Cat eye makeup is something that will never lose its popularity in the makeup industry. Of course, as those who try it once can’t ever stop! It makes women feel sexy, powerful, glamorous and confident. People consider winged liner to be the signature of any makeup routine, even your smokey eye makeup will look complete with it. However, cat eye makeup is not as easy to recreate as it seems at first sight. Eyeliner is what you can ruin with just one motion, but don`t worry! We are here to help you with cat eye makeup tips and tricks that will let you avoid common mistakes and make you look on fleek. Finish your daily routine or even your prom makeup with perfectly done cat eye makeup, and you will look stunning!

A tutorial on how to do cat eye is one of the most searched ones in Google’s history with more than 65, 000,000 results. We know exactly the reason why. It can be a challenge for most of the people who are trying it. However, the people who have mastered this makeup technique can be found everywhere we go.

Mistake 1: Forgetting to settle your eyelids with powder

























Rushing to complete our eyeliner look, we always forget to prep our lids before adding the colorful product. That`s the thing we should always keep in mind before starting. The translucent powder will soak the excess oil from your eyelids, bringing you a perfect canvas for eyeliner of any type.

Mistake 2: Trying to do a winged liner in one motion

















Do you want your cat eye makeup to look perfect? Then our best advice would be not to rush! Always take your time. Carefully apply a few little strokes with the product and slowly build up your desirable makeup look. One motion trick is not right when it comes to the winged liner. You should start from tracing your lash line doing a flick in the corner. Then put more to make your wing more defined, and you`re done!

Mistake 3: Using a pocket mirror while doing cat eyeliner

























Always have a large mirror in front of you while you put eyeliner on your lids. This will help you to do wings the same for both of your eyes. Remember that symmetricity is important when it comes to such kind of a makeup look, so if you don`t want to make yourself look not good, stop using your little pocket mirror.

Mistake 4: Starting straight with a dramatic look

















Even if you want to have dramatic makeup today, make sure you are moving in the right direction with it by starting with a little wing. Slowly start adding more strokes to build up and voila, your perfect drama queen`s eye makeup is done!

Mistake 5: Using an old eyeliner product and a dirty brush

















Believe it or not, there is a great difference between using your dirty and clean makeup brush when you do your cat eye makeup. That`s why use only clean brushes to get the desired makeup. The routine will be faster and neater. Applying a fresh product will bring the change, too. A creamy texture will make the application much easier, and your eyeliner will last longer for sure.

Mistake 6: Having your eyes closed while applying your eyeliner








Opening your eyes is great advice to help you out with having symmetrical wings. Usually, people think differently, but we are here to show you the right way. Slightly open your eyes, look directly at yourself in the mirror, and watch a piece of art being created on your eyelids.

Mistake 7: Taking off the eyeliner if you mess it up a bit








Making your eyeliner look perfect can be stressful, so don`t panic when you mess it up. Taking the product off won`t be a good idea, honestly. There`s no need to do it, as you can just use a folded makeup wipe or a pointed cotton stick soaked with micellar water to clear the edges and perfect the wing.

Mistake 8: Starting without practicing your eyeliner skills









The more you practice, the better the result is. That`s why try natural cat eye makeup even on a daily basis, and soon you will be able to do dramatic smoky cat eye makeup for your nights out in under 5 minutes. Also, you can take your time practicing before cleaning your face from makeup before bedtime.

Mistake 9: Not trying out different products









Don`t be afraid to experiment with different types of applicators and you will be amazed how easy it can be if you find the right tool. Markers, liquids, mousses and even stickers are present on the market today. Pick the most convenient one for yourself, find the perfect formula that will meet your expectations and enjoy your makeup routine even more.

Mistake 10: Rushing while creating eyeliner looks








If you overslept, then sorry today is definitely not the right day for your cute cat makeup for eyes. That`s a well-known fact that rushing will only mess your wings, so choose something else when you don`t have enough time.

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