45 Trendy Dutch Braid Hairstyle Ideas to Keep You Cool

Look how adding dutch braids to almost any hairstyle can change your look completely! Braids are not only very trendy right now but also help to keep your hair out of your face, keep you cool in hot weather and let you participate in sports easier. There’re lots of ways to do this braiding technique, different angles, leaving some of the hair down, dressy or casual looks. Unless your hair is really short you can add this look to your hair. The braids can be tight or loose and feature one braid or multiple braids. Hair accessories can be added to the styles too.Some of these braid designs look complicated, but since the hair is secured in key places it will stay put, and some are more simple. If you have long hair, why not take advantage of all that hair and try some of these looks? There are also some styles for shorter hair. Braiding is classic and many of these styles have a boho chic look. Why dutch braid vs french braid? Dutch braids show more of the braid since it isn’t buried under the hair like it is in french braids. The look is a lot more textural. Braids also add fullness to the hair and the head which is very flattering on most girls and women. Any style that does that to your hair also frames your face nicely. There are a few tutorials included that you can watch which might help you learn the techniques for accomplishing these. Hair design with braids has gotten very creative. Some of the styles are similar but almost every one of them is unique. There are whimsical looks, others are romantic, plus some outrageous ones. You won’t believe these amazing pictures of braids!

1) Soft and Natural Circular Updo

The braiding covering the crown looks woven! A loose dutch braid is wrapped and pinned in a circular fashion with the end of the braid concealed. It’s one of the styles that would be perfect for a dressy occasion, like a wedding or a prom.

2) Cute Double Dutch Style for Shorter Hair

Look how short the hair is on this model. It’s one of the cute easy hairstyles and would be best worn with casual clothes. You can see how much the Dutch braids add to the fullness of the hair and the back of the head. It’s quick and the best-braided hairstyle for shorter hair.

3) One Long Plait for Very Long Hair

The braid begins on top in the front and continues to flow all the way to the ends. On really long hair you have the choice of pulling the braid to the front on either side across the shoulder or flipped around letting it trail down the middle of the back. Or you might be tempted to do something else creative with this long dutch braid. This fun style could be worn with dressy or casual clothes.

4) Double Dutch Style Meant to Be Messy

The braiding around the head is done on each side very loosely. The bottom of the two braids is left from the nape of the neck down. Notice how braiding accentuates hair with multiple hair strand colors so nicely. The braids add a lot of dimension to hair that has multiple colors in it from highlights or even graying hair.

5) Gorgeous Low Bun and Dutch Braid Combo

A Very loose braid or two across the crown ending in a low, messy bun at the back of the neck. Strands are left out of this updo for a very sophisticated and natural look. Again, notice how the highlights are shown to their best advantage in a dutch braid. This is could be the best hairstyle here. It’s so romantic-looking!

6) Side Dutch Braid Combined with Fishtail

Watch the tutorial on this one since it looks tricky. It’s parted on one side with dutch braiding done near the head on each side. The parted side starts low and the other side starts high. The braids come together behind the earthen transform into a fishtail braid and pulled to the side opposite the part. Medieval is what comes to mind.

7) Pretty Dutch Braid Crown

It’s amazing what can be done with braids! The braid begins on the opposite side and continues across the top and down toward the ear. There’s an unusual technique here that is done in the center giving the dutch braid added texture. It finishes as a braid to the side. Wow!

8) Full Double Dutch Braid with Low Bun

Lose dutch braids on both sides all the way down toward the nape of the neck. The long ends are then gathered into an even looser large low bun at the nape of the neck. The hair on this model is lighter at the ends than the roots which adds even more texture and dimension to the style.

9) This Brings to Mind a Maiden of Olde

Otherworldly is what it is! And definitely one of the most romantic braiding styles, but pretty complicated. Much of the bottom hair is left loose. The top and part of the sides are dutch braided and then gathered into a loose bun along with some of the side hair in the back. Strands are left flowing out and into other sections. It would be fun to choose clothes to wear with this one.

10) Focus on the Back of the Head

Dutch braiding is placed straight across the top of the head and down toward the back very loosely and centered. At the nape of the neck through the strands are left free-flowing with some of the hair wrapped around the single centered section to secure the ending ponytail.

11) Braid that Evokes a Fantasy

Did this model just step off of the set of “Game of Thrones?” It’s a truly unusual look. The color only adds to the fantasy look. The thick dutch braid draping across the top of the head, leaving the crown open. A crown would look good there!

12) Old-Fashioned Little Girl Style with a Twist

The double dutch braids behind the head that taper down to points at the bottom while thicker and looser on either side of the head are traditional with a twist. If you have hair that is a medium color with strands of highlights this style is very textural.

13) Acceptably Messy from Behind

Two dutch braids are arranged close together and with little regard to strands peeking out. A crooked part just adds to the look too. It’s modern and trendy and unusual. In this one, even the crown area is left to do whatever it pleases. It’s such a cute hairstyle!

