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Looking for new and creative toe nail designs? Let your pedi always look perfect. We have a collection of wonderful designs for your toe nails that will be appropriate for any occasion. Be ready to explore the beauty and endless creativity of nail art!

Striped Nail Designs

This look is elegant and classy. The pretty blue polish is dressy, and the white tip and sparkly bow design on the big toe give this design a sophisticated look!

White Floral Nail Art

If you love floral toe nail designs, this look is for you! The matte gray and pink polish is very subtle. The pretty flower on the big toe dresses it up for a look that’s girly and chic!

Butterfly Colorful Nail Art

Butterflies are so pretty! This cute pink to orange ombre fade is bright and cheery, and the matching butterfly on the big toe is super girly!

French Mani with Rhinestones

If you want a glamorous look, try this pretty maroon polish and add some shiny rhinestones to your big toe. Nothing says a night out on the town like sparkly gemstones!

White-Burgundy Floral Design





Here is another pretty floral look for a fun and feminine style! The stunning combo of burgundy and white polish with flowers is dainty and demure!

Cool Blue Ombre

Ombre nail art is so pretty. This blue fade is just stunning. Add some gemstones or tiny sea shells to your nails to dress them up a bit!

Fresh Watermelon Art

Watermelons are really tasty. This look with its vibrant red and green and a cute watermelon design on the big toe is super fun.

Totally Pink with a Girly Flower

Pink is such a pretty shade. The 3-D flower and gemstones on the big toe add a demure and dainty look that’s perfect for a romantic walk!

Nude Vintage

If you want a more simplistic style, this nude base is elegant and chic. We love the black lace tribal design on the big toe to give it a bit of class. This look is perfect for a wedding or formal event.

If you prefer a more edgy look for your toes, this pretty black and pink combo is a bit more dark and daring. The black polish is bold, but the pretty black and gold leaf design on a pink base on the big toe gives it a feminine and flirty vibe. This is another look that’s great for a formal affair!

White and Blue Leaves

Cerulean blue is such a pretty shade. Paint your nails with this pretty blue polish and then paint your big toe white and paint some cerulean blue swirly leaves for a look that’s totally girly and cute! This style will appear adorable against some pretty white sandals!

White-Purple Lace Design with Glitter

Is purple your go-to color for nail art? Why not try this delicate lace design with a mixture of white, dark purple, and lavender for a look that’s classy and chic?

Classy French Mani with a Touch of Gold

A classic French pedi for your toes is always stylish. We love this twist on the traditional pedicure with a nude base and white tips. However, the gold design on the big toe gives it a look of class and sophistication that’s perfect for a wedding or another formal event! This design can be worn day or night for a look that’s feminine and fun!

Classy Nude

Another classy look is this shiny nude polish with some tiny gemstones on the big toe for a bit of bling. This is another style that is perfect for a party or wedding! Nude polish is great because you can wear any style or color of sandals, flip-flops, or other open toed shoes!

Fun Connected Dots

If you’re looking for a nail design for your toes that’s fun and youthful, paint alternating toes white and pale blue. And then paint some colored dots on varying toes and connect the dots for a cute geometric look that’s super trendy!

Cute Toe Nail Designs









Toe nail art is not difficult because it is much easier to paint your toenails than your nails. The first step is to clean out polish. Women are often lazy when it concerns their pedicure. It happens because it is difficult to notice that the colors on their toenails are uneven. So, instead of cleaning out polish, they start painting over it. However, this laziness is unlikely to make your pedicure look clean.

Beautiful Toe Nail Designs









As for toe nail designs, rainbow nails can look nice, but the length of your toenails should be right. Moreover, long toenails can lead to discomfort and even infections.

Amazing Toe Nail Designs









Before starting, make sure that you have these things: cotton, clean towels, nail polish, and brushes. Maybe your first try will not be very successful. Just be patient, and your design will look awesome!

Charming Toe Nails Designs









Surely, some designs are quite difficult, and it will take a while till you learn how to do them. Other designs are easier because they are made with nail stickers.

Charming Toe Nails Designs









Add rhinestones to the design, and your toenails will look spectacular. If you are going to do it at home, mind that tweezers can help you to work with rhinestones. You can use them to pick them and put in the right place. When the design is ready, do not forget to seal it with a top coat.

Abstracted Toe Nails Designs








Tribal Toe Nails To Complete Your Wild Look








The cutest nail designs for short nails can be found here. Longer nails are always in style, but with more and more women in careers where long nails are not always practical or feasible, short nails are making a huge comeback.

Have no fear, ladies as you can still have pretty nails with these trendy nail designs! You no longer have to feel unfashionable due to shorter nails.

With all of the new styles for short nails, you have a ton of options for an adorable and stylish nails design. Flaunt your short nails and be the envy of your friends with these fabulous designs for shorter nails.

Following are some of our favorite DIY nail designs for short nails. If you don’t have the time, patience, or artistic ability to do these designs, you can simply show the pictures at your favorite nail salon and they can easily duplicate them.

However, if you are skilled and have a steady hand, you can easily do these designs on your own. And if you’re not that talented yet, you can always practice or ask your best friend for help. Nothing says girl’s night in like a movie night with wine and snacks, hair, makeup and nail art. We are sure that with some time and practice, you will soon be creating your own nail art!

Glittery Short Nail Art

This is a design that even an amateur can pull off easily. Glitter nail polish is always fun, especially for a party or fun night out on the town! There are many different options for glittery nails.

Paint all of your nails a dark glossy color, like this sleek black polish, and then paint your fingers with a stunning gold glitter polish.

Glittery Mani

This gorgeous lilac French mani with glitter tips is simple, yet elegant!

Floral Designs For Short Nails

Flowers are pretty any time of year, but especially in the summer or spring. You can paint any flower design you wish from sunflowers to daisies to poinsettias for the holidays! If you want to accentuate your nails even more, you can even add some rhinestones or other jewels to your flowers to make them pop!


These pretty yellow sunflowers on a pastel base are fun and playful for the summer months.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

This design, with its beautiful pink and black cherry blooms on a neutral base, is simpler than it looks.

Mix And Match

This look is really cute with its fun floral design on two fingernails. Paint two nails dark-blue and three fingers white. Use blue and dark-blue to paint a pretty flower on your white nails.

Beachy Designs For Short Nails

These nail designs for short nails are perfect for those summer days on the beach!

Anchors Away

These navy-blue nails with white strips are summer cute on their own, but if you leave one finger painted white and paint on a navy-blue anchor, you will be ready for the summer fun!

Sunny Starfish

This bright orange starfish design on sunny yellow nails screams fun in the sun!

Tropical Paradise

This pretty ombre of tropical pink and violet is quite stunning, but the black palm tree on two nails and a pretty lady’s face on the ring finger really makes this look stand out!

Marble Nail Art For Short Nails

Marble nail art is especially stunning on shorter nails. It is quite easy to do on your own and the possibilities are endless.

Pretty Purples

This deep purple and soft lilac marble look is just gorgeous!

Red And White

This look is totally romantic and ideal for any occasion from Christmas to Valentine’s Day!

Striped Nail Art For Short Nails

Striped nail art is becoming quite trendy and is actually much easier to pull off than you would expect. Thanks to the plethora of nail tools from nail tape to toothpicks, you can create a variety of striped designs!

Stars And Stripes

Show off your patriotism with this red and white and blue striped look. Paint your ring finger glittery blue and adorn it with cute tiny silver stars.

Chevron Nail Design For Short Nails

You can pull off this chevron effect with nail tape. Go for bold colors like green and black.

Striped Mani

Another look you can easily pull off with nail tape. This gorgeous mani with lavender, silver, and baby blue stripes is absolutely stunning!

Grid Nails

This look is fun with its emerald green base and golden grid pattern.

By: Glaminati Media | Updated: 06/26/2018

Black And White Nail Art For Short Nails

Black and white nail art is sophisticated and stylish, and there are so many fun or classic options.

