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Top 10 Best Loppers 2020 Reviews & Buyer Guides


If you’ve ever tried to trim the trees or bushes in your yard, then you probably have an idea of what a lopper is. It comes in handy when you have to keep those trees and bushes in check so that you will not only keep your garden looking clean but a safer place to move around as well.

Although some might say that a hand snips is satisfactory enough, the truth is that this tool can hit or miss because it can sometimes be to blunt or too small for the job. What you need is a lopper that is sharp enough to slice through large branches while also being strong enough to cut through them.

There is a wide selection of loppers in the market. They also vary in sizes, depending on the branches that you need to cut or prune. We’ve reviewed 10 different types of loppers to help you choose the right model for your needs.

Fiskars 32-Inch PowerGear LopperFiskars 32-Inch PowerGear Lopper

At 45 dollars, this bypass lopper can multiply leverage using its PowerGear patented gear technology, giving you up to three times more cutting power on every cut. Fiskar has made this tool so that it can easily power through thick branches that traditional gardening loppers and pruners cannot.

This tool has a maximum cutting diameter of two inches. Aside from that, it also has a curved beak that provides extra shearing power, allowing you to cut branches easily, much easier than using ordinary shears.

This lopper has a body that is made of reinforced fiberglass composite materials, which allows for a lighter handle, reducing strain and fatigue while maintaining strength and durability. It also features a bypass blade for clean cuts of vine or branch growth, and its handle is ergonomically designed to fit into your hands.


Corona Compound Action Anvil LopperCorona Compound Action Anvil Lopper

The Corona Compound Action Anvil Lopper is a 32-inch tool that delivers pure cutting power. It is equipped with 8-inch extra-long non-slip foam grips, and it has a 1.5-inch cutting diameter. Also, it features a four-bar compound linkage that multiplies your cutting power to up to three times.

This lopper comes with a PTFE non-stick coated high-carbon steel anvil blade, which is a real cutting machine. Plus, you can sharpen or replace the blade.

This tool’s robust construction and anvil design mean that it is an excellent choice because it can cut through hardwood branches of up to one inch in diameter. For softwood branches, it should be able to slice through the branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

Overall, this product should be a go-to for many gardening enthusiasts out there as it is designed to go through daily wear and tear.


Spear & Jackson 8290RS Anvil LopperSpear & Jackson 8290RS Anvil Lopper

The Spear & Jackson 8290RS Anvil Lopper differs from the Corona Compound Action Anvil Lopper. Instead of using a four-bar compound linkage to connect the head and cut through branches, this anvil lopper utilizes an advanced heavy-duty telescopic ratchet. This feature allows you to cut through branches with short bursts of power, making it an ideal choice for cutting thicker and harder limbs.

The lopper’s PTFE coated SK5 carbon steel upper blade provides long-lasting sharpness while also increasing the blade’s resistance to rust. This tool also comes with a light yet sturdy tubular telescopic aluminum handles, which is ergonomically designed to fit into your hands. Overall, this tool will surely meld into your hands as you use them due to its comfortable handle combined with the soft feel of its non-slip grips.


Tabor Tools GG12 Anvil LopperTabor Tools GG12 Anvil Lopper

This Anvil Lopper can chop through two-inch branches effortlessly. This so-called “King of the Loppers” allows for the fast removal of dry and woody growth, and it is the ideal tool for lengthy work.

Designed for professional-grade work, the Tabor Tools GG12 Anvil Lopper can provide extra leverage as the wide anvil distributes pressure alongside a curved head. Its swiveling anvil, on the other hand, delivers effortless cutting action that is closer to the joint. At the same time, its non-stick upper blade and calculated geometry permit for a smoother, cleaner cut of the branches through optimum force transmission.

Overall, this 30-inch model provides added leverage and power while its 22-inch handles offer comfort and a good grip.


Utopia Home Premium Garden LopperUtopia Home Premium Garden Lopper

Ideal for cutting tree branches and small plants, this 26-inch Garden Lopper is equipped with a high carbon steel blade with a rust-resistant and low-friction coating to help the blade glide through wood and prevent the gum from sticking to the lopper and rendering it useless.

This lopper does not seem to have much to offer in the heavy-duty department. Reviews on this lopper have stated that anything above an inch and it would begin to struggle.

At 15 dollars, this product is great for your average gardener, but don’t expect it to be able to cut through the same things as the Tabor Tools GG12 Anvil Loppers.


MLTools Easy Cut Extendable Bypass LopperMLTools Easy Cut Extendable Bypass Lopper

A common inconvenience experienced by lopper users is its lack of flexibility, especially when your garden needs are different from another. However, the MLTools Extendable Lopper, derived from its name, is an extendable product that has a length of 39 inches. Even with its extendable feature, it does not decrease in firmness as you extend it. Instead, customer reviews have affirmed that it gets stronger as you extend it, catering to your garden’s needs regardless of how far your problems are.

This tool comes with comfort grips to ensure a pleasant user experience. Even with the most heavy-duty task, it is still as comfortable as possible. Its cutting capacity is 1¾ inches thick. This feature makes the product reliable, especially with the help of its built-in ratcheting mechanism that lightens your job by five times.


KSEIBI Extendable Pruning LopperKSEIBI Extendable Pruning Lopper

One of the most effective pruning loppers in the market is the KSEIBI Lopper. Great for heavy-duty tasks, this tool has a mighty Teflon blade that ensures it cuts sharply. It also comes with extendable handles that give you more flexibility and control over your garden and any unwanted branches it may have. Also, it can extend up to 30 inches.

With this product, you can reach high branches and work through bushes closer to the ground with ease due to its versatility. Its blade is coated with non-stick Teflon treatment, which makes it long-term, corrosion-resistant, and easy to maintain.

The product is also designed with grips that make it non-slip and comfortable even when you’re doing heavy-duty tasks. It has a two-inch cutting capability, which makes it even more reliable than some loppers that would have trouble cutting through thick branches.

Designed to be lightweight, the KSEIBI Extendable Pruning Lopper can deliver the ultimate user experience. Plus, it is durable, flexible, and comfortable to use.


Craftsman Compound Action Bypass LopperCraftsman Compound Action Bypass Lopper

Every user wants to save time and energy when working. Well, the Craftsman Compound Action Lopper can provide the full user experience you’ll ever need in a lopper.

This product has expandable handles, which make it easier for you to reach heights you would typically ignore. It is also designed with compound cutting mechanisms that can cut down thick branches and tough twigs with ease, making it an excellent tool for your heavy-duty garden tasks and needs. This tool provides all these benefits without compromising its durability.

The blades are made out of strong carbon steel with PTFE coating to reduce the friction received and provide anti-rust properties. This feature also assures you of its long-term capability to render reliable service. For comfort, it is created with desirable lightweight technology.

One downside for this product is its handles, which are not replaceable. Nonetheless, its durability ensures that this minor drawback won’t hinder its performance.


WOLF-Garten Telescoping Bypass LopperWOLF-Garten Telescoping Bypass Lopper

The Wolf-Garten Power Cut Lopper has a blade made of sturdy German steel, which gives it four times the strength of regular loppers. As such, you can cut thicker branches and twigs with up to 50mm thickness. Plus, it has non-stick, zinc-coated bypass blades that allow you to slice through branches and twigs easily.

This product is widely known for its precise and clean cuts, which is not only useful for your garden’s appearance but the trees’ health as well. The reason is due to the tool’s capability to promote fast healing for your trees. Even with the strength of its blade, it is still designed to be lightweight, weighing only 3.86 pounds. Also, it has adjustable gripping handles, which not only guarantee the long reach of the spears. The handles also built with a soft-lining grip to make your experience more comfortable.

Most companies use large screws on their loppers, but these often cause damage and infection on the trees. Fortunately, the Wolf-Garten lopper uses the smallest and lowest-profile screws, which safely cuts the trees, making your garden more attractive and healthier.


Tabor Tools GG11 Professional LopperTabor Tools GG11 Professional Lopper

The GG11 Professional Lopper by Tabor Tools prides itself with its clean cuts, steel blade, comfort grip, and other features. It can also effortlessly cut through various branches with a thickness of 1½ inches.

