the eyes while doing the makeup even when you are tempted to close them.

Step by Step Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorial







Apply the eyeshadow just above, where you’re marking your crease as opposed to in the natural fold of your eyelid. In such a way, the color will not get lost.

Make sure that you use waterproof mascara. Since the lashes touch the brow bone, typical mascara might smudge, and you should definitely avoid that.

Perfect Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes







If you’re looking to minimize your upper brow bone, stick with matte shades. Such makeup will look great at work or during the daytime.

If you’re more into warmer colors, you should definitely learn how to do smokey eyes for hooded eyes. With some copper hue eyeshadow added, you’ll look irresistible.

You can also create a “cut crease” by applying some eyeshadow, which can fake a higher fold on your eyelid and transform the hooded lid into the makeup masterpiece.

Stunning Eyes Makeup







And here are some more tips on creating perfect makeup for hooded eyes.

1. Never accentuate your natural eye fold. You need a new crease just above the natural one.
2. Use matte eyeshadow as opposed to shimmery underneath your brows to make the brow bone appear smaller.
3. Apply the eyeliner strategically and make it the star of the ‘show.’
4. Learn how to apply mascara properly and take advantage of using waterproof mascara.
5. Experiment with various shades of eyeshadow and never underestimate the proper use of eyeshadow.



Particular eyebrows can instantly help you to have the cared-for look if they’re called up to suit your particular face shape. Let us help you to learn what eyebrow shape is best for your face and how to make them.

Square face with eye makeup will look gorgeous if your arch appear higher: create a peak just above your natural arch and softly blend into the rest of your brow to keep the shape more rounded.

Perfect eyebrows for oval face shape are natural looking — just focus on making them fuller.

First of all, fill in any sparse areas to build a rounder shape, then use a quick setting gel to comb hairs into place, making sure to avoid any angles when styling eyebrows shapes for heart face.

Try to low the arch of the brow in order to make a long face shape shorter.

Curved Eyebrow Shape For Heart Face Shape

This face shape is perfect. You may choose a thin eyebrow pattern with sharp edges. Avoid extremely thin eyebrow patterns, since heart shaped face doesn’t carry this look well. Instead, try to have a medium growth.

Also you may try the trimmed tail pattern on your face. Go for subtle tail ends that do not bulge out much. It creates a nice impact on heart shaped face and looks different than usual.

If you are tired of carrying the same medium, groomed look for long, you still have the option to keep it fuller and rounded. Rounded brow pattern of medium soft angled eyebrow shape focuses on creating an impact with low arch towards the middle.

The Controlled Arch pattern demonstrates the need of heart shaped face to avoid excessive arches and curves. It involves plucking extra hair from the brow line and taming the pattern which lies midway between curved and arched. It is a sure-shot way to create a huge impact, since it increases your style quotient manifolds.

High Arched Eyebrows Shape For Square Face Shape

If you are eager to create the perfect eyebrow natural looking, opt for the soft angled eyebrows with low arch. This eyebrow shape helps in complementing the broad temple of the square face and softens the heavy jaw line.








The straight and clean shape suits perfectly the square face. The broad and heavy jaw line of the square face is perfectly balanced by the eyebrow. The slightly arched eyebrow attained by removing the hair strands in a row helps in maintaining the natural look of the eyebrow.

The S-shaped curved eyebrow helps to soften and accentuate the jaw line. With a straight inner section and a slightly curved outer section, the eyebrow helps to complement the strong facial features of the square face. The peak of the eyebrow arch should be aligned with the widest angle of the jaw. This helps in making the face look little longer and to create the perfect eyebrows.

Choose Soft Arch Eyebrows Shape For Oval Face

The best thing about having an oval face shape is that almost any kind of eyebrow shape is ideal for you. Soft angled eyebrows shape gives a delicate and feminine look. You can choose to get them done in three different arch styles – low, medium and high – or different thickness – ranging from ultra thin to thick – depending on your overall look.







The high eyebrows shapes for oval faces can help to open up the face. Using the natural height of the arch as a reference, create a line from your bottom inner and outer to the top of the arch in small strokes. You can create straight shape by creating a horizontal line across the brow with a slight downward curve to give a natural look.

High And Soft Arched Eyebrows Shapes For Round Face

In this section we’ll highlight the best eyebrow shapes for round face.

Beauties with the round face shape, need such eyebrow shapes that will make the face look thinner. Hard, soft, medium arched eyebrow shapes are suitable for round faces.








A high or arch eyebrow shape elongate the face shape to the maximum. In order to get hard angles keep your brow line straight till the peak and then bend low towards the edges. This eyebrow shape will highlight your eyes, make the face look thinner and also it fit for round face with small eyes.A soft angles eyebrow shape also look good on beauties which have the round face. This kind of brow shape has soft curves and peaks. The arches can even be high or low. Medium arches on a round face look stunning and increase the aesthetics of your face. To create the medium arch draw small strokes from outer to the top brow of the arch. Also medium arches eyebrows fit for round face with big nose.

Straight Brows Shape For Long Face Shape

A long face is gorgeous, and it’s really common. So our goal is to pick the prefect eyebrow shape for long face to make it look shorter. Apply straight horizontal lines that stop the eye moving up and down the face. A flat shape accomplishes this. Its horizontal shape makes the face look shorter.







“A brow with an elongated tail helps to balance out the features of a long-shaped face,” eyebrow-gurus suggest. “A straight brow would go great too because it makes the face look shorter. It’s all about the illusion, and its horizontal shape accomplishes this.”

Naturally Thick Shape For Diamond Face

While there are many advantages of having a diamond-shaped face, the extra width still remains the major problem associated with this face shape. You can certainly find correct eyebrow shapes to make it look less wide.








The best way to decrease the appearance of your sharp facial angles is to sharpen the arcs of your eyebrows. Try to arch your eyebrows in such a way to get the softer look.

It is better to grow your eyebrows full and dark, if you want to divert the attention from your wide face. Opting this eyebrow shape for the diamond face makes your face look less wide.

Rounded browser is perfect for diamond-shaped faces. The rounded shape of eyebrows is a high impact way of creating a perfect balance between one’s wide cheeks and forehead.

Perfect Eyebrows Shapes To Inspire You









Since you are blessed with the perfect face shape, try any of these eyebrow shapes from pictures below. Make the best of your good fortune.