Music Notes

These black notes on a white base are quite whimsical.

Polka Dots

This alternating pattern of black and white polka dots on opposite nails is really chic.

Skull And Crossbones

If you want to embrace your inner goth girl, this skull and crossbones will show off your emo side!

Tribal Art

If you want to embrace your inner goth girl, this skull and crossbones will show off your emo side!

As you can see, these are just a few ideas for short nail designs! You can play around with colors and nail art to make each look your own. And we bet in no time, you’ll be creating your own nail art and getting compliments from all your friends!

Fruit Nails

Fruit nail designs are very popular in the summer. You can either paint them, or simply use stickers. It is trendy to have fruits on each fingernail, but you can just accentuate several nails with your favorite fruits.

Raspberry Nails Design

These juicy raspberries on a white matte base look so yummy! Add raspberries as accents on two fingernails.

Funny Lemon Nail Art Idea

This bright manicure is just ideal for the summer! Paint your nails orange and yellow and adorn your ring finger with a piece of ripe lemon on a white base.

Summer Nail Design With Kiwifruit Pattern

Paint all your fingernails white and add kiwifruit as accents on several nails. This manicure is cute and so summery!

Minimalistic Nail Art Ideas

When you don’t have enough time for a manicure, you might be interested in some minimalistic designs. They are not only easy to do but also pretty to show off on any occasion.

Marble Accent

Marble is all the rage now! To do this simple nail art, you need only one thin brush to paint lines on your nail. Feel free to opt for a different color combination to find your perfect style.

Sparkly Crystals

Any nude mani can become better if you add just a few rhinestones. Play with forms and designs to find your style. It can be a half-moon design or pretty summer gems in pineapple shapes.

Simple Flowers Pattern

This style is so feminine! Make some flowers or leaves to achieve this design, and don’t forget to add some crystals to your accent fingers.


Stiletto Nails are becoming quite the trend for those who love elaborate nail designs! Thanks to celebs like Lady GaGa, Fergie and Rihanna for bringing back this popular style from the 1950’s and 60’s. More and more women are opting for this bold new look!

As far as nail art goes, stiletto style nails make quite a statement. They are basically oval shaped, but pointed at the top rather than rounded. They tend to be quite long and are therefore almost always fake nails. However, due to the fact that they are longer, they provide more options for detailed and intricate nail designs!

Acrylic nails are the best option for stiletto style nails as it makes them sturdier and they last long. That being said, if you’re feeling daring, you can totally try to duplicate stiletto designs for nails on your own. If you don’t feel comfortable with DIY nail designs, however, your favorite nail salon will definitely be able to help you out!

And for those who don’t want super-long nails, stiletto nails don’t have to be extremely long. You can alternate these stiletto designs to suit shorter nail lengths. The best part about this style of nails is that it is extremely versatile.

Glamorous Long Stiletto Nails With Nude Colors

One of the hottest trends in the fashion industry today is the nude stiletto nails. Pair this design with the matte nails design, and you’re well on your way to a fashion statement. There are various embellishments that can add flash and flair to your nail design, but one of the most favorite additives are rhinestones. The nude color carries the French manicure accents into a new category, creating a fresh new look for these stiletto nails.

Long Stiletto Nails With An Ombre Design

Delving further into the stiletto nail designs, we have this interesting combination of colors. This design has a little bit of everything. Glitter, rhinestones, and color are showcased in this stunning design. The pink to yellow ombre is a unique color combination that is a definite attention getter. The flashy glitter nails that act as bookends to this design add just enough flash to grab your attention without distracting from the detailed beauty of the centerpieces of the work.

Women have migrated from simply wanting a cute nail design to desiring elaborate and even extreme nail designs. The stiletto nails have even been classified as claws. And you can understand why they have obtained this classification – due to their appearance.

Stiletto Shaped Nails Design For A Special Occasion

These shorter red stiletto nails have a deep, rich color that is red-carpet worthy. As opposed to long nails, this shorter version allows for beauty and lower maintenance. The accents of the rhinestone design on the nails keep the nails from being boring. This fashionable yet sensible style would be appropriate for virtually any occasion, whether formal or casual.

Black Matte Stiletto Nails

Next, we will explore the stiletto nails matte polish. Typically, women prefer glossy polish on their nails, but matte has become increasingly popular lately. This model is wearing a black color which to some women may seem an undesirable color. But it has had resurgence in popularity. This nail job has a French manicure touch with the glossy black tips providing contrast.

Nails Design For Short Stiletto Nails

There are several lengths for stiletto nails, but the example in this photo is a short stiletto nails version. The gold glitter color provides an eye-catching shimmer and would be terrific as a single color. This nail design has incorporated a white color, which is also an unusual color by most standards. An additional flair has been added to this gorgeous nail design by placing rhinestones as the centerpiece of the nail design.

Beautiful Nails Design For A Classy Look

Believe it or not, these white stiletto nails are actually considered a classy design. These long length stiletto nails have a cat-like appearance. The gold glitter creates a beautiful contrast and is blended perfectly to create a great look. Rhinestones are incorporated to add more flash to this gorgeous look. The glitter polish is blended beautifully, and even the rhinestones have been placed in an ombre design.

Stiletto Shaped Nails Design For Every Day

While nails can be customized to suit any occasion, that doesn’t exclude the fact that they can be worn every day like this example of matte nails. At first glance, you may not even notice the matte pink color. Due to the color contrast, your eyes almost automatically assume it is a glossy color. The green color on the pinky absolutely draws attention to this design. The increased surface area with the stiletto nails provides more space to be creative. Whether you choose to paint on or glue on embellishments, this type of nails offers plenty of room to decorate.

This type of nails, being more on the daring side, allows for more opportunities for women to express themselves in various ways with vivid colors and designs.

Nails Design With Purple Colors

This happens to be one of our favorite designs for medium stiletto nails. The chrome nails blend perfectly with the color choices. The French design on the index finger is also a nice touch to the overall nail design. The precise placement of rhinestones draws the eyes to the design. This is more of a medium length nail design which is usually easily maintained. The stiletto nails are considered one of the most extreme nail lengths for obvious reasons. With their sharp points that are more similar to daggers than fingernails, they could be mistaken for weapons. With a mid-length to a short length nail, you can perform daily activities with little to no interference from your nails. However, with a long length nail of this style, you will have to make some alternations to how you do certain activities to prevent damaging the nail finish and design.

Black Patterned Stiletto Nails Design

Here we have another black stiletto nail design with various tones and even incorporated the black matte nails to blend with other finishes. The most adorable feature of this design is the polka dot design which is rarely seen in a matte finish. Another interesting concept of finish is the glitter ombre blending from a natural finish at the base of the nail to finish with a dark glitter color at the tip. Various types of designs can be placed on stiletto nails. Other types of nails are shorter and have a decreased surface area to polish. While black is becoming a more popular nail color, integrating designs and décor to the nail style has made the color even more popular. Amazingly, the base colors of black and white have become so popular that the typical bright colors that adorned nails in times past are becoming less common.

Bright Blue Nails Design With Glitter

Next, we have a vibrant blue stiletto nails design that is stunning. The glitter ombre finishes add an interesting flair to the design, keep it interesting. The chrome design on the pinky nail blends perfectly with the base color choice. This extreme nail design could be classified in the category of costume jewelry, but women aren’t wearing it for this purpose. They are wearing it as a fashion statement. Women choose to have elaborate designs and color schemes placed on their nails in order to accessorize their mood or specific taste. Vibrant colors always take a nail design up a notch.

Totally Tie-Dyed

This bright tie-dye design looks totally rad with these nail gems!

Princess Glitter

You’ll look like you just stepped out of a fairy tale with these pretty nails that look as if they were delicately dipped in a pot of gold glitter.

Royally Regal

This stunning purple with golden rhinestones will make you look and feel like a queen about to greet her court.