This tool delivers precise and clean cuts. As such, it does not only produce a smooth output but healthier plants and trees as well. For its sharp blades, they are made of carbon steel, which means that they stay sharp even after heavy and multiple uses. This tool also has a gliding blade with a low-friction, non-stick coating that makes cutting faster and more comfortable.

As customer reviews have shown, even elderly gardeners and those who have arthritic wrists can still use the product with ease. Plus, its comfortable handles are protected with rubber that provides the user with extra strength and leverage to allow for an effective and efficient process.

This product weighs around 3.73 pounds, categorizing it under the lightweight loppers in the industry. Lastly, ordering at Tabor Tools ensure that customer feedback and worries are addressed immediately, and their team is available anytime.


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Top 10 Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers 2020 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Taking care of a lawn or yard can be tiring and time-consuming. One can’t blame you if you view lawn maintenance as a chore. Fortunately, equipment such as lawnmowers is available to help you accomplish more.

While it is often thought of as exclusively for commercial use, zero turn lawn mowers are also designed for residential use. These devices are valued for their power, speed, and maneuverability.

Here are the 12 best zero turn lawn mowers:

Ferris 2018 F400ZFerris 2018 F400Z

The Ferris 2018 F400Z lawn mower is a compact, maneuverable, and powerful unit that won’t take much of your garage space. It is ideal for households with small lawns as it is compact enough to go through tight spaces. This mid-sized unit is simple and convenient to use.

This zero turn lawn mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 23 HP, two-cylinder engine. It can move the lawn mower up to 8 miles per hour forward and up to 5 miles per hour when going reverse. The fuel tank has a capacity of 5.5 gallons.

The Ferris F400Z is designed for small to medium-sized yards with its 48-inch floating cutting deck. The cutting height can be adjusted from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. It has front pneumatic caster tires that go along with oversized tires at the back, allowing it to go through uneven surfaces rather easily.

The lawn mower boasts of an electric start, which makes it reliable as well as well-padded seat and armrests that should make its operation more comfortable.


Troy-Bilt Mustang 54Troy-Bilt Mustang 54

With the Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 lawn mower, you won’t only be able to cut the grass but also perform other tasks such as carrying tools and hauling dirt.

This unit is powered by a powerful two-cylinder 25HP Briggs & Stratton engine with speed ratings of 7 mph forward and 2.5 mph reverse. The engine has an oil filter and hydro-static transmission for superior performance.

The engine is mated with a 54-inch triple-blade discharge deck that can be adjusted to eight height positions. This feature is noteworthy to mention as it allows the lawn mower to cover a large area in a single pass.

This lawn mower is equipped with front caster wheels and oversized rear tires for enhanced maneuverability. The front wheels can be greased for a longer bearing life. The 18-inch high back seat is designed for ultimate in comfort and comes with dual suspension springs for a smooth ride.

While this is not the cheapest lawn mower in the market, you can be assured of the performance and durability of this unit. It is highly recommended to individuals with mid to large-sized lawns.


Snapper 2601319 360z MowerSnapper 2601319 360z Mower

The Snapper 360z mower has features you’d often see in commercial lawn mowers. But make no mistake about it; this is a zero turn lawn mower that is designed for household use.

One of those features is the integrated rear cargo bed capable of holding up to 50 pounds of tools and dirt. The bed even has rails where aftermarket ATV accessories can be used.

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is the foot-operated mower deck life that can easily adjust the mower deck from a low of 1.5 inches to a high of 4.5 inches. There are 13 height-of-cut positions to choose from.

This lawn mower should last for many years with its fully-welded steel frame. The front axle is also thick-walled while ball bearings in the caster spindle further enhance its durability.

This unit offers 48-inches of mowing deck, which makes it enough for small and mid-sized lawns. It is powered by a 23-HP Briggs & Stratton engine.


Swisher ZTR2454BS-CASwisher ZTR2454BS-CA

This Swisher mower has a 54-inch mowing deck range, enough for it to tackle medium to large-sized lawns. It is equipped with a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine and made from a commercial-quality welded steel frame. Combined with a premium transmission and clutch, the engine can ensure quality performance from this lawn mower all the time.

This lawn mower is powered by a 24 HP, 724cc Briggs & Stratton engine. It is mated with an Ogura clutch and Hydro-Gear 2800 transmission. Expect to finish your mowing chore in half the time with this unit. This lawn mower can move at speeds of 8 miles per hour in both forward and backward directions.

This model is also equipped with an 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck and three mulching blades. In short, it has enough cutting power to take on any lawn mowing task. The deck can be adjusted from a low of 1.5 inches to a high of 4.5 inches with its deck lift assisted by foot.

This lawn mower also has the patented quick response control system of Swisher for topnotch control and comfort. It comes with a storage and battery compartment, too. This is one of the best zero turn lawn mowers you can find on the market today.


Husqvarna MZ61Husqvarna MZ61

This is a commercial-grade zero turn lawn mower that remains within reach of homeowners like you. At the heart of the Husqvarna MZ61 is a 27 HP Briggs Endurance engine, giving it the commercial-grade power that can ensure quality and efficient work all the time.

Aside from the power that the Briggs Endurance engine delivers to this lawn mower, you will appreciate how easy it is to maintain the said engine. It features easy-access service points, including oil and filter maintenance, battery, electrical system, and hydraulic drive system. You can easily reach those service points and get back to working on your lawn. Plus, it comes with an hour meter and service reminder so you will know when it is time to have the unit undergo preventive maintenance service.

Operating this lawn mower is likewise easy. The deck lifting system is ergonomically designed for precise adjustment of the cutting height. You can easily and quickly change the cutting height from your seat. Speaking of the seat, it features armrests and adjustable steering levers. Operating this lawn mower should not only be a piece of cake but also fun and comfortable.

Another feature of this lawnmower that’s worth mentioning is the bushel collection system. It can be removed and installed within minutes. This should help in increasing your productivity.

The Husqvarna MZ61 has all these advanced features that it is not surprising that it is expensive. However, this model is worth every penny.


Swisher ZTR2454BS-CA ResponseSwisher ZTR2454BS-CA Response

Swisher gets another entry onto this list with this 54-inch, electric start, and zero turn lawn mower. This unit has been designed to make lawn mowing a less tedious task.

This is a mid-range unit that is powered by a 24HP, 724cc Briggs & Stratton engine. It can push the unit to move at top speeds of 8mph in both forward and reverse directions. The engine is mated with an Ogura clutch and Hydro-Gear 2800 transmission.

The body is made of a commercial-grade steel frame, so it should last for many years. The unit is equipped with a strong 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck and three Gator mulching blades.

The mower’s deck can be adjusted from 1.5 inches to 4.5inches through its deck lift. Swisher also integrated a debris shield upfront to improve the airflow and grass discharge. It also prevents the grass from escaping under the front and blowing back.

The manufacturer used its patented quick response control system on this model for enhanced operator comfort and control. Then there are the small things that further boost the appeal of this lawn mower such a cup holder, battery compartment, and hour meter.


RedMax RZT48 Zero Turn MowerRedMax RZT48 Zero Turn Mower

The RedMax RZT48 is a solidly-built zero turn land mower that can help you complete a land mowing task in the shortest time possible. It features intuitive controls, a cargo carrier for hauling tools, and a sturdy steel frame. This is a reasonably-priced lawn mower, too.

This 48-inch deck riding zero turn lawn mower is ideal for household use. It can also be a good pick if you’re starting a small landscaping company. It is powered by a 23HP, twin-cylinder Kawasaki motor engine with a 44.3 cu. inch displacement.

You should be able to comfortably operate this lawnmower with its 18-inch high back seat. There’s also an ergonomic control panel that conveniently places everything you need at your fingertips. The footrest area, meanwhile, has a non-slip surface for safe use.

The unit has large wheels that enable it to go through any terrain with relative ease. It can maneuver through rocks, beds, and trees. It is also made of a robust steel frame and should last for many years. Moreover, it has a cargo carrier where you can place tools and other items essential for your lawn mowing task.


