Pointy nails will be ideal for women who are super daring. Such nails are often referred to as stiletto nails and they became popular because such celebs as Adele and Rihanna kept surprising us with the extreme of their designs for stiletto nails. But there are more reasons why women all around the globe adore sporting stiletto nails – they make our hands appear slender and long and thus more feminine.

How to get the stiletto shape? Alternate filing the sides towards the middle of your nail. In case you need it, mark the center of your nail not to get confused. And if you would like to have extra long stiletto nails, get the artificial nails.

Now let’s discover all possible and impossible nail art ideas for the nail shape that offers so much space for creativity.

Pointy Nails With Glitter Designs

























Colorful Ombre Designs For Bright Look

























Dark Colors Pointed Nails







Matte Nails Designs For Your Creative Look







Awesome Pointy Nails Arts Inspired By Your Favorite Movies

























Short And Medium Pointy Nails Designs

























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