Kitty Claws

This look is perfect for all those “Crazy Cat Ladies” out there. With this mischievous look, you will be ready to strike your prey at any moment.

Pretty In Pink

These stunning pink solid nails are perfect if you want to show off your favorite ring.

Awesome Ombre

This fading ombre effect looks especially stunning on stiletto style nails.

Forever Flowers

This floral design is perfect for Spring and Summer!

Sand Art Nails

This sand-art inspired design just screams for a day on the beach!

Dark and Moody

This dark black matte look will show off your innermost feeling of darkness and gloom for a totally emo vibe.

Nail Bed Art

With this stunning cluster of gems at the nail bed, you’ll be ready for a fun night out on the town.

Simply deVine

This intricate design of twisting vines is quite impressive

Ravishing Red

These metallic red nails are perfect for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Halloween Nails

We love this alternating orange, purple and black design, especially the black cat on the ring finger. If cats aren’t your passion, opt for a pumpkin, a witch’s hat or a ghostly design!

Glitter Glam

This brilliant metallic glitter design makes quite a statement if you love bold colors.

Electric Blue

These dark blue tips on a black base are quite elegant and stylish.

Pretty Pastels

Try a different pale pastel color on each nail for a soft and feminine look that is perfect for summer days.

Hearts Abound

These heart tips on a soft nude base are quite romantic.

Leather and Lace

This delicate black lace design on white nails is delightfully demure.

Golden Half Moons

These sparkly gold half moons on a soft pink base are just dazzling.

Black and White

If you want a simple, yet elegant look, these black swirls on a white base are classy and fashionable for any occasion.

Purple Chrome

Choose a magic chrome nail design that will demonstrate actual glamour and sparkle.

Mix Designs

We love this mix of designs. Glitter, rainbow, chrome, ombre, unicorn – all these create the perfect mani for summer.

Black Cherry Mani

Perfect depp cherry color with blended glitter will make your mani amazing!

Glitter Ombre Nail Design

If you like creative ombre nail design, you can add some fresh glitter to your mani. Pink frosted art is super modern this season.

Here are some tips/suggestions for stiletto designs for nails:

1. Solid color stiletto nails are a great starting point for beginners, until you become more experienced with design options. And solid color nails are always classy!

2. Stripes and polka dots make for a fun and playful look.

3. Rhinestones and nail jewels are a great way to make your stiletto designs pop!

4. Mix and match complimentary colors on alternate nails.

5. Matte nails are very popular at the moment.

6. Painting a design on one finger only adds a look of sophistication to this trendy style.

7. Add French tips to make any stiletto design stand out. Gold or silver tips are always an elegant look.

8. The “half-moon” look is making a comeback.

9. Change up your stiletto design to match your wardrobe or your mood.

10. Nail art tape is a great way to make all kinds of fun designs.


Pointy nails will be ideal for women who are super daring. Such nails are often referred to as stiletto nails and they became popular because such celebs as Adele and Rihanna kept surprising us with the extreme of their designs for stiletto nails. But there are more reasons why women all around the globe adore sporting stiletto nails – they make our hands appear slender and long and thus more feminine.

How to get the stiletto shape? Alternate filing the sides towards the middle of your nail. In case you need it, mark the center of your nail not to get confused. And if you would like to have extra long stiletto nails, get the artificial nails.

Now let’s discover all possible and impossible nail art ideas for the nail shape that offers so much space for creativity.

Pointy Nails With Glitter Designs

























Colorful Ombre Designs For Bright Look

























Dark Colors Pointed Nails







Matte Nails Designs For Your Creative Look







Awesome Pointy Nails Arts Inspired By Your Favorite Movies

























Short And Medium Pointy Nails Designs


























French manicure designs are perfect for a classic look. But with all of the styles available today, a French mani is getting a much needed makeover.

Whether you prefer cute nail designs or classic French manis, there are plenty of styles to choose from. And the best part is that all of these looks are simple enough for you to copy at home. All you need is your favorite colors of nail polish and a few nail art tools, and you’re all set!

Purple Passion

Purple is such a pretty color, but we especially love this light purple base with white tips. If you feel so inclined, you can paint a purple flower on your accent fingers to make this already elegant manicure stand out.

Black and White Mod Mani

This look is perfect for an evening out. With a shiny black base and delicate white swirls on the one finger, your nails will look polished and sophisticated for any occasion.

Spotted Mani

This manicure is so simple yet so striking. Apply a pretty nude base and use a dotting tool to make white dots on the tips. You can use pretty any color combination to fit any occasion or match your current mood.

Trendy Triangles

Geometric nail art is all the rage. We think these pretty rainbow tips are a fun twist on the classic French manicure. But what really catches the eye is the gold triangle at the nail bed.

Dark Diva

If you prefer darker shades of polish, try this deep midnight black base with delicate blue tips for a dramatic look and feel. Also you can accent your ring finger.

Classy Bling

The nude base manicure with black tips is very sleek and stylish, but the addition of sparkly gemstones on the ring finger will really set this look apart from all the rest.

Scalloped Hearts

Pink scalloped heart tips are so dainty and demure. But if you add some sparkly design on the one tip, you’ll feel extra girly and chic!

Half Moon Tips

If you want a simple look, try these black half moon tips on a nude base for a look that’s simple yet ultra-modern.

Snowy Tips

This look is perfect for wintertime with its natural base and smoky black tips adorned with chunks of glitter that resemble clusters of snow on a cold winter’s day!

Barely There Ombre

If you love both the traditional French manicure and ombre, why not combine the two for an ultra-modern look? This chic manicure fades from delicate pink to snowy white for a twist of two of the most popular styles of nail art.

Classic Red & White Mani

Red and white nails are timeless, and this modern take with short red nails with a thin white tip is super!

Silver and Black Moons

This look is pure elegance with a natural base and silver designs at the tips with thin black moons at the nail bed.

Sexy Cat Claws

If you love stiletto or coffin nails, you’ll love these fierce kitty claws with thick black tips on a nude base and small black crystals at the nail bed. This look is sexy and edgy, show ‘em you’re not afraid to use your claws if necessary!

Marble Art

Splatter or marble art nail designs are ultra-trendy at the moment. This twist on the French mani is about marble painted tips on a clear base for a totally funky look that’s hip and girly at the same time!

Rose and Gold Mani

If you prefer pink for a feminine look but want a bit of glam as well, try this pretty pale pink base with golden glitter tips for a sexy and shimmery look!

Pastel Rainbow

If you love pastels, these pretty alternating pastel tips are the perfect choice for a simple yet colorful manicure.

Messy Mani

This look is perfect for those who don’t have a steady hand. Simply apply your favorite shade as a base and then paint the tips a messy blend of either one color or several colors for a look that’s intentionally messy but still cute!

Golden Glam

If you want to shine like a rock star but don’t know what color to choose, simply add glittery golden tips to a nude or light colored base, and you’re ready to rock!

Spectrum of Color

Can’t decide on just two colors for your manicure? Why not copy this fun look with two-toned rainbows? Use the entire spectrum of colors for a truly inspiring look!

Glorious Glitter

This style is perfection with a nude base and bright blue tips adorned with golden gemstones.

Midnight Mani

This look is daring yet still sophisticated with shiny deep purple tips on a matte purple base. Ideal if you want to show off your darker side.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of French manicure nail art! Remember to pin your favorites.

Bright Neon

We love a classic French manicure but in the summer it’s great to funk it up a little bit and create something brightly. Choose your favorite neon color, some fingers you can also accent with sparkly charms or pattern nail art.

Metallic Tips

Play with more metallic colors with your French tip manicure. Start off with a plain white polish as your base. Then thinly tip your nails with metallic purple polish to complete the elegant look.

Half Moon Flowers

Half-moon nail art is actually much easier than it looks if you know the tricks of the trade! If you use sticky hole reinforcers to create your half-moons. And your mani will be look perfect every time.

