There are lots of cool nail designs. From a myriad of color choices to fancy intricate designs, the options are endless. Nail art has become increasingly popular over the years.

Not everyone can afford weekly trips to the nail salon, so we have come up with a list of simple nail designs that you can easily replicate at home. You can have a party with your girlfriends and drink wine while you experiment with some of these nail designs.

The best thing about these easy nail designs is that you can change them up to make them your own. Swap out colors, experiment with designs and texture –really personalize your style!

Nautical Manicure

If you’re going on holiday to the beach and want to embrace the theme, this nautical nail art is perfect. All you need for this look is nail polish in brilliant red, midnight blue, white polish, and a toothpick or striping brush. With a water-themed background and a colorful anchor on top, this look is fun for the summer days and nights on the beach!

Nail Art Tape

Nail Tape Art is really in right now as all of the major retailers are carrying a wide variety of nail tapes. You will be astonished at the number of awesome patterns and effects you can achieve with nail tape. If you don’t have a steady hand and can’t draw a straight line, nail tape is a great way to perfect that tailored look you have wanted to achieve!

Splatter Nail Art

As not everyone has really long nails, this fun look is great for those with shorter nails. For a free-flying, straw-spattered paint effect, simply add random colorful splatters on a white or cream colored base. This simple design is both carefree and playful!

Water Spotted Beach Nails

Want to capture the look and feel of the ocean? This fun, water-spotted technique is simple yet stunning and complete with mini starfish. All you need is some nail polish in the following shades: light blue, sandy beige, medium blue, white and orange, a dotting tool, alcohol spray, a cup, and some iridescent glitter. This beach-inspired nail design just takes minutes to achieve and will certainly be eye-catching!

Delicate Lace Stamping

Delicate and feminine is always in style, so this delicate lace stamping look will capture the essence of soft femininity. All you need is a nude base and two different designs from a Konad Plate along with white stamping polish. This fancy and lacy nail art is great for a formal event like a prom or wedding!

DIY Lace Nail Art

Another fun lace art design is this exquisite pattern. All you need is a delicate base coat, a top coat, white nail polish, a pretty piece of lace and an airbrush. If you want to take it up a notch, add a few rhinestones or gems with nail glue. This glamorous nail design is great for any special occasion where you want to feel dainty and girly.

Broken Mirror Glitter Nails

Every girl wants shimmery, sparkling, glittery nails! This broken mirror effect is timeless and elegant and you’d be surprised how simple it is! All you need to do is apply a shiny black base and top it with silver glitter chips. This look will certainly catch everyone’s eye, especially if you are in the sun or fluorescent lights.

Lightning Bolt Striped Rainbow Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art is all the rage right now and the best thing about this look is that it’s not the least bit complicated. With random stripes of moving rainbows, this vibrant nail art is fun and modern. You can easily use your fingertips to turn the rainbow water marble pattern into a bright lightning bolt with nail vinyl and deep black enamel.

Ladybug Nail Tutorial

This effortless freehand design is perfect for those who are new to nail art. And ladybugs are always fun and adorable, with their cute stripes and dots. With a few simple steps and some black nail polish, red enamel, white nail polish, a striping brush and a dotting tool, you can pull off this fun look in just minutes!

Heart Nail Art

Nail art does usually require a steady hand, but this two-step manicure can be easily duplicated without a skilled hand. With a bright red heart on your fingertips, this look is perfect for a date with that special someone. All you need is a pretty base coat, red nail paint, and a top coat!

Striped Nail Art

Believe it or not, this gorgeous striped art design was done with bristle fan brush! You can add a multitude of contrasting colors to your nails simply by using bristle fan brush. Thus, you’ll achieve that bold and pretty striped look!

Chrome Tipped Manicure

This look is highly sophisticated, yet quite simple. All you need to do is apply your favorite manicure base and compliment it with a thin metallic line atop the tip of your nails. This look will really make your mani stand out and it is perfect for both the office and a special occasion!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these simple, fun and really cool nail designs. Nail art is something every girl can get into. And with little patience and practice, you can become an expert and come up with your own designs!



Pink and white nails, have you ever wondered what is so special about this color combination? We have, that is why we would like to discuss this combo in detail today.

