Let’s make your everyday makeup routine easier. We have created a photo gallery featuring more natural makeup looks that are ideal for a day at school or work. Plus, don’t miss our expert advice that will make your mornings happier.

Simple Everyday Makeup

















The power of makeup is huge, and even natural makeup can really enhance your beauty. Just find several flattering techniques, pick your favorite products, and practice a lot!

Nice Everyday Makeup

















In the mornings, when you lack time, apply simple makeup. Start with foundation. Dab 4 dots and place them with your fingers on your forehead, chin, and cheeks.

Pretty Everyday Makeup

















Then blend foundation with a brush. Now let us hide those dark circles. Makeup artists advise to add some moisturizer to the brush and only then add the concealer. Dab it under the eyes.

Cute Everyday Makeup

















The concealer should be applied with your fingers as they are warm and let the product blend better for a more natural finish. Next, proceed with applying the blush in a flattering shade.

Сharming Everyday Makeup

















Depending on your skin type, pick either powder or cream blush. Mind that if your skin is oily, all products should be marked as ‘long-lasting,’ and if it’s dry, keeping moisture is a must.

Stylish Everyday Makeup

















There is a simple trick how to find the ideal place for applying the blush – just smile and the cheekbones will become visible. Always blend the color not to look like a doll.

Everyday Makeup Ideas










Do not overload your face with makeup. Say no to eyelashes with three layers of mascara, vivid lipstick, and extra thick eyeliner. Choose cosmetics in the shades that are close to your natural tone of skin.





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