40 Beautiful Styles to Elevate Your Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde hair is popular due to the fact that natural blonde hair is very uncommon. This means that having hair that is very blonde, such as an ash blonde or a platinum color, creates a very unique and interesting appearance. It is desired in high fashion circles, making this hair color an elegant choice that can elevate any look.This hairstyle is a look that can be achieved either by going to a professional stylist or doing it yourself at home. Changing your hair color at home is a good choice for anyone who has experience doing their own hair, and wants to give a more DIY option a try. Platinum blonde hair dye is not necessarily something that exists, the color itself is achieved by bleaching the hair color and adding different tones to create the desired shade of blonde. The trick to getting blonde hair at home is allowing yourself enough time to wait between steps—bleaching your hair too many times close together can be bad for your hair, so it’s important to give your hair time to rest and regain moisture between applications. Maintaining your color at home can be an affordable way of keeping your platinum blonde hair looking fresh. Using a gentle violet toner or shampoo every now and again can help remove unwanted yellow tones, and using a gentle blue toner or shampoo can help combat unwanted orange tones. Whether your color is done at home or by a professional, maintaining your color is an important step in keeping your hair healthy and keeping the color looking gorgeous.

1) Loose waves and Elegant Braids

This hairstyle uses double braids or twists and is a simple way to take light blonde hair to the next level. This style can also help show off platinum blonde highlights. This style is simple yet very elegant and is versatile enough that it can be worn with a more casual outfit as well as something a little more dressed up as a way of completing the look.

2) Straight, Silky, and Full of Shine

Icy blonde hair is a popular look due to its high fashion appearance. An elegant side-swept style is a way to show off this hair color while still keeping the look simple. This light blonde tone combined with the simple hairstyle is a beautiful way to show off the color while keeping your look more casual.

3) A Splash of Color and Fun

Adding a touch of color to platinum hair can be a very fun and unique way to approach platinum blonde hair. The blue tones add a cool element to this style and the soft beach waves help the two colors to mix together in a pretty and unique way. Adding color like this is a good choice for those who aren’t afraid to try colors that aren’t as natural.

4) White Blonde and Unique Braids

Braids are always a fun addition to any hairstyle, and the placement of these braids draws the eye toward the length of the hair. The combination of braids and smooth hair make for an eye-catching style that is both visually interesting while still remaining simple and elegant.

5) Golden Platinum with Volumizing Layers

This classic platinum color uses more yellow and gold tones instead of leaning into white, and this is a perfect color for anyone who is looking for something that is platinum without venturing into pure white highlights. This is a pretty hair color that can suit many different skin tones due to its interesting undertones.

6) Bold Dark Roots and Platinum Ends

Letting your dark roots show is a unique and interesting way to show off the platinum blonde hair. Roots that are very dark can create a really cool look due to the amount of contrast between your roots and the lightness of the blonde hair at the bottom. A short style like this shows off this unique hair color exceptionally well.

7) Soft Ombre with Beach Waves

An ombre-style color is a simple way to elevate the look of your hair without having to do a lot of extra styling. Simple beach waves bring out the platinum blonde highlights in this kind of hair color and can help show off the different tones and colors that are present in this style of color in a pretty way.

8) Ash Blonde with Silver Undertones

Ash blonde hair utilizes interesting gray tones in addition to the whiteness of a classic platinum color. Different shades of blonde can look pretty with different skin tones, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a ashier blonde color, as it can be a stunning take on a platinum look.

9) Dimensional Platinum with Lowlight and Highlights

This hair color uses slightly darker tones underneath the hair combined with platinum or white highlights. This creates a very dynamic effect with the color that adds dimension and elegance no matter the chosen style. Whether it’s straight, as shown here, or wavier, this dimensional color is beautiful in any style.

10) Bright and Unique White Blonde

Some shades of platinum are so light that they actually lean into white. White hair dye is more about adding tones to neutralize other undertones, and this icy blonde can be a dazzling version of platinum blonde. White blonde hair is a unique hair color choice that can be beautiful with any number of looks and styles.