Pink is considered to be a feminine color, and many fashionistas are truly obsessed with this color, having practically everything in pink. As for the white color, it is often associated with wisdom, peace, purity, and innocence.

In the contemporary fashion world, white and pink can be seen a lot together, especially in trendy nail art. This combo grants a somewhat luxurious and sophisticated impression yet appears rather natural. And that is the effect we are often searching for.

Beautiful Light Pink Nails for a Classy Look

























If you choose blush nails as your next manicure shade, you should consider something else. Pink acrylic nails look extremely hot and charming at the same time when combined with white shades and rhinestones.

Bright Pink Nails that You Will Want to Try

























Light pink nails are not the only option to look elegant and sweet. Hot pink nails look both bright and fashionable, especially if you add a little bit of white and an intricate rhinestone pattern to them.

Matte Nails with Pink Shades

























Matte nude pink nail polish is something you should opt for if you prefer short nails. Do not forget about decoration in any case! Extraordinary geometric patterns carried out in white will suit perfectly!

Newest Pink And White Nails Designs

























Look at these modern and lovely pink and white nail designs. Some wonderful designs will inspire you to create new cool mani. Try and enjoy!


Winter nails designs feature various themes and sparkle with all possible colors. And manicure in reds, greens, blues, whites, and golds rocks this season. Every woman wants to look remarkable disregarding the weather conditions. And the pretty nails give us this chance even when the clothes we wear to go out hide all the beauty. Our collection of wintry nail art guarantees you inspiration. So, go have fun embellishing your nails!

Cute Winter Nails in Pink Shades

























If you are a fan of pastel shades, then when winter hits, you should opt for pink. Different shades of pastel pink look very elegant. And to add that festive mood, you can always opt for sparkles.

Amazing Galaxy Nails Ideas for Winter

























Night sky is perfectly beautiful during the wintertime. In case you would like those unknown galaxies to be closer, just depict them on your nails!

Beautiful Nails Design for a Perfect Look








Who said that polka dots designs are not festive-looking? Just look at these joyful white dots over a light brown base, don’t they make you feel like it is holidays already?

Cute Christmas Style Nails for Holidays








When holidays are at your door, there is no need to go for the most intricate design out there. Just the combination of matte green, red, and gold will do perfectly well.

Classy Matte Nails in Dark Shades

























Those of you who prefer staying strictly business even for holidays – matte black and gold is your perfect option.

Glitter Winter Nail Ideas

























Unlike clothes, nail art can supplement the everyday look with accent and color. Try out these pretty winter nail designs if you opt for something trendy that can last for the whole week or even more.

Easy Cute Winter Nail Ideas

























Winter nails can be as bright as summer nail designs. And you do not have to stick to the winter themed designs only. For example, a snowflake is the real icon of winter nail art, but who forbids painting something else?


Easter nails have many possibilities to be done and reflect your mood during this wonderful Easter weekend. They can be modest and simple or bright and shiny, full of details and colors, but there is one important thing not to be forgotten.

As it comes in spring, to these designs is acceptable the main rule of all the spring nail designs: pastel colors. All your drawn rabbits, eggs and chickens can be in saturated colors, but the color combination, in general, must be in pastel tone.

We have collected for you an inspirational gallery of the most beautiful Easter designs and the appropriate nail colors for your celebration.

Easter Chicken Nails








The more you prepare for Easter the more fun you’ll get! Look at these funny designs with chickens, aren’t they cute? To achieve any of these looks, you might be needed to visit a saloon or use tiny brushes to draw it.

Spring Flowers Designs








Are you tired of Easter nails and want something simple, but cute? Try any of these ideas with flowers! It will add girly accent to your appearance and hold a strong spring mood.

Rabbit Easter Nail Art ideas

























Rabbit nails are one of the most popular designs to be done for Easter. It’s easy to embody because of many stamps and stickers. If you are bored of nude color, just add red shades, or even you can try to draw your rabbit by hand and then to add some original details.

Easter Egg Nails








For those who can’t live without surprises, we suggest you to try these egg nail designs. They are not only pretty but easy to do. All you need are stickers or nail brushes if you want to make splashes or to draw cracked eggs. In few simple moves, you’ll create a sunny-mood design!

