Want to get on the inside of burgundy lipstick matte trend? We have all the info and a multitude of burgundy shades. There is a dark lipstick trend in the beauty world nowadays. Burgundy color is one of the most wearable. Get inspo from these pics!

Wonderful Burgundy Lipstick Matte

























Burgundy lipstick seems to be universal because it flatters every skin tone. Makeup artists reveal the secret that skin tone can be neglected while applying burgundy.

Variations of Burgundy Lipstick Matte

















It is quite hard to find the best matte lipstick. When it comes to burgundy mattes, there are plenty of them. You will find the one in drugstores, malls, luxury stores.

Burgundy Lipstick Matte Shades

















Burgundy color is well saturated. It will help you create perfectly sculptured lips. Burgundy with chocolate tinge is such a gorgeous and sophisticated lipstick color.

Stylish Burgundy Lipstick Matte

























Deeper vampy tones are very beautiful and rich. If you have a darker skin tone, this kind of lipstick color may serve two purposes. You may also use it as a blush.

Trendy Burgundy Lipstick Matte

























For a seductive touch, have a close look at scarlet shades. A touch of rose hue will give you some Hollywood vibes. It looks super glamorous and perfect for occasions.

Chic Burgundy Lipstick Matte

























If you are new to this lip game and slightly afraid to jump that deep, there are options for you, too. Brighter burgundy colors will be perfect for you to start with this trend.

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