45 Simple Wedding Hairstyles That Are Easy to Master

Thinking about doing your own wedding makeup and hair? DIYing is a great wedding budget hack, but it’s not to be taken lightly. Practise makes perfect so we’ve got 47 simple wedding hairstyles to inspire you, whatever your hair type is.

Half Up with Plaited Detail

Romantic brides will love this delicate hairstyle – section off your hair and tong it so it forms curls, before gently brushing them through for a more relaxed look. Braid the front two sections and grip them back before concealing the join with flowers.

Low Bun

If you have a hair donut or a spare sock, this large, low bun is easy to do. If you have fine or short hair, clip in extensions will help you out. Simply put the hair through the donut (or the sock with the end cut off) and roll it up, wrapping the hair around it. Secure with grips and pull some strands loose around the face for a softer look.

Short with a Wave

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you’re limited on style. Blow dry your hair using a barrel brush for volume and lightly tong the front sections to give it shape. We love the vintage style birdcage veil. We have even more wedding hairstyles for short hair to inspire you.

Halo Braid

Want a plaited hairstyle with a bit of a twist? What about a halo braid? Simply plait your hair from the side and pull across, pinning into place. If you don’t have enough hair to do this, look for a faux braid that matches your hair colour.

Voluminous Bun

Section off the fringe part of your hair and style into a quiff. Scoop the remainder of your hair into a ponytail and back-brush for volume, before securing your hair into a bun shape with pins. Spritz with hairspray to tame any flyaway hairs.

Twisted Sections

Add interest to a half up half down wedding hairstyle by twisting the sections you pin back. Tong your hair to add a romantic wave.

Low Bun

This a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle and it’s so low maintenance! Secure the hair in a bun at the nape of the neck and accessorise with a flower to match your wedding flowers.

Short with Curls

Use a curling wand to tousle up short hair to add texture and volume. Make sure you have hairspray handy to ensure the curls hold their shape.

Classic Chignon

Backcomb your hair at the crown to add volume, before rolling it into a classic chignon and tucking the ends in. Use plenty of grips and spray to keep it in place as you dance the night away!

High Bun

The hair donut is your friend here! The size you’ll need will depend on how dramatic you want your bun to look. Add a hair accessory to soften the appearance.

Messy Bun

Tong your hair into loose curls to give this look some texture. Don’t tuck the hair in so much that it’s flush to your hair donut – gently pull it outwards to give a laidback, relaxed feel to the look. A glam hair accessory will dress it up.

Short and Swept Back

Dress up a long bob by loosely tonging the hair and plaiting the front two sections before pinning them away from the face.

60s Beehive

If you’re looking for a retro wedding hairstyle, what about a classic beehive? Get backcombing for volume, before pinning into place at the back and smoothing over the top layer of hair.

Long and Loose

Not a hair up kind of person? That’s fine. Use tongs or straighteners to lightly curl your hair before adding a pretty hair accessory to take it from every day to wedding day. We love how this bride as pulled some strands back and tucked them into her gorgeous headpiece.

Vintage High Bun

Want a dressed up take on the ballet bun? Secure your hair into a high bun and loosely pull at it to give a more relaxed feel. Curl any strands that frame your face for a softer look.

Textured Short Hair

This simple wedding hairstyle works perfectly on short hair that is quite thick. Roughly blow dry the hair after applying a mousse designed to give you texture. If your hair is too short to use tongs on, try flexible rollers.

Side Parting with Loose Waves

Use a large barrelled curling tong to create loose waves, after you’ve blow dried your hair with a side parting. Finish with a headband that has detailing on one side – place this so the detailing side is opposite to the side you have the most hair on.

Fishtail Braid

If you’re planning a Rapunzel themed wedding, you’ll love this braided hairstyle. If your hair isn’t quite Rapunzel-length, use extensions before sweeping to the side and braided. Stud with flowers for a romantic feel.

Stylish Side Bun

A side bun is a great choice if you have a dramatic one shouldered wedding dress – use grips that match your hair colour to pull your hair across and add a hair donut if you need extra thickness.