Gentle Dandelion Nail Art

Fresh Nail Art With French Tips

Stunning Yellow French Mani With Sparkly Accents

Cute French Fade For Perfect Mani

Trendy Revers French Nails

Stylish Alternative: Blocked-Off Nails


Try ombre nails – one of the most recent hot trends. And very fun, too! Achieve the desired effect by using several nail polish colors. Our fashionistas have collected 36 photos of beautiful nails to help you look glamorous. Don’t miss those pics! Read on to get inspo and explore how to do ombre mani with our simple tutorial.

Glitter Ombre Nails Design For A Special Occasion

If you have a special occasion coming up, you may decide to choose round nails to compliment your overall style choices for this event. The gold glitter ombre adds a beautiful sparkle to this design allowing it to play well to the special occasion of the event. Also, the gold color against the white nails base color is an elegant touch.

Bright Blue Ombre Nails Design

These beautiful bright blue ombre nails have a very classy oval shape. While this design has been done in gloss, we prefer the matte nails finish. The gorgeous blue ombre that fades to icy white at the tips is a stunning color pattern that gives this design a gorgeous appearance. This design could be carried out on an acrylic nail but puts forth its best attributes when applied to gel nails.

French Ombre Nails For Every Day

If you’re looking for a style for everyday wear, then these French ombre round shaped nails are the perfect solution. The basic design of a French manicure has become somewhat overlooked with all of the recent nail art and designs that have been created. These very natural looking ombre nails blend beautifully with a natural finish at the tips with some artwork added to set this nail job apart from a simple French manicure.

Nude Ombre Nails Design With Glitter

If you have a square shaped nail, this nude ombre with glitter design is a great choice. The glitter accent on the fourth finger grabs your attention and sets this design apart. The white and pink ombre is somewhat reminiscent of the French manicure with the exception that the white seems to fade into a reverse direction – into the pink, making for a unique look. These acrylic nails are a great addition to your style statement.

Ombre Nails Design With Purple Shades

his gorgeous purple colored ombre design looks fabulous on the almond nails. The black to purple ombre nails have a fantastic look for a fun night on the town. This style definitively shows off that this model is an easy-going type of a person who isn’t afraid of a slightly bold nail design. This design doesn’t have rhinestones but does have the ombre effect. But it is still considered one of the easiest nail designs due to the blending of two colors being the only requirement to achieve this look.

Ombre Manicure Design For Almond Nails

These almond nails have an interesting ombre nail art design. It blends two colors that one may not typically consider blending together. But as you can see, this choice is stunning once it is applied correctly. On these almond shaped nails, this design is show-stopping and would be a very complimenting look for various occasions.

Hot Red Ombre Nails For A Romantic Evening

If you have an upcoming evening of romance planned in the nearest future, you may want to get these almond shaped nails. These gradient nail applications create a gorgeous effect that has your nails almost drip with sexiness. The color of love applied allows these red nails to make a statement without her ever uttering a word.

Elegant Black Ombre Design For Square Shaped Nails

If you’re looking for elegance while not appearing too uptight, try these short nails. The accent design on the ring finger really makes this nail art pop and draws your eyes to it. The gradient/ombre look on the first and second finger blends well with the overall design. The rhinestone design adds enough flash to the design to make it interesting without its becoming too overpowering and gawdy.

Pink And White Ombre Design For Round Shaped Nails

This is a cute design for round nail shapes that incorporates ombre nails pink and white color combination. The length of these nails is cut to fit an active lifestyle since they aren’t excessively long. The glitter accent on the fourth finger at first was somewhat confusing to us. And in our opinion, a different shade of glitter may have been a better choice. While opinions vary, it still accomplishes its purpose of being an attention getter. The round shape of the nail, in our opinion, is more of a natural shape, and this makes it one of our preferred nail designs.

How To Do Ombre Nails Step By Step

For beginners, you should clean up your fingernails very well. Be sure to remove all nail polish and trim and shape your nails to your desired length. File and shape to assure that any loose ends and fragments are done away with. Pushing back your cuticles is also a good idea due to the fact that it helps to elongate the nail beds. Next, you should apply a base coat of clear polish to each nail in order to protect it from being stained by the polish. This process also helps extend the life of your manicure by decreasing the chances of your polish chipping.

Now it is time to move on to your lightest color or white polish to begin your ombre project. The white color will help the colors appear much brighter. If you choose to simply use the lightest color of your ombre color palette, then your effect will have a much softer appearance. Apply the background color to all of your fingernails. If you are shooting for an opaque base, you should paint two coats of your base color allowing each coat to dry before applying the second coat. It is also important to use two thin coats rather than one heavy thick coat to accelerate the drying process.

Next, on a makeup sponge, paint the additional colors for your ombre effect in horizontal lines right next to each other. Assure that you apply two to three coats to the sponge in an area as wide as your fingernail so that the entire nail will be covered. Then you simply stamp your nail two to three times until the ombre effect suits your desired look. Be sure to roll the sponge down to cover the sides of the fingernail, as well. Repeat this process on all fingernails and allow ample time for them to dry completely.

Lastly, you will apply a top coat of clear polish to your nails, two coats is better than one to assure you end up with a smooth surface to cover the sponging from earlier. Using a Q-tip, clean up the area around your nails to create a clean, professional looking job.

Colorful Nails








If you are fond of nail art, you will definitely like rainbow nails. And these pictures will inspire you for sure. Look at these amazing blue and cappuccino nails. And if you wish to look gorgeous tonight, that is how you should paint the nails.

Pink Ombre Designs








Summer nail designs are so bright. And there are certain tips that can help you to keep the nails healthy during summer days. It is not advisable to soak them because if you soak the nails in water, they can expand. The polish can chip soon if applied while the nails are still a little wet.

Ombre Nails









Accentuate your nails with nail stickers with some images that are perfect for the summertime. Make a sunset design. Your nails will look really cute. Besides, a sunset design can be created even without nail stickers – just use the right colors.

Ombre Nails

















Do not forget to protect the hands after the manicure is done. Additionally, if you are fond of gardening, you should use gloves. Thus, the polish will not lift or chip; and the cuticles will not dry out because of moisture and soil. And cuticle oil should be applied every night.

Ombre Nails

















Add some glitter to the nail design. One or two glittered nails will look chic! If you are going to spend the day at the pool, use top-coat to strengthen your nails. Chlorine and water can dry out and weaken the cuticles and nails.

Ombre Nails

















Sun exposure should be avoided, too. Although getting the beautiful tan is many women’s aim, sun exposure is unhealthy to the nails as well as to the skin. UV can ruin and fade the manicure. Note: drink much water during hot days and you nails will be healthy and strong.



Red nails designs are extremely popular, but why? Truly, ask any lady about the ideal nail lacquer for her manicure. And as you might guess, she would answer red even though today there is a huge number of hues available. Stylists point out that the red shade is universal. Plus, this seductive shade attracts the attention and makes you look sexier and more self-confident. The power of red is extraordinary. And to feel that power, you should definitely opt for red nail art next time you go to your nail artist. And in the meantime, catch some inspo from our collection

Hot Red Nail Designs For Unforgettable Look

























Look at all these pics, nails look so hot and sexy! Choose the design that you like the most or just combine different designs and make your nails unforgettable.

Red Nails With Ombre








Ombre has become trendy in everything, including nail art. These ombre nail designs are absolutely lovely. And you can sport ombre on all of your nails or just on your accent nails. The choice is yours!

Half Moon Design For Red Nails








The half moon design will instantly give an upgrade to the red nail lacquer. Such manicure is often sported by celebrities and models who present new collections on catwalks. Add some glitter or rhinestones to make such manicure pop even more.

Matte Red Nails For A Classy Look








Painting your nails matte red will definitely take your nail game to a completely different level. The matte effect can be achieved with either matte finish or matte nail lacquer. Luckily, nail care corporations make the choice wide for us fashionistas.

