Purple hair color variations surprise us with their numerousness and versatility. And taking into account the increasing popularity of purple hairstyles, we think that it is time to discuss this topic in detail. So, today we are going to share with you some cool looks with purple hair. We assure you that you will be amazed with the number of options since you can try anything out on the scale from light highlights to ombre. Of course, it is true that in order to achieve a flawless look you should find a professional hairdresser but it is also possible to succeed with some ideas on your own. The key point is to know what you want and we are here to provide some inspiring ideas!

From Dark Lavander To Frozen Raspberry Ombre

This long layered bob is the perfect haircut for a woman who wants to change her look to something a bit more eye-catching. Not only is this haircut trendy it also has a glamorous flair to it as well. No matter if you’re looking to turn some heads or just change up your look, this could very well be the cut for you. This purple hair ombre look is for someone who is not afraid to express herself.

Royal Purple Bob

Above you will find the perfect example of a bob hair diva. This color gives off an air of royalty and confidence. It can be somewhat difficult to obtain the desired hues and additional phases may be required. For instance, if you have dark hair then in order to get the desired color bleaching is required prior to applying color. Fret not in the added steps though, your end result will be well worth the hassle with the dark purple hair you acquire.

From Navy Roots To Valerie Ends Ombre Hair

If you have long wavy hair a route similar to this may be the way you want to go. It is bold and daring but exudes a confident personality with its contrasting navy blending into the purple hair tips.If you have a very light skin tone you may want to steer clear of this shade as that it has its best effect when coupled with olive skin tones.

Inverted Purple To Blue Ombre Hair

Here is another look that goes well with the wavy purple hair. If you have one length hair you will need to change it up a bit to a long layered cut. Once that is taken care of you will have your friends and co-workers wondering if you’re the next superhero due to your evident confidence and resemblance to a comic book character. This is definitely a bold look that will accentuate your best attributes.

Sweet Dream Tresses With Black Roots


This color is what I like to refer to as a warm purple hair. I feel it best compliments women of a darker complexion as opposed to a lighter skinned woman. This ombre hair allows you to express your lighter, fun type of personality. As with any purple hair style you allow others to see that you don’t mind obtaining some attention.

Teen Spirit Balayage On An Angled Bob

This inverted bob has an edgy look with the cut alone. Add the color splash of purple hair highlights and look-out! The sexy and chic hairstyle is the perfect combination to make a statement of your confidence and security in your persona. This style is certain to highlight your facial features and accent your eyes. With a bold style like this basic make-up application would be perfectly acceptable.

Gravel Bob With Fuchsia Locks


This wavy medium bob is a beautiful example of an ombre adding depth and dimension to a hairstyle. Also, it is proof that you can obtain a decent shade of purple hair without bleaching. Granted the shade of purple may not be as bright as that of bleached hair but it is still a lovely contrast. Try this lovely hairstyle, you’re sure to not be disappointed.

Deep Purple Highlights in Black Hair

Purple hair on medium skin tones is a really great choice. The color contrast is a real eye-popper and is sure to draw some attention. When using purple highlights in black hair it is sometimes a good idea to bleach first prior to highlighting to ensure a bright vibrant color. This color choice is a dead giveaway to attest to your bold and confident personality.

Ancient Pink Colored Fishtail

This fishtail braid on this client is a gorgeous accent to her golden lilac color. The accents her length provides allow for this seamless look in this braid. Her color is a great blend with her natural hair color and almost appears as if it could be her natural color. It almost has a chameleon effect with the perfect blending.

Blue Velvet And Purple Wavy Bob

This bob cut is perfect for short to medium hair lengths. It has an asymmetrical A-line style that is complimenting to most facial shapes. The highlights contrasting colors combined with her curly hair purple highlights grouping gives a phenomenal splash of color. There is no room for a shy, cautious nature with a style like this. Put your big girl pants and flaunt it, girl!

Dark Magenta To Gray Ombre

All we can say about this style is wow!! This is a striking blend of the magenta hair and the gray hair. The purple ombre added is pushed this beyond a typical edgy hairstyle over to the work of art category. This stylist outdid themselves with this stunning masterpiece. This client hopefully tipped her stylist well this work of genius is a certain confidence booster. She has taken edgy above and beyond with this creation.

Blue And Purple Mermaid

This beautiful mermaid hair look is almost mystical. The shaggy choppy cut accents the mermaid look. The various hues of light purple ombre hair included here are a definite positive. The wavy appearance is also attributive to the so-called mermaid look. Every girl at one point or another has dreamed of being a mermaid. With a style like this, she can have the best of both worlds.