Ariens IKON-X 52"Ariens IKON-X 52″

This is another highly functional and robust lawn mower that’s offered at an affordable price. Ariens is a trusted brand known for its fine products like lawn tractors, snow blowers, and zero turn lawn mowers. The IKON-X 52” is a residential-grade riding lawn mower that can deliver commercial-grade performance.

There are two engine options for this lawn mower: a 23HP Kawasaki FR series or a Kohler 7000 series. Regardless of the engine, you’ll be getting a unit with a 52-inch cutting width. The unit has plenty of power and can get through most terrains, even on steep hills.

The IKON-X 52 comes with a full tubular frame that ensures unprecedented strength, durability, and stability. Its rails are not only strong but resistant to stress. The seat, meanwhile, is fully padded and should keep you comfortable, especially during prolonged use.

The unit offers 13 cutting positions from a low of 1.25 inches to a high of 4.5 inches with quarter-inch increments. You can choose from those cutting positions with a simple turn of a dial. Moreover, it has a four-point hanging deck that leads to a more level cut, especially when you go over uneven terrain.


Ariens Zoom 34Ariens Zoom 34

The Zoom offers two cutting width options: 34 inches and 42 inches. The Zoom 34, however, is best suited for residential use. It is also the more affordable option, hence, one that most homeowners are most likely to go with. With it, you can quickly and comfortably manicure a yard with its unique combination of speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The Zoom 34 is also designed to last for a long time.

The Zoom 34 is made of a one-piece stamped deck that’s four inches deep. The deck is constructed out of 12-gauge steel and should be durable enough to last for years. It is also designed to provide efficient airflow and superior cut quality.

You can adjust the cutting height of the unit with its foot pedal. You can choose from 1.25 inches to 4.5 inches and in half-inch increments.

This unit is powered by a 19 HP Kohler 6600 V-twin engine with an engine displacement of 660cc. This powerful motor can efficiently power the lawn mower and get it through most terrains with a lot of ease.

Another main selling point of this model is the super-sized wheels that enable it to maneuver over rough surfaces easily. The seat is also well-padded and should keep you comfortable while you operate the unit. It doesn’t have armrest, though, a feature that is found on the Zoom 42.


Poulan Pro P46ZXPoulan Pro P46ZX

The Poulan Pro P46ZX is one of the best value zero turn lawn mowers today. It’s a machine designed to make lawn mowing quick and hassle-free. It’s made of strong and durable materials as well.

This unit is backed by a 22HP Briggs & Stratton engine mated with a hydro gear EZT transmission. The latter allows maximum maneuverability so you can use this lawn mower even in small yards. You can also control the unit and move it forward or backward by merely moving the arms forward and reverse. The lawn mower has a top speed of 6mph.

The engine provides enough power for the 11-inch front and 18-inch rear tires. The power you’ll get from this unit is decent for home or residential use. The lawn mower’s cutting height can be adjusted in half-inch increments, starting from a low of 1.5 inches to 4 inches.

It comes with a 15-inch tall backrest that can keep you seated comfortably while you mow the lawn. Other features worth noting are its digital hour meter, dual levers, anti-scalp rollers, and nose roller. Overall, the Poulan Pro P46ZX is an excellent lawn mower for residential use.



If you are looking for a small zero turn lawn mower, then this unit from Troy-Bilt should be on your shortlist. This is a compact but highly maneuverable lawn mower with a 382cc Auto Choke OHV engine. It’s not the most powerful of engines, but it should be enough in cutting grass in a small to mid-sized lawn.

The unit has a 1.3-gallon fuel tank, enough for you to go through three moving repetitions. The fuel tank has a sight window, so you will know when to gas up. You can also choose from five height adjustments of the 30-inch cutting deck. It has sharp and fast-moving blades to cut grass clippings evenly.

This lawn mower is small compared to the other units in this list, with dimensions of 62 x 34 x 26 inches. The small frame means it won’t take up a lot of space in the garage. It has durable wheels measuring 13 x 5 inches up front and 16 x 6.5 inches at the back.

For enhanced comfort, the unit has a well-padded mid-back seat and should keep you at ease even during long lawn mowing sessions.

In short, this unit is highly recommended for light lawn mowing chores.



Now, if you have a large lawn and you can’t afford to get a commercial-grade lawn mower, then why don’t you choose the Z254 from Husqvarna? It has more than enough power and cutting capabilities to take on large sloped yards.

This lawn mower is powered by a robust 26HP engine from Kohler with a cutting deck width of 54 inches. The latter is further reinforced with steel for enhanced durability. It also allows the blades to perform better and last longer.

The unit is built like a tank. The reinforced steel frame ensures that the lawn mower will last for many years. The transmission system, meanwhile, is maintenance-free.

Husqvarna also equipped this lawn mower with a robust fan for improved performance. It draws air to the bottom of the cutting deck, facilitating better grass movement, and ensuring good performance. This model also comes with a rear engine guard and an auto parking brake system, which prevents it from unintentionally rolling on hilly terrain.

To put it simply, the HUSQVARNA Z254 zero turn lawn mower can help keep your large yard manicured all the time.


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The 8 Best Miter Saws 2020 Reviews and Buyer Guide

If your carpentry project involves cross-cuts and miter joints, you are probably on the lookout for a good miter saw. They’re also known as drop saws, and what’s great is that they’re usually small, easy to carry around, and have lots of attachments and innovations that provide multiple facilities.

There are numerous miter saws available on the market, with various features that give you the ability to make different types of cuts, providing you with a fantastic finish and trim. A sturdy, versatile miter saw creates that seamless professional look for any project, whether it’s a simple picture frame or a big-ticket job like furniture or a deck. Some miter saws also provide lighting for the entire workpiece so that you have more perspective and accuracy.

There are several types of miter saws that can be used for different types of work. First is the power/standard miter saw that is ideal for straight cross-cuts at different angles. Another type is the compound miter saw that has a rotary blade, which can be set at various inclines, and it is best used for making frames. Dual compound miter saws, on the other hand, are used to create decorative trims. There is also the sliding compound miter saw, which is the perfect choice for cutting lumber. Last is the modern miter saw, which is enhanced by a laser guide for more accurate cutting. The laser also provides illumination for the blade as it runs along the cutting edge.

Peruse our list below to select the one that best matches your requirements, preferences, and budget.

Here are the 8 best miter saws:

Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter SawHitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

This miter saw is a good option when you want a smaller, lighter tool that has a big cutting capacity. Great for beginners, it weighs just 24.2 pounds, making it easy to move around indoors and outdoors, or to your project site.

You’ll find that though the blade appears a little rough, it cuts very smoothly, especially while working on cross-sections because the blade/arbor is quite true. The 0-50° miter left/right angle provides greater flexibility. It also has a handy dust collector that takes care of airborne particles. Also, you can get various attachments, like carbide blade, blade wrench, dust-bag, and a vertical clamp, for an extra charge.

This product is an excellent saw for flooring and trim work, and it is an ideal choice for hobbyists and homeowners. Plus, you’ll find the instruction manual easy to follow when you’re setting it up. Also, you can purchase a carbide blade if you want to cut other materials like aluminum. Lastly, the brand has recently changed to Metabo, and there’s a newer model with slightly enhanced features at a marginally higher price.


Dewalt DWS715 12-Inch 15-Amp Single BevelDewalt DWS715 12-Inch 15-Amp Single Bevel

This compound miter saw is a sturdy, durable product that has a powerful 4,000-rpm motor with 15 amps of power over an extended time. Its stainless steel plate or miter dent has 14 positive stops. Plus, it has a handy cam miter lock that allows you to select the miter angle easily, giving you accurate cuts without any fuss or bother.

If you need another angle, you can get it effortlessly, thanks to its easy-to-use adjustments, which also offers astounding accuracy. Aside from its lightweight (42.8 pounds) design, it also has a built-in carrying handle for easy transportation. You can move it around conveniently in your workplace or pack it into your vehicle and transport it to your worksite with ease.

The tall sliding fence offers 5.5-inch vertical base support. There are also bevel stops at most of the common bevel angles, so you won’t find it difficult to find one that suits you. The power source is corded electric, and you’ll see that it’s a very efficient saw at this price range.

