45 Insanely Hot Hairstyles for Long Hair That Will Wow You

Determining a signature look for your hair can be a daunting task, but there are plenty of beautiful and easy ways to style long hair. Having long hair gives you an advantage when it comes to styling your hair because you have more hair to work with. Therefore, your styling options increase when you have long hair.

It’s important to consider all the cute and easy hairstyle options for long hair because long hair can look really drab when it is unkept. Styling your hair doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. There are several simple options that will make a major difference in the appearance of your locks.

In 2018, simple long hair has become incredibly popular in fashion trends. Frilly up-dos and overly styled hair are a thing of the past. The most popular hairstyle for women is a look that is effortless, yet chic. Fashionable consumers still want to rock a pretty hairstyle, but they don’t want their style to actually be or appear high maintenance.

Because of this widely shared attitude about hairstyles for long hair, simple straight locks, wavy looks, loose curls, and natural ringlets have become popular styles. Best of all, these awesome styles don’t have to require a lot of time to achieve. The key is knowing your hair type and understanding how it behaves. Working with your hair’s natural texture and body will help you achieve your hair goals easily.

In addition to style, current hair color trends cover a spectrum of colors. Natural, bright, and soft tones are all in popular demand. The ombre continues to hold its place in hair fashion, with either medium brown locks fading into blonde tips or dark brown roots fading into amber locks. Hair color is one of the most playful features currently in hair fashion.

1) Dark Roots with Platinum Locks

This modern hairstyle captures two of the most popular hair trends of 2018, which are dark roots and wavy trestles. It’s an easy hairstyle to pull off because it looks great on everyone. It’s also easy to achieve because whether you have straight or curly hair, you can use different techniques with a simple hair straightener to tone down or ramp up your waves.

2) Half-Braided Brown Trestles with Golden Undertones

This whimsical look can be dressed up or down, pending upon the occasion and the rest of your ensemble. To achieve this hair idea, style damp hair into double braids and let your hair air dry overnight. Loosely run your fingertips through your hair in the morning before adding the half-braid.

3) Long Platinum Blonde Beach Waves

This cute easy hairstyle looks great on all hair colors! However, it’s especially fun for blondes to try out since the beach waves pair well with sunkissed hair. Platinum blonde has made a comeback in 2018 and this hairstyle for women is a great example of why. This style and color will have you looking and feeling pretty all at once!

4) Effortlessly Easy Hairstyle for Long Hair

These glamorous waves will leave you swooning for more! This style translates so well because this haircut for long hair is heavily layered. The shorter layers at the top of the cut create extra volume and body while framing the face. The golden caramel color is vibrant yet toned down with a natural appearance.

5) Super Sweet and Simple Long Honey Blonde Hair

This hair idea is a beautiful option for long straight hair. You can easily add waves while doubling the volume of your hair. This a fun and flirty look that can be worn casually or during a night out on the town. It’s a timeless long hairstyle for women.

6) Messy Braided Half Way Updo

Who doesn’t love a pretty half-braid? If you wore curls out the night before then you can easily transition into this look in the morning. All you’ll need to do is gently comb out your curls, run some argan oil through your ends for a little extra shine, and loosely braid the hair near your crown.

7) Frosted Ombre with Big Spiral Curls

These big spiral curls scream glamorous! If you want to stand out then this is one of the best hair ideas for you. The color is also beautiful and veers from a basic ombre by flawlessly blending very dark roots into frosted blonde tips. Between the colors and spiral curls, this is one eye-catching look!

8) Perfectly Voluminous Blonde Spiral Curls

The key to achieving this pretty hairstyle is by curling smaller strands of hair. You’ll create a greater amount of tighter curls and add more body to your long hair. This is an especially easy hairstyle for women with naturally curly hair to achieve. However, if you have straight hair you can still get this look.

9) Cute Festival Flower Crown Look

This is a super cute hairstyle for girls, but can also be worn by adults. In fact, it’s an especially popular style to wear to music festivals. In general, this is a great option for festive occasions including weddings, birthdays, and graduations. You can stick to traditional roses or switch it up by adorning yourself with your favorite flower.