Pastel Rainbow








Are you eager to rock this pastel rainbow nail art? It’s very popular to make ombre in a chevron pattern. You can mix any colors; the main idea is a white base color which makes your design light.

Polka Dots








As you can see, there are plenty of ways how to rock your favorite polka dots during Easter. From simple hand-painted dots to colorful design where dots are different in their color and size. If you’d like to add Easter mood you always can add a rabbit or any other symbol of a holiday.

Cheerful Polka Dots








If you still need another way how to rock your nails on Easter Sunday without eggs and rabbits and looking for something cheerful and simple we suggest trying polka dots designs. As you can see above it’s can be embodied in any colors. Be brave and mix colors of your mood to get an impressive look!

Glitter Nails For Shiny Girls








There are many ways how to apply glitter. For Easter Sunday we suggest trying the following arts:

  • Combo a light nude base with light pearl glitter. This cute art will suit modest outfits. Can be applied to women any age.
  • A pastel pink base better to mix with silver and white colors to make your nails light and feminine. Use small fractured glitter for this nail design. Chevron and other types of patterns add a joyful mood.
  • Ombre designs. To avoid a rainbow, use one color in different shades for every nail. Glitter can be added as stripes, or you can apply it on the top or bottom of your nail to finish an ombre.

Candy Glitter Nails








When you are short of time, you can always use a simple nail polish that includes glitter pieces. To achieve such a bright design, you should apply the polish more than once.

Latest Easter Nail Art Ideas

























Here are trendy nail art ideas for the Easter Sunday. Rainbows and pastels colors are the prettiest way how to rock your mani this year. Just try it!

We hope that you have found an idea for your Easter nails design. Come back to us soon to check out new ideas!


Seeking spring nails art ideas that are capable of reflecting the way you feel and also the way springtime makes you feel? When the spring begins, it tends to alter our mood and makes us want to dance. And we wish to share this joy with everyone around us.

Spring nails colors and designs are presented in our photo gallery. Discover nail art inspired by nature itself for this season to be as happy and vivid as possible.

Let’s Wear A New Form!








We have several spring nail designs for tips that might come in handy whether you do your manicure yourself or get it done by a professional manicurist. Firstly, do not be afraid to experiment. For example, French tip nail designs are something classic that never gets out. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot enhance the timeless French, make it more up-to-date. Today the stripe in the French mani can be not only on tips and not only white – the placement, size, and color of the stripes peculiar to the French mani varies. And secondly, buy quality nail lacquers so that your mani could stay flawless whatever you do and wherever you go.

Delicate Shining For Season Nails








Who says that spring season nails cannot involve glitter because it is peculiar merely to the winter and New Year celebration? These nail designs that are done with nude nail polish and glitter can be rocked this spring, believe us, each will be a great complement to your image. Glitter always spices things up, so, let it do its job and make your mani sparkle with springtime ecstasy. And the great news is that each of these nail designs can be replicated at home even by a nail art amateur.

Floral Inspiration For Spring Nails








As for spring nail designs 2018, we have noticed that they often incorporate floral patterns. Well, and it is not surprising as a flower is something that is always associated with spring. What can be more wonderful than blooming flowers? So, just use any flora motif that you fancy and add some pizzazz and color to the nail design. The pool of choice is so wide that you can draw countless ideas from it and never lack any.

Fancy Daisies To Cheer Up Your Mood








This season spring nail designs with daisies are especially popular. Daisies grow practically everywhere. They look simple, and they are also easy to paint. That’s why many enthusiasts add daisies to nail designs.

Dots For Decoration








Are you interested in spring nail designs EASY? Then we’d suggest that you opt for a dotticure. This type of mani is called like that because it is done with dots. And we think that no one would argue that a dotticure is fun to look at! Dots can be of one size or various sizes, depending on your preferences. Also, you can choose any colors for dots, there are no limits here.

Soft Pinky Chevrons For Real Ladies








When talking about spring nail designs and colors, we cannot but mention soft pink nail lacquer. All pastel shades work great for springtime mani, but pink is probably on top of this list. Besides being so suitable for spring, soft pinks also make your manicure appear sweet and girly. In case this is the exact effect you expect to get, go for pastel pinks.

