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7 Stunning ‘Nanad-Bhabhi’ Jodis Of Bollywood With Whom You Would Relate To In Your Family

Television dramas usually portray the relationship between sisters-in-law to be filled with hatred and jealousy but in reality, it is the most fun relationship. Sisters-in-law share a relationship of friends, warmth, fun, and gossip. After all, who else will understand how annoying your brother can be other than his wife? The bond between sisters-in-law is caring and understanding. They are partners in crime and shopping buddies, they share clothes, jewelry, and footwear. For someone who has had a brother but wanted a sister all their life, a sister-in-law comes in the form of a sister and grants that wish come true.

They share a beautiful bond and end up being each other’s confidante. Television dramas mistake their relationship. They make great friends and today we’ve brought to you a list of nanad-bhabhi duos in Bollywood who share a wholesome bond that will make all of us go awwww…

1. Kareena Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan

Source: Indiatvnews

When Kareena Kapoor married Saif Ali Khan in 2012, she got a good friend too. His sister, Soha Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor share a great rapport. They are often seen shopping, holidaying and taking part in recreational sports together. These two beautiful women share a relationship that is more like sisters and they spend days with their kids together for picnics and at farms. In an interview, Soha Ali Khan said that she gets along well with her sister-in-law and respects her for her priorities of work and her brother, Said Ali Khan.

2. Aishwarya Rai and Shweta Nanda

Aishwarya Rai and Shweta Nanda

Source: News18

Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai and hubby Abhishek Bachchan’s sister Shweta are very fond of each other. The two young ladies of the Bachchan family are seen together at various events taking pictures with each other, chit-chatting, and laughing away. In Koffee With Karan, Shweta spoke highly about her bhabhi and said she is very happy that her brother, Abhi and Aish are together. She said she loves her sister-in-law and looks up to her parenting skills.

3. Neetu Singh and Reema Jain

Neetu Singh and Reema Jain

Source: Indian Express

Neetu Singh and Reema Jain are the oldest on our list. They share a remarkable bond of sisters and are always hanging out with each other. Ranbir Kapoor and Reema share the same birthday and this nanad-bhabhi jodi are seen at events together where they giggle and talk. Neetu calls her sister-in-law “Bhoks” out of the fondness they share.

4. Sonakshi Sinha and Taruna Agarwal

Sonakshi Sinha and Taruna Agarwal

instantbollywood / Instagram

Sonakshi Sinha and Taruna Agarwal share a loving sisterly bond. Kussh Sinha and Taruna got hitched in 2015 and Sonakshi was delighted for her brother’s wedding and took it to Instagram where she kept posting pictures of the wedding. She is very fond of her bhabhi and has a cute name for her. She calls her “Taru Taru” with love and these two Sinha ladies are constantly posting pictures on Instagram that make us fall in love with their relationship. They share a relationship that is goals for the rest of us.

5. Rani Mukerji and Jyoti Mukherjee

Rani Mukerji and Jyoti Mukherjee

ranimukerjifanclub / Instagram

Rani is very close to her family especially her sister-in-law Jyoti. She said that she did not get married for the longest time because she wanted to take care of her family. She always took care of her sister-in-law and the niece’s financial needs well and they had no problems because of her. Rani’s brother did not take up the responsibility of taking care of the family but Rani came to the rescue and they had no shortcomings because of her. The two Mukerji ladies are the best of friends and are often seen together.

6. Gauri Khan and Shehnaz

Gauri Khan and Shehnaz

Source: India Today

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have been #couplegoals since the time they have been married. We all agree that they have set the standard high for couples everywhere on how to be happily married and raise a beautiful family together. What a lot of us do not know is that Gauri Khan and Shehnaz Khan, King Khan’s sister are goals too. Shehnaz is much older to Gauri and yet Gauri takes care of her like she is her baby. She is very fond of her sister-in-law and makes sure that every wish of Shehnaz is fulfilled. Her sister-in-law is one of the most important people in her life and she loves her with all her heart. Go ahead and say it… awww.

7. Anushka Sharma and Bhawna Kohli Dhingra

Anushka Sharma and Bhawna Kohli Dhingra

virat_kohli_offical18 / Instagram

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli got married in 2017. Post their marriage, Anushka and Virat’s elder sister, Bhawna grew close to each other. They share a bond like sisters and are very affectionate towards each other. Bhawna loves Anushka like an elder sister who loves her little sister.

One of the best things about having an elder brother is that we get to have a sister in the form of a sister-in-law. Someone with whom we can shop, share secrets, laugh, and share clothes. Who is your favorite nanad-bhabhi Jodi? Let us know in the comments below.

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