Flowing Waves

If you want to keep your hair simple and unadorned, that’s fine. Use a texture mousse before blow drying and lightly twirl your hair with straighteners or tongs to give it some movement.

Big Braid

Add drama to a fishtail braid by backcombing the front of your hair into a quiff. Then simply braid the rest, pulling it to one side if you feel you’ll miss having hair around your face.

Side Swept Waves

Side part your hair before blow drying. The side that has the least hair should then be pulled back – French braid it or secure it with grips to stop your hair escaping. Curl your hair for texture.

Natural Curls

If you want to rock your natural curls on your wedding day, wash and apply a curl enhancing product before blow drying. Dry with a diffuser for extra bouncy curls.

Relaxed Glamour

Blow dry your hair into loose, relaxed waves for a retro glamour vibe. We love how this bride’s simple hairstyle lets her dramatic makeup do all the talking.

Side Swept Glamour

Show off the neckline of your wedding dress whilst still keeping a feminine feel by sweeping all your hair to one side and securing with a glamorous hair slide.

Pushed Back Curls

If you have unruly, curly hair, but you want to rock a natural look on your wedding day, style your hair with a product that works with your curls and use a statement hairband to push them back from your face.

Boho Beauty

This wedding hairstyle couldn’t be simpler – just use straighteners or hair tongs to curl your tresses before giving it a relaxed feel with a flower crown. Why not find the perfect boho wedding dress to pair with it?

Go Girly

Go girly and plait your hair before dressing it up with bows. This is a simpler take on the fishtail braid, which can be tricky to master.

Sweeping Fringe

If you have a side fringe, make it the star of the show on your wedding day by dramatically pulling all your hair across to the same side. This pearly headband adds even more glamour.

Relaxed Curls

We love this bride’s bouncy curls – and the subtle braids which pull back some of the hair so there’s not too much crowding her face. Straighten the sections you want to plait to make them easier to work with, if you’re worried about flyaway hairs springing out.

Full Curls

Use large barrelled curling tongs to create full curls, before gently separating them with your fingers. We love the rose flower crowntoo!

Pulled Back Plait

If you don’t fancy a side braid, pull your hair back into a plait. This could work for bridesmaids too!

Sweet and Simple

Let your wedding dress do all the talking by going for a really simple wedding hairstyle like this one. The hair is swept to one side and pinned in place with a relaxed curl.

Half Up Curls

If you want to embrace your natural hair on your wedding day but don’t want it to be around your face too much, sweep some of the front sections back and secure with dainty hair accessories.

Sleek Centre Parting

Use a volumising product before blow-drying with a centre parting. Loosely curl the ends to add texture to the look.

Bold Quiff

Add drama to your look by sectioning off the front part of your hair. Backcomb the underneath before pulling the top layer back over and securing with grips to create a show-stopping quiff.

1920s Glamour

Finger waves are the ultimate look for 1920s glamour, but work best in short hair. Channel the look for longer hair with gentle waves and a vintage headpiece.

Half Up Half Down with Volume

Backcomb the hair around the crown for volume, before concealing it with a top layer of hair. Pull hair from the sides of your face round to the back and secure with grips.

Tousled Waves

Lightly tong the ends of your hair and brush through for tousled waves. We love how this bride has dressed up her simple hairstyle with a starry headband.

Short and Sleek

Add some glam to your bob with a sleek blow-dry. Straighten the ends to seal the style. We love the plaited sections in this hairstyle, but if you have fine hair maybe give them a miss.

Classic Half Up Half Down

The half up half down hairstyle is a classic for a reason. Sweep hair back from the face and curl the rest that will cascade over your shoulders.

Tucked Under Bun

This is like a bun but in reverse – rather than secure the hair on the outside, tuck it under so you can’t see it all. Pull out some strands to frame your face.

Super Short

Work styling spray through your hair with your fingers to give texture to a short hairstyle. If you have a long fringe, run the straighteners through it to keep it sleek.

Ombre Curls

If you have ombre hair, show it off with a half up, half down hairstyle that will allow your ends to be on display. We love the use of flowers where the swept back hair meets.

Low Bun

A low bun is a popular choice when it comes to picking a bridesmaid up do. We like how this one is accessories with flowers and braids.



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