14) Chunky Asymmetrical Dutch Braid

Sweeps across the top and remains thick all the way down and the messy look is intentional. It’s sexy and, again, good for hair with a variation in color. It could probably wind to either side and definitely be worn with casual clothes. But then, sometimes it’s good to do the opposite of what’s expected, like wearing this style with a formal dress. Why not?

15) Casual and Self-Tied Double Braid

Half of this model’s long hair is left out of the braids. The braids begin on each side of the crown area. Some of the loose hair is wrapped around the braids at the nape to secure them. It’s a very pretty and clever braid design.

16) A Double Dutch with a Twist

A two braids hairstyle using one to make a dutch braid crown on the head and the other left to hang across the shoulder. This one also has a “hair tie” that uses the real hair of the person wearing this style, self-tied. It’s also kind of messy.

17) Just Right Messy Dutch Crown

Looks like the wind blew her hair into this beautiful natural style. The back is extra messy! It gives the wearer a “devil may care” sexiness and is definitely boho chic. The model’s hair is beautifully streaked which looks great styled like this. Such a pretty hairstyle!

18) Bottom to Top Ends in a Bow

Who says you can’t begin your Dutch braid at the nape of the neck and go up? The stylist then left the hair out of the braid at the top so that it could be “tied” or arranged into a bow! If you choose just the right thing to wear with this style it will be awesome! Definitely attention-getting!

19) Multiple Braiding Techniques and Placed Off Center

Off center is right! First, it starts with a loose thick dutch braid on one side then moves across to the other side and eventually becomes a fishtail braid secured invisibly with the bottom of the whole braid left to blend to the hair left out of the braid. Wow! Very different, but pretty! So is the color.

20) Tight Double Dutch Braiding in Back

Could a braided hairstyle be more classic than this? The style would be good for an active day because it will stay put for quite a while. It might just be the best hairstyle among these for someone enjoying a sport. It’s out of the face too. Tight braids like this look amazing when they are taken out because of the waves that remain.

21) Dutch Braids So Long and Close Together!

Love this one! The braids begin near the front on top and are very loose. They continue down the back and are placed so close together the two almost look like one long woven masterpiece. This is such a pretty hairstyle!

22) Asymmetrical Tapering to a Point

For either a dressy or a casual occasion especially if your clothes are also asymmetrical. It begins at the top of the head and gradually gets looser and looser until it gets to the wearer’s narrow neck and begins to taper down to a point. This style ends with the braid to the side. It looks very soft and sophisticated.

23) Another Tight Effect Good for Active Days

How that super classic style looks from the front. Also, it shows the variation of pulling the double dutch braids to the front of the shoulder. This style works either way and might just do this on its own anyway! Also very cool in the summer. Actually, it seems like you might be tempted to pull on them! Or someone else might!

24) Soft Dutch Braid for Very Long Hair

Does it get any more romantic than this! The braiding starts in front where it’s not so thick. Then, as more hair is gathered into the braid it gets it’s thickest at the neck. It’s incredibly soft and loose looking, especially if your hair is very long. You could probably pull off this style with slightly shorter hair though.

25) Intentionally Loose and Falling Naturally

Not a lot of loops here near the crown. It’s one of the loosest styles shown here and is even very loose on the sides. A lot of the hair on this model is left loose at the bottom but medium length hair could also be arranged this way. It’s really an easy hairstyle that uses a pretty clip.

26) Wide and Messy Braids in Back

It’s almost like the classic tight style for sports that was mentioned, but very loose and soft. Isn’t this is better? Well, it’s up to you. This way of braiding is just really soft and natural. It’s also kind of messy. It kind of makes you want hair down to your waist just so you can wear your hair like this!

27) Two Braids Hairstyle One Wrapped One Down

One braid is wrapped around the head while the other drapes over the shoulder. We can’t see the back so it’s hard to be sure. The one that wraps covers the hairline in front and doesn’t even try to hide the sections pulled in to make the loops for the dutch effect. But that just gives texture to the crown. The other drapes softly across one shoulder.

28) Two Dutch Braids Using Highlights to Advantage

It’s a classic 2 braids hairstyle with a center part. It’s not quite as tight as the previous ones mentioned for sports and the braids are closer together. Starting at the front on each side, the dutch effect continues along the sides of the head. The strong highlights that the model has given a lot of depth and texture.

29) How to Create a Side Braid and Bun

The tutorial shows how to arrange hair into one side braid across the top of the head. It hangs at the side. Loose hair is then gathered into a low ponytail and then wrapped around a foam bun donut. The bun is left spiky. Really cute and different.

30) Rock and Roll Creative Look

Definitely attention-getting! With the top center-parted, two dutch braids run along the top of the head toward the crown. You then leave loose hair at the end of the braids to create two buns at the crown, like ears! The entire back half of the hair is left very loose. This one is rock and roll chic!

31) Examples of a 2 Braids Style

Slightly different highlighting but with the same classic (again!) style. The hair arranged into the same dutch braid center-parted and running down the back. This shows how the same braid technique can look a little different on different heads of hair. Also, the looser look of the model on the right is a little less severe.