Spring Bloom As A Perfect Accent








Do you like these nail designs pictures? We do, as they are not only pretty but they also involve blooms – the definition of spring. Plus, they are created with colors that scream Spring.

Spring Nails With Fragile Dried Flowers








We hope you enjoy looking through this spring nail art gallery. Are you intrigued to see what’s next? Hold your breath, as it’s time to present a new trend in nail art to your attention – the manicure done with the real dried flowers. Can you think about anything more spring-like? Besides being feminine and romantic, this manicure will grant you many gasps with excitement from people who find out that the real flowers are embedded into your mani. How cool is that?

We hope you find these nail art ideas pretty and incorporate them into your collection of favorite nail designs. See other posts on our blog for more inspo.



White nails are very often considered to be not fun. Why would someone choose a nail polish color basically without any color? White nail color is a definition of elegance and class. In case you are not into a plain white nails, you may complete your design with loads of different stuff because white is a great base to work with. It is easy to add some life and fun to a white nail color as it may be paired up with a variety of designs. Find some nail inspiration from the collection we have put together.

Foil Nail Designs for White Nails








Geometric White Nails








Foil goes so well with neutral base, especially with a white one. It instantly makes your nails look fun. Try out geometric design for an ultimate look. Moreover, it may create a great visual effect. A couple of geometric stripes are capable of changing you hail shape. Triangles at the base of your nails will save you if you want to make your nails look longer. On the contrary, squares make them look shorter.

Marble Patterns on White Nails

























Marble patterns are very popular design for nails this season. Just look how beautiful it is! You can wear it with any style and it still will look perfect.

White Nails with Glitter for Bright Look








Glitter is an answer to anything. This is exactly what you need in case you are looking for a glamorous option. Silver and gold go perfectly with white nail color, but you may also try out more shades of glitter such as rose gold. This kind of design looks very feminine and luxurious. It will not only make your everyday life brighter, but will also complete your look for a special occasion.

White Nails with Stones








Studs on your white nails will look like a million bucks. They will definitely make your design elegant and stylish. They may be different in size depending on how much nail space you have. But remember that everything has to be in moderation and do not go ham on studs. For an everyday nail look decorate only a couple of nails with studs. If you need nails for special occasion to impress everyone, do not be afraid to add studs of various shapes to all of your nails. You may also go for a matte finish which is a great combo together with studs.

Matte White Nail Designs


Even though the name is a bit on the creepy side, coffin nails are quite elegant and stylish, especially if you like really long nails. They are often referred to as ballerina nails, as resemble the shape of ballerina slippers.

So if you are wondering what is the difference between coffin nails vs ballerina nails, the terms are interchangeable. Coffin nails are shaped like a coffin, which is very similar to the shape of a ballerina shoe, so either term can be used for these super long nails that are all the rage.

If you are one of those girls who can’t grow out her nails and wants really long and cool nails, coffin nails might be the way to go. They can be any length, but most people prefer longer nails as that is the trend, but don’t hesitate to get them a little shorter, as this is still very stylish.

One Of The Biggest Celebrities Trend Right Now

Coffin nails long started as a trend amongst celebrities, but have since taken the nail world by storm as more and more women are opting for coffin nails medium, short or long.

Ballerina shaped nails, or coffin nails, are perfect for the active woman who wants long nails as they are stronger and hold up better than stiletto shaped nails, which tend to break easily. Here are some of the other benefits of coffin nails as opposed to round shaped nails or other nail styles.








  • Coffin nails are flattering on any shape of hand.
  • Coffin nails are great for those with shorter fingers as they elongate the hand.
  • Coffin nails short are just as flattering as longer coffin nails.
  • Coffin nails leave so many options for nail designs as they are a great canvas that’s to their longer length.
  • Coffin nails are a bit more fun and adventurous than rounder shaped nails.
  • They have a flat tip which make strong and durable.

Pink Coffins Nails

Coffin nails are the perfect nail style to try out fun and creative designs. And there are so many pretty colors to choose from. Whether you want a holiday design or dark Goth nail art or something feminine and girly, you will certainly be able to find a coffin nail art design that fits your style.

