The quiff hairstyle is certainly one of the most trending men’s haircuts of the last few years. Along with the undercut and pompadour, the modern quiff haircut for men offers a fashionable style that’s both stylish and versatile for many different face shapes and hair types. If you’re looking for a popular men’s hairstyle that’s transcended time, the quiff and its variations (e.g. classic, textured, disconnected, etc.) for curly, straight or wavy hair may be perfect for you!

What Is The Quiff Hairstyle?

As a haircut, the quiff hairstyle follows the “short on the sides and long on top” men’s hair trend. The quiff is typically styled with some height and volume, and finished with a messy brushed back or combed over texture. Like other thick, voluminous hairstyles such as the pompadour and disconnected undercut, the quiff is memorable due to its high contrast style. However, what makes the quiff unique and different is its somewhat messy, wavy and slanted appearance.

Ultimately, the quiff hairstyle is as effortless as it is timeless, allowing guys to instantly create a trendy look by simply infusing characteristics of the quiff into any style.

How To Style A Quiff

Now that you love the hairstyle, you want to know how to quiff your hair. To style a classic quiff, you will need at least 3 to 5 inches of hair on the top of the head. If you have short hair, you may need to experiment to see if you can pull it off, but longer hair is obviously ideal.

You will also need high-quality hair styling products, such as pomade, wax, putty or mousse. Pomade can give you a shinier and slicker quiff, depending on whether you pick a low shine or matte water-based pomade or a high shine oil-based pomade. On the contrary, a wax or putty will provide more texture and volume.

There are a few steps to getting the perfect quiff:

  1. Start with a fresh shower and towel-dried hair. Be sure to leave your hair slightly damp – not dry.
  2. Apply some styling product in your hair to achieve the proper height and texture.
  3. After evenly spreading the hair product, blow dry your hair while pulling it up and back to create volume. You may use a brush for a sleek quiff or your fingers for a messy quiff.
  4. Adjust and modify your quiff hairstyle to your preference. You can brush directly back, create an angular comb over, or even split the hairs in front to go in two different directions. If you aren’t able to keep your quiff in place, try more pomade or wax or a higher heat setting.

While the basic steps to getting a good quiff are fairly simple, feel free to experiment and create your own unique style and feel.

The Best Quiff Haircuts

Because there are so many quiff haircuts, such as the disconnected quiff and modern textured quiff, we’ve compiled an awesome collection of the top men’s quiff hairstyles. You’ll find examples of every trending type of quiff variation so you’ll have a picture to show your barber and a model to follow when styling.

Check out our favorite quiff hairstyles for you to try!

Modern Quiff

Disconnected Quiff

Messy Quiff

Classic Quiff

High Quiff

Short Quiff

Short Sides with Long Quiff

Modern Hair with Fade and Beard

Thick Quiff with High Fade and Beard

Taper Fade with Quiff

Classic Quiff with Undercut

Short Quiff with High Fade and Hair Design

Fade with Side Swept Quiff Hair

Long Textured Quiff with Shape Up and Beard

Low Skin Fade with Quiff

Mid Fade and Quiff with Cool Hair Design

Disconnected Quiff with Low Skin Fade

Thick Wavy Quiff


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