Bright Glitter Red Nails Designs








Add some glitter accents to your nail art for your manicure to become especially jazzy and glammed up. In a combination with reds, glitter appears even more festive than it actually is. Do you believe in fairy-tales? Maybe it’s time to start.

Christmas Red Nails For A Holiday Party

























Red shades are common guests in Christmas nail designs. Just add some holiday elements to your bright red manicure and voila, you are in the Christmas mode already. Candies, snowflakes, patterns that are commonly seen on sweaters, Christmas trees, pick anything you like.

Fresh Red Nail Designs


When it comes to acrylic nails, there are so many myths that the head is spinning around. And we think that it’s our duty to clarify everything. Today we’ll discuss facts of pros and cons of getting acrylics nails.

Furthermore, we will give you a gallery of the trendiest nail art ideas for different acrylic nail shapes. Ready?

Square Shape Acrylic Nails

























  • Acrylics work great for babes with weak and brittle nails.
  • Acrylics will be life saviors for babes who are used to chewing the nails. The damage from this bad habit can be hidden with faux nails.
  • Acrylics have emerged earlier than other faux nails. So, nail technicians had much time to master this technique. It means that it’s unlikely that something will go wrong during the procedure.
  • Comparing to other faux nails, acrylics are cheaper.
  • When you break one acrylic nail, you can fix it at home rather than splurging on the mani again.
  • Acrylics last longer, comparing to gel nails.

Stiletto Shape Acrylic Nails

























  • Although it doesn’t occur often, but acrylics can damage the nails and make it difficult to grow them out. And unfortunately, damaged nails are more likely to get affected by bacteria and fungus.
  • You need to find a talented technician who is capable of making acrylics appear more natural.
  • Acrylics are applied using strong chemicals, which might be a problem if you are prone to allergies.
  • Refilling is required every month.

Acrylic Nails with Coffin Shape

























Almond Shape Acrylic Nails for Casual Look


Gold nails designs: we all love them. But what’s so special about gold nail designs with glitter that makes them super popular, that is, is there a reason for our attraction to things that sparkle?

Actually, there is: culturally, we love sparkling nail colors because we associate them with status and wealth. But it’s all deeper than you think. This phenomenon is not only about the beauty of shiny things. There is evidence that little kids prefer taking shiny objects and try to eat them over matte objects.

And this impulse exists for thousands of years. It is connected with the human instinct to search for water. Streams and rivers were always shimmering, so this urge to look for shiny things is a part of our evolution. How curious!

Now let’s follow our instincts and see inspiring and amazing nail designs with gold and glitter.

Every Day Is A Holiday With Gold Glitter Nails

























Let’s start with the basics. How to apply gold glitter so that your mani looks its best? We have a hack.

  • Paint a sponge. Just take a makeup sponge, cut or fold it to any size for your convenience. Apply glitter nail lacquer to this sponge. It will absorb some lacquer, not glitter. As a result, you will get the glitter stuck to the nails instead of goopy and thick layers.
  • Dab on nail lacquer. Are you worried that the glitter you apply will end up everywhere on your finger, not just the nail? Just line the nail with a special tape or polish guard. Now dab the sponge with glitter lacquer either over the whole nail or just a part of it. You may need to repeat dabbing for several times to get the desired glitter density.
  • Do the same with other nails. In case you don’t like how the glitter lies, push it with a toothpick or the sponge when the lacquer is still not dry. Finish with top coat, and you are ready to sparkle!

Trendy Ombre Nail Designs With Gold Glitter

























The nail designs you can see here combine the best things in nail art – glitter nail lacquer and the ombre technique. What can be cooler and trendier? Ombre is ideal for any nail art because the change of tones creates an effect that is truly magnificent and accentuates the beauty of your nails. And with glitter, the cool effect is doubled. In case you wish to try these starry sky nail designs, we can tell you that they work for any nail shape and any length.

Cute Designs For Your Gold Nails








These nail art ideas with gold nail lacquer and some glitter are so pretty, how do you think? Gold nail lacquer can stand out on its own. But the best part about it is that it can be combined with any other colors because the gold color is considered to be classic. Here you can see how gold and black nail lacquers work together to create the real masterpiece – an ultimately elegant nail design. All these nail designs are easy to recreate.

Gold Nails With Stamping








Stamping is a trend that seems to stick for a while. And we are truly happy about it. Whether you are experienced at the stamping technique or not, you might find these tips quite useful.

Search for quality nail lacquer for stamping. In general, if the lacquer is able to cover a nail with only one coat, it means that it can stamp well. Certain matte lacquers and metallic lacquers work great for stamping.

A stamping image requires cleaning with acetone after and before every time you use it. Thus, all old lacquer bits will be removed, and the image will be crisp.

Some packing tape will come in handy, too. It will clean the stamper fast and not damage it.

In case you lose the scraper that came with the stamper, you can replace it with an old credit card or gift card.

Easy Gold Nail Designs

























Finally, it’s important to mention how to remove glitter nail lacquer because let’s be honest: it is not a super simple task to do. We all have been there, spending so much time to remove it. And that peeling and scraping can result in damaged nail beds, which is truly unfortunate.

Cool Gold Nail Designs








However, it’s difficult to remove this kind of nail polish for a reason. Glitter nail lacquers are not anything like regular ones. They stick to a cotton pad and also to a nail bed when removing them. So, here is a trick: the removing substance should sit on your nails for some time and thus make the glitter flecks on top loosen. Let the cotton pad soaked in nail lacquer remover sit on your nail wrapped in tin foil for about 2 minutes, remove. Finish with cuticle oil because the remover tends to dry the cuticle.

Do you like these gold nails designs with glitter? We think that they can become a part of your go-to nail art ideas collection. Our blog can offer you more inspo.


Do you have oval nails? This nail shape is so popular that most of us do. This shape is comfy and it also appears quite natural.

The oval shape can be sported on any nail length. In its essence, this shape is feminine and clean. Plus, it works great for women with active lifestyles.

Let’s discover fresh and inspiring nail art ideas that look wonderful on the oval nail shape. Our ideas will be appropriate for various occasions.

Oval Shaped Nails With A Bright Foil Design

When filing your oval nails, the key is to deal with all imperfections for the nails not to appear unbalanced. The sidewalls must be even and straight. Next, start filing the nail from its side towards its top with arching and smooth motions. Then work the angles and do it on both of the nail sides, around the edge. The result should be with smooth transitions.

Natural Oval Nail Shape

The oval shape is among the prettiest natural nail shapes. Why not try this black and white nail art idea with silver sprinkling? Paint all your nails white and add two accents.

Elegant Oval Nail Shape

Look how elegant light hues appear on oval nail shapes. Bright gold foil plays as a glamorous accent against modest pastel nail colors. Are you ready to try this nail art idea?

Glitter Nail Design For Oval Nails

The oval nails shape is among the prettiest nail shapes for a woman’s hands. This shape emphasizes gracefulness and femininity. Plus, it’s rare that a nail shape work equally great for short as well as long nails. Also, this shape is less prone to breakage, comparing with other shapes.

Patterned Oval Nail Design


If the oval shape of nails seems a bit plain for you, you can always spice it up with color and shine like shown here. Bright pink nail lacquer pairs so interestingly with silver sparkles.

Short Burgundy Oval Nails Design

It’s a fun nail art idea for oval nails short. Paint your nail with raspberry nail lacquer and add some gold accents in the form of cute stars. Your nails can still rock it even if they are not long.

Oval Shaped Nails For A Formal Office Look

When it comes to a formal office look, it’s better to avoid bright colors and too many patterns. Pastel shades will work great. And a French manicure is a popular choice, too. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with some rhinestones or gems like depicted here.

Simple Oval Nail Design

Even the simplest oval nail designs can be brought to a completely new level if you decide to incorporate some rhinestones or gems. Such accents can change your nail game completely. Once simple, this design becomes so glammed up with gems.

