There is a lot to be said about choosing the appropriate hairstyle for your big day. Even more, if you are one of those brides who has been growing her hair out for the occasion. For this, you are going to want to browse through an array of wedding hairstyles for long hair. There are so many beautiful ways of styling long and abundant locks, to mention but a few.

Whatever your accessories might be; a veil, tiara, crown or jewels, you would want the right hairstyle to show it off. The theme of your wedding and style of your gown might also determine your chosen bride hairstyles for long hair. The hairstyle you choose for your wedding will be in pictures for years to come and will mark your big day. So, take your time and check out what we have in store for you.

Very Classy Wedding Chignons

The classy chignon that pulls the hair away from the face towards the nape of the neck is a beautiful wedding hairstyle. This style classic can be done in a number of ways and inspires many hair ideas for weddings. It is almost impossible to style a chignon wrong. All in all, this timeless hairstyle is elegant, sophisticated, and can be pulled off to any occasion.

You should also consider your dress as well as you reception location when deciding on the hairstyle. Wedding updos for long hair are good for outdoor receptions as they will minimize hair maintenance throughout the wedding day. Side braids hairstyle would look particularly stunning with an one shoulder wedding dress.

Loosen up you chignon by going for a bun with side-swept bangs for a totally romantic ‘do. The side-swept bun is even prettier when it’s paired with an oversized flower. If you want to transform your chignon from something very formal and into a boho-chic updo, create a braided headband across the hairline get your bridesmaids to style their hair in a similar way.

Expert tips for a stylish bridal chignon:

  • One way to style a chignon is to include a flower or two just at the point where the hair is pulled back. It adds a delicate look to an already flawless style.
  • Another style which can look great with a chignon is a headband or a tiara. A sparkling piece nestled comfortably on top of the head to complete a fabulous look.
  • A bride who already has bangs can choose to pin them into the chignon or let them fall. There are no hard and fast rules here, and adding wispy bangs to your chignon can be cute and unexpected.

On Trend Waterfall Braids For Long Hair

Cute and trendy waterfall braids are one of many great wedding hairstyles for long hair. However, there are numerous ways of styling this particular braid, each equally fabulous. Any bride growing out her hair or using hair extensions should be happy with this style. In addition, waterfall braids look dreamy and even ethereal on long hair. Also, this is a truly magical style and would be fit for any celebration of love.

Waterfall braided hairstyles are rocking wedding hair trends these days. They are also perfect hairstyles for your bridesmaids. If you plan on DIYing this hairstyle, make sure to practice with your MOH and read our expert tips below.

Expert tips for a perfect waterfall braided hairstyle:

  • Some brides choose a waterfall twist over a braid. A twist is a little more simple than a braid and gives the hair a wispy look.
  • You can also choose to add curls to your waterfall braids so the hair doesn’t fall straight. Adding curls to your waterfall braids gives the hair an added bounce and shine.
  • You can also choose to cascade your waterfall braids so they fall into the hair, instead of the classic waterfall.

In general, there are quite a lot of wedding updos for long hair contributing to great hairstyles. However, you might want to show that length off with beautiful half up half down styles. And by dividing hair into up and down opens doors to numerous style options. There is a variety of ways to style long hair this way; absolutely gorgeously.

If you are not able to decide between a fancy updo or loose curls, a half-up hairstyle offers the best of both. You get the look of beautiful curls that are low maintenance and will be photo ready entire day, and the updo volume for the extra glam factor.

Expert tips for a perfect half up half down hairstyle:

  • There is an abundance tips for growing beautiful wedding day hair. Also, with the right amount of lusciousness, you can create a twisted crown from your hair. This will give you your own hair halo for your half up hairstyle.
  • Half up braids are also a pretty way to style half up half down for a wedding. The braids will also make a perfect anchor for your bridal veil.
  • Tiny braids for the updo while the rest of the hair cascades down, is another lovely half up half down style. Add a tiny tiara to the look, and you have a perfect picture.

Trendy Fishtails & Braids Hairstyles

There are numerous ways of styling fishtails and braids for a wedding. No doubt, all similar and all fabulous. Depending on the look you are going for, these styles are great and easily achieved with long hair. The fishtail looks better the messier it gets, same for the braid. In addition, this hairstyle will leave you looking even more beautiful at the end of the day than you did at the beginning.

Fishtail braids is the new “it” bridal braid hairstyle. The braids are beautifully intricate and styled while looking natural and never, ever overdone. A fishtail or a simple side braid can also be adorned with floral crowns or a headpiece.

