French makeup – what is it? Despite the fact that famous makeup companies are French, that does not mean that French women like to put on tons of makeup every day. The thing is that women in France think that there is nothing better than a little enhancement of their natural beauty. What are their secrets? That is what we are going to talk about today. A good tip is never a waste, right?

Healthy Skin Looks









When it comes to your natural beauty, your skin is the first thing you should take the best care of. That is why moisturizing and face masks for your skin type should not be neglected. Also, you need to make sure that you cleanse your skin every evening, no exceptions! Besides, an overnight mask once a week is what helps French ladies keep their beauty glowing.

Makeup Primer Icons









Makeup primer is that magic base that helps your makeup look smoother and stay on longer. Just massage it slightly into your skin before putting the rest of the makeup on and the perfect look is a step closer. Depending on what type of look you are trying to get, a soft pearly one or perfect velvety matte one, choose your perfect primer and enjoy the French-like beautiful look.

Light Concealing and Foundation









The real Frenchwoman never goes over the edge when it comes to foundation. In case you can’t see your real face under those tons of makeup, either start over or forget about natural look. It is time to forget about heavy contouring and start using powder foundation, since it is easier to achieve a desired look with it.

A Touch of Blush









Just a touch of blush is what French ladies opt for. Remember – what is too much is unacceptable for French perception of beauty. Just a hint will do to add your face that natural glow. It is always better to choose tones that go well with your face tone, and do not forget about blending!

Parisian Eyeliner Styles









Despite the popular eyeliner styles, French women like to do it their way. They use eyeliner only to make their lashes look fuller, only a thin line of liner is required, not more nor less.

Natural Makeup Looks with Black Mascara









All the eye shapes need mascara. Even French ladies wouldn’t dare rejecting this. There may be no liner added but you can’t leave your house without putting mascara on, as simple as that!

Elegant Makeup Ideas with Red Lips









No way you can be considered a French beauty icon, if you do not know how to wear your red lipstick. The rule is to keep it simple, do not let anything else steal the attention from those red lips of yours! Matte red lips go perfectly well with simple makeup and neutral clothing.

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