Apart from the carbide blade, this product comes with an extension kit, blade wrench, dust bag, and a very simple to understand user manual. The company also offers a standard three-year limited warranty, one-year free service, and a 90-day cash back guarantee.


Makita 1219L 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with LaserMakita 1219L 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser

The Makita 1219L is an excellent tool for operations flush against a wall and when you have out-of-the-box cutting requirements. It has a creatively-designed direct drive gearbox and drives system that leverages the rear of the blade for greater accuracy and vertical cutting capacity. This feature is great to have if you’re working on the baseboard and nested crown moldings. The direct-drive gearbox is not hampered by belts that may slip and need replacement, which means that there is an efficient transfer of power from the motor to the blade.

You will find that the soft-start gives you a smoother experience, and it also enhances the longevity of the product. This saw has a patented Two-Steel Rail Sliding System that reduces the saw footprint. Moreover, it also has an in-front bevel lock for easier operation, and you’ll find that it is spot-on on the angle stops. Also, the dust-bag attachment is great for non-messy use.

With a weight of 65 pounds, the Makita 1219L is beefy enough for job site use. It is surprisingly easy to assemble, and it feels secure while you use it because the company uses an ergonomic design. It also has a horizontal D-handle for ease of operation. Also, you can purchase a range of attachments, including a folding miter saw stand, horizontal vise, fiber-cement blades, and crown-molding stopper sets. All in all, you certainly won’t regret the slightly higher investment that you may have to make with this miter saw.


Festool Kapex KS 120Festool Kapex KS 120

If compact is what you’re looking for, this fantastic product is for you. The Festool Kapex KS 120 is a 120-volt corded electric saw with a weight of 52 pounds, making it the perfect tool for both your home workshop or job site. Though it is lightweight, it’s quite the heavyweight when it comes to performance, and it is one of the most advanced, sliding compound miter saws available on the market right now.

For hobby carpenters, this is a dream machine that allows you to make fantastic cuts and trim work. Dust extraction, precision, high-quality manufacturing and components, and ease of operation are its USPS. Don’t let its size fool you because this tool is capable of cutting through a three-inch hardwood like butter. It is also superb for cutting a 6 x 5/8-inch crown molding using the nested position.

This miter saw is also equipped with a German technology that ensures attention to detail, and its dual lasers are excellent. The micro-adjustable bevel angle-finder tool is a plus point in the accessory section. If you’ve been avoiding bevel cuts because you couldn’t trust the bevel gauges on other saws, you can safely plunge in now.

Overall, the Festool Kapex KS 120 is an excellent miter saw for the experienced workers. When you purchase this product, you’ll get an HW universal saw blade W60, an angle transfer device, hold-down clamp, and a hex key WAF 6. You can also select a range of accessories if you want to ramp up the functions.


Evolution Power Tools Rage3 10-Inch Multipurpose Cutting Compound Sliding Miter SawEvolution Power Tools Rage3 10-Inch Multipurpose Cutting Compound Sliding Miter Saw

This miter saw is a terrific choice if you want a versatile, multipurpose tool.  With a single blade, this product is capable of cutting steel, aluminum, and wood with nails and plastic. The secret is its patented professional Rage technology that incorporates a high torque gearbox that minimizes motor stress and boosts long-life and performance.

The great thing about this saw is that there are no heat, burr, or sparks produced while cutting steel, giving you a smooth, even finish without the need for a coolant.

The tool’s extra-large base offers cutting stability, and its double-bevel feature saves you time because you don’t have to turn over the piece you’re working on to get to the other edge.

If you purchase additional attachments, you can get enhanced capabilities. For example, the Evolution’s 10-inch diamond blade can help you with tile-cutting, especially when you’re working on roof-tiles. Other accessories that will transform your miter saw for various applications include the slide extension, saw stand, front-clamp, and a dust-bag.

Overall, the Evolution Power Tools Rage3 is an excellent bargain tool with a three-year warranty.


Milwaukee 69955-20 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Miter SawMilwaukee 69955-20 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

Ease of use and amazing accuracy are what set this miter saw apart from the other products in its class. What’s useful is the miter angle digital readout that offers incredible repeatable accuracy of up to 0.1°.  Its dual integral job-site lights, on the other hand, provide useful workpiece illumination and cut line visibility from both sides of the blade.

With this product, you can get constant cutting speeds under load and decrease start-up head-movement. Plus, you won’t have any mess, thanks to its integral dust channel that grabs 75% of dust and cut debris.

The smooth sliding action is provided by the dual horizontal steel rails with large linear steel bearings. Additionally, the direct-drive motor offers a steady start and a very consistent cut, which is helpful if you’re working with large framing lumber or hardwoods. Also, the bevel adjust is superb for its class.

Longer run time, safe, faster-cutting speed, great design, and reliable power output are the features that make this product a great purchase.


Bosh Power Tools GCM12SD 15-Amp 12-Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw BladeBosh Power Tools GCM12SD 15-Amp 12-Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade

When your project demands wider cross-cuts, enhanced alignment, speed, and accuracy, this product should be your top pick. It delivers no-load speeds of 3,800 rpm, and it is a versatile tool for many materials.

The soft-grip ambidextrous handle is useful if you’re sharing the product with a differently handed person. It also has pre-aligned patented Squarelock fences that guarantee lifelong precision while its vacuum adapter and dust-chute provide neat and clean operations.

This miter saw provides large cutting capacity along with the easy to read bevel and miter scales. It also features a Bosch exclusive, the Axial-Guide system, for superior and more durable precision.

With this product, you get complete control in a more compact workspace. Also, this versatile saw is ideal for a range of different cuts, and it comes with a soft-trigger handle that’s pretty comfortable to use on wood and laminates.


CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 V20 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw KitCRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 V20 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit

Specially designed to tackle lumber, hardwoods, baseboards, and trim, this miter saw has a sliding 7.25-inch blade that can handle cross-cuts up to eight inches. The side-carrying handles offer ease of transportation.

This miter saw is a battery-operated and a cordless unit, making it highly portable and very useful when you don’t have power. It also has a 7.25-inch carbide tipped blade along with a dust bag for non-messy operations. Also included in the kit is a fast-operating charger, which you can hang on a wall.

This product is a great miter saw you can use on both hard, rough lumber and MDF trim. It is also the perfect tool if you want to use it on various woods like oak hardwood flooring, pine lumber, PVC, pine trim, and walnut flooring.

Another great feature of this product is the LED light that casts a blade shadow and marks out the cut line when you’re using it. Lastly, you can also lock in all the adjustments of this miter saw for safety and ease of operation.


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Top 10 Best Electric Precision Screwdrivers 2020 Buyers Guide & Reviews


Not all electric precision screwdrivers are made equal. Some are reliable but expensive, some have the right balance in performance and price, and some are just complete flops. Whether you are a professional technician or a weekend warrior, we got you covered.

We spent time to compare the consistency, versatility, voltage, amp per hour rating, rotation per minute, and everything that you want to know about these screwdrivers. This list of the six best electric precision screwdrivers is the most comprehensive review available to help you get the performance you need and the features you want.

Jakemy Adjustable 8-Speed Torque Electric ScrewdriverJakemy Adjustable 8-Speed Torque Electric Screwdriver

The Jakemy Electric Precision Screwdriver is the future of electronics repair. It is the best out of all the screwdrivers that we have tested. Its sleek design, unmatched performance, versatility, and usability set the benchmark for what an electric precision screwdriver should be.

The Jakemy Electric Precision Screwdriver is almost the same size as a permanent marker. It has a bit of heft, but we prefer its grip because it is easy to hold while in use. The aluminum alloy build and the anodized surface gives a nice texture to it and makes this screwdriver feel handy, lightweight, and comfortable to use.

What separates this screwdriver is the adjustable torque and mode options. You can use the Jakemy Electric Precision Screwdriver on manual or electric mode, then set the torque tightening force from eight different settings with a max RPM of 395. This unique feature makes it possible to apply the right amount of power, depending on what your task requires.

This screwdriver packs an 800 mAh lithium-ion battery with a voltage output of 3.7 volts. It has a continuous no-load run of up to three hours, and it is rechargeable via micro USB cord. It’s not the lightest electric screwdriver, weighing 272 grams, but it’s still impressive if you consider the battery size and powerful motor that it has.

