Red nail designs are the most popular throughout the globe. And the reason is pretty simple: red attracts the opposite sex. Somehow men can’t simply resist ladies with red nails. The other reason is that women whose nails are red feel more confident. Great is the power of red.

Stunning Red Nails Ideas

























Sometimes red nails may seem boring. But that would be a wrong suggestion since you can still experiment with red as with any other color, creating intricate patterns and designs.

Cool Nail Designs in Red Color

























Cool nail designs do not necessarily have to be too complex. For example, the mixture of matte and glossy top coats can make even the simple one-shaded polka dot design look awesom

The Hottest Red Nail Designs

























Combining styles is always fun and extraordinary. Let’s say the combination of a nude base with a red French tip? Not only it sounds good but also it looks amazing! Check it out!

Perfect Red Nail Art Ideas

























If you are a kind of a red-loving minimalist but want to change something for a bit, then we have a suggestion for you. A diagonal line in a contrasting color sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Pretty Nail Designs in Red Color

























Add some accents to those gorgeous shades of red. Rhinestones, floral and striped patterns are always in.















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