Winter nails designs feature various themes and sparkle with all possible colors. And manicure in reds, greens, blues, whites, and golds rocks this season. Every woman wants to look remarkable disregarding the weather conditions. And the pretty nails give us this chance even when the clothes we wear to go out hide all the beauty. Our collection of wintry nail art guarantees you inspiration. So, go have fun embellishing your nails!

Cute Winter Nails in Pink Shades

























If you are a fan of pastel shades, then when winter hits, you should opt for pink. Different shades of pastel pink look very elegant. And to add that festive mood, you can always opt for sparkles.

Amazing Galaxy Nails Ideas for Winter

























Night sky is perfectly beautiful during the wintertime. In case you would like those unknown galaxies to be closer, just depict them on your nails!

Beautiful Nails Design for a Perfect Look








Who said that polka dots designs are not festive-looking? Just look at these joyful white dots over a light brown base, don’t they make you feel like it is holidays already?

Cute Christmas Style Nails for Holidays








When holidays are at your door, there is no need to go for the most intricate design out there. Just the combination of matte green, red, and gold will do perfectly well.

Classy Matte Nails in Dark Shades

























Those of you who prefer staying strictly business even for holidays – matte black and gold is your perfect option.

Glitter Winter Nail Ideas

























Unlike clothes, nail art can supplement the everyday look with accent and color. Try out these pretty winter nail designs if you opt for something trendy that can last for the whole week or even more.

Easy Cute Winter Nail Ideas

























Winter nails can be as bright as summer nail designs. And you do not have to stick to the winter themed designs only. For example, a snowflake is the real icon of winter nail art, but who forbids painting something else?

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