Once you get a hold of this screwdriver, you’ll know that this is the future of electronics repair. The power that it delivers is beyond what any screwdriver can do, and the futuristic design feels very nice. It’s not cheap, but the Jakemy Electric Precision Screwdriver is one of those tools that lets you work more for less.


ScopeAround Electric Precision ScrewdriverScopeAround Electric Precision Screwdriver

The ScopeAround Electric Precision Screwdriver is the lightest electric precision screwdriver with a built-in battery that we have on this list. Weighing only 60 grams, it made the other screwdrivers we tested feel too heavy. It is lightweight and portable, plus gives the best grip, making it a close call between the ScopeAround and the Jakemy.

We love the stainless steel build of this screwdriver. It has a ridged area just below the control buttons exactly where our index finger rests while using it. The ScopeAround Electric Precision Screwdriver has three built-in LED lights that create a shadowless working experience. It’s a nice feature to have when you are working in areas with low visibility.

This tool does not have as much torque as other precision screwdrivers, but it can still get the job done when repairing phones, tablets, and other small electronics. The ScopeAround Portable Electric Screwdriver has a no-load output of 150 RPM and a stall torque of two kg.cm. You can easily switch from automatic to manual mode when you need higher torque, and you will hear the gears lock when in manual mode. This locking mechanism enhances the precision and reduces the deterioration rate of the motor.

This product packs a 350 mAh lithium battery with a voltage output of 3.7 volts. It may not sound much when compared with other electric screwdrivers with built-in batteries, but it has a continuous no-load run of two hours. This long battery life is partly because of the weaker motor that it uses, which also reduces its weight. The ScopeAround Portable Electric Screwdriver can be fully charged via micro USB within 40 minutes, even on a desktop computer or a power bank.

The ScopeAround Portable Electric Screwdriver has a smaller battery and weaker motor but is more than enough to work on small electronics. The weight and design are the strong points that make this screwdriver an excellent tool for weekend warriors who need to perform occasional quick fixes.


General Tools 502 Electric Precision ScrewdriverGeneral Tools 502 Electric Precision Screwdriver

Do you need a reliable electric precision screwdriver, but you’re on a shoestring budget? Then the General Tools 502 Precision Screwdriver is the best choice for you. It does not have a lot of fancy features and runs on two AAA batteries, but it gets the job done for a price of less than $15. There is no other screwdriver that can match its value, making it an excellent choice for residential use.

This model delivers a max RPM of 100, making it a bit limited on the screws that it can work on, but it is enough to repair watches, cellphones, and other small electronics. When we opened it to see what makes this screwdriver tick, we were surprised to see that it uses all-metal gear. It is not something that you would expect from an electric screwdriver of this price.

The General Tools 502 Electric Precision Screwdriver has a slide button for tightening and loosening screws, and it is powered by two AAA Alkaline batteries. We tested the batteries included in our purchase, and it did a continuous no-load run of more than nine hours. Tools powered by AAA batteries tend to be more expensive in the long run, but for weekend warriors and residential use, nine hours for a pair of batteries is more than enough to last for months.

This tool is not the best that you can buy, but at sub $15, the General Tools 502 Electric Precision Screwdriver blew everything away. It doesn’t have as much power, but a lot of repairs that require a precision screwdriver won’t be needing a torque higher than 100 RPM. This screwdriver made our list for saving your wrist and pocket at the same time.


Bressanon Electric Precision ScrewdriverBressanon Electric Precision Screwdriver

If you need more power than the General Tools 502 without veering into the premium side of precision screwdrivers, then Bressanon Electric Precision Screwdriver is the best option for you. It delivers excellent performance, and it is the best in its price range when it comes to versatility and reliability. There are some compromises to keep the cost down, but it still made our list by having an excellent combination of battery life, decent torque power, and usability.

This tool delivers a max RPM of 180 with a stall torque of two kg.cm. This feature makes it capable of working on electronics like laptops, game consoles, tablets, and digital cameras. It is the perfect precision screwdriver for household use because it includes 11 of the most common precision bits, and the magnetic chuck is compatible with all four-millimeter bits in the market. It also has a built-in Magnetic Assistant that keeps the screw in place while removing it.

The body is made with ABS plastic, to keep it lightweight. This material selection also made it possible for the Bressanon Electric Precision Screwdriver to weigh only 200 grams while housing a 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery. To put that into perspective, the Jakemy has an 800 mAh battery and weighs 72 grams more than this screwdriver. Our tests gave us a no-load run that lasted for 296 minutes, which is the longest for all lithium-ion battery-powered screwdrivers on this list.

Some features are missing in this screwdriver, such as the adjustable torque and LED lights, but someone who occasionally repairs electronics doesn’t need these features. We think that these add-ons don’t make or break precision screwdrivers, making the Bressanon Electric Precision Screwdriver a must-have in every weekend warrior’s toolbox.


Ruputas Wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision ScrewdriverRuputas Wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision Screwdriver

Let’s make some clarifications about the Wowstick before anything else. There are different brands of Wowstick in the market, and they all look the same. The various brands are Ruputas, Autolover, Elecguru, Xiaomi, and GuDoQi. We tested each of these brands, and although the difference in the performance was not much, Ruputas’ Wowstick 1F+ was the one that performed consistently well in our tests.

The Ruputas Wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision Screwdriver is an all-in-one screwdriver kit that includes 56 precision bits and a magnetic mat. So, even though it is the one that cost us the most, it still gave us great value for having the most number of precision bits. The sleek design gave it a premium look, but it doesn’t have the contours, ridges, or trenches that improves the grip.

With all of its inclusions, we assumed that it is for professional use, so we treated it as such. The Ruputas Wowstick 1F+ delivers 200 RPM, and it has up to 0.15/3 Nm of torque tightening force. It is not the most powerful screwdriver on this list, but it is strong enough to handle most electronics. It is very straightforward to use, and there are no configurations needed to make it work.

As for the battery life, Ruputas kept the battery capacity of the Wowstick 1F+ secret, but it didn’t stop us from testing it. We gave it a no-load run, and it lasted for two hours before running out of juice. We assume that it carries around a 600 mAh battery, and it takes at least 40 minutes to fully-charge. Of course, the battery life is affected by the torque applied and the use of its features, like the LED Shadowless Light that lets you work on areas with low visibility.

If you need a reliable performance with a decent battery life, together with all the precision bits that you will ever need, then the Ruputas Wowstick 1F+ Electric Precision Screwdriver is an excellent choice for you.


IFU Electric Precision ScrewdriverIFU Electric Precision Screwdriver

It may have a peculiar name, but the IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver stacked well with other “serious” competitors. We even think that it deserves a higher spot because of the inclusions in its kit. The power and versatility are comparable with the Wowstick 1F+, but IFU takes it a step further by including precision tools along with it.

This product features a dual-mode that allows you to switch from electric to manual when you need higher torque power. The gears shutdown as soon as you switch to manual mode, which reduces the motor’s deterioration rate. The IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver has a no-load output of 200 RPM, an electric torque of 0.2N.m, and a manual torque of three N.m.

The magnetic chuck is compatible with every four-millimeter precision bit, just in case the 23 bits included in the toolkit are not enough. The IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver includes 11 precision tools: a suction cup, crowbars, a magnetic positioning plate, a flat-tip, curved and straight tweezers, and an extension bar, all of which are essentials for electronics repair.

This tool features 360-degree shadowless LED technology that lets you work more efficiently, even in environments with low visibility. The battery life is the same as the Wowstick 1F+, delivering a continuous no-load run of two hours. You can also charge it via micro USB, but the battery of the IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver can last for six months when on full-standby.

The eerie similarities between this screwdriver and Wowstick 1F+ made it impossible not to compare the two. Both have a toolkit and a full set of precision bits that you can use. The IFU Electric Precision Screwdriver, however, offers more precision tools that you need for electronics repair, and it is a bit less expensive compared to the Wowstick. It is a very consistent and reliable screwdriver that offers excellent versatility, making it a great addition to your toolbox.