11) Light Ash Blonde with Cooler Tones

This light take on ash blonde hair uses lighter gray tones to create a cooler blonde that has white highlights rather than traditional platinum blonde. The dark roots and lowlights create dimension in the color while the loose waves add body and volume. This easy hairstyle is simple yet pretty.

12) Darker Platinum with Golden Undertones

A slightly darker take on platinum blonde can be a good choice for those who are looking for a blonde look but don’t want to have white highlights. The golden undertones bring a level of warmth to this cute hairstyle. The loose waves are a fun and simple way to show off this shimmering golden color.

13) Cute Waves with Dimensional Platinum

Slightly tighter waves can help show off the highlights and lowlights in platinum hair, and the dimension created by the waves can make different shades of blonde appear in different lights. Bringing attention to different shades of blonde can make platinum hair look more natural, as natural hair colors tend to have highlights and lowlights.

14) Versatile Light Ash Blonde

Light ash blonde is a perfect color for shorter hair because it can be an easy style to maintain. This unique hair color combined with choppy layers makes a beautiful hair color and style that can be combined with many different looks from preppy to punk.

15) High Fashion Light Platinum

Straight or straightened hair is a very elegant choice for platinum blonde hair. Adding layers to straight hair can create a really lovely sense of dimension and add depth and interest. A platinum color works well with very straight hair because it can have an extremely shiny look which can really show off the color well.

16) Edgy Bob with Bright Platinum

Shorter hair with side swept bangs is a great style for showing off platinum blonde. Short hair can be both casual and edgy depending on the look that you choose to pair with it. Short hair is an extremely versatile look and short platinum hair is no exception.

17) White Blonde with Layered Waves

Another simple and casual style is long, layered hair combined with extremely loose waves. This is a casual look that has a very beauty vibe to it, and is perfect for summer. Light blonde hair can look incredible when done in this style due to the blonde highlights and whiter tones that give the appearance of a sun-bleached color.

18) Fishtail Braids to Show off Color

Fishtail braids are an excellent way to show off the dimension in a hair color. Highlights and lowlights can be shown off really beautifully in an intricate braid like this. A braid is also a great way of styling or elevating the hair while still keeping its appearance long and luscious. Braids can be a great alternative if you’re looking for an elegant style that isn’t an updo.

19) Ice Blonde with Beach Waves

Beachy waves are perfect for icy blonde hair, as it gives a summery appearance. This surf-inspired style has a casual, boho look that is very trendy. Waves are an easy hairstyle for long hair that is one of the best ways to show off color while keeping the hair relatively low maintenance.

20) Elegant and Sophisticated Braided Updo

An elegant braided updo is an excellent way to show off dimension in hair color while wearing the hair in a way that is much more formal. This is a very elegant and sophisticated hairstyle that is perfect for more formal occasions, while the braids can add a slightly more casual element depending on how tight or lose the braids are.

21) Neutral Blonde with Cool and Warm Tones

Ash blonde hair can come in many different tones, and this mid-length style showcases ash-colored undertones while still keeping slight hints of a golden color. This particular tone is more neutral, meaning it doesn’t lean toward cool or warm colors, and this means it can go well with a wide variety of skin tones and eye colors.

22) Subtle Ombre with Dark Ash Blonde

An ombre-style color is perfect for longer hair because there is a wide range of tones that can be showcased because of the amount of hair. Layers and loose waves add a lot of volume to long hair, and this ashy blonde tone is the perfect color to pair with this cute style to show off the stunning blonde highlights.

23) Edgy Cut with Silvery Blonde

Short hair can easily have an edgy appearance, and this undercut is no exception. This white blonde hair has cooler ash tones that almost give the appearance of violet undertones, which add another level of edginess to this unique hairstyle. A style like this shows confidence while also showing off the beautiful color of the hair. Short hair can be quick and easy to style, so this is perfect for those who want.

24) Ice Blonde Shows off Shine

Long straight hair pairs beautifully with platinum because of the way it can look beautifully shiny. Straight hair can have a really nice appearance because of the fact that it can look incredibly silky. If you already have straight hair, this is a quick and easy style to rock.

