The ideal makeup for blue eyes is the one that involves the shades that can enhance their beauty. Therefore, you need to learn the colors to stick to, and your look will be flawless every single time.

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If you really love a smokey eye look, here’s our tip: opt for more neutral shades and, quite importantly, stay away from black. Also, try not to overshadow your natural eye color.

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By following our makeup tips, you will have several most winning color combinations for your eye makeup that is perfect for any occasion. So, what are YOUR colors?

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Soft whites and pinks and white eyeliner applied to the inner lid as well as some false eyelashes guarantee a simple, yet very pretty look. Or, add a pop of color with purple eyeshadow.

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Are your eyes blue-green? Apply smokey makeup with gold eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes. Also, never apply too much eyeshadow in blue. Rather, replace it with silver.

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When going to a party, you should choose clothes, a hairstyle, and also wonderful makeup .See our best selection of party makeup ideas to amaze everybody.

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Glitter and shimmer eyeshadow colors are becoming more popular, especially when it comes to evening makeup. Such eyeshadow shades are suitable for the holidays: New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthday, or wedding. And, of course, bright makeup is perfect for clubs.

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Even though blue is a cool-toned, you can observe that it can be complimented with warm eyeshadow shades, as well. Neutral eyeshadow works great for a day at the office and can be spiced up with eyeliner.

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Blue eyes already speak volumes on its own so putting colors on your lids is really not necessary to accentuate your eyes. But if you like to, of course, there is no problem with that, in fact, we support it!

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