10) Awesome Long Waves for Brunettes

This style and color are great for brunettes with thick hair. The wave is gentle, so to truly rock this style your hair needs to be naturally voluminous. If you don’t have thick locks though, you can use volume enhancing products when you wash and style your hair. This extra step will prevent your hair from appearing stringy.

11) Cool Rainbow Locks for Daring Gals

This hair color is nothing short of smokin’ hot! Vibrant hair colors have become very popular in recent years. This cotton candy, mermaid mix of colors is absolutely stunning. However, you could switch up this rainbow ombre to accommodate additional colors or different colors entirely. Your hair is your canvas!

12) Classic Brown and Blonde Two-Toned Ombre

Since the introduction of the ombre in the early 2010s, it has grown vastly in popularity. Today, ombre hairstyle come in a variety of colors, appearing both natural and intentional. This classic ombre color combination is timeless, remaining one of the most beautiful ombre styles to date. Consider this original ombre a look that all women with long hair should try!

13) Honey Blonde Long Hair Twist

This next long hairstyle for women is very sophisticated, making it an excellent choice for the workplace, formal events, and special occasions. This is a great option for teens attending proms and formals who want a less “fussy” updo than some of the more traditional prom styles. It’s a look that can be worn by any hair type including curly, straight, thick, thin, or wavy.

14) Lovely and Long Loose Copper Curls

Copper tones are incredibly popular right now and this is a perfect example of copper locks worn right! Copper is such a beautiful hair color because it adds vibrancy and shine to your trestles. Copper-colored hair often looks less dull and more healthy. It’s an excellent color option for people with dirty blonde or light brown hair who want to make their color pop.

15) Ash and Platinum Blonde Loosley Braided Trestles

This chunky braid is super playful and fun to wear! It has a casual look that screams, “weekend vibes!” Wear this hairstyle to brunch, out with friends, or lounging around the house. It’s an easy hairstyle to pull off when you’re in a hurry, as well. For instance, if you’re running late from work and don’t have time to get ready before meeting a date or friends for dinner, this style has you covered!

16) Lovely Double Half-Braided Amber and Blonde Ombre

This unique approach to the half-braid is absolutely charming, two braids start on either side of the head and meet in the middle. It takes a more unique approach to the half-braid and has an “earthy princess” appearance. The colors of this classic ombre amplify the loveliness of this hairstyle.

17) Messy Copper Cute Long Haircut

Strawberry and copper tones combine to create the yummy goodness of this next pretty hairstyle! The choppy layers of this cute long haircut add texture and body, creating a voluminous style. This is a beautiful look that can easily be pulled off by redheads and women with strawberry blonde hair.

18) Ashe and Bleach Blonde Ombre

Long blonde hair will never go out of style and in 2018, cooler tones are very popular for blondes. In fact, many women are dying their hair ash or blue-toned blondes. This is an excellent example of the balance between warm and cool tones. While the hair near the crown has a much warmer undertone, it fades into a cooler shade as it reaches the bottom strands.

19) Cute Messy Wavy Golden Brown Hair

This long hairstyle for women takes a more edgy approach to wavy hair. These messy waves are classy while still possessing some rock and roll flare. The natural golden highlights in the hair color add just the right amount of a honey hue. The style itself can be worn by any hair color and looks especially edgy when worn by darker hair colors.

20) Dark Brown Double Braid Messy Half Updo

Hairstyles for long hair do not come more elegant than this beautiful look. It adds a touch of “fair maiden” to a modern hairstyle. To achieve this look, start by creating double braids around the crown of the head. Conjoin the braids with a ponytail holder and wrap the loose hair into a messy bun.

21) Sweet and Simple Half Twist for Long Locks

This sweet and preppy look is a cute hairstyle for girls and women alike. It’s an easy hairstyle to pull together at the start of the day before school or work. It’s also great because it can be dressed up or down, making it very versatile. This is an elegant look for more formal affairs.