Long Oval Nail Design

Long oval nails can offer you much space for experiments. But a classy, a bit refreshed with the color French manicure like shown here is always a win-win. Especially if you need your manicure design to pass a strict office dress code.

V Designs For Short Oval Nails

This nail art idea is pretty and feminine. Simple pastel pinks are accentuated with white stripes and black dotted triangles in V shapes. And this design can be easily done at home.

Pastel Purple Short Oval Design

Pastel purple nail lacquer appears very soft on its own but add some silver glitter triangles, and the nail design instantly becomes more intriguing. This mani will work great for every day.

Deep Blue Oval Nail Design With Triangle Accent

The nail art idea in this picture is reminiscent of the 80-s disco with its rich plum base and fun triangular sprinklings. These triangles can be painted any shade you like.

Oval Nails With A Half Moon Design

Half moon nail designs have become increasingly popular lately. Look how prettily this simple grayish base is accentuated with colorful half moons, dots and stripes.

Oval Nail Design In Nude And Black Colors

We think that this nail art idea looks very sophisticated with its black base and mocha accent nail. The added gems and a half moon on one of the nails makes this design even more stunning.

Simple Oval Nail Design With Half Moon Accent

White and blue is such a bright combo that it’s a crime not to sport it at least once on your nails during the summertime. Though simple, blue stripes appear very cool against the white base.

Beautiful Floral Oval Nails Design

Floral nail designs are timeless and their popularity does not depend on any trends. Green and blue floral patterns appear spectacular against this sheer white base color.

Acrylic Oval Nail Design

Whether you have oval nails acrylic or natural, floral patterns will always be an embellishment. The patterns can be big and screaming and they can be small and subtle like in this pic. What is to your taste?

Juicy Floral Nail Art

Do you like this floral nail art? In this picture, flowers are concentrated on the top half of the nails with a transparent nail base. This nail design idea is simple yet juicy.

Now you know how to embellish your oval nails to add some pizzazz to your image. More inspo is waiting for you on our blog.



Flower nail designs are designs created on any nail shape and length that include floral patterns in any color combinations and of any texture.

Floral nail designs are among the most popular because we consider flowers to be synonymous to the whole concept of beauty. Plus, whenever we see flowers, we experience some positive emotions, which is definitely a reason to get a floral mani.

Now let’s discover the trendiest floral nail art ideas we have collected for you. With so many species of flowers and their shades, how to make a choice? It is simple with this photo gallery.

Trendy Flower Nail Designs








Just look at these trendy nail art ideas with flowers, aren’t they super lovely? Use these nail designs to fit, mix, or contrast with any outfit or accessory you are about to put on.

And the best part about these floral nails design ideas is that they are not complicated to recreate. Thus, you do not have to book an appointment with your manicurist if you want to get it. And in case you are not experienced at nail art, our blog has many tutorials that will help you.

Fresh Spring Nail Flowers








Floral patterns are peculiar to spring nail designs. Delicate and petite flowers in springtime nail colors will be great embellishments for your mani. And flowers can be the main theme of your nail art or act as cute accents.

There are many spring nail colors to choose as a basis for your floral nail art, but we especially love the ones you can see here. So, if you have no idea what to start with, consider these color combinations for your spring mani.

Nude Floral Mani








Nude nail designs are considered to be constants in the fashion world. Trends change, but nail art in nudes is truly timeless.

And pretty floral patterns can complement your nude nails very beautifully. Any mani in nudes can make you worry-free because subtle colors will be appropriate wherever you go, whether it is an important meeting with business partners or a crazy night out on the town with your best friends. Simple yet elegant, go for nudes, and you will never regret!

Summertime Nail Art








We really love how fun these summertime and tropical nails designs appear. And truly, a white, as well as blue base, screams summer. The only thing that is left to do is to add some summer nail designs, and voila, you get a manicure that you can sport on hot summer days.

But what to use to recreate such nail designs?

  • The major tools to use for this nail art are toothpicks and nail lacquer. Nail lacquer can be replaced with nail gel or acrylics. And toothpicks can be replaced with art brushes, nail dotters, stickers, or stationary tapes.
  • Make sure you can concentrate well.
  • If your hands are not steady, you can easily smudge the designs and thus spoil the way it looks.

Flowers Art On A White Base








Are you aware of the fact that beauty is in simplicity? Just look at these floral patterns painted on a white base, and you will understand what we mean. Really, even though it might sound surprising, but sometimes the achievement of the wow experience does not require any vivid colors or outrageous designs. And these white nails ideas with tiny flowers prove our point.

And white is one of neutrals, which makes such manicure appropriate for all possible occasions.

Fall Nails With Flowers










Let’s discuss purple nails designs. Why are we so obsessed with this fascinating shade? Maybe because this shade is usually associated with delight, femininity, royalty, mystery, romance, passion, luxury, and wisdom.

What do we like best about purple nail colors? Well, it suits any babe and any occasion because there are so many hues. Thus, soft and light purples will work for everyday mani, while vivid and rich purple hues with striking designs will complete your party or festive image.

Are you ready to embrace the purple magic? Let’s discover nail art in purple to keep up and feel special wherever you go.

Floral Purple Nail Designs








There are so many ways how you can embellish your purple nails, and adding floral patterns is among the most popular ideas. It is easy to integrate flowers into any nail art. Plus, who doesn’t love flowers? Floral patterns ooze some feminine vibes, making your overall image much cuter.

Purple nail designs with florals have been in fashion for a while already, and this trend is unlikely to go anywhere in the nearest future. Flowers combined with purple hues are simply magical. In case you are one of the babes who have artistic nature, then such nail art will be to your taste.

Purple Nails With Stamping Technique








Nowadays nail stamping technique is really BIG. Stamping lets you create detailed pieces of art in a blink of an eye. This process is much quicker, compared with hand painting. Plus, a design is much more likely to turn out good. In case you’re not familiar with this technique yet, here are the basics. For stamping, you need a stamper, opaque nail lacquer, a scraper, nail lacquer remover, a stamping plate that you prefer, removal pad or wipe that is lint-free. On a stamping plate, paint any design. Use a scraper for scraping the extra nail lacquer off the stamping plate. Roll a stamp all over the stamping plate quickly. Transfer this stamp to your nail. Of course, the first stamp won’t be ideal, and neither will be the second one. This technique requires some practice and patience. But once you master it, you’ll be able to pull off any nail art.

Easy Purple Nail Designs








These are the simplest nails designs in purple that we have found on the web. We thought that many babes might need them because clearly not all of us are excellent at nail art. But all of us wish our manicure to look fun and flawless.

Nail designs you can see here can be done fast, and they require practically no skills. Just pick a purple hue you want to wear on your nails, and then decide if you wish to embellish your mani somehow. Add some glitter or a polka dot pattern or an accent with nail accessories – choose whatever you want, with the upcoming occasion in mind.

Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails








Searching for something cute and fun for your mani? Think about pastel purples – they are so creamy, and they will instantly lighten up the fingers. Pastel purples grant your nails the unique, fresh, delicate, and pretty look.

And the great news is that a manicure in pastels will suit any outfit you wear so that you won’t have to worry every time you go somewhere that these elements of your image mismatch

Trendy Purple Nail Designs With Ombre








Here you can see gorgeous purple ombre mani ideas. There is a key to having such a good-looking ombre: the hues you use should be just several shades lighter or darker from one another. Thus, these hues will blend perfectly without very distinct transitions.

Let’s see how to do purple ombre with 4 shades. And of course, you can always use fewer or, to the contrary, more hues with the same technique. It’s only the basis.








So, you will need a sponge for makeup, 4 purple nail lacquers, top coat.

