Unforgettable Braided Mohawk Will Make Heads Turn!

Braided mohawk is about to take the world’s trend to a whole new level! Remember the times when only pierced and tattooed punks sported mohawks? Everything has changed, and now, there are no limitations for those who want to pull it off. As for ladies, today you’re going to discover the new side of this punky hairstyle.

Want to create a sassy, daring style to show off your badass nature? Well, your stunning ideas are here. And let’s don’t forget that women’s mohawks aren’t all about huge messy spiky tops and extremely short, almost bald sides: explore how girly they can be!

Chic Curly Mohawk Updo

All girls are different: some prefer lovely girly looks, while others sport tomboy-like ones. But the truth is, it’s all temporary. We tend to change our minds, experiment with our style, combine contrastive things. So how about you to get a daring, yet absolutely feminine mohawk updo with braided elements at your hairline? Your curly hair will look so exceptional!

Cheeky Braided Mohawk For Short Hair

Girls with short hair who are looking for a sassy look, it’s your turn to join the mohawk hairstyles club! This idea will work awesome for thin hair, as it gives quite a lot of volume and movement. Braid the sides, brush the back and style the top as punky as you want

Fancy Mohawk Hairstyle For Long Hair

It’s time to reveal a secret about women’s mohawks: it’s not necessary to brush all your hair up and look as if you’ve just left a rock party. A simple mohawk effect with slightly lifted top of your hairstyle is the feminine side of this trend. Braid your long hair in the most unusual ways: start with an upside-down braid that will create the needed lift, and continue braiding your hair into a fishtail braid.

Side Dutch Hawk

Let’s make a gorgeous mohawk out of a side braid! This hairstyle may seem quite complicated, especially for newbies, but everything comes with experience, right? The side pull through dutch braid creates a sort of voluminous hawk on the crown, giving you a very full and lively silhouette.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle With Weave

Braided mohawk hairstyles with weave are meant for those who want to have even more volume in hairdos! Plus, once you braid in a weave, you’ll have more hair and more space for creativity. This dramatic crown that changes into a full pull-through braid and then becomes a fishtail. Have you seen something more fascinating?

Magnificent Braided Mohawk Updo

Your hair color is responsible for the mood of your hairstyle. The braided mohawk updo you see is very delicate and neat, but when it’s paired with such an unusual pastel blue color, it gets more dramatic. Some people sport spiky top, and some people braid it: the braid that goes along the crown and twists into a low bun is one of the loveliest mohawk’s variations.

Cool Triple Braided Mohawk Style

“Wow’ is the only word that can describe this unbelievably stylish and diverse mohawk. Feel like you can’t have too much of braids? The twisted top that goes to a fishtail braid with two regular braids on the sides is a look to steal! A little tip: the more colors, the better.

Tight Fishtail Mohawk Braid

Want to keep it simple and tight, yet very dramatic? Add some mohawk vibes to the familiar fishtail braid and see the difference. To get the fuller effect, start braiding your top with bigger strands, gradually incorporating smaller ones so that the braid seems bigger on the top

Braided Mohawk With Accessories

When it comes to some special occasion, no matter what it is, we want our look to be as unique as never before. Want to wear a hairdo that no one has ever seen? This braided mohawk accessorized with big braid rings seem to take over the fashion world.

Four Strand Braid Mohawk

This idea is officially the easiest way to get the desired mohawk effect. It’s a good choice for those who want to calm down their full, uncontrollable hair or to add some volume to thin locks. Four strand braid that begins right at your forehead is the best mohawk ever!

Mohawk Updo For Short Hair

Short hair is not an obstacle for braided mohawks; we would even say that it looks even more authentic on this length. Just look at this pic: the full pull through braid creates such a sexy look that it’s hard to take our eyes off it.

Unbelievable Twisted Edge Fishtail

This twisted edge fishtail is another good way to add some mohawk vibes to your style. Though it’s not the easiest braided hairdo, once you look at it, you’ll realize that it’s worth your time. The braid is done in the center, playing the mohawk role, while pulled strands make it even more attractive.

By: Glaminati Media | Updated: 06/13/2018

Dutch Mohawk Braided Ponytail

How do you like this amazing dutch braid that changes into a low, puffy ponytail? Even though your sides are not buzzed, and your top doesn’t stick up in the air, but this style follows the mohawk’s rules: the sides are neat, the strip of longer hair is present!

Elegant Zipper Braid Mohawk

If you are about to create a truly unique hairdo, zipper braid is crucial! Yes, there are no braids that can’t create a mohawk style. To make it more minimalistic, consider doing a ponytail on the midway.

Braided Mohawk Ponytail

Looking for a mohawk that can save your time? Congratulations! You can braid only the top of your head, putting the rest of your hair into a ponytail. P.S. Hide your elastics, it will make the transition from braid to ponytail smoother.

Bright And Colorful Tuxedo Braid

Do you know how dutch braids look inside? This magical tuxedo braid will show you. People won’t believe their eyes once they see this tasteful hairstyle with a lovely twist. If you want to have all eyes on you, ask your colorist to mix all the pastel mermaid colors.

Inverted Fishtail Hawk Into Split Fishtail Braid

Ladies who like mixing different types of braids in their hairdos will fall in love with this duo. The voluminous fishtail hawk, tied on the midway, becomes a lovely split fishtail braid. Let your creativity run wild and bring this idea to life.

Dutch Fishtail Mohawk Braid

Have no idea how to show off the beauty of your long locks? Meet the greatest mohawk braid that can take a fresh look at your hair. The gorgeous fishtail braid with not fully pulled strands shows that women’s imagination has no limits!

You’ve just explored the feminine side of the bold mohawk hairstyle, so it’s time to let it in your life. Don’t be afraid of hair experiments: all these ideas will show you that being creative is a key to being on point!


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