22) Pretty in Peach Knotted Bun

This stunning hair color and pretty hairstyle should be the envy of everyone’s eye. This lovely combination stands out uniquely from presently popular blue, lilac, and rose gold hair colors that many people are sporting. The peach tone is gentle, yet vibrant. The soft coral color and intricately knotted bun combine to create a beautifully modern hairstyle.

23) Gorgeous Voluminous Tightly Coiled Curls

Pump up the volume and amplify the curls! Women and girls with natural curls, this style is especially for you. About a decade ago, straightened hair was a major trend but today wild curls are incredibly popular. This is a fiercely bold and beautiful look, so go ahead and rock those curls, ladies!

24) Bold Hot Pink Colored Ombre

If you want to make a statement then this look is for you! It is one of the best bright hair colors trending right now, because of its eye-catching appearance. The intentional dark roots make it possible to wear this pretty hairdo without having to worry about frequent root touch-ups.

25) All American Golden Brown Waves

These sweet sun-kissed golden brown waves embody a loveable and classic girl next door appearance. It’s truly a cute long haircut for women, teens, and girls. This look is super low maintenance, requiring minimal styling time. It’s especially easy to pull off if you already have thick, wavy, or curly hair.

26) Edgy Black Messy Shag Waves

This look is sophisticated, chic, and edgy all at the same time. It’s an awesome haircut for long hair, especially if you have straight or slightly wavy hair. Often times, these hair types tend to have a fine texture. This cut creates the optical illusion of thickness while making you look totally hip!

27) Unique Updo With Beautiful Bun and Braid

This would be a cute hairstyle for girls for pageants, recitals, and other special occasions. It would also make an excellent bridal or prom hairstyle. It’s a simple and pretty hairstyle that can be worn by any hair type. You can play with this style by embracing subtle variations, like adding additional braids.

28) Easy and Casual Knot Half Way Updo

Knotted ponytails are a fun and easy hairstyle for long hair. It’s a great hairstyle for women because no matter what your hair type is, this look can easily be achieved. You can also try a full ponytail if you want a cute hairstyle to wear to the gym, on a run, or to yoga class.

29) Platinum Blonde Curls with Cute Braid

This loose curl and braid combination is absolutely elegant! It’s especially lovely paired with this platinum blonde color but would look incredible with any hair color. A way to rock this look twice in one week would be to add a second braid. By applying this variation to the second styling, you will keep your hairstyles from seeming too redundant.

30) Pretty Auburn Full-Bodied Waves

These cinnamon waves are absolutely dazzling! Auburn hair has been majorly popular in 2018 and it’s easy to tell why. The vibrant red color is more than pretty, it’s charming too. The color is brilliant when worn in loose waves, a casual look that can easily be dressed up for work or a night on the town.

31) Cute Bangs with Chesnut and Golden Blonde Ombre

Long bangs have made a comeback and are especially cute with long wavy shag haircuts. This is one of the hairstyles for long hair that includes three major current hair trends, which are long bangs, beachy waves, and of course, a chic ombre. It also includes a hint of Auburn, one of the hottest hair colors right now.

32) Tight Naturally Golden Wavy Locks

This is one of the best natural ombre hairstyles because the shift in colors takes place very gradually. In fact, some blondes tend to have this gradual shift in tone naturally occur in their locks. The tight spiral waves create a carefree and captivating appearance that makes it difficult to turn away from!

33) Air-dried Waves in Rich Chesnut

If you are a woman on the go then you probably don’t have much time to style your hair. Fortunately, this look requires a minimal amount of prep time and is absolutely adorable. It’s also a wavy style that can be easily achieved by women with straight hair. This haircut for long hair is an excellent option for low maintenance gals.

34) Chestnut to Amber Ombre with Cool Undertones

The best aspect of this luscious ombre is the rich chestnut color that dominates the locks. The light copper tips blend very naturally and the awesome highlights add dimension to the strands of hair. The voluminous choppy waves pair perfectly with this color.

