Acrylic nail designs presented in our photo gallery are truly amazing, and you can check to see that.

And in case you are a curious little creature, the acrylic manicure is an artificial manicure done with 2 acrylic products, namely powdered polymer and liquid monomer. The application process starts with mixing the powder and liquid, and the mixture is then applied to your natural nails to form a hardened layer.

Tempted? It’s time to see our gallery of beautiful acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nail Designs Made With Stamping Technique








These cool nail designs are done with the stamping technique. And this technique is something incredible: you do not have to paint like Van Gogh to get fine lines peculiar to intricate nail designs any longer. And you do not have to spend much time on your mani as well. Just a little practice and you will get an impressive nail design. You will just need a stamper, nail lacquer, and some engraved designs available at any store that sells nail art supplies.

Sparkling Glitter Nail Designs for Acrylic Nails








These sparkling nail art designs can easily become your go-to. No more boring nail designs! We fell in love with these glitter nails ideas the moment we saw them, that is why we decided to share this beauty with you. And the great news is that besides being bedazzling, these nail designs are unbelievably simple to recreate.

So, in case you are one of those women who would love to try some new glitter nail art but are afraid that it’s too complex, do not worry. Let’s begin experimenting! You can’t ever go wrong with sparkling mani.

Cute Nail Art with Hearts








When it comes to the prettiest acrylic nails, we cannot but mention the ones that rock heart shapes. A heart is a symbol of love – one of the most influential things in the whole world. And it is also a symbol that represents life. There is no wonder why a heart is present in practically any form of art, and nail art is not an exception here. As for the nail art, hearts are not necessarily red in it, so, the variations will range greatly. Which is awesome, as we want to have many options when it comes to the colors of our nails.

Lovely Acrylic Nail Designs with Ombre








If you are looking for easy do yourself nail designs, here they are! Ombre can be seen anywhere today, from makeup to lips to hair, and nails are our favorite place for ombre. The manicure in ombre makes a statement and attracts attention, but it also can be a bit subtler. The choice is yours. And in case you have never tried to sport ombre on your nails, we definitely advise you to. Nails are a part of your overall image and the winning nail art designs like the ones you can see here will bring you many compliments.

Beautiful Floral Designs for Acrylic Nails






Beautiful acrylic nail designs often involve floral patterns. Flowers make our mani appear quite fresh and feminine. Plus, flowers are something that always elevates our mood, even if they are painted. There are so many shapes and shades of floral patterns that you will never get bored. Do not forget to pin these photos of beautiful acrylic nails just in case you want to get some similar nail designs.

Unusual Water Marble Nail Designs






Trendy acrylic nail designs 2018 feature water marble patterns. Were you ever mesmerized at the way marble appears, the colors it involves? Then these unique nail art ideas are for you! We really think that these swirls created with so many colors are hypnotizing and irresistible. There is just one thing to be aware of: water marble nail art is more elaborate which means that you will probably have to go the salon to get it done. However, it will be worth it.

Polka Dots Nail Designs for a Cute Look











Acrylic nail trends 2018 involve polka dot patterns that are, by the way, super easy to replicate. Plus, it is fun and adorable to look at. Also, no special tools are required for these easy nail designs. You can do polka dots at home with the help of bobby pins and a toothpick. And you can use any colors of nail lacquer for the polka dots design and thus match it with any of your outfits.

Newest Acrylic Nail Designs






The acrylic manicure has many advantages:

  • If to consider all faux nails, acrylics are the most long-lasting and the strongest.
  • You can remove acrylics, using acetone. And you can do it at home.
  • You can get acrylics done at practically any salon.
  • Acrylics are not expensive at all.

Aren’t these acrylic nail designs fascinating? We think they will come in handy for any fashionista. More inspo can be found on our blog.

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