We have compiled a gallery of the most popular colors used in coffin nails designs. We shall start with pink as pink is one of the most popular shades and can go with any occasion. Pink coffin nails are very delicate and pretty and are perfect for any occasion from work to a formal event like a prom or wedding to just a day out with the girls.

Pink Coffins Nails

Coffin nails are the perfect nail style to try out fun and creative designs. And there are so many pretty colors to choose from. Whether you want a holiday design or dark Goth nail art or something feminine and girly, you will certainly be able to find a coffin nail art design that fits your style.

We have compiled a gallery of the most popular colors used in coffin nails designs. We shall start with pink as pink is one of the most popular shades and can go with any occasion. Pink coffin nails are very delicate and pretty and are perfect for any occasion from work to a formal event like a prom or wedding to just a day out with the girls.








Matte nails with pink are very stylish as matte nail polish is very in right now Matte nails pink look especially stunning with flowers or gemstones.

Light pink nails coffin are perfect if you are going for a very soft and demure look and will transition well from work to play.

White Coffin Nails

White matte nails are very classy and chic if you are going for a more sophisticated style. They are perfect for weddings and formal affairs. If you are looking for white nail designs coffin, you have come to the right place. Check out our favorite designs for white coffin nails.








Matte white nails are very stylish and chic. They look very pretty when mixed with pastels for a very girly vibe.








White and gold coffin nails are also very glamorous. You can paint one nail gold or add gold accents to all of your nails, their possibilities are endless!

Blue Coffin Nails








Blue is such a pretty color and often understated. If you opt for a deep dark blue, or a pretty pale blue, you can’t go wrong with blue coffin nails. As you can see in the photo above, white and gold designs look especially stunning on long blue coffin nails or even a pretty turquoise blue is just so beautiful.

Purple Coffin Nails








Purple coffin nails are perfect for the passionate woman, as purple is a color that is full of passion and excitement. Purple is a very trendy color and can range from a pretty lilac to a deep purple and will work for almost any occasions.

Burgundy Nails Coffin








Burgundy nails coffin are very sleek and sexy if you want a look that will drive men wild. Plus they are simply gorgeous. You can totally rock a French manicure with burgundy red tips with white and gold swirls or even a pretty matte burgundy red if you want to mix things up a bit. Check out our favorite looks for burgundy nails above.

Grey Coffin Nails








Grey acrylic nails coffin are making a huge splash this season. Of course, grey nails coffin might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of coffin nails, but grey nails and grey nails designs are very much in demand this year. Grey is the new trendy color for everything from makeup to nails to hair color and grey and silver acrylic nails and coffin nails are no exception! Grey nails with glitter are very stunning and trendy if you are looking for a fashionable new nail design this season.

Black Coffin Nails

We have some of the hottest designs for black matte nail design for black matte nails coffin.

























Coffin nails black are all the rage right now as black nail polish seems to be made for coffin nails. For a sleek and sexy look or an edgy, Goth vibe black acrylic nails coffin are always a hit!

You can go with short plain matte nails black for a simple look or dress it up with some white or silver accents such as gemstones or a pretty lattice design like the ones pictured here.

More Ideas for Your Coffin Nails

























Coffin shape nails do not necessarily need to contain some intricate pattern to look special. Sometimes all you need is to refer to pastel-shaded ombre and steal everyone’s attention. Guaranteed!


Starting from the basics, gel nails are done with gel nail lacquer that has a special formula. This nail lacquer is applied to your nails in coats and then it is dried under the UV light. As a result, you get hardened manicure that lasts way longer, comparing to the old school mani.

Gel mani is relatively new and not all women are aware of its properties. Moreover, as with anything new, there are many myths that are difficult to differentiate from facts.

So, let us end the era of confusion today. We will discuss the pros and cons of getting gel mani. Ready?

