Red nails designs are extremely popular, but why? Truly, ask any lady about the ideal nail lacquer for her manicure. And as you might guess, she would answer red even though today there is a huge number of hues available. Stylists point out that the red shade is universal. Plus, this seductive shade attracts the attention and makes you look sexier and more self-confident. The power of red is extraordinary. And to feel that power, you should definitely opt for red nail art next time you go to your nail artist. And in the meantime, catch some inspo from our collection

Hot Red Nail Designs For Unforgettable Look

























Look at all these pics, nails look so hot and sexy! Choose the design that you like the most or just combine different designs and make your nails unforgettable.

Red Nails With Ombre








Ombre has become trendy in everything, including nail art. These ombre nail designs are absolutely lovely. And you can sport ombre on all of your nails or just on your accent nails. The choice is yours!

Half Moon Design For Red Nails








The half moon design will instantly give an upgrade to the red nail lacquer. Such manicure is often sported by celebrities and models who present new collections on catwalks. Add some glitter or rhinestones to make such manicure pop even more.

Matte Red Nails For A Classy Look








Painting your nails matte red will definitely take your nail game to a completely different level. The matte effect can be achieved with either matte finish or matte nail lacquer. Luckily, nail care corporations make the choice wide for us fashionistas.

Bright Glitter Red Nails Designs








Add some glitter accents to your nail art for your manicure to become especially jazzy and glammed up. In a combination with reds, glitter appears even more festive than it actually is. Do you believe in fairy-tales? Maybe it’s time to start.

Christmas Red Nails For A Holiday Party

























Red shades are common guests in Christmas nail designs. Just add some holiday elements to your bright red manicure and voila, you are in the Christmas mode already. Candies, snowflakes, patterns that are commonly seen on sweaters, Christmas trees, pick anything you like.

Fresh Red Nail Designs

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