The black nails trend is here again, which makes us so happy. Really, what can be edgier and more elegant than a manicure in blacks?

But what do you know about this trend except for its common association with the rebellious nature of a person wearing it? In fact, this association we all know is only a small part of the history of this trend. Thus, in ancient China, only royals could paint their nails black. Then this trend was out for quite a while right until the 1970-s when Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and the whole rock culture along with them revived the trend of painting nails black. And in the 1990-s the trend became more common for the gothic culture.

With such a rich history, the black mani trend is here with us again. Let’s explore the hottest nail designs in black.

Creative Black Nail Designs with Patterns

























Black Nails with Floral Design

























If you want to add some softness to your black nails, flowers are what you need! You can add some roses, leaves or patterns and your lovely nails are ready. These cute flowers will look great with any outfit for spring. Choose nail design that matches to your mood and style.

Black Nails with Silver Glitter Ombre

























Ombre is invading all the spheres of beauty and nails are not an exception. And what may be better than glitter ombre? A combo of silver glitter and black base looks more refined and chill. If you don’t like a splashy mani – this is your cup of tea. The thing is that everything has to be in moderation. Decorate only the bottom or top of your part with some glitter. A gradient of silver and black looks so luxurious! Another option for lovers of basic nails – geometric design. It looks very stylish and not extra. This is why black looks so cool while creating this kind of designs.

Black French Manicure for Unusual Look








Black Nails with Marble Designs








French mani is in, as always. This is why a ton of French variations were created. And they are so creative and fantastic. And of course we couldn’t skip a black French manicure. This idea is really fresh. It would be a great decision for the girls who prefer darker or muted colors when it comes to their wardrobe or nails. A slight amount of black on your tips will look great in case you consider total black manicure to be way too gloomy. A mix of black and marble is very unusual. If you want something creative and off the beaten track- this is it. You may cover just a couple of fingers with this design, or use it on all of the fingers. Apart from marble imitation , you may go for the lines which resemble a stone remotely.

Matte Black Nails for Classy Look








Matte finish paired with black nails gives us some chic and elegant vibes. Black color becomes deeper and more saturated with matte finish. But sometimes it may look very boring. In order to avoid it, add some design to it. The simplest way to do this is to cover the tip of your nails with a glossy finish. This will create an effect which is subtle and original at the same time. You may also create a pattern or geometric figures with a glossy finish. It will gleam in the sunlight. If you want your nails to pop, go for a contrasting pattern.

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