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Best Jessica Alba Hairstyles – Our Top 10

Best Jessica Alba Hairstyles – Our Top 10

Jessica Alba is a coveted name for every fashion brands even though she isn’t a fashion icon for many. Her sassy avatar and dazzling looks perfectly compliment her curvy body and flawless skin. The sexy lasso loves to play with her hair and flaunts a new hairdo every now and then. Take a peek into Jessica Alba hairstyles

1. Princess Bun:

Jessica Alba is one such actress whose beauty lies in her glossy hair. Here she chose the princess bun, a classy style inspired from vintage look. Not much of a mess, but just a tweak with hair-bands and ribbons can give the look an edgy side.

2. Long Hair Curls:

Curls look best on short hair but with Jessica, her long silky tresses look beautiful with the big curls, which she bent them in. By highlighting the volume, this style is best to create a virtual bounce as you walk by.

3. Short Hair:

The lovely, long strands of Jessica Alba went through a cropped cut as she chose to give her regular style a break. The sultry beauty had the short hair look for quite a while and looked amazing in it. Clicked at a social event, Jessica dazzled in an off shoulder silver dress teamed with her glistening rust hair.

4. Pixie Cut:

Pixie cut may not have looked as cute as ever on someone as it did on Jessica Alba. The short hair style gave the stunning actress a secret glow and enhanced her pleasing smile. She avoided the comb and gave her hair a good blow dry before setting out to embrace the world. This is one of those Jessica Alba hairstyles with bangs that the world will never forget!

5. Ribbon Knot Bun:

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