The Basics of Choosing an Electric Precision Screwdriver

When choosing an electric precision screwdriver, the most expensive or most powerful don’t necessarily carry the better value. If you only do occasional repairs, then something like the General Tools 502 is an excellent option for you. Sure, fancy features are nice-to-haves, but do you need them?

Choosing the right electric precision screwdriver is simple. You only need to consider the torque power, RPM, battery, and how you are planning to use it.


Torque refers to the tightening force of the screwdriver. As such, the higher the torque, the easier it will be to tighten or loosen a screw. Most electric precision screwdrivers have an electric torque of 0.1 to 0.2 N.m. If you are repairing electronics, such as tablets and laptops, you will need a screwdriver with a manual switch to give you higher torque power.

Rotation per Minute (RPM)

The posted RPM is the no-load output of an electric precision screwdriver. It refers to how long it takes to tighten or loosen a screw. A no-load output of 100 RPM is similar to the speed of a manual screwdriver when used on electronics repair. Most screwdrivers have an RPM of 100 to 300, and the RPM often determines the price.


Most electric precision screwdrivers are powered by lithium-ion batteries, while budget screwdrivers often use AAA Alkaline batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are the ones that you can recharge via micro USB, and they give better long-term value.

In the case of electric precision screwdrivers, however, you also need to consider how often you will be using it. Lithium-ion batteries last longer, but if you are only going to use the screwdriver occasionally, Alkaline batteries can still give you excellent value.


How you are planning to use the screwdriver will play a vital role in choosing the best screwdriver for you. Professional electricians work on different types of screws every time, so they need more power and better compatibility with other precision bits.

Weekend warriors don’t require as much power, and precision bits are more common. A screwdriver with 52 precision bits, a torque 0.2N.m, or 300 RPM will be very expensive, and it is an overkill if you only do occasional repairs on small electronics.


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Top 10 Best Gas Pressure Washers 2020 Buyers Guides & Reviews


Gas pressure washers are useful in household tasks such as washing decks, concrete floors, and even cars. You can also use these in heavy-duty jobs such as paint stripping, cleaning of construction sites, and the removal of graffiti.

If you’re looking for a gas pressure washer, you have come to the right page. Here are the best gas pressure washers you can buy:

Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot Gas Pressure WasherSimpson Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

This unit is powered by a Kohler RH265 engine, enabling it to deliver a pressure of 3100 PSI at 2.4 GPM. This is more than capable of cleaning surfaces such as patios, decks, and driveways.

It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. You can easily transport it by yourself thanks to its two-wheel system. But the body comes with a heavy-duty frame, so you can be assured that this pressure washer will be able to withstand the usual bumps.

It is well-built. It has an axial pump which does not require any type of maintenance. This makes the unit ideal for the busy homeowner like you as it spares you from having to conduct maintenance tasks like cleaning and lubricating. It also comes with a 1-gallon detergent tank that will come handy when getting rid of stains.

The spray wand, meanwhile, feels solid with five various detachable nozzles. The 25-foot-long hose will enable you to get into tight spaces with relative ease.


Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure WasherSimpson MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

This unit is easy to set up and use. It provides good cleaning power. It can take on heavy-duty cleaning tasks like removing grime, moss, mildew, and grease stains. It can also be used in stripping paint.

Powered by a Honda GC190 premium residential engine with an output of 3200 PSI and 2.5GPM, this is a pressure washer that packs a lot of power.

This pressure washer should also last for many years. It has a heavy-duty matte-black steel frame that is coated with powder for enhanced protection against corrosion. The hose, meanwhile, is kink and abrasion-resistant.

Simpson also equipped it with safety features like a safety lock for the spray gun, ensuring it won’t accidentally go off. The spray gun comes with five nozzles.


PowerBoss Gas Pressure WasherPowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer

This pressure washer from PowerBoss lives up to the name of its brand. Well-built and easy to use, this gas pressure washer can be relied upon for light to medium-duty cleaning jobs.

Powered by a Honda Gc190 engine with an output of 3100 PSI and 2.7GPM, this pressure washer is capable of removing the toughest dirt and stains.

Onboard, there is an axial pump that does not require any maintenance, so you do not need to worry about cleaning and lubricating it all the time. There is also a built-in 1-gallon detergent tank to help tackle the sturdiest of stains.

Moving it around should not be a problem with its two-wheel system. The wheels are also designed not to be deflated. There are also notches for rolling and storing the hose.

You can choose from the four quick connect nozzles and attach these to the spray wand to tackle different cleaning tasks. The spray wand feels nice and solid to touch.


Generac Speedwash 7122Generac Speedwash 7122

The Generac Speedwash 7122 is a heavy-duty unit that may be a bit pricey but can be depended upon to handle the toughest cleaning jobs.

User-friendly, easy to maneuver, and easy to maintain, this unit is powered by a Generac 196cc engine with outputs of 3200 PSI and 2.7 GPM. Designed for quick and efficient cleaning, this pressure washer can clean up to 50% faster compared to other units in its price range.

This unit is equipped with numerous handy attachments. The turbo nozzle is designed to clean up to 30% faster. There is also a power broom ideal for cleaning the patio and a soap blaster that can spray soap up to three times farther compared to other attachments.

The spray gun has a built-in power dial for quick and convenient switching of cleaning modes. Meanwhile, the unit has a separate detergent tank so you can fill it with enough soap.

Generac backs it up with a three-year warranty, which is one of the most generous in the market today.


Generac 6922 with 2800 PSIGenerac 6922 with 2800 PSI

If you are looking for a gas pressure washer that is reasonably priced, easy to use, and powerful enough for simple household applications, then this unit may just be what you are looking for.

This model was designed with the typical homeowner in mind. Take, for instance, it’s 25-foot high-pressure nose that allows it to clean awkward and hard-to-reach areas with minimal effort on the part of the user. It connects to the back of the spray gun.

This piece of equipment is powered by a Generac engine with outputs of 2800 PSI and 2.4GPM. The pump is placed above the ground and about the same level as the engine. This makes it easy to connect the hose to the pump.

The spray gun comes with a cushioned grip handle which minimizes fatigue and improves comfort during cleaning. There is also a detergent tank included on the unit. The pressure washer is easy to move around thanks to its 10-inch wheels.


WEN PW3100 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure WasherWEN PW3100 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

The Wen PW3100 gas pressure washer should be able to handle even the toughest of cleaning tasks. This well-constructed unit is easy to use and move around. It is equipped with advanced features and surprisingly comes at a reasonable price.

This gas pressure washer is powered by a 208cc four-stroke engine with an output of 3100 PSI and 2.5 GPM. It can be considered an entry-level professional pressure washer unit. It has enough power for tough jobs like cleaning RVs and boats.

Despite having a powerful engine, the PW3100 is also easy to use and move around. It comes with 12-inch wheels that can enable it to go through most types of terrain. Mobility is also enhanced because there is no cord that can get in the way.

Changing nozzles should not be much of a concern either. You simply slide back the collar located at the end of the lance. You can then pop in any of the five nozzle options. Other features worth noting are the built-in soap tank, 30-foot hose, and onboard nozzle storage.


Pressure Pro E4040HC Heavy Duty Professional Gas Pressure WasherPressure Pro E4040HC Heavy Duty Professional Gas Pressure Washer

As the name indicates, this unit is made for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. A professional-grade pressure washer, the E4040HC from Pressure Pro can take on almost any cleaning task. Whether it is cleaning the siding or cleaning your vehicle, this gas pressure washer should be able to do the job.

This pressure washer has a Honda GX390 engine, which can deliver water pressure of 4,000 PSI and 4 gallons of water per minute. With such an incredible flow rate, this unit should be able to help you complete a cleaning job in a short span of time.

The four-stroke engine is not only energy efficient but also quiet. It is also easy to start and produces lower emissions. The pressure washer is built to last. Its frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is lightweight yet durable. The frame is backed by a lifetime warranty. Two pneumatic tires ensure that the unit can go over most terrains.

It has five quick-connect nozzles and several accessories designed to make cleaning less stressful. Along with the nozzle tips, the unit comes with a 50-foot steel high-pressure hose.


Briggs & Stratton Gas Pressure WasherBriggs & Stratton Gas Pressure Washer

Here is another heavy-duty and professional-grade pressure washer that may just be the kind of machine you need.