Expert tips for a perfect bridal braids:

  • A bride might choose a regular fishtail braid or that simple one long braid down her back. This is simple and understandable. You might want something predictable for such a special occasion.
  • For brides that want to show off their back in a backless number, they might choose a side sweep. For this, a side braid or fishtail would be appropriate.
  • A topsy-turvy ponytail before the braid or fishtail is another creative and lovely way to go. This interesting hairstyle would be complete on its own without a hairpiece or tiara.

Totally Obsessed With Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a lovely accessory when considering bride hairstyles for long hair. This can definitely complete the picture for an already beautiful hairstyle. It might also be all that you need for your hair as flowers can almost create a hairstyle all on their own. We have here a few tips for the bride who is totally obsessed with flower crowns and insists on them for her hair. Anyway, it is difficult to go wrong with flowers.

We are simply obsessed with flower crowns. If you want to wear flowers in your hair then why not pair them with a beautiful bridal braid. Both the floral crown and the braid can as dainty or elaborate as you like. This combination is perfect for a whimsical wedding and is lots of fun to match with your bridesmaids.

Expert tips:

  • If you are going with flower crowns, keep your hairstyle simple. Flowers already add the color of their own to an already bright day.
  • Remember your bouquet. You do not want the colors in your flower crown to clash with those of your bouquet. So remember to match.
  • The flower crown is a beautiful accessory for the carefree bride. Whether you’re making an updo or leaving your hair down, choose the most comfortable angle to perch your crown. You want it to be beautiful, but you also want it to last all day long.

Soft Waves & Beautiful Curls Bridal Hairstyles

Simple and classy is what you get with waves and curls in long cascading hair. There are a number of tips on styling hair in this manner. This would also make easy hairstyles for your bridesmaids if you are aiming for uniform hair. Moreover, waves and curls maximize the beauty that is long hair. Any hairdresser would have fun and numerous wedding hairstyle ideas while curling long hair.

Be creative, and combine a few different hairstyles for a look that is definitely you. Braids for example, pair very well with soft curls for a more relaxed look that is perfect for a rustic or boho themed wedding.

If you don’t have the hair length for one of these hairstyles, it doesn’t mean its all lost. Using hair extensions is hugely popular among brides to create the dream look you desire. If you just need a little more length read out tips for growing beautiful wedding day hair.

Expert tips:

  • Loose and textured waves will give a bride an elegant and sophisticated look on her big day. This can be accessorized with a barrette or jewelry for the finish.
  • Tousled and teased curls can give you an ethereal look. This effortless looking style is comfortable and great for hair with length and volume.
  • Curly wedding hairdos for long hair look great with a tiny tiara or sparkling hairpiece tucked to the side or middle. Something solid to contrast the falling curls.

Wedding Hairstyles With Extensions

For the bride looking for added volume or length, extensions are the way to go. Getting the right type, length and texture, can assist you in creating that look you have only dreamed of. Also, depending on the colors you choose, extensions can add highlights or color to your hair. The chosen style will determine where the extensions will be added and what type to use. All in all, with extensions, numerous hair ideas for weddings are achievable.

Expert tips:

  • With the extra volume, you have no limits in choosing the style. A voluminous twisted updo would be difficult to achieve with all natural hair. However, with added extensions, this look would be nothing short of fabulous.
  • A loose braided bun would look much fuller and beautiful with extensions in. The fuller hair would add weight to the braid and even the bun, for a picture perfect look.
  • The joy of extensions is that sometimes, you will not even need a special hairstyle. Enjoy the added length and volume, and let the hair fall free. Add accessories like a barrette, beaded strand or headpiece, to achieve the perfect look.

Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Free-Spirited Brides

For the bride looking for added volume or length, extensions are the way to go. Getting the right type, length and texture, can assist you in creating that look you have only dreamed of. Also, depending on the colors you choose, extensions can add highlights or color to your hair. The chosen style will determine where the extensions will be added and what type to use. All in all, with extensions, numerous hair ideas for weddings are achievable.

Expert tips:

  • The messy side braid is one of the bridal hairstyles for long hair a free-spirited bride would easily fall in love with. This effortless looking style will look good with a beaded string accessory. It looks fabulous falling down the back or even in a side sweep.
  • A braided updo is a perfect look for that carefree bride who wants to retain her persona at her wedding. This wispy hairstyle can be accessorized with a pretty and simple necklace or even hairpins to hold it in place. While braids can be left to fall, pinning your braids in an updo give the hairstyle an added touch of class and beauty.
  • Messy bohemian waves are great for a boho themed wedding and a free-spirited look. Creating this look would include adding waves to the hair before creating several braids along the hairline. The braids connect in the back to complete the look.


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