Pros And Cons Of Gel Nails








Gel Mani Pros

  • Gel mani lasts for a long time. In case you prefer to have flawless mani wherever you go, then gel lacquer is to go for. The special formula of gel nail lacquer along with a multi-step process of drying results in the mani that lasts much longer, comparing to the mani done, using regular nail lacquer. How much longer? Well, gel mani can last 3 weeks and even longer, while the regular nail lacquer will start chopping off in about a week.
  • Chips are not peculiar to gel manis. Yes, if done correctly, gel mani is unlikely to chip no matter how you treat it. Do you remember all those times when you smudged several nails right after leaving the salon? Do you remember all those times when you got home, washed some dishes and got several chipped nails as a thank you? Oh, stop it! These memories are too painful. Gel won’t torture you like that.
  • Gel manis are quite cost-effective. Getting gel mani will cost you more at the moment but you will save much precious time in the long run. You can either opt for gel mani once in three weeks or the regular mani once in a week. It is all about your preference. But considering that time is money, spending 35-45 dollars once in 3 weeks is more cost-effective than spending practically the same 12-15 dollars every week.








Gel Mani Cons

  • Removing gel nail lacquer might not be very pleasant. Well, sometimes beauty does have something to do with pain. And if your nails are thin, the feeling will be a bit painful while removing gel nail lacquer. Plus, this time the regular cotton balls and nail lacquer remover won’t help. The process of taking off gel nail lacquer is a bit more complicated. To remove it, you will have to soak the nails, using acetone. And this procedure might make the nails brittle and thinner.
  • The UV light is harmful. This point must not be neglected in any case. The process of drying gel nail lacquer requires the UV light that might cause cancer. To protect the skin of your hands, apply sunscreen approximately twenty minutes prior to drying. Keep in mind that all nail lamps are harmful due to UV radiation. In case you are especially anxious concerning this issue, try air drying or switch to the regular mani.
  • Peeling is unlikely but possible. Only a professional nail technician can do everything right to avoid any peel or lift of the gel nail lacquer. If you notice that such things occur, find a more skillful nail technician.

So, is gel mani worth it? We think it is unless you fear the exposure to the UV light or much acetone. Now let’s discover some trendy and pretty nail designs for various nail shapes.

Gel Nails Designs for a Coffin Shape

























A coffin nail shape allows for all possible nail designs because there is so much space. Here you can see nail art ideas done in pinkish shades with some whites and nail glitter – very feminine and glammed up. You should definitely try them all someday!

Stiletto Shape Gel Nails Ideas

























These gel nails look especially sexy due to the most daring nail shape – stiletto. Here you can observe how various finishes can be combined: satin, matte, and glitter work together to create a miraculous ensemble on your nails. Add some accessories or prints for a totally wow effect.

Square Shape Gel Nails

























A square nail shape is quite sturdy, which is great because you won’t have to worry that you break one nail and have to cut them all then. And look at these nail art ideas for square nails. Aren’t they the definition of cute?

We hope that you find out many interesting facts about gel nails here in this post. Visit us every time you crave for beauty knowledge.








Looking for new and creative toe nail designs? Let your pedi always look perfect. We have a collection of wonderful designs for your toe nails that will be appropriate for any occasion. Be ready to explore the beauty and endless creativity of nail art!

Striped Nail Designs

This look is elegant and classy. The pretty blue polish is dressy, and the white tip and sparkly bow design on the big toe give this design a sophisticated look!

White Floral Nail Art

If you love floral toe nail designs, this look is for you! The matte gray and pink polish is very subtle. The pretty flower on the big toe dresses it up for a look that’s girly and chic!

Butterfly Colorful Nail Art

Butterflies are so pretty! This cute pink to orange ombre fade is bright and cheery, and the matching butterfly on the big toe is super girly!

French Mani with Rhinestones

If you want a glamorous look, try this pretty maroon polish and add some shiny rhinestones to your big toe. Nothing says a night out on the town like sparkly gemstones!

White-Burgundy Floral Design





Here is another pretty floral look for a fun and feminine style! The stunning combo of burgundy and white polish with flowers is dainty and demure!

Cool Blue Ombre

Ombre nail art is so pretty. This blue fade is just stunning. Add some gemstones or tiny sea shells to your nails to dress them up a bit!

Fresh Watermelon Art

Watermelons are really tasty. This look with its vibrant red and green and a cute watermelon design on the big toe is super fun.

Totally Pink with a Girly Flower

Pink is such a pretty shade. The 3-D flower and gemstones on the big toe add a demure and dainty look that’s perfect for a romantic walk!