32) Cute and Flirty Loose Look

You’ve gotta love this one! Most of the focus is on the back but it probably looks good from all sides. That ponytail is adorable and all that texture that comes from the dutch braid on the sides is a nice contrast to the soft ponytail and the wisps in front and on the sides. This one’s such a cute hairstyle.

33) Another Helpful Dutch Braiding Tutorial

Actually, this tutorial shows how to get pretty close to the style just mentioned. Watch the tutorials because these dutch braids can actually be learned. If your hair is long you’d be making a mistake not to at least try these techniques. Buddy up with another long-haired friend and figure it out!

34) Long and Loose Dutch Braided Low Pigtails

All you have to do to achieve this is do the classic dutch braid. But stop braiding when you get to the neck area. Leave it loose after that. Then just fluff and scrunch that loose hair quite a bit. Pigtails are getting popular anyway.

35) The Braid Is Almost an Accessory Here

The overall effect of this style is that it’s just, well, left down. But a dutch braid is incorporated into it accentuating the curve of the back of the head. The hair is left down even on the sides. This style has a Renaissance, romantic look about it. Gorgeous!

36) Striking Two Braids That Go on Forever

It’s a very symmetrical look and so well-done! It’s perfect on this model with her ice-blonde hair and center back tattoo. But it’s actually a simple dutch braid on each side but flowing down the back, very close together. The sections are very loose near the head but gradually get tighter toward the ends. Not much hair is left at the ends. It’s all in there.

37) Softly Casual Two Braid/Low Pony Style

Very unpretentious. It just begins in front, center-parted, with two Dutch braids along the sides of the crown then braided very loosely. Just like many of the other braid designs, when the braid reaches the nape of the neck, the hair is gathered into a low ponytail and self-wrapped hanging loosely.

38) As Soft as Soft Can Be!

Hardly any braiding at all here. There are about four loops down the back center toward the nape of the neck. Pull all the hair into a loose ponytail. Wisps of hair are left to frame the face and the ponytail is tied with a scarf to accentuate where the braid meets the ponytail. This one is quick and easy too!

39) Simple Center Dutch Braid/Ponytail Tutorial

Wow, this looks like a pretty thorough lesson! It’s one of the simpler dutch braid styles to learn. Beginning at front center, above the forehead, dutch braid toward the back. The braid ends at the nape of the neck and is gathered into a low ponytail and secured. This is exactly the skill for many of these styles.

40) Styled Around a Thick Top Dutch Braid

You might need help here! It’s dressy and sexy, but it must be hard to achieve and hard to keep this way. But it might be worth it for a special occasion. There’s so much movement in this one. You’ll probably need hairspray! It’s very pretty though

41) Complicated Asymmetrical Swirl with Focus at Back

It has the silhouette of a French twist. All it is is one slightly off-center dutch braid done all the way to the ends. Then the part of the braid not against the head is wound to one side and secured there. Spiky pieces from the braid and loose strands are left in front. This is a lovely updo. Watch this dutch braid tutorial to try it.

42) One Long Dramatic Loose Side Dutch Braid

Dramatic is right! Hair is brushed to one side with only part of the hair in the initial braiding. Then the braid gradually picks up sections of the remaining hair and then worked into one long side braid which and draped over the shoulder. It’s very loose and thick which might be accomplished with some teasing.

43) Two Braids Angling Across for Loose Style

It actually looks like hair left down. The braids are there as almost a hair accessory. But they are there! Twin dutch braids curved around the crown. It looks like number 35 which, like this one, is romantic and renaissance-looking. This is one of the nicest pictures of braids here. Gorgeous how a breeze is blowing her beautifully highlighted hair!

44) A Single Center Braid from Front to Back

That’s a lot of hair! A very symmetrical Dutch braid hairstyle and for very long hair or hair with extensions. It’s so thick! Choosing this center-strapped denim piece is good because it carries out the symmetrical look very nice. This picture shows a good reason for making the braiding loops larger at certain places to give a nice shape to the head.

45) Proving that Short Hair Can Be Braided!

Wow! This model’s hair is really pretty short. I’m sure product had to be used but that’s probably true with most of the braiding styles here. This is one of the cute easy hairstyles. Even though the hair here is too short to continue from loop to loop, it gives the style a cool spiky look. Besides, who cares if some hair pops out of the braid? It’s still cute.

 Two Braids Blend Right Into Bottom Hair

So unforced! Looks almost like the hair just jumped into two braids on its own! There doesn’t appear to be anything securing the bottom of the two braids either. They just flow into the wavy hair that’s left down making it such a pretty

Simple and Thick Side Braid Secured Up

Crown of hair! It’s an asymmetrical dutch braid hairstyle showing no ends except the few curvy wisps left along the jawline. It’s hard to tell how this was even accomplished without seeing the other side, but it’s soft and neat at the same time. It could be worn for a dressy occasion or a casual one.

Impressive Symmetrical Thick to Thin Look

Hair drama! At the crown the loops are super thick and so close together it’s hard to tell it’s actually a double braid. The crown of the head is so full with this one. And it’s nice that there isn’t a noticeable tie securing the bottom. It’s so cool how the braid just flows off to nothing. This is a very modern 2 braids hairstyle.



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