Hairstyles With Braids to Look Cool Every Day

Are you into hairstyles with braids but not really good at braiding? Well, what can we say? Actually, it is no secret that most women have no braiding skills at all. And to be honest, no one finds braiding easy. But there are some braids that even a child can pull off. Once you see simpler braids, you will love them for everyday.

Braided hairstyles are a great option to wear on a daily basis. They are super comfy and look cute at the same time. You almost don’t need to touch it up throughout the day, unlike the curls or any other hairstyle. This is why we have compiled this collection of actually easy braids.

Still believe that braided hairstyles for short hair are a fantasy or just nonsense? We will prove you wrong. Short hair can be styled with a braid and this is not some magic outside the Hogwarts. See our collection to find out how to do it and explore the best options.

Braided Hairstyles for Your Inspiration

As for braids for short hair, have a look at a French braid that goes around the back of your head – a great option for literally any occasion. For an edgy touch, go for small side crown braids. You will get a side shaved effect without actually shaving.

Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

Dutch braids are not more difficult than our beloved French one. But they have one more perk. You can transform your Dutch braid into an elegant updo just by pinning the end of it at the nape of your head.

Cool and Simple Braids for Short Hair

A braided ponytail does look really stylish. A lot of celebrities wear this do for red carpets. You may do a ponytail at the top of your head and braid it completely or just include a side braid into a ponytail.

Dutch Braids to Try

Updo hairstyles with braids are so cute. Our favorite ones are with a crown braid. Add a chignon at the nape of your head and you are ready to go to a wedding ceremony or just for a night out. This kind of hairstyle is very elegant and effortless.

Braided Ponytail for Your Long Hair

Our favorite easy braided hairstyles are boho and waterfall braids. They are actually perfect for beginners. If you make any mistake, it won’t be visible because this style is very loose and unpretentious.

Braided Updos for Any Occasion

We hope that we will give you all the needed inspiration to make your do more fun. Braids can be worn in so many ways you can’t even imagine. Even upside down braids recently came into the fashion.

Braided Crown to Change Your Everyday Style

Braided crowns are a life saver without any exaggeration. It doesn’t matter whether you are just cleaning your house and keep your hair away or go to a fancy event, a braided crown is a great option. Frankly speaking, it is also a child’s play.

Prom and Homecoming Amazing Hairstyles with Braids

As for a prom or homecoming, you will need to add more volume to your updo, which is easy to pull off with a texturizing spray or just combing. Create your chignon with curls. You may also add some flower accessory for boho vibes.

Braided Wedding Hair

Go for braids on your wedding day! Our favorite braids for a special day are the ones with a braid at the front part. You must admit that they look extremely chic. Don’t be afraid of adding some accessory to it.v

Braids on Natural Hair

As for braids on natural hair, we love these Dutch braids at the front together with loose hair and a front part. You may also incorporate a French braid into the centre or corn braids into your ponytail.


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