This Briggs & Stratton offering has the same capabilities as that of the Pressure Pro gas pressure washer.

At the heart of this hardworking unit is a 2100 Series OHV engine capable of delivering a maximum of 4000 PSI at 4GPM. The engine is not only easy to start but also fuel-efficient. With OHV technology, it is designed to run cool.

Adjusting the PSI should be easy with the pressure washer’s triplex pump. With this adjustable pressure regulator, you can easily go from a minimum of 300 PSI to a maximum of 4000 PSI within seconds.

You won’t also have to move the gas pressure washer when cleaning thanks to its 50-foot-long steel-braided hose. This hose will let you clean farther. And in case you really need to move the unit, doing so should not be tiring because it comes fitted with a couple of 12-inch wheels.

This gas pressure washer should easily clean your garage floors, fences, patio, and driveway. It can also be relied upon in removing oil stains and preparing to paint.


Champion Wheelbarrow-Style Gas Pressure WasherChampion Wheelbarrow-Style Gas Pressure Washer

This pressure washer from Champion is ultra-powerful and versatile. You’ll love how easy it is to operate this machine. It also has a practical design that appeals to many potential buyers.

This unit is equipped with a powerful 389cc single-cylinder engine with outputs of 4200 PSI and 4 GPM. It has a 1.6-gallon fuel tank. The pressure washer is designed to last what with its durable steel frame.

This versatile pressure washer has a quick connect gun to go along with five nozzles. The 50-foot high pressure connect hose guarantees that you won’t have to move it in order to clean hard-to-reach areas of your home, farm, or warehouse.

Using this pressure washer for extended periods should be quite comfortable because of its ergonomically designed trigger gun designed to reduce fatigue and make the pressure washer easy to use. Storing it won’t be a problem as well with the onboard storage compartment for the hose and spray wand.

Lastly, moving this pressure washer around won’t be a concern because of the 13-inch pneumatic tires.


Sun Joe SPX9004-PROSun Joe SPX9004-PRO

Rounding out our list is this pressure washer from Sun Joe, which should be sufficient for light to medium-duty cleaning tasks.

The Sun Pro SPX9004 is powered by an 1,800-watt induction motor with outputs of 1300 PSI and 2GPM. The engine is designed to last for a long time. With its 2 gallons per minute blast rating, it should be able to give the pressure washer enough power to take on the toughest of grease and mildew stains.

It has five quick-connect tips that give it the versatility to tackle light to medium-duty cleaning tasks. With the adjustable pressure valve, you can choose a low setting for a quick and efficient clean or crank it up to take on stubborn dirt and grime.

And since this is a relatively lightweight unit, moving it around the house should be easy and hassle-free. This unit from Sun Joe is also more on the affordable side than some of the other models we reviewed.


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Top 10 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers 2020 Buyers Guide & Reviews


Maintaining your lawn can be a daunting task. Everybody wants a lush lawn that looks nicely manicured and all green. But, if you’re going to use a push lawn mower on your bumpy lawn or a large yard, then your back is in trouble. Push mowers rely on your muscle power and can be very tiring to use.

Self-propelled lawn mowers are perfect for working in difficult mowing conditions with uneven terrain. They make trimming and tidying your lawn quite easy. All you need to do is to start your mower, set the cutting height, adjust the moving speed to a comfortable pace, and you are just about done. You don’t need to push anything here. Only steer the mower in the right direction.

Here are the 8 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers:

Honda HRX217K4HZA HRX Series Lawn MowersHonda HRX217K4HZA HRX Series Lawn Mowers

The Honda HRX-series is the premium line, and the HRX217K4HZA is one of the most expensive and most powerful Honda lawn mowers with a big engine.

This machine is an excellent self propelled lawn mower that will easily and efficiently maintain your lawn. Its electric start fires it up effortlessly. There is a self-charging, electric key-start that is backed by a rechargeable Cyclone-battery, which you can trust to always maintain its charge for an entire season. Plus, you don’t have to set the choke since its GCV-engine is fitted with an auto-choke system that can take the hassle out of starting your mower.

You won’t break your back using this mower because it features an advanced hydrostatic cruise-control system that lets you easily select a speed you will be comfortable following behind. All you need to do is set the speed anywhere between zero and four mph and let the twin-blades take over. These blades feature a proprietary MicroCut system designed with a four-blade system to ensure finer cuts with each revolution. You’ll also find more clippings in the 2.5-bushel capacity grass-bag every time you have to empty.

One feature I’m sure you will love, especially if you are using this at home, is the four-in-one Versamow system. This feature offers the versatility of mulching, bagging, discharging, and shredding as you carry on with your mowing. This feature, combined with the superior mulching performance the cutting blades can achieve, makes this lawnmower an efficient and convenient machine for home use.

This machine also has a safety feature built-into the engine and blade system that lets you take a moment away from the mower without having to turn off and restart the engine. This system is called the Roto-Stop System. You’ll find it comes in handy when you want to remove items out of the path and don’t want to come back and restart the engine all over again.

Overall, this is a well-designed lawnmower, and its GCV 190-Engine is sure to provide years of reliable service. It comes packed with many other features that will make for a more comfortable mowing experience.


Husqvarna LC221RH MowerHusqvarna LC221RH Mower

You cannot ignore the Husqvarna LC221RH if what you are looking for in a lawnmower is cutting performance coupled with fuel efficiency. This product is a quality residential mower that will give you excellent results on your ¾-acre (or more) lawn. It gives you the option to side discharge, mulch, or bag your grass clippings.

It is powered by a heavy-duty Honda GCV-160 gasoline engine that delivers high performance without consuming too much gas. Depending on the cutting conditions, you can expect that this lawnmower can run for 80 to 90 minutes on its full tank of fuel.

Husqvarna uses a steel deck. This feature makes it a little heavy but sturdy and durable. Pushing this 80-pound mower for even 10 minutes would be a back-breaking experience for anyone. Fortunately, the LC221RH offers a rear-wheel self propelled drive that takes loads of pressure off when working in the yard. It also features a dual trigger drive control, which you’ll find quite convenient when you need to set a mowing speed that makes you feel comfortable. The large 11-inch rear ball-bearing wheels offer superior traction and excellent maneuverability even when mowing on tough terrain.

The easy-to-start, fuel-efficient Honda GCV160 engine on this machine is a power horse. It is well built for the task, and at 89 decibels, it is certainly quieter than some battery-powered mowers. It is equipped with an auto-choke system that makes for a quick and easy start-up.

I find the four-point deck-height adjustment to be laborious because you have to set the height on each wheel individually. The problem, however, is that you’ll find this system in most of your gas mowers since they tend to be a little too heavy for a single-point adjustment system. Some people don’t have a problem with this feature. In fact, I heard quite a lot of them saying that the four-point deck-height adjustment easily meets all their mowing conditions. I guess it’s a hate-love kind of thing, that’ll allow you to change the deck height to desire and precision conveniently.

Another thing that will not make you go crazy for this mower is it’s two-handle position settings. Most mowers in its class offer more versatility with three-position adjustable and foldable handles. Even so, I find that if you can pick a suitable handle position from the two available settings, you will enjoy a more comfortable mowing position.


CUB CADET SC 300HW Front-Wheel DriveCUB CADET SC 300HW Front-Wheel Drive

If you are in the market for a high-quality residential lawn mower that will not break, no matter how much you punish it, then the Cub Cadet lawn mowers will be hard to turn down. You might know Cub Cadet for its lawn tractor line-up, but the brand also produces reliable self propelled mowers with incredible cutting performance.

With a 156cc cub cadet OHV engine, it comes as no surprise that this mower can cut residential lawns in almost any condition. You really cannot tell the difference between this engine and the Honda GCV160 on the Husqvarna. Both products can breeze through weekly cuts, and they showed incredible performance when cutting in mulching and side-discharge mode. Plus, you can also choose to bag your grass clippings.

The SC 300HW uses Cub Cadet Signature Cut blades that feature three cutting surfaces to produce fine clippings. The only thing that would beat this performance is the Honda HRX-series MicroCut quartet blades. Even so, the SC 300 still does an excellent job on weeks-old overgrowth.