Purple To Light Gray Ombre

This gorgeous style begins with a darker purple at the roots that fade. From the darker, vibrant purple it fades into a pastel purple ombre hair before washing out into a gorgeous dirty blonde. This is a trendy style that shows your fun side while not being too overpowering. Proof that fun and flirty can truly go hand in hand, even in a hairstyle.

Amethyst Blue Hair

There’s just something about the color purple. No, I’m not referring to the movie, this is an article about hair. That being said the use of purple hair on the dark skin, whether well-tanned or naturally blessed, is a breath-taking experience. If you’re looking to add an additional wow factor to your hairstyle go one step or maybe ten, depending on your fun gauge, and step into the world of blue hair.There are even mesmerizing blue hairstyles for short hair! Go on! Take a leap!

Black, Blue To Viola Ombre

Here is an enticing tidbit of information for you. Most people when they think about a weave make a reference to longer hairstyles. That doesn’t have to be the case. The blue ombre bob weave is a nice option to alter your look. Of course, when it is coupled with a long weave hair, the result is all the more show stopping.

Electric Blue Hair With Plum Spots

It takes a bold individual to do the purple hair bit in any aspect. If you have long straight hair adding purple highlights in brown hair makes for an eye-popping result. This vibrant color job will most definitely stop traffic. Its colors seem to meld so seamlessly that it is difficult to tell where one starts and the other begins.

Mystic Sky Blue To Purple Hair Colors

The volume provided when doing blowout hair is astounding. Do not be cornered into thinking that you can only go with dark blue hairstyles for medium hair tones. When you add some splashes of contrasting color you are more than capable of pulling off and lighter blue tone in your hairstyle. The sky is the limit when you are adventurous enough to pursue the options that are outside of the norm.

Three Shades Of Purple: Black Purple, Lavender, And Light Lilac

Making the switch from black to purple ombre long hair will definitely put some into a culture shock of sorts. If you have natural black hair you can add purple highlights to achieve a softer transition. Whether you choose for a drastic or a mild transformation your confidence to carry this look will speak for itself. Be daring, be amazing, be deliciously purple, be you!

Two-Toned Hair In Pastel Colors

Medium colored hair folks take notice. If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind altering their hair color and tones every few days this is the look for you. If you have medium hair with blue highlights and some violet in and voila, you have achieved light violet hair. A mystic and risqué in nature this hairstyle has definite potential.

Shock Blue And Purple Colored Long Wavy Hair

Having long hair can be a hassle. But it also has its rewards. When you add purple highlights to long hair you reach a whole new dimension in trendy styles.Add into the mix that you happen to have long blunt hair and it steps it up another notch. These styles carry easily and add a flare to the overall style. This type of hairstyle will certainly put a spotlight on your daring personality.

Pink, Flame Blue And Baby Blue Colors For A Wonderful Look

If you are looking to add enthusiasm to your overall look the look no further. Long blue ombre hair is the route that you need to take. This hairstyle is reminiscent of a flaming fire that begins at the roots with a bright purple to blue ombre which as those who know anything about the fire will tell you, the blue flame is the hottest. You’re almost guaranteed to set a fire to any room you enter with this amazingly beautiful creation.

Dark Magenta And Plum Ombre

If you’re a natural blonde you know that it’s true blondes really so have more fun. Although at times it is difficult to carry off certain looks with your lighter skin tone, this is not one of those times. When you add purple highlights to blonde hair you get an absolutely stunning result. You are certain to be the centerpiece of attention with your purple ombre long hair. Step into the spotlight you know its where you belong.

Short and Medium Length Purple Hair



















Very often it is considered that ladies with short or medium hair are somehow limited with the number of options to choose from. We rush to reassure you! The thing is that there is a vast number of ideas to experiment with even if your hair is pretty short. When solid purple is not enough you can always mix and match a number of shades what is more no one dismissed the popularity of bright-shaded ombre! Short and medium hair look extremely gorgeous and mesmerizing with purple hues entwined. See for yourself!

Long Purple Hair Looks



















Playing around with long hair is always fun, especially when there are bright purple shades to play with. Long locks look great with the addition of violet ombre as well as with the solid purple on. What is more, it has been proved that combining purple hues with natural hair leads to quite intriguing depths and tints of color. What is more outgrown roots are still a thing these days that is why you won’t need to worry about refreshing your roots all the time!

Wonderful Hairstyles with Purple Hair


















It should be mentioned that when there is a combination of purple hues involved the effect will always be magnified. Not to mention that there is a number of ‘dos that will intensify the beauty and the depth of your hair color, think braiding or option for a fancy updo to enhance the coloring.

These styling ideas can really enhance the mesmerizing effect your purple tresses already have. Done in a wise way, your hairstyle can show off every hue of purple. How fun!

Do you like these miraculous purple hairstyles? Now when you know how to get one, we sure you’ll rock it.

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