Do you want to look and feel special during the summertime? Do you want to create the summer-like mood around yourself? Choose summer nail designs that best describe your dynamic personality and live up to the full! Let this season be unique and unforgettable!

There are all types of manicure, from easy nail designs to more sophisticated ones. Depending on how much time you are willing to spend and what effect you are trying to reach, you can find nail art ideas designated specifically for you.

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Matte Feathers

Try using slightly different color on each nail to create the summertime colorful vibrations. You can go from bright colors to more subtle ones or even try ombre nails. If you add feather design on your nails, it will create the nature-like stunning effect. It would look good no matter whether you are going out for the evening or just chill out on the beach.

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Lemonade Summer Nail Designs

Are you a bright personality who also likes wearing clothes with bright colors? Then express your personality even more with some fruit nail design. You can add lemons or oranges or whatever fruit you like to your nails to create a fun and easy-going mood! Just imagine how great your nails will look if you sit somewhere in a café sipping lemonade or mojito.

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Rosé Mermaid Mani

If you strive for a romantic look, go for this type of nail polish. Its subtle color would work well with any kind of dress. Such nail design will look charming, especially if you also wear some subtle makeup. Go for it if you want to impress your date or some of your friends.

Romantic Negative Space

Charm your partner with your amazingly looking nail art design. It will look well with the cocktail dress, and you’ll definitely be the star of the evening. It looks simple yet extravagant. You could use either subtle pink or any other type of nail polish to create this amazing effect.

Flamingo Nails

Looking for something more exotic? Then why not paint flamingo or some other birds on your nails? Such types of summer nail designs might require more efforts, but the result is definitely worth it, especially if you want to achieve an exclusive look.

Marble Effect

If you are a type of person who is fond of visiting museums and seeing marble ceiling and floors, who is fond of the grandeur of the material itself, then you should try the marble effect nail design. It looks pompous and effective.

Easy Nail Designs With Triangle Tips

Try adding some geometrical shapes, like triangles or squares to the tips of your nails to create an interesting effect. Such type of manicure can be worn with everyday casual clothes as well as an evening dress. You can also experiment with a different color combination and choose the one that goes well with your clothes color scheme.

Sunny Flowers

Summer is the time of flowers and fruit, so use this summer pattern on your nails. Add bright sunny flowers to create a joyous and happy mood around you. Bright colors and some flowers on your nails are sure to make passers-by smile and greet you joyously, as with such manicure you’ll become the embodiment of the summer itself.

Hot Geometric Nails

Such art nail design will make you feel sexy and irresistible. You can wear it on a date or for the evening out. Wear a nice evening dress, subtle makeup, wave your hair slightly, and you’ll be the star of the evening. While you hold a glass of champagne or wine gracefully, you and your nails will attract so much attention! If you want a more casual look, substitute sequin gold nail polish with a simpler one or create some ombre effect on the nails. You can still use some geometric patterns for a bit more sophisticated look.

Golden Stripes

Incorporate some golden stripes on some of your nails to create a chic goddess-like look. Such summer nail designs would look great combined with a golden bathing suit. And if you plan to go out a lot, find some golden silk scarf or earrings that would go together with your manicure. Or you could add some golden lipstick or eyeshadows, and you are ready to have fun with your friends and meet new people!

Sand Nude Manicure

Such types of easy nail designs are suitable for business ladies. So, if you go on a business trip and want to look professional yet beautiful, this type of nail design is perfect for you. Beige color looks neutral and can go well with any kind of clothing, from a business suit to an evening dress for a night out. You could add some sequins on some of the nails for a more relaxed look.

Turquoise And Gold Stripe Nails

If you want to showcase your versatile personality, use the combination of different colors and patterns on your nails. You can use turquoise color on some of your nails and create golden stripes design on other nails, or you could use any other color combination. Get bold and creative with your nails and don’t be afraid of experimenting and finding out new color combinations and patterns!

Purple Orchid

Are you fond of flowers, particularly orchids? Then it’s time to bring them on your nails! If you are hesitant as to what pattern to use on your nails, you can never be mistaken if you use the flowers. It looks very positive and feminine.

Simple Peach

If you don’t have time for creating some sophisticated patterns on your nails, go for pure summer colors. As an example, simple peach color will look amazing on your nails, and it can be combined with all types of clothes. Sometimes, simplicity is all you need.

Fun Watermelon

If you are more into a fun and creative mood, then this type of nail design would be perfect for you. It looks playful, funny, interesting and expressive. Looking at your nails, one would immediately want to try a piece of watermelon and enjoy the summertime!

Cute Nail Designs For Summer










If you wish your nails to be trendy, then you should try mix ocean theme with sun colors, nude ombre or trendy marble designs.

Geometric Designs for Summer Nail Art










Feeling kinky today? So, share it with your friends by adding triangles to your nail design. Besides, it is easy – even an amateur can do it. Such design is preferred by women who are self-confident and know what they want.

Eye Catching Summer Nail Art Designs










We propose a very simple but charming designs to try this summer.What is always in trend? Glitter, ombre and fruit designs are!

Eye Catching Summer Nail Art Designs










Summer is a perfect time for experiments. Try to do marble nail art in different shades.

Pattern Summer Nail Art Designs










Yellow shades for your nails remind of the sun or fields. In case you are the real pro and your hands are not shaky, you can turn your manicure in a masterpiece. You’ll just need some patience and inspiration.

Beautiful Summer Nail Designs










If to discuss nail designs, the combinations you can see here have been in fashion for several years already. And they look gorgeous, too. Also, do not forget about the beauty of sequin nail polishes. You can use them in a variety of ways.

Pretty Summer Nail Designs










If all your nails are matte, you can choose, for example, sequin nail polish for one or even two nails. It can be gold or silver, or any other color – it depends on the color of other nails. Or, add sequin nail polish on the top of the base.

Amazing Nail Art Ideas For This Summer










If you want to have pretty nails, a combination of neon pink with black will look stunning. You can also add some rhinestones to your design. Or, opt for unbelievable designs with triangles or flowers.

Bright Nail Art Ideas










If you are looking for easy ideas for short nails, then you should try gold, lilac, lemon, peach, and white nail design. Make all those colors sparkle on your nails.

Cool Summer Nail Ideas










Try the designs that are typical to the summer, for example, diamond nails. Are you going to a party tonight? Then make your nails look like a sunset in one of the hot summer days. Orange and pink ombre will look miraculous. Do you like fruits and berries? Make your nails resemble them.

Lovely and Trendy Nail Art Ideas










When it comes to your nails, you can experiment as much as you wish, for example, opt for rainbow nails. Consider your mood and pick colors and elements that will complement it. The variations are endless!

Pretty Summer Nail Art Designs










Every time you’ll look at this bright and interesting manicure, you’ll definitely smile. And if you are curious about the current trends, here you can look through the new nail art ideas.

Newest Summer Nail Designs










No matter what type of summer nail designs you choose for yourself, remember that summer is the greatest time for creativity and experiments, so experiment with your nails and simply enjoy it!

Cool Summer Nail Designs










Summer nail designs can boost your mood instantly. You don’t believe us? Just check them out and you’ll agree!

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