This lawnmower features a six-position deck height adjustment that will allow you to conveniently set the deck height between 1.25 inches and 3.75 inches for precise cuts. A two-position handle adjustment lets you set a comfortable height for controlling the mower, so you can effortlessly handle your mowing tasks.

There are many other features that I love about the Cub Cadet SC 300HW, such as the front-wheel drive. I find it to be more maneuverable since I can easily tip the mower to its rear wheels to change direction. Also, I figure fuel consumption on a front-wheel-drive is better since the weight of the engine allows for better traction at the front wheels.

There are a couple of minor weak points, but this still stands as a reliable mower from a reputed company that will have your yard looking clean season after season.


Troy-Bilt TB33 Self Propelled LawnmowerTroy-Bilt TB33 Self Propelled Lawnmower

This model is a US-made self propelled lawnmower with a reliable 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine that will help you achieve remarkable results and a well-manicured yard. Its triple action cutting blades offer superior cutting performance to turn waste into mulch. You will always have more ultra-fine clippings in the 1.9-bushel capacity bag that comes with it. You can also choose to mow bag-free.

This machine weighs a massive 80 pounds, but you only feel a fraction of that when working the yard, thanks to the rear-wheel-drive powered by its strong 163cc OHV engine. Its drive control design is quite useful by allowing you to control the speed from a single drive lever. You can also choose between four speeds setting that will suit your walking pace. The handle is flexible and ergonomic for greater comfort when running your mower.

The engine starts on the first pull, so there’s no priming or choking required. It also features a ReadyStart system that checks the engine temperature and adjusts the fuel and air mix so that the engine starts every time you pull the power cord.

We’ve talked about the easy-start engine, but did you know that this product has a “no oil change” engine? As such, there is no oil draining required. You just have to add the oil when it runs low and keep mowing. Balancing your deck is quite easy too. A single lever adjusts the deck about six cutting heights.

If you are looking for a product that takes the guesswork out of mowing and operating a mower, then this unit is your best choice.


Honda HRR216VKA Self Propelled Lawn MowerHonda HRR216VKA Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Here’s a monster self propelled smart-drive lawn mower that will accelerate uphill and sculpt your lawn with little effort on your part. The Honda HRR216VKA is quite impressive because it can work effortlessly over bumpy and irregular yards even though it weighs 84 pounds. This unit runs on a VGC 160 Honda engine rolling on eight-inch ball-bearing wheels that make maneuvering a breeze. With this feature, even kids can help you mow your lawn.

This product is self propelled, and it comes complete with variable speed control on its handle, wherein you can adjust its pace from zero to four mph. The thumb-operated controls allow you to get around obstacles and dial back to your comfortable speed in a breeze.

This lawnmower is a quick-start key-powered machine, but it also includes a pull cord. The key start system is powered by a self-charging battery that comes out easily so you can replace or float charge during winter. Even so, you will rarely need to take it out since the pull cord powers the engine on the first pull every time. Plus, the key will always start even after storing this mower all season.

HRR Honda mower models aren’t exactly high-end. The HRX-series Honda mowers are your high-end machines. All the same, this mower will give you a premium cut for mulching or bagging. It is a three-in-one mower, so it can bag, compost, and side discharge with no tools or attachments necessary.

I love the Roto-Stop feature on most Honda mowers. Imagine being able to check the blade without really powering off or locking out the mower so that you can take obstacles out of the way. This feature saves a lot of time that would have otherwise been used for setting safeguards.

This machine uses much less fuel, making it a great unit to consider for residential use if you are concerned about how much fuel your engine uses. After all, gas can quickly leave a hole in your wallet. Another test you might require your lawnmower to excel in is durability. Almost any quality lawnmower will assist you for a couple of years, but Honda mowers are primarily known for longevity. You can expect the HRR216VKA to serve you for years to come.


Ryobi 20-Inch RY40190 Cordless Battery Self-Propelled Lawn MowerRyobi 20-Inch RY40190 Cordless Battery Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

They say this unit gives gasoline-like strength out of its intelligent brushless motor powered by a 5.0 Ah 40-volt lithium-ion high-capacity battery. Well, the load sensing system works, and the mower can breeze through any field condition. This system can save you much-needed energy while running on optimal speed every time.

This model is a two-in-one mower. You will only mulch and bag, but not side discharge with this unit. Its Tri-cut blades can produce a superior cutting performance to achieve finer clipping, which is ideal for mulching or bagging.

The 20-inch large cutting deck gets the job done quickly and effortlessly. There is a single-point adjustment lever for setting between seven cutting heights so you can get a perfectly cut lawn. It also has a two-point handle adjustment that lets you set the best height to walk behind your mower comfortably.

This machine has to be the easiest system to use because it doesn’t have a lot of moving engine parts that you need to be concerned about, making maintenance quite a breeze. You only need to charge your battery when you’re not using it, and every session will start stress-free. Plus, you don’t have to mess with oils or gas, and you will surely love the low-noise operation coupled with bright LED headlights for cool evening trims.

Battery-operated mowers, such as this one, are economical options if you don’t have time to sort through gas-powered mowers to find one with excellent fuel consumption. This unit is also so much lighter than most of the options we’ve seen above, so maneuvering is no task.

There are a couple of disadvantages, of course, such as concerns for battery life and performance on tougher conditions. However, these drawbacks will not make you turn away from this model, especially if you are already sold on its economic electric battery-operated drive.


Greenworks MO80L410 Pro 21-Inch Lawn MowerGreenworks MO80L410 Pro 21-Inch Lawn Mower

There aren’t many mowers that come with 80V power and above. This much voltage on the Greenworks MO80L410 Pro gives it the power almost equivalent to a gas mower. In fact, the brushless motor on this mower powered by a 4Ah high-capacity battery actives the same results as a 166cc gas engine mower.

The beauty of this mower is that you can start mowing immediately without having to fuss over oil and gas. Using it is also quite easy. Its self propelled rear-wheel drive has an easy to adjust drive control system that offers smooth engagement so that you can follow at a comfortable pace. Its performance uphill isn’t the best, but at 64.2 pounds, it is as light as some push mowers, so you could also roll it without much effort. Power is there all right, but the threads on the tires seem to lack proper grip because they will spin out occasionally.

Like most battery-powered mowers, the Greenworks MO80L410 Pro uses the innovative Intelligent Cut Technology to provide optimal cutting performance per charge. The blade speed is dynamically varied, depending on how tall or thick the grass is, to achieve the best cut possible. The battery will run for 45 minutes or so, which is enough time to complete most trimming jobs. If you have a larger yard, you could leave one battery charging as you run on the other one.

This machine uses a steel deck to make it durable. Most other electric mowers skimp on build quality to make up for the enormous expenses in brushless motors and lithium-ion batteries. By sacrificing some of the key components, these mowers are unable to resist wear and tear, especially when hitting hard obstacles like stone and sharp metals. The Greenworks MO80L410 Pro does not suffer low build quality.

This product is one of the high-end battery-driven self propelled mowers in the market. As such, you can expect to get the same service as you would with most gas-driven mowers, maybe even better.


Lawn-Boy 21-Inch Electric Start Self-Propel Mower (17734)Lawn-Boy 21-Inch Electric Start Self-Propel Mower (17734)

Here’s a reliable self propelled lawnmower in the sub-$400 category. This model is a quality and reliable residential lawn mower that you’ll have a hard time turning down. It has a Kohler 149cc OHV engine that delivers remarkable cutting performance, and the fuel-efficient will make you a proud owner.

This model is the electric start mower that features an easy to start key power, but there is one with a cord pull-to-power start that always fires up in the first pull. The engine starts and runs silently. You would think it’s not doing a proper job, but it does cut fine clippings.

This machine uses a Tri-cut blade system that produces remarkably fine cuts. It is a three-in-one mower so you can bag, mulch, and side discharge depending on your preference.

This product isn’t a high-end mower, but it is built with quality all the way. For a mid-level self propelled mower, you get everything you expect, which are a remarkable cutting performance, easy bushel bag emptying, quick turn-key start, and good thumb-operated speed control.


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