35) Wavy Golden Blonde Loose Spiral Curls

These golden waves vary from the other wavy and curly styles that we have seen in 2018. Here, the waves are separated neatly from one another. It’s the perfect blend of curls, waves, and crimps! It’s an especially cute and creative approach to rethinking how to style wavy and curly hair.

36) Natural Light Blonde Hair in a Half Twist

A simple and sophisticated long hairstyle for women, this look is totally endearing. The sweet appearance of this style is perfect for completing a wholesome appearance at formal occasions. It would make an excellent holiday style for both women and girls. Best of all, this twist can be easily achieved in a matter of minutes.

37) Silver-Toned Braided Pony Tail

Silver and platinum blonde are very sought-after hair colors right now. This is a cute easy style for showcasing these popular colors. It combines some of the cutest styles, including the ponytail knot and bulky messy braid. This look can be easily achieved if you already have straight hair.

38) Lovely Lilac and Muted Plum Hair Twist

This loose twist is super sweet and whimsical, so if you want to generate “fairy vibes” then this is a color and style you should consider. Lilac and lavender have been two of the most popular hair colors in 2018. These soft tertiary shades of purple have an almost earthy and natural appearance, especially for being “unnatural” hair colors.

39) Long 70s Natural Golden Waves

This style is a total flashback to the days of flower children and 70s rockers. The long loose waves create a carefree look that makes it an especially cool long hairstyle for women. It’s definitely one of the best low maintenance styles that can be achieved. If you already have straight or wavy hair then minimal styling time will be required.

40) Cute Copper Brown Full-Bodied Hairdo

Soft waves and copper tones come together with this next look to create a romantic style. To achieve these waves, you’ll actually want to comb out your curls or waves. To achieve extra volume, flip your head over while combing. Brush gently or use a wide-toothed comb so you don’t lose more wave than desired.

41) Gorgeous Gray-Toned Rose Gold Hair

Gray tones and rose gold mix together to create a head of locks right out of a fairy tale with this fantastical style. Even though this hair color isn’t natural, it has a subtle appearance because of the soft muted tones that have been incorporated. Rose gold is a highly desirable color right now and looks awesome, as pictured here, with luscious mermaid waves.

42) Super Cute Beach Blonde Beach Bum Waves

These pretty beach waves will make you look like you spent a day surfing the ocean’s waves! The dark undertones and roots add dimension to the platinum strands of hair, while lighter blonde highlights frame the face. This is an easy hairstyle for long hair that can be achieved by sleeping with your hair in a damp bun or double braids.

43) Choppy Copper Red Loosely Wavy Hair

These choppy waves are a great way to add texture and interest to a haircut for long hair. By adding extra layers, you also increase the amount of body your hair has. You can actually achieve this look by quickly twisting chunks of hair around a straightening iron and using it in the manner that you would use a curling iron.

44) Bouncy Light Brown Waves

These light brown waves are soft and full, not like some of the more kinky and crimped waves previously listed. To achieve this look, you’ll actually need to curl your hair with a wide-barrel curling iron and allow the curls to loosely fall into waves. It’s a pretty style for any occasion and can be easily achieved in under thirty minutes.

45) Elegant and Sophisticated Half-Braid

Consider this a half braid for a very formal occasion. Before the braid begins, a gentle twist unites the strands of hair from either side of the head. The braided hair falls gently onto the soft curls that lie beneath. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or formal garden party, this is an excellent hair idea for you.

Sophisticated Silver and White Waves

This silver and platinum duo is an awesome modern style for women and teens. It veers from a traditional bleached blonde look by adding elegant ash undertones. If you’ve always wanted to be a blonde without the yellow or golden tint then this is a beautiful option for you to try out.

Super Long Naturally Toned Loose Curls

This easy hairstyle for long yeah is super sweet! The cool tones compliment the honey blonde highlights perfectly. The short layers in the front frame the face and add volume to the top of the hair. Sometimes long hair can look weighed down but this hair idea pumps up the volume.



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