Nude Vintage

If you want a more simplistic style, this nude base is elegant and chic. We love the black lace tribal design on the big toe to give it a bit of class. This look is perfect for a wedding or formal event.

If you prefer a more edgy look for your toes, this pretty black and pink combo is a bit more dark and daring. The black polish is bold, but the pretty black and gold leaf design on a pink base on the big toe gives it a feminine and flirty vibe. This is another look that’s great for a formal affair!

White and Blue Leaves

Cerulean blue is such a pretty shade. Paint your nails with this pretty blue polish and then paint your big toe white and paint some cerulean blue swirly leaves for a look that’s totally girly and cute! This style will appear adorable against some pretty white sandals!

White-Purple Lace Design with Glitter

Is purple your go-to color for nail art? Why not try this delicate lace design with a mixture of white, dark purple, and lavender for a look that’s classy and chic?

Classy French Mani with a Touch of Gold

A classic French pedi for your toes is always stylish. We love this twist on the traditional pedicure with a nude base and white tips. However, the gold design on the big toe gives it a look of class and sophistication that’s perfect for a wedding or another formal event! This design can be worn day or night for a look that’s feminine and fun!

Classy Nude

Another classy look is this shiny nude polish with some tiny gemstones on the big toe for a bit of bling. This is another style that is perfect for a party or wedding! Nude polish is great because you can wear any style or color of sandals, flip-flops, or other open toed shoes!

Fun Connected Dots

If you’re looking for a nail design for your toes that’s fun and youthful, paint alternating toes white and pale blue. And then paint some colored dots on varying toes and connect the dots for a cute geometric look that’s super trendy!

Cute Toe Nail Designs









Toe nail art is not difficult because it is much easier to paint your toenails than your nails. The first step is to clean out polish. Women are often lazy when it concerns their pedicure. It happens because it is difficult to notice that the colors on their toenails are uneven. So, instead of cleaning out polish, they start painting over it. However, this laziness is unlikely to make your pedicure look clean.

Beautiful Toe Nail Designs









As for toe nail designs, rainbow nails can look nice, but the length of your toenails should be right. Moreover, long toenails can lead to discomfort and even infections.

Amazing Toe Nail Designs









Before starting, make sure that you have these things: cotton, clean towels, nail polish, and brushes. Maybe your first try will not be very successful. Just be patient, and your design will look awesome!

Charming Toe Nails Designs









Surely, some designs are quite difficult, and it will take a while till you learn how to do them. Other designs are easier because they are made with nail stickers.

Charming Toe Nails Designs









Add rhinestones to the design, and your toenails will look spectacular. If you are going to do it at home, mind that tweezers can help you to work with rhinestones. You can use them to pick them and put in the right place. When the design is ready, do not forget to seal it with a top coat.

Abstracted Toe Nails Designs








Tribal Toe Nails To Complete Your Wild Look








The cutest nail designs for short nails can be found here. Longer nails are always in style, but with more and more women in careers where long nails are not always practical or feasible, short nails are making a huge comeback.

Have no fear, ladies as you can still have pretty nails with these trendy nail designs! You no longer have to feel unfashionable due to shorter nails.

With all of the new styles for short nails, you have a ton of options for an adorable and stylish nails design. Flaunt your short nails and be the envy of your friends with these fabulous designs for shorter nails.

Following are some of our favorite DIY nail designs for short nails. If you don’t have the time, patience, or artistic ability to do these designs, you can simply show the pictures at your favorite nail salon and they can easily duplicate them.

However, if you are skilled and have a steady hand, you can easily do these designs on your own. And if you’re not that talented yet, you can always practice or ask your best friend for help. Nothing says girl’s night in like a movie night with wine and snacks, hair, makeup and nail art. We are sure that with some time and practice, you will soon be creating your own nail art!

Glittery Short Nail Art

This is a design that even an amateur can pull off easily. Glitter nail polish is always fun, especially for a party or fun night out on the town! There are many different options for glittery nails.

Paint all of your nails a dark glossy color, like this sleek black polish, and then paint your fingers with a stunning gold glitter polish.

Glittery Mani

This gorgeous lilac French mani with glitter tips is simple, yet elegant!