25) Loose Braids and Elegant Waves

Interesting and different braids are a really pretty way to add something unique to your everyday look. A braid can be elegant for a formal occasion, or loose and casual for everyday wear, making this a very versatile hairstyle that can be paired with any type of look.

26) Short Waves and Soft Ombre

This short, casual cut is perfect for summer as it highlights the undertones in this light ash blonde. The loose waves and layers make this pretty hair color stand out in a crowd. A short haircut can tend to have an edgy look to it but the addition of layers and waves makes this an especially nice look.

27) Bright Blonde with Framing Layers

This bright color gives the appearance of white hair dye even though it’s something that could be created by toning an especially light blonde. This tone of bleach blonde hair can be very pretty due to its high fashion appearance, but it can also have a cute look depending on the look it’s paired with.

28) Loose Braid is Elegant or Casual

This loose braid is a stunning style and can be paired with many different cute hair colors to achieve a look that can either be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The hair highlights are really accentuated in the looseness of the braid.

29) Dark Roots and Soft Ombre

This ombre-style color utilizes bleach blonde hair paired with darker roots to create dimensional color and a unique look. Shorter straight hair shows off the highlights nicely and this is one of many hair ideas that are possible for straight hair.

30) Rosy Blonde and Beach Waves

Platinum blonde is one of many cute hair colors that can work well with wavy or curly hair. In this particular option, the hair highlights have a slightly golden undertone. Finding the best hair color and undertones for your skin can be very important, and there are many different cute hair colors to choose from.

31) Cute Hairstyle for Casual or Formal

A braid is one of the best ways to show off highlights and lowlights in your hair color, and a crown braid is a particularly elegant take on this style. The crown braid can either be worn casually for a boho-chic look or worn to a more formal event as an interesting and unique take on a traditional updo.

32) Silver Tones and Curly Waves

There are many different color options for platinum blonde hair dye and this one leans more toward silver undertones. This color could be the best hair color for you, and is compatible with many different looks and styles. Loose waves complete this look and the shorter style makes keeps it elegant and manageable.

33) Darker Ash Blonde with Highlights

This softer, sandy tone is a slightly different take on an ashy blonde. The “ashy” description comes from the fact that this color appears to have gray or silvery undertones. Adding ash-colored undertones to traditional platinum is an interesting way to create a completely unique hair color.

34) Long Waves and Ash Tones

This before and after transformation shows the ways that toning your hair can completely change the look. In this case, unwanted yellow and brassy tones were completely transformed into a platinum blonde. This style of long hair is often referred to as “mermaid hair” due to the fact that it is long, wavy and graceful similar to that of a mermaid.

35) Darker Platinum Blonde Hair with Golden Undertones

This color is a slightly darker take on platinum and leans slightly more toward a traditional blonde color. This is a good option for those who are after a light blonde look without going fully into a platinum tone. This shade of blonde also has golden undertones, giving the hair a generally warmer look.

36) Bold Ombre for an Edgy Look

This short and wavy cut features a very striking ombre. The difference between the roots of the hair and the platinum shade is very severe, which creates a bold and edgy look that can be extremely unique.

37) Classic Platinum with Fun Waves

A classic platinum like this is shown off really well with the loose waves of this medium-length style. Beachy waves are a perfect compliment to a platinum blonde style and the color itself gives the hair a very light feel.

38) Silky Waves and Golden Blonde

This color has the appearance of shimmering gold, and combined with the extremely loose waves creates a silky texture and appearance. A color like this catches light very well, and is extremely shiny due to its golden undertones that add warmth and dimension to this particular shade of blonde.

39) High Fashion Pure White Blonde

This hair color is so blonde, it’s white! White hair is an extremely unique and edgy option that gives a mesmerizing appearance. Pure white hair is a rare sight, so it has an extremely unique and startlingly beautiful appearance. Pure white hair is an option for anyone who is looking to really stand out in a crowd.

40) Subtle Ombre with Loose Waves

The color shown here is also an ombre, but it is a much softer ombre style. The difference between the roots of the hair and the highlights is very subtle, which helps to create a more natural look. This is also a good option for someone who is a natural blonde—adding in platinum highlights can add dimension to already blonde hair.


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