  • Apply a nude or white shade to each nail as a base. This step is important for making the following hues pop. Let it dry completely.
  • Dampen the makeup sponge that you prepared. Get rid of any excess water by wringing it out. It is for the nail lacquer to remain in place instead of soaking into the makeup sponge. Now apply each nail lacquer in a line, going from dark to light.
  • Line the makeup sponge up on a nail, press it down. Are you satisfied with the placement of each hue? Then you can blend the hues: bounce the makeup sponge on the top of your nail. But do it carefully. You can easily overdo it, and the color will be pulled up instead of setting down.
  • Using the makeup sponge, the 1st coat should be applied to each nail. Once a nail is dry, apply the 2nd coat. If necessary, apply one more coat. You will see that a somewhat bumpy finish will be left from the makeup sponge. However, there is no need to worry. The top coat will even it out easily.
  • It is time to clean up. Pour some acetone in a bottle cap, dip in a cotton swab. It is quite convenient.
  • When your nails are clean, apply top coat. As you may notice, the texture is evened out without extra effort.
  • Either stop here or apply mattifying top coat. Voila, the stunning ombre is ready!

More Ideas For Your Purple Nails








Why not add some geometric patterns to your mani? Zig-zags, v-shapes, and diagonal lines are timeless. For a more outstanding effect, such patterns can be done in different textures. For example, use complementing glitter nail lacquer along with another purple nail lacquer to achieve one of the nail designs you can see on this page.

We bet you like most of purple nails designs we’ve shared here. Come back for more inspo!


Gold foil for a manicure is our topic today. Have you ever used nail foil to get a sparkling mani?

In case you have not, you should definitely try to recreate one of dazzling nail art designs. And in case you have, then you already know that it is not difficult, but it is so much fun!

Plus, nail foil can be combined with any nail colors. You can either go for the full foil coverage or use it for various details – the result will be attention-grabbing.

Read on to discover the most brilliant nail art ideas with foil in gold.

Nude Nails Designs with Gold Foil

























Nude nail art ideas are quite popular because these subtle shades will work for any occasion. However, if you would like to spice things up just a bit, we suggest that you add some vivid elements with foil.

Unusual Bright Colored Designs with Gold Foil








These nail art ideas are super bright and extravagant, which makes us want to try them as soon as we can. Pair the foil with vivid nail lacquer and studs for a jaw-dropping effect.

Gold Foil Nail Designs for Passionate Red Nails








The manicure in red is a total turn on, who could argue with that? And the foil in gold will even enhance the beauty of red nail art ideas. Both matte and glossy variants are smoking hot.

Black Nails with Gold Foil

























Black is definitely one of classic shades for a manicure, and a black and gold combination is timeless. You will definitely make a fashion statement with one of these nail art ideas.

Transparent Mani with Gold Foil

























Transparent nail designs seem so simple, but we would say that they are ultimately elegant. And add some patterns with gold foil for a luxe effect. Stunning!

Gold Foil Designs for White Nails








A white color might be a bit more fun than you think, especially when spiced up with some gold accents. Plus, a white and gold combination will go with practically anything.


Your graduation nails will be the most outstanding at a party with the help of our tips. All your school girlfriends will envy your sophisticated manicure and ask you how you got inspired. Yes, our photo gallery is powerful enough to make you the Queen of the Ball. It’s like magic: subtle, invisible and almighty. Let your image be flawless when saying bye-bye to school and heading towards your adult life.

Glitter Accents For Graduation Nails To Inspire You

























Like any holiday nails, these should be vivid and convey your festive mood. And what can be more festive than sparkling glitter nail polish? Add some glitter accents to your manicure to really rock it!

Triangle Nail Designs

























What is your favorite pattern that you often involve into nail art? We have several patterns that we love, and a triangle is definitely among them. A triangle will add some edginess to your manicure.

Nature Inspired Graduation Nail Art

























Considering that graduation is the time when you say goodbye to your childhood, why not honor this moment and get a super-girly manicure? Rock one of these nail designs inspired by nature.

Lovely Graduation Nail Desings

























Looking for some pretty nail art ideas? Here they are. Whether you opt for a manicure in lighter or darker shades, it will stand out with one of these designs. Keep in mind that rhinestones will make it more festive.

Matte Nails For Graduation

























Nail designs in matte have recently become super popular. It is a cool way to spice up your manicure routine. Tired of the glossy texture? Then matte is your solution for this event. All girls will ask you where you’ve got this idea!


It’s time to choose prom nails design. But how to make sure that it will be The One? Well, that’s what we are here for. We will gladly help. Overall, you need to take into account several aspects when hunting for the ideal nail art for prom.

  • Browse all possible variants. Our gallery is full of trendy nail art ideas that work for this special occasion. See all options not to miss anything. Who knows, maybe the perfect nail design is hiding somewhere on the last page.
  • Keep in mind the occasion. It’s prom, so you do not have to restrict the extent of the boldness of your mani in any way. Go wild if you wish!
  • Remember about your outfit, makeup, and accessories. The mani should match all of these.

Now when you know the basics, let’s find your ideal mani for prom.

Pretty Glitter Nails

























What’s good about elegant nails is that they would probably match your dress disregarding its design and even color. Such mani comes in classic colors without intricate patterns.

Patterned Prom Nails Art

























And those who wish their mani to stand out can opt for luxury nails with patterns or patterned accent nails. Usually such nail art is created on artificial nails as they allow for more creativity, but if your natural nails are long, you do not have to get faux nails.

Perfect Prom Nail Ideas

























Prom is the event where you can rock any texture possible on your nails. As you can see here, from glossy to matte to ombre to sparkles and sequins, the pool of choice is rather wide.

Amazing Prom Nail Ideas

























Here you can observe exquisite nail art ideas for special occasions like prom. As you might notice, these nail designs are created on nails of different lengths to show you that your mani can be chic even if your nails are shorter.

Marble Nail Designs for Prom

























Marble nail art has become trendy not a long time ago but it is surprising how fast it enters fashionista’s hearts. Nail designs that are done so that they resemble the marble texture are super cool.

Rock Your Nude Nails

























Here is a thing to never forget: nude nails are appropriate for any formal occasion. And of course, prom is not an exception here. You can either go for the all-nude mani or spice it up with a pop of color.


The black nails trend is here again, which makes us so happy. Really, what can be edgier and more elegant than a manicure in blacks?

But what do you know about this trend except for its common association with the rebellious nature of a person wearing it? In fact, this association we all know is only a small part of the history of this trend. Thus, in ancient China, only royals could paint their nails black. Then this trend was out for quite a while right until the 1970-s when Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and the whole rock culture along with them revived the trend of painting nails black. And in the 1990-s the trend became more common for the gothic culture.

With such a rich history, the black mani trend is here with us again. Let’s explore the hottest nail designs in black.

Creative Black Nail Designs with Patterns

























Black Nails with Floral Design

























If you want to add some softness to your black nails, flowers are what you need! You can add some roses, leaves or patterns and your lovely nails are ready. These cute flowers will look great with any outfit for spring. Choose nail design that matches to your mood and style.

Black Nails with Silver Glitter Ombre

























Ombre is invading all the spheres of beauty and nails are not an exception. And what may be better than glitter ombre? A combo of silver glitter and black base looks more refined and chill. If you don’t like a splashy mani – this is your cup of tea. The thing is that everything has to be in moderation. Decorate only the bottom or top of your part with some glitter. A gradient of silver and black looks so luxurious! Another option for lovers of basic nails – geometric design. It looks very stylish and not extra. This is why black looks so cool while creating this kind of designs.

Black French Manicure for Unusual Look








Black Nails with Marble Designs








French mani is in, as always. This is why a ton of French variations were created. And they are so creative and fantastic. And of course we couldn’t skip a black French manicure. This idea is really fresh. It would be a great decision for the girls who prefer darker or muted colors when it comes to their wardrobe or nails. A slight amount of black on your tips will look great in case you consider total black manicure to be way too gloomy. A mix of black and marble is very unusual. If you want something creative and off the beaten track- this is it. You may cover just a couple of fingers with this design, or use it on all of the fingers. Apart from marble imitation , you may go for the lines which resemble a stone remotely.