Floral Designs For Short Nails

Flowers are pretty any time of year, but especially in the summer or spring. You can paint any flower design you wish from sunflowers to daisies to poinsettias for the holidays! If you want to accentuate your nails even more, you can even add some rhinestones or other jewels to your flowers to make them pop!


These pretty yellow sunflowers on a pastel base are fun and playful for the summer months.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

This design, with its beautiful pink and black cherry blooms on a neutral base, is simpler than it looks.

Mix And Match

This look is really cute with its fun floral design on two fingernails. Paint two nails dark-blue and three fingers white. Use blue and dark-blue to paint a pretty flower on your white nails.

Beachy Designs For Short Nails

These nail designs for short nails are perfect for those summer days on the beach!

Anchors Away

These navy-blue nails with white strips are summer cute on their own, but if you leave one finger painted white and paint on a navy-blue anchor, you will be ready for the summer fun!

Sunny Starfish

This bright orange starfish design on sunny yellow nails screams fun in the sun!

Tropical Paradise

This pretty ombre of tropical pink and violet is quite stunning, but the black palm tree on two nails and a pretty lady’s face on the ring finger really makes this look stand out!

Marble Nail Art For Short Nails

Marble nail art is especially stunning on shorter nails. It is quite easy to do on your own and the possibilities are endless.

Pretty Purples

This deep purple and soft lilac marble look is just gorgeous!

Red And White

This look is totally romantic and ideal for any occasion from Christmas to Valentine’s Day!

Striped Nail Art For Short Nails

Striped nail art is becoming quite trendy and is actually much easier to pull off than you would expect. Thanks to the plethora of nail tools from nail tape to toothpicks, you can create a variety of striped designs!

Stars And Stripes

Show off your patriotism with this red and white and blue striped look. Paint your ring finger glittery blue and adorn it with cute tiny silver stars.

Chevron Nail Design For Short Nails

You can pull off this chevron effect with nail tape. Go for bold colors like green and black.

Striped Mani

Another look you can easily pull off with nail tape. This gorgeous mani with lavender, silver, and baby blue stripes is absolutely stunning!

Grid Nails

This look is fun with its emerald green base and golden grid pattern.

By: Glaminati Media | Updated: 06/26/2018

Black And White Nail Art For Short Nails

Black and white nail art is sophisticated and stylish, and there are so many fun or classic options.

Music Notes

These black notes on a white base are quite whimsical.

Polka Dots

This alternating pattern of black and white polka dots on opposite nails is really chic.

Skull And Crossbones

If you want to embrace your inner goth girl, this skull and crossbones will show off your emo side!

Tribal Art

If you want to embrace your inner goth girl, this skull and crossbones will show off your emo side!

As you can see, these are just a few ideas for short nail designs! You can play around with colors and nail art to make each look your own. And we bet in no time, you’ll be creating your own nail art and getting compliments from all your friends!

Fruit Nails

Fruit nail designs are very popular in the summer. You can either paint them, or simply use stickers. It is trendy to have fruits on each fingernail, but you can just accentuate several nails with your favorite fruits.

Raspberry Nails Design

These juicy raspberries on a white matte base look so yummy! Add raspberries as accents on two fingernails.

Funny Lemon Nail Art Idea

This bright manicure is just ideal for the summer! Paint your nails orange and yellow and adorn your ring finger with a piece of ripe lemon on a white base.

Summer Nail Design With Kiwifruit Pattern

Paint all your fingernails white and add kiwifruit as accents on several nails. This manicure is cute and so summery!

Minimalistic Nail Art Ideas

When you don’t have enough time for a manicure, you might be interested in some minimalistic designs. They are not only easy to do but also pretty to show off on any occasion.

Marble Accent

Marble is all the rage now! To do this simple nail art, you need only one thin brush to paint lines on your nail. Feel free to opt for a different color combination to find your perfect style.

Sparkly Crystals

Any nude mani can become better if you add just a few rhinestones. Play with forms and designs to find your style. It can be a half-moon design or pretty summer gems in pineapple shapes.

Simple Flowers Pattern

This style is so feminine! Make some flowers or leaves to achieve this design, and don’t forget to add some crystals to your accent fingers.