Your wedding guest will, with all certainty, have a diverse variety of hair. With this comes a limited number of options when it comes to style direction. For the best photoshoot results, try to keep it simple. Some wedding guests hairstyles may be limited by time and budget which hinders putting the perfect wedding hairstyles together. But, you still want a unified look for the photo album. Keeping it simple will help this happen. Our gallery has tons of fast and simple examples for every guest at your party.

Photo 1-6: Half Up Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Half-Up hairstyles will provide your guests with some much appreciated versatility. Formal guests can take advantage of this theme with tight braids while more free-form guests can dawn elegant curls. This look works well with all sorts of hair qualities such as mid and long length hair, thin and thick. The half-up option also works wonders with any dress style. Whether your wedding will happen in a church, a hall, or on the beach, photos of your guests will be gorgeous with a half-up half-down theme.

Photo 7-12: Long Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Braids

If the vast majority of the ladies at your ceremony sport long hair, consider instituting braids as your party theme. Braids are stunning with any venue and any gown. Your guests will have an easy time getting ready while they match their dress with fishtail, dutch, and upside down braids. Your photographer will have a great time capturing all of the twists, turns, and texture that come along with braids.

Keeping it simple is the moral of the story, and there is no look more simple than the classic up-do. Some guests will enjoy the lengthy process of intricate neck-skimming twists while others will love you for the quick and easy braided top-knot option. Other guest fall right in the middle. The best thing about the updo theme option is that you can let your guests decide for themselves while still being able to count on a great photoshoot for the wedding album.

Photo 19-24: Gentle Ideas With Accessories

Photo 25-30: Lovely Wedding Guests Hairstyle Ideas

Instead of requesting a style, demand romance. Fishtail braids, waterfalls, and up-dos have very little in common visually but the do hold one common thread: Love. Telling your guests “you do you” may be the absolute best option. Although they respect your theme wishes, they are multi-generational, have their own look, and have their own style. The best photoshoots capture your friends and family the way that they truly are. Removing rules and limitations to design cues will provide you with photo memories of the guests you love.


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