Matte Black Nails for Classy Look








Matte finish paired with black nails gives us some chic and elegant vibes. Black color becomes deeper and more saturated with matte finish. But sometimes it may look very boring. In order to avoid it, add some design to it. The simplest way to do this is to cover the tip of your nails with a glossy finish. This will create an effect which is subtle and original at the same time. You may also create a pattern or geometric figures with a glossy finish. It will gleam in the sunlight. If you want your nails to pop, go for a contrasting pattern.


Red nail designs are the most popular throughout the globe. And the reason is pretty simple: red attracts the opposite sex. Somehow men can’t simply resist ladies with red nails. The other reason is that women whose nails are red feel more confident. Great is the power of red.

Stunning Red Nails Ideas

























Sometimes red nails may seem boring. But that would be a wrong suggestion since you can still experiment with red as with any other color, creating intricate patterns and designs.

Cool Nail Designs in Red Color

























Cool nail designs do not necessarily have to be too complex. For example, the mixture of matte and glossy top coats can make even the simple one-shaded polka dot design look awesom

The Hottest Red Nail Designs

























Combining styles is always fun and extraordinary. Let’s say the combination of a nude base with a red French tip? Not only it sounds good but also it looks amazing! Check it out!

Perfect Red Nail Art Ideas

























If you are a kind of a red-loving minimalist but want to change something for a bit, then we have a suggestion for you. A diagonal line in a contrasting color sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Pretty Nail Designs in Red Color

























Add some accents to those gorgeous shades of red. Rhinestones, floral and striped patterns are always in.
















Thanksgiving nails are the perfect way to upgrade that holiday look of yours. You should bear in mind that apart from all the tasty dishes cooked you need to look tasty yourself! So, let’s have a look at some fresh and trendy ideas to celebrate that festive look of yours!

Easy Fall Nail Designs


















Fall nail designs are exactly what you need for the upcoming holiday. There is no need to come up with something fancy or too intricate – just introduce those fall shades into your mani!

Cute Fall Nails Designs with Pumpkins


















When it comes to fall nails, we should not forget about the pumpkins. Pumpkin-themed designs will suit the family holiday best, there is no doubt about that! Do not forget about glitter!

Thanksgiving Nails Ideas to Inspire You


















There would be no Thanksgiving without a turkey, right? So, why not celebrate the main guest with the nice, turkey nail art? Quite unusual but, nevertheless, fun, don’t you think?


A chevron pattern is often used to design nails because it is pretty, simple, and works for any occasion. In its essence, a chevron print is a sequence of V shape stripes in an inverted form. This print resembles a zigzag print. And actually, it is its variation. But unlike zigzag prints, chevron prints have segments that mark the end and beginning of every color.

We already used to nail art designs with chevron prints. But do you know that this print appeared in about 1800 BC, supposedly in ancient Greece? Yes, it is ACTUALLY timeless.

Now when the basics are clear let’s discover some trendy nail art ideas with chevron prints.

How To Prepare Your Nails For A Chevron Design








Chevron nail art requires some preparation. Or else it is unlikely to turn out great and please your eyes for a long time. Keep in mind that if you over-hydrate your nails, it affects the natural balance and causes nail polish lifting. So, in case your skin is extra dry, it is better to use one primer coat even if the nail art needs 2 primer coats.

When preparing for your manicure, do not forget about sanitizing your hands. Also, remove the old nail lacquer and all of its leftover.








Apply cuticle exfoliant to push back your cuticles. Then wipe it off with antiseptic and cotton.

Now it’s time for the chemical preparation. You need to dehydrate your nail plates, cleanse them properly. How does it work? The cleanser draws out moisture, oil from the nail plate when it contacts with it. So, it acts like some sponge. As a result, it leaves a white chalky finish. Then the primer will not have to deal with extra moisture, oils.

Chevron Design For Nails Fun And Easy








When showing you the hottest chevron pattern nails ideas, we cannot but mention how to design nails with it. It is not complicated at all! Let’s discuss the basic variation that can be altered and complemented however you wish.

  • Pick 2 different shades of nail lacquer. One will act as a base, another as a design.
  • Apply base coat, leave it to dry for about 10 minutes or a bit more if needed.
  • On top of the base coat, place a chevron sticker.










  • Paint the second shade over the sticker. Leave it on for about 2 minutes.
  • Remove this sticker. But do it carefully and not in a hurry. Or you could blur the chevron nail design.
  • Repeat all these steps with every nail on which you want to see the pattern.
  • Finish with top coat.

Some Useful Tips For Your Chevron Nails










Whenever you design nails, you expect the result to be long-lasting. And it’s not surprising: you spend time and effort, and you are too busy to do it every couple of days. These tips will help you make sure that the nail lacquer won’t chip easily.

Pass the soaking. Usually, before a mani, you soak your nails in water. But it will make the nails expand. Then when they get dry, they will shrink, causing the lacquer to crack. So, skip the water bath right before doing a mani. You can do it some other time.

Roll a bottle of nail lacquer. When you shake it to mix the color, it infuses the polish with tiny air bubbles. Then it leads to chipping. When you need to mix the lacquer, hold the bottle upright, roll it in the hands.









Avoid cuticles. If the lacquer touches cuticles, it will peel away faster, taking the lacquer from nails along with it.

Polish edges. When painting, move the brush forward so that it goes around the nail edges for complete coating. It will add some more protection to the nail tips.

Apply thin coats. Thinner coats dry faster and are stronger than thicker coats. Apply thin lacquer in very thin strokes. You can simply add more coats for smoother and fuller coverage.

Wait between the coats. If you apply another coat on the still wet lacquer, it will peel off easily. Wait for at least 2 minutes before you apply the next coat.

More Ideas For Your Chevron Nails










There are so many chevron nail designs out there for you to try. And it means that you can go for something new every time and never get bored. As you can see here, you can choose chevron for an accent nail and let the imagination go wild when painting other nails. Chevron looks awesome with any elements beside it: polka dots, ombre, rhinestones, animal patterns, and hearts. Experiments with a matte texture and neon colors are also win-win.


How is gel nail polish applied, what’s gel mani? This nail polish acts and looks like regular nail polish. However, it’s gel, and it requires special application conditions.

When doing gel nails, a technician starts with a special base coat, cures it with a LED or UV lamp, applies several coats of color (curing each of them), finishes with a special top coat and again, cures it. When the top layer dries, it is wiped off with rubbing alcohol.

The procedure requires more time and skill, comparing to the regular mani. However, you get chip-free, shiny, and long-lasting mani as a result. So, it is worth it.

Let’s discuss gel mani in detail and show you some fresh nail art ideas.

Bright Glitter Ombre Nail Designs






Glitter ombre nail art ideas are among our constant favorites. Many babes adore sporting glitter on their nails because it makes their manicures appear rather glammed up.

Stunning Patterns for Gel Nails







These nail designs are quite sophisticated with these intricate patterns and smart color choices. However, they are done easier than you might think. With little practice, you can get these dreamy patterns.

Beautiful Floral Nail Ideas








Practically every woman loves flowers, so she will probably find these nail designs super adorable. They can be done with stamps, a brush, or even freehand.

Geometrical Ombre Designs for a Trendy Look








Geometric nail designs are among the most universal ideas for your manicure as it suits anyone. Also, it will look great on short and also on long nails.

Geometrical Nails Ideas








These nail designs are quite sophisticated with these intricate patterns and smart color choices. However, they are done easier than you might think. With little practice, you can get these dreamy patterns.

Gel Nails with Foil Nail Designs








Foil appears miraculous when applied to your nails. You can either pick a subtler design or go full-foil, it is your decision to make. In either case, your manicure will stand out.

Matte Nail Designs Every Lady Will Like








Practically every gel nail lacquer brand has a matte top that can allow you to transform any glossy color. These shine-free manicures are quite inspiring.